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More Nintendo E3 Rumours Surface


IGN forum member 100-Year-Old-Gamer is at it again, providing us with more tantalising E3 related rumours. The user has been correct with some of his predictions in the past, so it’s well worth posting them. Some of the rumours are actually feasible, while others appear a little too far-fetched. You can read his previous E3 predictions, right here.

Pokémon News

  • Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Rumble U news expected with no other Pokémon games revealed.

Game Updates

  • Yoshi Wii U is said to be a late 2013/early 2014 title.
  • Games said to be at the E3 showfloor include: 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Pikmin 3, W101, X, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.

Rumoured/Unconfirmed Games

  • Capcom supposedly working on a Resident Evil remake from their back catalogue.
  • Nintendo wanting to continue Picross on Nintendo 3DS.
  • New Star Fox title, said to be more like Lylat Wars, expected this generation.
  • Star Wars expected on Wii U as “Disney likes the Wii U so far”.
  • Nintendo titles to use NFC – new IP from Nintendo.
  • New Animal Crossing expected, but “way off” for Wii U.
  • Nintendo tried to regain Banjo Kazooie but it didn’t work.
  • A Final Fantasy remake is being developed for Wii U.
  • Games that will use dual GamePad controllers will be announced.

Legend of Zelda

  • New Legend of Zelda is said to feature a return for past races like the Gorons, Zoras plus new additional species to encounter.
  • The game is also venturing into more “RPG-like” territory without “going full out RPG”, like Skyward Sword.

Hardware Revisions and Performance

  • Wii U periperhals expected this year (to connect to the GamePad).
  • A New Nintendo Wii U is expected by the end of 2014 with more internal storage but Blu-ray is unknown.
  • A new Nintendo 3DS revision is expected, but not within the next two years.
  • Denies Wii U clock-speed increases.
  • Achievements and linked accounts said to be coming but “in a different way than anyone else does”.
  • Nintendo working on trying to get more engines supported by Wii U.

Virtual Console Releases

  • Nintendo are expected to show and highlight classic GameCube titles heading to Virtual Console.
  • Online multiplayer for classic Virtual Console games isn’t likely from Nintendo but “third parties will”.
  • Plans to release classic titles, like Xenoblade Chronicles, on the Wii U eShop is likely at some point.

Retro Studios Wii U Project

  • The upcoming, untitled game from Retro Studios is said to be first-person, futuristic and “something everyone wants them to make”.
  • Said to be working on a Donkey Kong track for Mario Kart Wii U.

Thanks, Mike S

158 thoughts on “More Nintendo E3 Rumours Surface”

  1. justcallmeashley

    “Nintendo tried to regain Banjo Kazooie but it didn’t work” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :'(

    1. yeah fuck!!!! thats my childhood game one of the first games i played. microsoft trashed that company and wont give up the ips. thats what retro could have worked on to make it great but all the hopes to get that back from microsoft is like a rock not sinking.


        Why would Microsoft give it up so a competitor can make money off it, you guys are so stupid sometimes. Also I don’t see why everyone hates Microsoft, that paper you wrote for your exam was probably written in Office word, that computer is probably a windows.

      2. I fucking hate Microsoft in the gaming industry. They ruined Rare by making them limited to Kinect fucking Sports. Paying for online is bullshit and they have only 3 good exclusives.

      1. Which is exactly why I hate microsoft and any TRUE gamer should too. A company that he holding onto another company JUST to make sure they don’t make games that everyone wants is only hurting all the gamers. Why do people give them the pass on this? They scream money corporation all over them and don’t care about the gamer as much as they care about money.

    2. I really wish they would try and succeed. ive been desperate for a new bk game for years, since I got nuts and bolts and was disappointed. (decent game but not a true bk game)

    1. that would be a very smart thing for nintendo to do. monolith soft is like the only huge AAA game makers nintendo got that others dont. they need to show off that game more and have monolith get more noticed, like another squaresoft

      1. I think Retro is just as big, especially since they have expanded and called in guys from other studios to work on their project. Well they at least huge in the metroid prime days in terms of games.

  2. Well the one thing I think we can rule out is blu ray support, Nintendo has always gone with their own format, I don’t see why they would just add this. Also I know these are rumours but kinda hoped for more info on zelda, at least wind waker hd or lttp2. But hyped none the less.

    1. The Wii U discs probably are blu ray (HD games are big), but to avoid having to pay patent fees to Sony, Nintendo hasn’t included the necessary decryption to play blu ray movies. Wii U discs could be a different format but that doesn’t seem terribly likely to me.

      1. he said Fox engine is not limited by hardware, so is a work around to say, :it work..might need to thinker a bit, but it works:, also kojima wants to use Fox engine for all his futue products

      1. actually luminus is possible, since it using silicon studios’ engine, and silicon studios is working on wii u and has made their engine work on it. Research it, source siliconera. Hint: the company who did braverly default

  3. so if yoshi crap is coming out late 2013 early 2014 that means “3D Mario” and Mario Kart U wont be out till late 2014 or 2015

    1. They already said in a Nintendo Direct that Mario Kart U and the new 3D Mario would be released by Holiday this year. They might get delayed, but they will in no way be put off till 2015.

  4. Hopefully they make a FF Crystal Chronicles game for 3DS with more focus on multiplayer like the DS one. Also including an online multiplayer would be great too.

    1. I’d rather have another FF Tactics in the same vein as Tactics Advance. I know it’ll pop up on 3DS eventually, but I’d like to at least hear about it soon.

  5. “Wii U periperhals expected this year (to connect to the GamePad).”
    Isn’t it written “peripherals”?
    Well my English isn’t the best anyway.

  6. Achievements and linked accounts said to be coming but “in a different way than anyone else does”.

    This is what I want

    1. imagine you get Nintendo club stars for completing achievements in games on wii-u, and then you can redeem the stars for stuff from the eshop like virtual console games, dlc or the usual club Nintendo goodies, that would be awesome, and a way Nintendo could 1up microsoft and Sony, i have said all along that trophies and achievements should give you real stuff, its a incentive instead of just bragging rights, that will be epic if Nintendo were the first to implement some thing like this, and then most likely as usual sony would copy it in some way or form, and microsoft well they will probably decide to now add a extra charge for achievements in xbox live and xbox games LMAO! microsoft money grabbing whores!

  7. Here is what I think of the rumour;

    Utter Bull Crap that is nothing more than a fan boy dream.

    -There is no way Nintendo is showing off a Wii U.
    – The only Zelda game at E3 will be Link to the Past 2 and Wind Waker HD.
    – None of the main Pokémon series have ever been at E3
    – Nintendo wouldn’t waste their time in regaining Banjo Kazooie.

    1. I agree with all of that except saying it would be a waste of time to regain Banjo Kazooie. If they were to succeed that would not be a waste of time cause tons of people want a new entry in the series, done properly. Hell even an HD remake of the original would make everyone go nuts.

      1. I think he meant that they wouldn’t be able to get it back. It would be almost impossible to get it back cause of Microsoft.

  8. Mmm, I really expect E3 to be good for Nintendo this year. I’m not honestly surprised at the new Wii U part, but the 3ds? I didn’t see that one coming.

      1. Did Sony do the publishing fees for that game?
        Does having done that grant them exclusive rights to all future remakes?
        If not, then the people behind it could still make it happen on Nintendo’s consoles.

    1. Heh, indeed. I’m not gonna believe any rumors, because they spike at this time of year and many are false. But, lets say, hypothetically, that Square WAS working on a Final Fantasy remake and it turned out to be VII… and a Wii U exclusive… Oh ho ho… That rage over Bayonetta 2 would seem like nothing in comparison to the storm that would inevitably hit the Internet. It would be fun to watch, that’s for sure.

      Personally, I would like a remake of IX, but it’s just a rumor, so treat it as an April Fools joke. Everything will be revealed at E3.

    2. One person asked him if it was FFVI or the FFX HD remake and he just hinted that “it’s one of those” or something like that, so I guess that FFX HD could be coming to WiiU

  9. So if the new Star Wars Games are expected to run on the Frostbite 3 engine does that mean Disney is going to make EA make that engine work on the Wii U or are they going to make the games using another engine.

    1. They’ll be pretty shocked if Frostbite 3 runs on Wii U. After that well, whenever they start developing star wars games I’m sure there won’t be any problem. And if it doesn’t then they’ll just have to grab another Engine. Maybe Disney likes Wii U so much because Wii U doesn’t have all those Violent Video Games and its more family friendly Console, and you know how much Disney hates Violence.

    1. free cake free cake!
      finally changing my name and what not just testing things still work. not that anyone reads what I comment anyway

                1. replying randomly trying to figure out wordpress! maybe spam was the wrong word. ive always been wanting to connect to it but time is hard to come by with uni and what not

  10. Oh my god, if they remake Resident Evil 2 in the same style of the RE1 remake, i’ll fucking cry, please oh please.

    As for this, eh, the part about the show floor seems false, i imagine there would be at least another 6 games there, including Retro’s and some 3rd party games.

    1. Sony is only one player in the BluRay arena so all Nintendo has to do is pay the licensing to use it for Movies but that could mean another charge for the customer.

    2. it doesn’t only belong to sony, a number of companies when in on it, the original founders are: Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Thomson, LG, Hitachi, Sharp, and Samsung. if anything Nintendo could arrange something with Sharp, Panasonic or Samsung. As of now though, the number of member have grown so anything is possible.

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      As much as I love Starfox, I really hope its Metroid. WIIU needs it. Starfox is cartoony compared to Metroid. They can do more with it, and it would show the true power, and would fill the First person void. It would be epic!

  11. Wouldn’t it be funny if Disney forced EA to make Frostbite 3 work on Wii U (I assume it does, but EA are being pissy) and used the pulling of the Stars Wars license as blackmail

    1. There’s a rumor that they’re defrosting Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen head so that he can give EA and Dice a taste of his medicine , Futurama style.

  12. All I can say is this is stupid someone said earlier this stuff was mentioned on the Nintendo Direct.

    The other stuff is just stupid when you think about it, Banjo????? <— one part that wont be true

    Also a new model with a larger hard drive is a complete given, anyone can guess that its not an original idea.

    Retro creating a first person shooter, good guess if he is wrong people will forget

  13. also if Nintendo only have those games to play at e3 then im not looking forward to it, but this guy repeating a directs information is useless

  14. Seriously everyone is saying this guy has been right in the past but never mention what he’s been right about. Can some one please provide with that information?

    1. All I could find is that he has given information about almost every Nintendo Direct in the past and all what he said turned out to be true, specially the Direct about the new Zelda for 3DS

  15. A FEW of the rumors are probably true. The New Wii U model seems likely but I doubt it supports blu-ray, Pokemon X&Y probably won’t be shown cause already so much has been revealed, Nintendo attempting buy back banjo? I see that happening, RE and FF remakes? Maybe and the Retros game is a futuristic fps? Probably not. And them working on a track for MKU is really likely since they worked a little on MK7 aswell. But overall the article has little credibility and just seems like a pile of crap.

    1. It said it would be first person not first person shooter and it also said that it’s a game everyone wants them to make so it’s probably Metriod Prime 4.

  16. Pretty tired of wishlist made by a random fan in any forum to be published as rumors because some of their rather vage statements was accurate so some degree.

    1. Ignoring that the only inaccurate saying from last E3 was the debuts of Pikmin 3 and Ray man Legends and EA.

  17. nintendolovernomore

    more of the usual crap.
    anyone want to buy my dusty, useless wiiu deluxe.
    allready talking about another wiiu, fuck you nintendo, you do then you better allow us that own the first one a upgrade option at a very reduced price.

    1. You mean like how Sony and Microsoft cam out with redesigns?

      Get over it, redesigns are always going to happen, it’s a case of “rebranding” and changes in material price.

      1. nintendolovernomore

        the fucking thing just came out, there are no games worth playing, the rehashes, err, crap just keeps comming, now they want me to lay down another 350 bucks for more of the same, just redisgned.
        are you a fucking retard?
        thats like selling me a useless game, get it home, put it in my machine and get told, you got to get new shiny redisgned wiiu, for more money, you pay now…

        1. nintendolovernomore

          seriously though, anyone want to buy my basically unused wiiu deluxe.
          your for my investment, minus 2 percent as that is about the percentage of my attention it recieves.
          and damn my spelling.

          1. Ignoring the promising games coming out. Also ignoring that even if you wait for a PS4, you still have to wait on the hardware and software. So buy a PS4. Go ahead, you going to wait for a console you don’t even know how much it cost, then buy software for it, and sell your used Wii U for less. You save more money keeping your Wii u and buying the software for it the same time PS4 launches.

          2. TheTrruth4thaHaters

            You are not a Nintendo fan. GTFO troll. True fans are excited. Either that or youre a dam crybaby. I bought one at launch and have been using it every day since. The only thing collecting dust is that tired ass ps3 and 360 lol. I play alot and still havent played through half of the launch games.

        2. You don’t have the obligation to buy all the new products that come to the market all the time, or are you of those guys that has all versions of iPhones and iPads in his pockets? The difference is that If a new Wii U comes out it will be the same than the current one, just with preinstalled updates, and maybe a bit more storage. And the storage is not a big deal because of the external HDD, unlike the playstation and xbox that don’t allow that.

        3. Ignoring that Nintendo made a Wii U above the deluxe which will be priced at $400. It will just have more storage and some other features but the base and deluxe are going to continue to sell.

        4. Bullshit; there’s plenty of games worth playing on it.
          Just because YOU don’t see any doesn’t mean the thousands upon thousands of others who own the console are the same.

  18. “A New Nintendo Wii U is expected by the end of 2014 with more internal storage but Blu-ray is unknown.” i doubt this very much, they made it very clear why they didnt put alot of storage into the system

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      Who plays 4 achievements? I sure as hell dont, but if they offer REAL stuff instead of bragging rights Im all in.

    1. This are rumors people take it with a grain of salt. Don’t want you getting all excited for nothing.

      1. Ignoring that most of these rumours Nintendo told us about in previous Nintendo Directs. Also ignoring that PS4 hyped up their shit back in Feb and Now Nintendo fans have the right to get hyped too.

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  20. If you are considering buying a Wii U, buy it now before retailers bring the prices up. These games will make the Wii U more valuable.

  21. HersheyBearsfan1594

    I will continue to watch Nintendo’s E3 for a new Star Fox game. That rumor of a new game closer to the N64 version would more than justify a console for me and a few people I know. I’d forgive Nintendo for not having many games since I got my console if this in addition to the other games that have been confirmed.

  22. Ignorigpng that you fail to bring proof that he is lying. Also ignoring that if 100YR OldGamer was talking about PS4, you’d be hyped.

  23. Please be a new Star Fox. That series deserves to comes back. And while I’m not a huge Final Fantasy fan, seeing one of the older games remade for Wii U would be pretty cool.

    Guess in the end I won’t be getting Retros new game. I suck at FPS games.

  24. Nintendo should just make a Banjo Kazooie game and sell it like normal and take the repercussions. :P It’s the only way it’ll work… 💋

  25. These rumors sound really cool even if they might be fake. I’m really curious as to what the Final Fantasy remake may be. Personally I’m hoping for a V, VI, or VII remake or hell all three like V and VI for 3DS and VII HD for Wii U. Retro’s new game sounds more like Metroid Prime 4 or Metroid Dread so I guess I might be wrong in my prediction that Retro’s new game is not Metroid Prime 4 which I’m extremely happy about. I would like an HD remake of Resident Evil 1-3 on one disc. That would be awesome but it’s Capcom so it won’t happen. A new console with Blu-Ray is HIGHLY unlikely and I doubt they will ever get Banjo Kazooie back as long as Microsoft is in the gaming business. I really hope Yoshi’s Yarn comes sooner than late 2013 because I want that game to have it’s own spotlight and not be overshadowed by games like Super Mario U and Mario Kart U. I’m wondering if Miyamoto’s new IP will take advantage of NFC and whatever peripheral could be attatched to the Wii U Gamepad. Heck his game could be the first one to take advantage of two Wii U Gamepads. Count me in!

  26. Every time I hear even just a rumor that Nintendo tried acquiring Banjo-Kazooie from Microsoft and couldn’t, my heart sinks a little lower.

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  28. DarklordNintendoFan

    Imagine if the Final Fantasy remake rumor were true… and imagine if it turned out to be Final Fantasy VII. Oh, boy… all the Sony fanboys would be so pissed. And I’d love every minute of it. Just squirming in their seats as they watch the trailer for a remake of a game that they have wanted forever, that they’ll never get the chance to play because it’s Wii U exclusive. That… would… make… my… day.

    1. Oh lord, if the announcement of Bayonetta 2 being an exclusive was like an atomic bomb, this would be like a Planet Crusher; it wouldn’t even leave ashes of the internet, so high would the rage burn if a remake of FFVII was a Wii U exclusive…..XD

      1. i’m hoping for ffx hd game on wii U, it would look cool with maybe new feature. Would like a new area, and probably buff kimarhi. There were rumour it was being ffx hd only on wii u

        I wish someone so kind I a wonderful world please pretty please post this or put on square enix for this idea: Probably alternate costume, like we already have battle gear costume rikku from beginning of the game. So here is idea, have battle only costumes for unlocklable such battle armor rikku, dissidia tidus, and wedding dress yuna(see dissidia 012 and her wedding dress model in ffx)

  29. these aren’t new at all.. they’ve already been present when you made your last news about nintendo rumors… the thread 100 YOG started has already been locked for days with all the info to be found in its depths

  30. “Star Wars expected on Wii U as “Disney likes the Wii U so far””

    As EA is signed the contract to make Star Wars, saying it’s not coming to the Wii U. lol

    Disney is going to be pissed.

  31. can we realy expect a star wars games since EA said they didnt work on a wii U game….hate EA right now !!

  32. I hope there will be more surprises in store, new games that no one is expecting. New IPs and some sweet release dates announced. As for Nintendo failing at acquiring Banjo, oh well. They should not have let them go in the first place, they’ll never get it back not unless Microsoft implodes with their next console.

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  34. I say what we are all thinking

    “Nintendo tried to regain Banjo Kazooie but it didn’t work” Yes, Thank god they didnt, this shit franchise is dead and should stay dead

    1. @mr “i say what we are all thinking”: Microsoft screwed it, even the some people worked on the old one, only one if i recall is the composer want to make one on the wii U. Banjo was great on the nintendo systems. Someday mircosoft will have to hand over banjo series, if there try to make another failure

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