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Super Metroid Arrives On The Wii U eShop, Costs Only 30 Cents


As part of the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign, Super NES classic Super Metroid is now available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. The Virtual Console title requires 42MB to download and costs only 30 cents until June 11th, which is when it will return to its regular price of $7.99. A Miiverse community for the game was recently activated, and in it you can post screenshots from the game to share with other players.

98 thoughts on “Super Metroid Arrives On The Wii U eShop, Costs Only 30 Cents”

  1. This game, not as good as i remember it being the first time i played it.

    Fusion is way better.

      1. Zero Mission as well.
        I’m not really a nostalgic games, i find pretty much everything after the SNES has been an improvement.
        The only SNES game i feel like holds up to modern game design is Chrono Trigger.
        I won’t even talk about my feeling towards Mega Man X, but lets just say Mega Man 2 is alot better.

          1. ? What kind of a reply is that?

            Why try to defend one Nintendo game against another?
            Fusion and Zero Mission are just better designed, and control alot better, which makes for a more enjoyable experience.
            The only thing i feel Super Metroid does better is it’s soundtrack, but Fusion’s is still great, and Zero Mission’s can be argued to be better.

            1. Yeah, that’s why New Super Mario Bros. Wii U is better than super Mario bros 3 and Super Mario World. It’s really the definitive 2d Mario game hands down… Unless ur nostalgic then I can see why people don’t think it’s better than those games. I’ve played the whole lot and know. Yet super metriod is great, just as good as the gba games. If u like it or love it its still a game changer and fun to play today.

        1. I would put Super and Fusion pretty much next to each other. Zero Mission… doesn’t make it though IMO. I don’t know why really, but I just feel something is missing in that game. Perhaps it’s the somewhat cartoonish graphics or just overall music style (Kraid’s Lair is awesome though), but I don’t really feel the atmosphere the other Metroid games have. A big minus is also the few and pathetically easy bosses.

          As you have said, Fusion is more refined, and is overall a much smoother experience. However, Super Metroid features some of the best non-linear level design around, with a much larger world. There’s no denying Fusion is a little short.

          My first Metroid game was actually Fusion, and I would say the top four games in the series are Super, Fusion, Prime 1 and Prime 2 (the order after that is harder). All those are fantastic games IMO.

          1. I do like the non linear aspect of Super Metroid.
            Fusion is longer than Super though, so can’t really says its shorter, Fusion just moves at a faster pace.

            I also like the additions in Fusion like the morph ball jump, climbing, hanging on ceilings, grabbing onto edges needs to be in every Metroid game.

            Id have to say Prime 3 is my favourite. Much like Fusion, i feel Prime 3 is more well designed that 1 and 2, 1 has way too much backtracking, and its acts likes its non linear, but it is, which results in parts where you walk all the way to one end of the game, find you can’t actually get through that area, then have to walk all the way back. 2 is less confusing, although the Swamp is. But god dammit, the Sky Fortress is one of the best locations in any Metroid game, i love the over the top futuristic looks. But i prefer 3 because its refined, i love how each planet has its own designs, for doors, switches, mechanisms, it really highlights the element of exploration, i felt like each planet was different, but each had inherited tech from the Chozo and then made it their own, like Elysium, the floating city, with all the sky rails, it has no monsters (except for the Metroids in the test lab, and space pirates in a few areas), but everywhere else is just this empty ghost city, with broken robots, and it felt really eerie.
            Then the Valhalla ghost ship, god damn, that place is amazing xD

            1. Fusion is shorter during the first playthrough because it’s more linear. Super Metroids amazing level design basically turns an hour and a half to two hour game into around a 7 hour experience

              1. That’s not a good thing, at least not to most people.
                That’s like saying “Wind Waker is better because its longer because of the sailing”, or “Dragons Dogma is good because you cant fast travel and you have to walk everywhere.

                You’re basically saying you’d commend a 3D Zelda game that had no horse and made you walk everything.

                Dragging a game out due to slow levels isn’t “amazing design”. And Fusion is a consistent game, it’s pacing never trips up, and it has more collectable upgrades in the game.

                My playthrough of Super Metroid being extended by 10 minutes because of the shitty quicksand isn’t a good thing

                1. I’m not claiming one is better than the other you can like what you like. But if we are comparing specifically the level design of the two games I’d give it to Super Metroid because it’s far less linear. If you think exploration is a great part of Metroid games Super Metroid wins hands down.

                  The quicksand trips you up that much lol?

            2. Ball jump is in Super Metroid. It’s a secret hidden powerup in Maridia, in one of those corridors you never go into.

          2. I didn’t like prime 2, but I loved prime 1 and 3.
            Never played super metroid, very happy to see it at .30 euro as I really liked fusion and zero mission(a bit less) but always thought they were way too short.

      1. To the end.
        I just had way too many issues with it.
        Switching between the 5 powers was tedious, the game feels overall slower, its does run as fast as Fusion or Zero Mission, some of the bosses are just annoying and repetitive, like the Chozo statue in Lower Norfair, Maridia is total bullshit, that quick sand is just a pain in the arse, the wall jump and space jump are too awkward to pull off as moves that you need to use just to get around the game, and the whole game is just full of troll design, walls you can pass through everywhere, the stupid “lava” or orange soda to get to Lower Norfair, i just found it really annoying to play. It’s a great game, but i enjoy Fusion and Zero Mission way more.

        1. Super Metroid is a pure nostalgia trip , that’s why I love the game so much , same with Zero mission and Fusion.

          A milestone in gaming. Metroid Prime 1 is the best Metroid game though and possibly the best game ever made.

          1. Well i never player Super back in the day, i first played it when it came on the Wii VC, and i remember liking it, but going back to it now, its certainly a great game, but definitely overrated, i feel like thats the case with alot of SNES games.
            I got my Wii and downloaded TONS of NES, SNES, N64 games, and i borrow my friends GC games an bought a few of my own, and i just didnt get the hype. I find every game on those system is trumped by a more recent installment, the original NES Metroid is pretty bad to be honest, its just a maze (thats why Zero Mission is way better).

            But regardless, still great games, but i suspect nostalgia has ALOT to do with their fame.

            1. Yeh , I don’t care for the original Metroid on NES before my 22 years…

              Nostalgia has everything to do with all those classic games.
              If you showed a CoD runt Halo 1 on the Xbox he would think it was Old and crap , but for people who loved that game it’s just as amazing now as it was back then.

              Why your Parents can enjoy Van Morrison and you can’t… lol

              1. I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as that.
                Like i said, my first Nintendo home console was the Wii (i was a PS1/2 and Gameboy/DS kid), so my first Metroid and Zelda games were Fusion, and Minish Cap.
                But playing the old NES, SNES and N64 games, i saw that they were good games, one like Chrono Trigger have become one of my favourite games ever, but just naturally, as time goes on, the games become more refined. Comparing Super Metroid’s controls to Fusions, Fusions are WAY better, but thats just because the games been more refined over time, and thats why i feel its a better game, just because its better designed, its more polished.

                Thats why i think Mario Galaxy is the best Mario game, because the controls are just flawless. 64’s a good, Sunshine’s a better, but Galaxy is just perfect, and imagine the new one will play even better.
                It’s not an opinion, its just natural, games get better over time, as we learn to fine tune them.

                1. Yeah. Indeed it would be stupid if games were getting worse.

                  But some games actually are, arguably getting worse. Just like what happened to Hip Hop music. The 90’s were just so much better than the 2000’s till now , regardless of how people supposedly took inspiration from those before them and used more modern Production tools.

                  I don’t know… it”s all down to opinion really :) . All I know is Nintendo have made Timeless masterpeices on every piece of hardware they ever made (except virtual boy)

                  1. Well games are only going to get worse if they stop putting effort into it, much is the case with Assassins Creed.

            2. What did he just post?

              So you suck at Metroid. This game rules. Loving my 30 th play through. It controls and looks beautiful.

        2. I agree but I do play Super Metroid a lot lately since I haven’t play it as often as Metroid Fusion. I mean everyone get bored of playing the same game over and over. My favourite 2D Metroid is Metroid Fusion but right now I rather play Super Metroid, Metroid 2 (my first Metroid game), and Metroid than Metroid Fusion. (I don’t have Zero Mission for a while but my brother say it is good and give me his copy. I haven’t play it since.)

          1. No, trust me, as someone who’s played every Metroid game, some multiple up to 4-5 times, i can say that Super is the most poorly designed out of them. They toned down the bullshit in the games since then.

        3. You’ve gotten soft. Never heard so much whining over certain aspects of a game that can be very easily overcome with practice.

          1. What? What kind of cop out excuse is that?
            If i played Fusion, Zero Mission, Prime 1, 2 and 3, and those games don’t have that needless tedium, then its not me whining, it’s just pointing out the games flaws.

            Metroid is about exploration, getting items, and a mix of challenging “shooter” gameplay and platforming.
            Those things i listed are not relevant to that, they’re just annoying.

        1. facts facts (he’s right) Super metroid is better than 95% of all games that are out today lol.

            1. From the 9 and the 5 key and shift 5. And the fact that Super metroid is more fun than 95% of games (I realize i’m using my opinion , don’t take it too seriously if you disagree)

          1. You still missing the point that it is still opinions. I agree playing Super Metroid is more fun than most games but that does not mean it is a fact. It may be boring for that person because he or she either play it too much in the past or it is not his or her game. Heck I found Ocarina of Time is very boring right now due to the fact I play it like 11 times in my lifetime.

      1. I’ll bet the guy above you is 15 years old or under.
        They probably also think the original STAR WARS films are the ‘slow’ ones.

  2. I for one an looking forward to going home soon and playing this! Thank you Nintendo for showing your supporters some love!

    1. I’ve not been able to play it for the last few days been working , playing Golf in the sun and with my family. Should get back onto it tonight! You still Grinding out those platinums :P … I’ll just get a couple of Golds and call it a day!

    1. It’s not a re-release, it’s virtual console.
      Releasing it as “new” and putting a $15 price tag on like Capcom always do is a re-release.

    1. …….yeah, try downloading 22GB games like Ni No Kuni on PSN, and then complain about 42mb downloads.

    2. For extra features probably. Don’t forgot that there are data for save point, suspend save, and as while customize buttons data. Yes I understand those files can be smalls. My point is that features add more data and its does add up over time.

    3. It’s mainly for the program running it (which is running these oldies flawlessly, by the way). Save states, controller button reassignment, etc. Please don’t complain just to complain. The game could have been a penny and there’d still be complaints about it.

  3. And still waiting in Britain, I’ve been waiting for many hours to play this. Thought I’d be able to finish an exam and come home to Super Metroid, yet it’s still not uploaded ;(

      1. Soz ignore me, I meant 16th, google says 16th and it’s not on the eshop at the moment even this late in the day so 16th sounds right

        1. How UK school, college, university, and etc date work? I just got in university for the summer and we just started on week 2. I am done mid August.

  4. It’s .30, that’s like playing one arcade back in the day but keeping it forever, easy purchase, if even all I do is fire it up purely for nostalgia.

  5. Ah, Super Metroid. I always wanted to get this on the SNES to add to my collection, but it’s always so god-awful expensive on eBay that I can never get it. Oh well.

  6. They’re increasing the price after June 11th because by the time that happens, they’d have already shown Retro’s new Metroid game during their mini event.

  7. “return to 7.99” wow, I’m all for nostalgia but $8 is a too steep for retro games. I’d gladly pay 2-4 but $8 is just asking too much. Will be getting it since its only 30cents for now.

    1. I agree, the VC titles are not priced competitively. 4.99 would be a lot more reasonable for 20+ year-old titles. Most of these I bought the 1st time around on cart for 50 bucks, though, so it’s a better deal than eBay.

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    1. Metroid is my favorite gaming franchise. i love everything about it. I cannot wait for a Wii U one :D

  9. This is a fantastic game and I advise everyone to buy it and play it to the end especially since it’s only 30c/30p

  10. I also love the Metroid franchise. I have to say I believe this game and Metroid Prime are tied for best in the series. Hug me!

  11. What did he just post?

    The game runs beautifully on the gamepad. Is it me or are there more colors? Probably just my LED but it seems to have gotten a boost. So glad to have this game. Dark room, pair of heahones and the gamepad and you’re golden.

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