Two Kirby Titles Released On Wii U Virtual Console This Week


Nintendo Europe has announced that two Kirby titles will be appearing on the Wii U Virtual Console this week. Kirby’s Dream Course puts a new spin on golf, with Kirby as the ball and enemies as obstacles! Conquer eight different courses packed with water, spikes, conveyor belts and trampolines. Roll Kirby to take out enemies, and then head for the hole that appears. Adjust the angle of movement, add spin and power, and also copy the powers of enemies; such as using a parasol to float, ice to freeze water or fire to burn bad guys! Kirby’s Dream Course also features a two-player mode to compete against a friend.

Kirby Super Star features not one, not two, but six games in one – plus extra modes and minigames – all starring the powerful pink hero with the ability to copy his enemies’ abilities. Each adventure has its own storyline, featuring Kirby battling against classic foes like Meta Knight and King Dedede, and unique gameplay; from platforming to treasure-hunting and even a space shoot ‘em up! A friend can also join in as Kirby’s helper, using their own copy abilities to attack enemies and come to Kirby’s aid.


  1. combine the fucking virtual console nintendo!!!! are you fucking kidding me, that was all ready out, you greedy fucks. how about put new titles on there and combine them. this is one of the many reasons nintendo is fucking stupid!!!!

    1. You know Nintendo isn’t going to see this comment right? you pretty much just wasting a lot of rage for nothing.

    2. I absolutely loved Kirby’s adventure for NES on WiiU VC. I never played it before until now and it’s one of the best NES games I’ve played. I will definitely be downloading the other Kirby games on VC.

    3. I know you’ll probably just ignore this comment, but it’s not like Nintendo can simply snap their fingers and make the complete Wii VC library available at an instant. Between re-configurations for the Wii U controls and settings (like Off-TV play) and licensing issues, there’s a little more work involved. Then they have to test these games out to make sure there are no bugs or glitches when a player changes their controller settings and creates/loads restore points. Stuff like that takes a little more time than you impatiently expect.

      Sure, it hasn’t been the best of Virtual Console line-ups so far, but with more time and more patience you’ll see nearly its entire back catalog available on Wii U.

    4. You know, I can tell you’re probably about 9 or 10. How? You used ‘Fuck’ so much. Hm, how many times did you say it? Not once, not twice, but four times. You deserve a medal for just getting two of these ‘fucks’ in the same sentence. Also, if you didn’t realize, most people like virtual console. Don’t be an idiot.

      1. Not to mention the terrible spelling, lack of proper punctuation and grammar, and the blatant abuse of the exclamation mark.

  2. OK. I get it.
    Why they hell did they not call the WiiU what it is, the Nintendo Arcade.

    Thank God it’s a next gen system so it can handle te strain of all these old games!

    1. Nintendo Virtual Console, with videogames re-released for the ones that loves to play classic games. your argument is just sarcastic, knowing that are coming more games for this console.

  3. Awesome! I already have Kirby Super Star Ultra, but I will still get Kirby’s Dream Course once I get a Wii U some day in the future.

  4. Kirby super star is the best kirby platformer from back in the day so ima pick it up again for miiverse support. Idc if i have dream collection

  5. fuck yes i want kirby super star :D i maybe 26 but this game ruled in the 90’s sorry for swearing but im excited to play this on the gamepad without the tv beening on

    1. Really? You should try! If its not the addicting gameplay, its the fun art style. Or maybe its the darkness behind some of the games. The best part has to be the replay value, though. You should play!

  6. I like Kirby, he sucks and blows. He even swallows too! Awesome character…
    anybody know where I can score some Kirby Right Back at Ya DVD’s? :D

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