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First 50 Minutes Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendomination has released a video showcasing the first 50 minutes of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Naturally, the gameplay footage reveals plenty of story plot points. If you’d rather play the game spoiler-free, it would be best to skip this video. We’ve already seen many exciting details emerge about the game, such as Sable and Mabel’s roles within New Leaf, as well as the fact that all New Leaf DLC will be free. The popular life simulation game hits store shelves June 9th in North America and June 14th in Europe, and will be available at midnight on the eShop in each region. Will you be getting New Leaf at retail or digitally?

48 thoughts on “First 50 Minutes Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf”

    1. Journalist, bloggers and some media get a copy from Nintendo to review and/or so glimpses of it to the viewers to show what will be coming and how it really plays. It’s a good way of getting the game out there.

  1. Guess when my friends come a calling to hit up parties i’ll have a reason to feel sick cough cough

  2. funny how dkcr 3d was announced 2 months ago and this was announced 3 years ago and its releasing before ac. wtf nintendo.

      1. obviously, but im just saying kind of a slap in the face to those who waited. clearly the game is finished because its in the hands of many. plus, an animal crossing game especially one that had a pics of nearly what we see today shouldnt have taken 3 years. remember the game has been out in japan for 8 months before the rest of the world. another slap in the face to us animal crossing fans.

        1. Well, it is an ENTIRELY new game dude. dkcr3D’s just a port with a bunch of added features. There’s a HUGE difference. It’s not really a slap in the face. No one likes waiting 8 months for a game to be translated, but we aren’t entitled to anything. So no, it’s not good to wait, but Nintendo isn’t doing it on purpose.

          1. We aren’t entitled to anything? lol what? I know its an entirely new game but if you even bothered to read my post. the game has been in development for over 3 years and the fact that some port of a game releasing 2 months before that was only announced 4 months from the release date is a slap in the face to animal crosisng fans.

            1. You’re totally right it’s a slap to the face. Imagine if nintendo gave new leaf to their fans and let them translate it. The dev time would be faster than 8 months. Dear lord I sick of waiting, I want to play some damn animal crossing! >:P

  3. I’m so getting this game. Call me a baby all you like trolls , the game kicks ass. You would probably say so yourself if you played it. The game , like most other Nintendo games has lots and lots of depth only accessible to core gamers.

    1. I’m getting it too! I hope we visit each others town! :)

      I’m playing this series since the gamecube days, I love it.
      My favorite thing: colecting fossils and Nintendo forniture.

  4. “Naturally, the gameplay footage reveals plenty of story plot points.”

    An engaging story line where the hero is thrown into debt, by Tom Nook, and the power of Mayor of Derpville is thrusted upon him. Now, only his friends, and sick bug catching will rebuild his city.
    He is the hero this city needs.
    The Dark Leaf Rises.

  5. I wish donkey kong would be released already on 3ds to kill some time in waiting for ac. Maybe ill dl mario ans dk on 3ds

  6. I will get it digitally. For these kinds of simulation games I like to have them downloaded directly to the device as opposed to switching cartridges everytime I want to play it. Very excited!

  7. Welcome mario64mario! It says that you’ve been here since 2010, but apparently you haven’t posted much…

    1. people have different games they like from the rest and you can’t understand it because in reality if you don’t try then you will never know. If a game is not for you it’s NOT for you…but im pretty excited for this game! been waiting for 2 years lol.

  8. I’m still gonna pass. I just can’t get into Animal Crossing (tried it back on the GC). Plus, I need to save up for SMTIV.

  9. Choosing reitail. Whish the bundle would have had a little bit more to it, rather than just a white 3DS XL with dots on it. And I would have liked if they did something special like in UK where you might gett a figure or something. Don’t see why UK is treated so special.:/

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Europe and Australia gets the pre-order bonus with this game, I pre-order it for the sake of getting it and not worrying about getting there on time lol. :P

  10. and nintendo wonders why hardcore gamer left. well nintendo this is why. bullshit games like this.

    1. Nintendo has been making this game Since 2002 and it’s been a big hit since (japan, US and EU wise). What have you been smoking?

  11. Not gonna watch this video. I don’t wanna spoil anything yet.
    Watching videos of a game before buying it makes it feel like you already played the game by the time you finally buy it. It takes the fun out. That’s what happened with Zelda: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword (and Smash Bros. Brawl). I felt like I already played them when I first bought them, because I watched SO many videos about them.

    1. well TP and SS was pretty much dull boring same old not trying anything new bullshit anyway. of course you have all ready played it. as in brawl watching videos wouldnt ruin it more screw the surprises.

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