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Here’s The E3 Trailer For Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The new trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes has just landed, and it promises some of the usual comic book comedy from TT Games. It’s certainly going to be a week of madness during E3, but let’s hope the Hulk doesn’t come to the party by showing his true colours. Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be available this fall on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC.

16 thoughts on “Here’s The E3 Trailer For Lego Marvel Super Heroes”

  1. those bastards !!!! at microsoft they bringing back killer instinct they actually did it got a game i give a crap about & going to ruining it!!!!!! those smooth sob

  2. I hope this game has an online-co op mode, at least, or even more online modes such as “Team Battle” or something if they feel innovative enough. This game has potential, and I just love Lego.

  3. Ha! Ha! I didnt see an Xbox One logo or PS4! So that means Wii U is the only “next gen” system to get this game. Wow, Microsoft and Sony are struggling… 💋

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