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Precursor Games: CryEngine 3 “Fully Supports” Wii U


Last year, before the Wii U was even released, Crytek claimed that its newest engine, CryEngine 3, runs ‘beautifully’ on the console. According to Precursor Games, a developer that is using the engine for Shadow of the Eternals, it’s easy to get CryEngine 3 running on Wii U. Also, Precursor Games confirms that CryEngine 3 “fully supports” the Wii U.

Was it easy to get CryEngine3 running on Wii U?

Precursor Games: … it’s not hard at all. The CryEngine3 fully supports the Wii U

146 thoughts on “Precursor Games: CryEngine 3 “Fully Supports” Wii U”

    1. just cause it doesn’t beat Uncharted doesn’t mean it’s shit….. it just means it doesn’t beat Uncharted…

          1. yeah lol. that proves how stupid the statement “no game beats uncharted” i mean shit, has no one ever played max payne 3 maxed out? god damn that game is beautiful.

      1. Uncharted is a game not a console…. No relevance to the previous comment… And when Zelda is released uncharted will look like a Sega Genesis game.

    2. So?
      Uncharted died faster than any mainstream IP ive seen in a while.
      2 was great, 3 was shit and a rip off of Indian Jones 3. I daren’t even play the original or the Vita one.

    3. Uncharted 1 and 2 were great, 3 pales in comparison to 2 which made it not so great. The vita one stripped Uncharted of what made it great and what was left was just a tech demo. I would much rather have Naughty Dogs focus on new IP’s then to make another Uncharted game.

      1. Well, orange I glad it was bananas.
        I never got around playing 3rd, so I guess I can be happy with memories of 1 and 2.

    4. Damage controlling troll. Idiot, halo 4, 5, Kratos and his skirt shall never match up to the brilliant minds that make Fire Emblem awakening, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Kid Icarus and other thought moving games. lol.

    5. Crysis 3 is one of the most demanding games around. Its mostly used as a benchmark for new PC builds.

      Crytek have already stated they even had the engine running AND their game on the Wii U before EA killed the project.

      CryEngine 3 produces visuals far superior to anything DICE has shown us with BF4, so we are supposed to believe that the Wii U can run a far more intensive and visually superior engine like CryEngine 3, yet it chokes on the lesser intensive and less visually appealing Frostbite 2 and FB3.

      Either DICE’s engines are soooo bloated and inefficient, or they are straight up lying to avoid a PR nightmare if they were to just say “We don’t think we would make a profit porting our game to Nintendo, so we aren’t going to do it”…. This is actually really bad advertising for their engine, now that developers the world over can clearly see if they choose CryEngine 3 over FB3, they will not only get a visually superior end result, but on lesser hardware as well…. Something tells me DICE doesn’t want that word to spread around development communities that their code is mostly bloated and inefficient.

      1. my guess is that they’re indeed lying or actually made it specifically not work on Wii U. Either way they’re fucking assholes

      2. also need for speed wii u proves that the wii u can run better than xbox 360 ps3 games. isnt that dice’s engine running nfs on wii u well enough.

      3. cryengine 3 sucks ass.its poorly optimised for pc let alone ps3/360.textures popping up everywhere.right at your feet.everyone hates ea.we no the f@cked up nintendo but dont talk shit you dont no anything about .

      4. Yeah I’m pretty sure they just don’t wanna support it because they don’t think they will profit since the wii u isn’t selling yet wait for the bigger install base after E3 then they will say they supported it all along and that it is the best system with the best controller and the only reason they didn’t put games on it before was the fact they believe they could utilize the games better with better games,functionality and blah blah blah. Basically they can’t do it but won’t since they only see in dollars and cents but mostly dollars

        1. If EA turns coat again, it will be too little, too late.
          Would buy their games at discount bin and used.

      1. We’ll just have to wait for Precursors game to be ready for Wii U demo.
        Crytek couldnt do that, because that would have made EA and Dice look bad.
        I dont really care for Crytek’s generic graphic tech demo fps games, but I hope they split with EA.
        EA will most probably bury CryEngine. I hope Crytek has atleast some pride in them.

        1. REALITY CHECK– The Wii U games has better graphics than Uncharted. Case in point– Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, The Wonderful 101, Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition (no tearing like the PS3 counterpart), Nano Assault Neo, Bayonetta 2, and (although the early demo will be improved) X.

    6. Crysis 3 choked last gen PS360. The Wii U run Crysis 3 like a fresh caribbean breeze. Let that circulate in your brain.

    7. déjame decirte que eres un simple fanboy de sony tu palabra no tiene valides ni sentido tu uncharted fue bueno el primero después el 2 y 3 son mas de lo mismo y el juego que esta desarrollando precursor game es mas potente

      1. Si, nunca entenderé que hacen sony y ps3 fanboys leyendo un blog de noticias de nintendo.

        Yeah, I don’t get why ps360 fanboys like to read a nintendo news blog.

      1. The same garbage again and again in the PSN is have games like Mario is called MINIS and it’s not $60

        1. PSN is easier for hackers to steal your credit card data. U mad because the Nintendo eShop for Wii U has more indie games. Just you wait until they reveal new indie games powered by Unity 4 engine.

    8. Witcher 2, Metro: 2033, Metro: Last Light, Crysis 2, Crysis 3 hell any fucking PC game looks better than that boring game.

    9. Visual creativity > graphics. Why don’t people understand this. I still think that the Metroid Prime games are some of the best looking games I’ve played, and I play games like Crysis 2 and Bioshock Infinite on maxed out settings..

      1. Finally, someone else who thinks this. In my opinion, most Nintendo/partner company titles (I’m talking Wii/Gamecube here) look better than a lot of modern PC games, simply because the developers got creative with their visual styles. DKCR is, even without HD, to this day, the best-looking game I’ve played in my opinion, simply because of the visual style it has.

    10. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      Oh my… UNCH looks good, but it wont stad next to cryengine 3 grfx lol. Youre kidding yourself fanboy… I love it that the bullshit bad press from trolls is quickly dissolving lol. I love reading the damage control from all you drones, bots and pc wannabe gamers lol! Go head and dance 4 us trolls!

    11. back yourself up with facts

      like i do

      x360 10mb edram buffer/catch gpu in frostbite case dual pass 20mb edram gpy gbuffer

      wiiu 32mb edram and if dual pass thats 64mb edram vs x360s 10mb to 20mb

      not next gen funny more fast ram to gpu than xbox durrango IDIOT

      ps4 4.5mb catch ram to processors cpu and gpu

      wiiou 38mb fast catch like ram to processors

      your a moron

    1. frostbite 2/3 xbox 360 = 10mb edram graphics buffer dual pass tile rendered so its 10mb x 2 = 20mb edram

      wiiu 32mb edram (not counting the other 2mb edram and 1mb sram to gpu) 32mb edram graphics buffder catch oh two pass tiled like xbox 360 does for frostbite 2/3 = 64mb edram vs 20mb x360

      frostbite ea and dice exposed

    1. I guess they just can help but shout “Wii U’s BS”
      Haha, I think they just make us love Wii U more ^^

    2. lol, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are paid trolls, either by EA themselves or the site admins here. They seem to love trolls and never do anything about them.

      1. Agree on that, It’s not a rare thing that you have paid trolls everywhere.

        ” – Hey trolls let’s try to convince so many as we can with our BS!!!
        Hooraayyy said the trolls in an ever-chanting hiccup…”

    1. Remember your words. When that shit beats the others and all Xtupids and PStupids realize that then u have to have in mind that shit is better than your console.

    2. Ignoring that Wii U games will arrive right on time with PS4 ánd 720. Álso ignoring NINTENDO’S unique plan for E3.

  1. Well obviously.
    If the 360 can support it, anything can, just like Frostbite 3.

    EA are just being salty.

  2. Basically EA are a bunch of trolls.

    One thing that we as Nintendo fans can take away from the EA bullshit is . They are a a pathetic band of clowns (except for a couple of their devs) who make extremely forgettable games compared to Nintendo.

    Litteraly get Konami’s PES on Wiiu with the fox engine and make some sort of American Football game and EA are no longer needed for Nintendo.

    1. Even if i was just a Playstation owner, i wouldn’t even consider buying EA’s shit anymore.
      Dead Space 3 was the last straw for me.

      Hopefully the company dies, and the good developers go to good publishers like 2K, Bethesda, maybe Sony and Nintendo.

      1. They are the worst company in gaming.

        The stupid thing is , is that if they actually tried to produce great content and made it standout for 3DS and Wiiu then it would sell well.

        Nobody wants late ports. If they would of put the whole Mass effect trilogy on Wiiu it would of sold 10 times better. If they brought out NFS on time it would of sold 10 times better. If they Put the proper version of Fifa on Wiiu it would of sold 10 times better.

        It’s dizzying that a company can actually be that bad.

        1. Yeah. I mean, it’s sad because some of my favourite games of this generation on the PS3 are games like Dead Space 1 and 2, Mass Effect 2, and its just a shame they went from release really good content, to just being cheap mother fuckers.

          1. Terrible. I’m boycotting them. I will play Fifa at friends and family’s house if they want a game , but I’m buying the next PES game on Wiiu or PS4.

            And I might look at the next Mass effect game , everything else they have can fuck off. Remember when Criterion said ”all future NFS games on Wiiu would launch on the same day as other consoles ?” we will see how that pans out.

            EA have probably told off Criterion for liking Nintendo…

    2. Cryengine 3 is so CPU heavy, it even profits from AMD FX 8 cores and “boosts” them into i7 performance regions (8 “fx” cores VS 4 “i7” cores). And yet, being so dependand on Multicore… And using the CPU heavily… It runs on Wii U. Just shows how full of sh*t Dice and EA are.

        1. Yea I am very annoyed of that fact too. But I can’t believe that EA flat out and lied like that… and think we are all stupid to never found out!!! I will NEVER buy an EA game again. I will download all their games for free and play them on my hack x360.

          Now I am gonna go back to PES!!!! I love football(Soccer) games but I guess no more fifa for me. So PES it is.

          1. Have you played PES on the 3DS ? it’s absolutely Amazing. The graphics are awesome aswell , the faces look much closer to PS3 than Wii on the 3DS version. The 3D is awesome and the game is just a full PES experience on 3DS.

            1. No I have not pick up that game. I might just get it. Does it have online play? I remember that PES 2012 and FIFA 2012 on the 3ds didn’t have online play so i didn’t pick any of those up.

      1. Amen to that bro. You broke down computer Jargon to a point that even the most astute troll, drone, xbot and nintendo fanboy shall appreciate the tech savvy Nintendo Wii U.

    3. Yeah EA is the worst company in America… Their slitting their own throats with this boatload of lies about how Wii U is last gen… Is clearly an amazing system especially when looking at Nintendos first party tech demos.. Loki at the Zelda demo a couple years ago… Amazing.. Yoshi Epic Yarn, never seen nothing with such beautiful graphics apart from a Pixar movie. Sorry haters but Wii U is Next gen, and while it may not be as powerful as PS4 it is not faR behind… And that’s only because Sony had enough time to bolster up the chipsets before release.

    1. They try and they did it. Unlike someone who got exposed. What would ea do if kojima fox engine runs perfectly on wiiu?

  3. AEOLUS must be applying preparation H, Bengay and Vics to his spincter muscles valves right about now.

    1. Yeah, pretty sure he’s crying here under different names. He’s good at his job though, gotta give him that…

      1. I think I read somewhere that there was also something about Nintendo making it harder for EA to have micro transactions in their games. Not sure though, could be just a rumor.

        1. Microtransactions are ruining games for consoles… Keep that shit on the iPhone and androids where the casual market thrives today.

        2. that was a comment by the 100 year old gamer

          it’s not quite established yet whether he is a reliable source but some things he said in the past were apparently spot on

          he did share a lot about nintendos upcoming announcements and also some tidbits on that busted origin deal
          both sides apparently did some very nasty things in the wake of that and now both boards of directors won’t even talk to the other

          entirely avoidable you’d think but oh well

      2. That Origin thing is nothing more than a rumor and was never proven to be true. Why do people even believe it?

        1. Wii U’s not getting Madden 25, Battlefield 4, the Frostbite engine, or any of the EA Star Wars games. Whatever the reason is, Nintendo needs to fix there relationship with them.

          1. Oh of course, they certainly do need to. I’m just saying that Origin thing was never proven to be true, yet people seem to think it is.

            1. once e3 starts we’ll know for sure

              since by that time we will definitely know if the 100 year old gamer is a 100% reliable source or not.. according to him the rumors about origin are true but whether he really is who he claims to be remains to be seen

          2. disney is a force to consider when talking about EA not making any star wars games..

            i do think disney would have something to say in that matter and i have a feeling that EA isn’t going to like it

        2. Yes it was true. Go somewhere else blind EA fanboy. Crytek even said Crysis 3 was running beautifully on Wii U but do to EA and Nintendo not being on good business terms EA wouldnt give them the money to finish it… Here watch this lovely Shokio video.

          1. 1) I don’t believe any youtuber because I believe they are all full of it.
            2) Every article I see says RUMOUR.
            3) Shut up you loser Nintendrone lol

      3. TheTrruth4thaHaters

        They tried the same shit with the Dreamcast, and the 2 owners were buddies! Sega told them to fuck off, because EA didnt want sega to have any other companies doing sports games… EA wanted exclusive rights for sports games, so they stopped supporting sega lol. Asshurt greedy bitches. Now they are at it again against Nintendo, 4 the EXACT same reason, wanting exclusive rights to the Eshop under origin LMAO!

    1. It means that any game being made with this engine can run on wiiu and if it dosnt come is the developer publisher fault not the console.

  4. Thats nice, good to know Wii U is a capable platform. This means it can easily run Frostbite, EA TRASH.

  5. CryEngine 3 can run on Wii U? Very nice, proves that Wii U is a powerful console. So Dice, THEN WHY THE FUCKING ISN’T FB3 RUNNING ON WII U. You’re just bullshitting right now.

  6. Whoa, EA really did force Dice to lie about FB3, I’m seriously offended, I’ve givin’ them plenty of money over the years and they just flat out lie to me like this. This reflects on Disney’s character assessment ability and thier own character, they just tossed Star Wars to the weasels of gaming.

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    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      Dont 4get Retro’s new engine, MetroidU will kill BF4 lol! Not to mention UBI’s next gen engine(Watchdogs)… there are more that Im 4getting…

  8. Pingback: CryEngine 3 fully supports WiiU

    1. Crytech expose them a long time ago this is just confirmation even deep silver was exposed by the developers of dead island.

  9. So WII U IS WEAK HUH? Ignoring that this powerful engine runs on WII u and easy. ALSO ignoring it fully supports WII U. ALSO ignoring an all new WII U is rumored to be a mega boost in specs. This Wii U is supposed to have serious storage to download games.

  10. Enough of the trolling and counter-trolling.

    Cryengine 3 is running Shadow of the Eternals, and that game looks beautiful, by any standard other than a graphic-whore elitist’s notion of what constitutes a good-looking game.
    If the Wii U fully supports it, then that’s really all the Wii U needs, though it’ll be nice to see what other engines come out to the system.

    We don’t need the high-end-elitist version of graphics to make a beautiful looking game, people. Heck, take a look at Xenoblade; it’s not even HD and it’s got some very lovingly crafted scenery.
    It’s not about power, it’s about how the devs mold and craft it. Beyond a certain point, any extra graphical fidelity is just mere bells and whistles that don’t do anything substantial enough to call things below it by a step or two bad.

  11. and yet it doesn’t “support frostbite 2” seriously they are all just Wii U haters. Wii U can pretty much support any engine they are just bullshitting. Cryengine 3> Frostbite 2
    EA you have just been exposed!

  12. xbox 360 has 11mb of catch memory to cpu and gpu combined

    wiiu has 38mb of fast catch memory to processors combined NOT NEXT GEN OKAAAYYYYyyyy



    dice use 1omb edram on xbox for frostbite 2/3 they tile render two tiles so its 10mb x 2 = 20mb

    wiiu has 32mb edram plus 2mb edram plus 1 mb sram on gpu

    now lets look at only the 32mb thats 3.2 x bigger than xbox ,,,right now ntile render or dual pass thats 64mb vs xbox 20mb

    not next gen grow up basic math just proved these cretins FUCKING CRETINS

  13. xbxox 360 cpu has 1 execution unit per core total 3

    expresso has minimum 5 execution units to cpu total 15 plus LOL IDIOTS WHO CANNOT PROCESS SPECS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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