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Wii U Nintendo Direct Coming On May 17th


Nintendo Europe and Nintendo of America today announced a new global edition of Nintendo Direct. The broadcast will take a look at the line-up of games coming for Wii U this spring and summer and will be streamed from the Nintendo Direct website tomorrow, 17th May from  3pm BST and 7 a.m. PT.

Please note that details of Wii U releases scheduled for autumn and beyond are to be announced in a separate Nintendo Direct broadcast around the time of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

Update: Nintendo of America press site says it will also feature 3DS games. Nintendo Europe says it’s a Wii U focussed event.

118 thoughts on “Wii U Nintendo Direct Coming On May 17th”

    1. That’ll be the next Direct that happens during E3. =) This is for Spring/Summer titles (Pikmin 3, etc.)

    2. They’ll probably won’t announced anything for Mario Kart U cause it was confirmed to show it at E3. The only things will probably get on this Direct is more information on stuff we already know like more Virtual Console games or Pokemon Rumble U etc.

  1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

    Hopefully a release date for W101 will be announced so they dont have to waste their time showing it during their Wii U E3 Directs.

        1. I am way ahead of you nintedward… try catch me. I need mikeS NNID. I wanna see how we are ranked on that game.

          1. Oh I know , you’re kickin ass bro. But here me out…. I aint been able to play ti much cus i’ve been working and busy.

            but when I have time with it in the past I was getting like 500th in the weekly challenge (roughly) and about 700th in the daily challenges (roughly).

            I saw your 16 seconds on the weekly challenge. Why you be cheatin Venomjam :P

            1. Nah am not cheating…… I am a genius at platforming that’s all. I also works too. But when I get home I play and try to beat all my friends before going to bed. :D. Come at me bra….. let me see what you can do. :D

  2. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

    That direct is airing at Norway’s national day, so I will have to wait until saturday to watch it…

    1. Man back when The Simpsons was the shit. I hear its gotten better in recent years but the first decade and a half were the best by far

      1. Hopefully a lot of 3rd party announcements!!! Hopefully Nintendo will be Partnering with precursor games to fully support the development for Shadow of the Eternals! That would make the wait worth while!

        1. Hopefully a lot of FIRST party announcements. Nobody’s buying a Wii U to play ports of PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

          – And Nintendo isn’t partnering with Precursor Games for Shadow of the Eternals 2. There would be a kickstarter if Nintendo was planning that.

    1. He sayed one on the 30th. Maybe he means the E3 Directs star then and these are tying up loose ends and announcing new games or game details for summer and spring. Good thing im out of school tomorrow!

    1. Nah it will be streamed on May 17th, so that is the next Fri… No… wait a minute… Mother of videogames! It is tomorrow! Oh God! OHH GOD!!!

      1. Opinion they should have had the direct on the 20 th or 21 st it would eclipse the nextboxs apprearance draw away media and fans, stupid date these announcements wil’t be erilelant after the conference the micro is bringing

  3. Cool.. Hopefully we get a release date for the Wonderful 101, Deus Ex, and the summer update for the Wii U. It’s very interesting that they are doing this right before Microsoft unveils their next console on the 21st.

    1. Nnintendo is planning to pull in press repeatedly. Basically they steer getting press and lose it on the 21st, get it back with a ND on the 30th, etc. And keep the spotlight on themselves even after e3. Its pretty ingenious. Lets see if it works

      1. Yeah, not a bad idea. Instead of a huge knockout blow they are choosing to fight with a bunch of small flurries. It a strategy that may irritate people, but it works. Just ask Sugar Ray Leonard.

    1. Write me a ten thousand page report on how awesome I am and I’ll buy you a copy :p just kidding I’m not that kool

      1. But for pikmin free game i can make you president of any country that have a democratic polítical sistem.

    2. They already gave the pikmin 3 release date for August… so you have plenty of time to prepare your wallet.

  4. Awesome. Maybe Nintendo of Europe will finally explain what happened to our version of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

  5. Guys… Im waiting for super smash bros… !!!!!!!!!
    I really want to see the 3DS version badly! Since it will be portable and.
    And im very curious to know how they will use the 3DS to work with the Wii U in this game.

    1. Nintendo should unveil the 3DS version of SSB as late as possible. Don’t want to give All Stars plenty of time to copy for All Stars 2

  6. I really don’t think nintendo is going to wow at E3. All those people that say “wait till E3” are going to be dissapointed. Theyll show a couple of cool games but not enough of them. Nintendo needs Huge news. Announce GTA coming to wiiu, something like that. Show something of major franchises they’re working on even if just a screenshot or announce it. I’m a nintendo fan so I want them to do well. If I only had money for one system I would not get a wiiu. I love sports but seems like none coming to wiiu. No madden, no tennis, no wwe, baseball, no golf. Fifa coming this year? I have ps3 360 vita 3ds xl wiiu. Love my wiiu and glad I bought it but I’m glad I have other systems for those not coming to it.

    1. That sad moment when someone says revealing GTA coming to WiiU is bigger news than Retro’s game, 3D Mario or Smash Bros 4.

      I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

      1. All three of those are expected on the Wii U. GTA on the Wii U, however, is not; therefore, it is given more welcome than the other three.

      2. What did he just post?

        I know! Gta is fun for a few hours. Mowing down innocent bystanders and pimping hoes can only get you so far. IMO.

    2. Ignoring that the Wii U is different from Wii which requires a GamePad, and they will also unveil some games that require two GamePads. Also ignoring that Nintendo is going to show us what that port underneath the GamePad is for. Also ignoring the GamePad’s NFC technology. Also ignoring that Wii Did will without Madden and Wii U can be a success too. And lastly ignoring that EA does not want to put games on Wii U.

  7. Please don’t reiterate crap during the Direct. No, really, please. I mean it. I’m so serious right now as to how much I loathe the repetition of old announcements. It’s a Friday for when the news breaks out for us for crying out loud, so please don’t blasé the hell out of tomorrow!


    Please don’t reiterate the same crap we’ve heard from previous Directs. Please, do not do this. It’s a Friday for my side when the Direct breaks out so please don’t make it boring.

  9. Now this is the sort of article I like to see on this site!

    So is this just a Wiiu games for spring and summer and then we get Unveils in another direct ?

    1. I guess that this direct is for spring/summer titles such as Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, Wii Fit U, and eshop stuff. This way, they can save time for unnanounced games and games coming out winter and beyond for e3 :D

      1. Yeah , makin way for the nuclear direct which comes at the same time as E3.

        Mario , Metroid , Mario Kart , Zelda , etc *jizz hits screen*

  10. Thank God that I’m staying home tomorrow and watch Nintendo Direct. Who’s hosting it for Nintendo of America… the president and COO or the global president and CEO (or both, including Bill again)?

  11. Really excited for this. Lately there has been a drought of good news for Nintendo since the last Nintendo Direct. Hopefully this one doesn’t disappoint. Honestly I’m really hoping for a Wonderful 101 release date.

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    1. You think everything is gonna suck.
      Every Nintendo Direct this year has been filled with announcements and information that fans actually care about; They’ve actually been better than their last couple E3 conferences.
      So what makes you think this one is “gonna suck”?

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Which side in AUS do u live in? im in perth so it would probably be 2-4 hours behind you if you live in Sydney.

  13. Another Nintendo Direct when I’m in bed. I’ll have to find out the news when I get back up.

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