Here’s The Wii U Release Schedule In Japan


Below is a list of games that are scheduled to arrive this year on the Wii U in Japan. Some of the games listed – like Rabbids Land and LEGO City Undercover – have been available for purchase in the West for a while, though the country will be receiving a number of Wii U titles before other regions. There will be more Wii U games announced during E3 week next month, including a new 3D Mario and Mario Kart, which are rumored to be launching this year.

June 6
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Rabbids Land

June 19
New Super Luigi U (DLC)

June 27
F1 Race Stars Powered Up Edition

July 13
New Super Luigi U (disc)
Pikmin 3

July 18
Sniper Elite V2

July 25
Lego City Undercover

August 8
Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U

August 24
The Wonderful 101

Wii Party (new title)
Wii Fit U

Sonic Lost World
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


    1. Uhh hello! Theay need to hurry up and get pikmin out or im just goin to get a japanese wii u in juley and play the japenses version of pikmins 3

        1. It’s a pretty niche series.

          I love it because of the pretty eccentric but great stories that continue through each game. The hours upon hours of gameplay that you can find just doing random side things in the game, like playing the many mini games, shopping, finding collectibles, building relationships, exploring the cities, etc.

          I love Japanese culture and well, this is an extremely Japanese series; Plus the combat is over the top and fun.

          I just really love the games.

          It’s not for everyone, but I like it.

        2. One of best series ever :) I have PS3 only for Yakuza games, glad that they will come to U :)

  1. I’m just gonna wait and buy my Wii U next fall since i want Wind Waker and Sonic, other than those and playing my 3DS Monster Hunter 3U file on an HD screen, i don’t have a reason to get a Wii U yet

      1. Things will get better when the North American developers stop being so freakin’ lazy. I understand your comment Simply G… you’re forgiven.

          1. one shitty mario game and a shitty mario kart game. If u pray u will get another shitty game for shit u.

                1. The only kid here is you, your childish insult and poor language skills makes that painfully obvious.

          2. I agree , but like the 3DS had a slow start also and then just a steady stream of games.

            All the best Wiiu games (the ones that take time) are in development and they will all release close together. It’s at that stage that we will see Wiiu sales rise.

            1. No Wii U Games are in development. Cause Gaytendo has realised how bad they are loooooooool !!

              1. Thanks 4 supporting Ninbtendo Fan Pages! We love you too! Without retards in the worl, we’d have no Normality! Yey Humanity!… and Troll Beastyiality! Yeeeey!

            2. nice thought but you do know what will help if reggie is fired and iwata and more retarded people leave nintendo. you from europe so you have the good president of nintendo, its just true and the faster there gone the better nintendo will be. especially reggie, no more bullshit from noa!!!!!

          3. I personally think we are already a bit spoiled by the amount of “good” games (good is relative) out there each month. Compared to 15 years ago this list is amazing. But yea compared to modern day its isn’t bad but it isn’t great also. Hopefully after e3 we see a fatter list.

      1. It’s surprising how easily people fell for this. This is one of the most obvious trolls I’ve seen.

          1. If you look at it that way. I wasn’t replying because I was angered. I just would rather have someone trolling who is actually good at it

    1. This is just Japan only, remember that we are going to have more games from Ubisoft, Activision, Sega, Atlus, and much more 3rd party companies (like Capcom for example) in the future. Also, don’t forget that Nintendo is preparing their 1st party games for that console as well :)

    2. Ignoring that Wii out did its rivals with even less third party support. Also ignoring that Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, Resident Evil, Activision, Dice, Wonerbros will continue making Wii U games for the next several years.

      1. Also ignoring that not only is Retro Studios Game has not been unveiled, but the release date also has not been unveiled. In other words, those who want to believed this is the 100% official line up is a dumb ass and butthurt troll.

  2. what a great list!!!!! sure after e3 their will be more right….. RIGHT, somebody please tell me!!!!! my body is reggie… right…… RIGHT!!!!!!!

    1. Ignoring that Blockbuster has not announced anything. And if they did, then it has not been announced. Also ignoring their 3D Mario or SSB are not in there letting us know that all future Wii U titles such as Rayman Legends are TBA in Japan.

  3. Nintendo need to put out a lot of games for Wii U for Japan. USA, Canada, Brazil, etc…

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