‘Historic’ Rare Franchise Revealed As Killer Instinct For Xbox One

The tease is finally over and the ‘historic’ franchise from Microsoft’s Rare is none other than Killer Instinct. Originally released for the SNES and N64, the updated Killer Instinct will be exclusive to Xbox One and developed by Double Helix. Check out the trailer above – shown during the E3 reveal – where Jago and Sabrewulf are shown as included in the new instalment. What do you think about Killer Instinct as an exclusive Xbox One reveal? Let us know in the comments below.


    1. I guess. I havent heard many gamers clamoring for a new killer instinct game.

      1. I’m skeptical about Killer Instinct on Xbox one , simply because Rare is a shadow of its former self.

        Credit where Credit is due though , the Xbox conference was rock solid. I was impressed and enjoyed it. Still getting a Ps4 to go besides my Wiiu though ;)

          1. yeh , no biggie though. The Xbox one in the back probably bricked lmao!

            All the initial negativity still stands for me with xbox one (DRM , Check ins , Mandatory kinnect , etc) BUT you can’t say that wasn’t an impressive show of games.

            Nothing at the conference made me say WOW though except Killer instinct , I was like YES! and then I thought naaah looks shit and its gunna be shit…

            1. There was nothing “rock solid” about that press conference. Barely any Japanese games, no release dates for a majority of the games shown, too many shooters, and generic looking action games.

              Expensive ass price, $499.99 plus Xbox Live, plus the TV attachment ect

                1. why are you here then lol on a nintendo site LOL ARE THAT MUCH OF A LOSER TO BE ranting on here

                  1. this bee is pissing off????? pathetic…. just what i would come from a grown person who still plays baby games. play a REAL game like infamaus, uncharted the bee movie game.

                    1. If you’re truly a grown person you wouldn’t be bashing a console that’s done no harm to you.

                2. Nintendo has plenty of games: Xenoblade 2, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 just to name a few. The Xbone is too expensive and the games were shooters/generic action games with quicktime events.

              1. They showed some interesting stuff to be sure , nothing WOWED me , but it was solid. Constant showing of games was what they needed to do.

                I still can’t take the console seriously with all the DRM and other BS though.

                It wasn’t a bad conference , opening with MGS5 xbox one was good.

            2. titanfall looks neat.. however you won’t need an xbox one to play it.. still gonna be contaminated with DRM tho

    2. Lol. Why so long??? I bet you it wont be the same game. This sucks, even if Rare isnt the same, Nintendo fucked up letting them go.

      1. Actually, ditching Rare itself was a smart move. Nintendo could tell Rare was beginning to lose its luster as big names were leaving even before the sellout and a lot the games they released at that point weren’t delivering. The mistake was not buying their IPs. But then again, the IPs could have also been part of the deal.

      2. Wtf……..did they do to Jango??? He looks like a mutated he-man??? OK GUYS THE LAST SYSTEM KI WAS ON WAS WHAT…..?????? And how long did that system survive???? Might be a system Killer

      3. they didn’t let them go out of their own choosing.. they never fully owned them in the first place
        and when microsoft acquired the majority share of the company they didn’t have much choice other than letting them go since they didn’t have the necessary control over the company

    3. No it’s not. I wouldn’t want this game anywhere NEAR a Wii U. I would have preferred to have a KI developed by Retro Studios.

  1. It’s an abomination that it’s on it!

    But so far, the same games as always, humans/guns/hollywood, incredibly boring…

    The only game I like a bit so far is Ryse Son of Rome…

    1. I still play de snes game, but this looks like shit, the art style sucks, the characters are way too exagerated and the voice is so “not cool”
      Fuck you microsoft and Rare!

    2. Even Ryse was a predictable game. But, yeah I agree more shooters. Good thing Nintendo is tomorrow!

  2. Did you see that ‘Spark’ Game? The frames were severely suffering when they were testing it out.

    1. Spark’s presentation was not nearly as bad as EA’s. That was totally humiliating. Plus Battlefield 4 looks like it was made by Michael Bay. Explosions, guns, explosions, guns, and even more explosions. Screw you EA!

          1. Eh ignore that guy. In actuality it’s really iceazama and he has never said anything smart or intelligent his entire life.

  3. as much as I wish this was multi plat i’m glad were getting a new K I after all these years. Maybe with this the Xbox one won’t be TOTAL garbage. I just hope it’s good rare hasen’t made a good game in years

    1. snap out of it man!!! ( SLAP) it’s still shit rare not making it the ones behind silent hill homecoming is & there game is ok at best don’t let microsoft trick you it’s like looking at gold in the desert and u run to it & it’s a sink hole

      1. I didn’t know double helix was making it until after I posted that comment, although there is hope, from what I heard silent hill homecoming was a good action game, just not a good silent hill game. although I am sometimes dangerously optimistic so i’m not getting my hopes up to much for this game. besides I have no plans to buy an xbox 1, im saving up for a wii u and maybe a ps4 later.

  4. Retro games is not the same company it was when it made the first metroid several key people left. Now retro is just a wannabe Rare. Nintendo has no thrid party support its getting embarrassing. In the future key people will leave Nintendo to start their own companies and all Nintendo will have is their copyrights, no console, and garbage shovelware they will have to rely on the name of mario and zelda to sell their crap which no one cares about anymore. Nintendo represent the end of a gaming era. Welcome to the future.

    1. Fuck off kid….yor statment is a waste of my time and your time…get a lif lil brat

    2. The only reason to keep your wii u is to own Nintendo’s last console as a collectable and play their last games which will probably be cancelled and ported to other consoles anyway.

      1. All major third parties are supporting Nintendo by the way, even shady EA lol. Only upstart soon to disappear Vigil and THQ are not, wait! those two are already gone, who is next.

        1. I all ready told TLOU about Wii U’s 3rd party support. BUT HE HAS old timers. Tsk tsk so sad.

      2. Seems to me like you are angry over the fact that you can’t play Mario on the xbox. Nintendo will remain on the top, and your pitiful rant above will not even be a thought of mine after Nintendo’s turn tomorrow. Good day, sir.

      3. I shouldn’t be feeding the troll, but how is it Nintendo’s last console if they’re in a better financial position than Sony?

    3. go hold you’re breath under water till it happens let see what ends first agreed?

        1. how dare you make of trainer black’s hat! its was born black, no shame in that!

    4. Tell me what the 3DS is doing to the PS3 and Xbox360 world wide, let alone the Vitanic. Really think before you embarass yourself again. How pathetic, your company blatantly copied Brawl with the atrocious playstation all stars and your come to even speak here. crawl back and come back when the vIta is even a console, not a Wifi decor or an attempt at cross platform controller.

    5. SMH, forgot Sega and Nintendo’s partnership. Forgot about Disney, Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom, Namco who is helping with next smash bros. Also I believe COD Ghost was not announced only because Nintendo wants to do it themselves tomorrow. I also think Rockstar is bringing GTA and Nintendo wants it announced on their E3.

    6. Nintendo has been around for litterally more than a hundred years, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

  5. I want clay fighters on Wii I. that game was awesome …killer instinct was great I loved the wolf and his sounds effects.. memories

      1. That means nothing coming from a fag who faps over a B-movie tie-in game as his consistent evidence of “quality”.
        You’re drunk, insect. Go home.:P

        1. yes it does, since your getting owned by a bee. its so funny seeing somebody in denial over the shit in quality in nintendo. the cable box even have more games and dont forget to tune in for a real next gen console after ar 3e.

          dont fuck with me, do you even lift?????/ this is not cool because i remember you son playing my game and you liked it. it would be a shame if i had to beat you up (STING)

  6. Guys, i hate Rare old franchises are taking from their former glory with this Micro$hit policy’s.
    Don’t you think old franchises deserves to be on WiiU?
    I would love to see a petition to make Nintendo listen, to grab all those old ip’s back. We need those on a good console. and not that X1 that sucks, even if there’s a K.I. on it. =/
    Is not the same.
    Btw K.I doesn’t look that good in terms of design, =S looks really weird, and it’s developed by Double Helix.

    1. Could you imagine a Conker game on the Wii U? I’d s*** myself. Looks like a street fighter clone to me.

      1. Yes, a Conquer on WiiU could sell a lot units. Nintendo could do a better game on WiiU with those old franchises. Conquer, DK, Perfect Dark, etc.

        1. Agreed, the creator of conker would actually probably come back to make it, if Nintendo bought the IP.

  7. I saw the new Solid Sneake trailer. The graphics were great. However the real world night and day are on Animal Crossing, Zelda, Pikmin. Nothing innovative on that. Also it looks like one of those types of “press some buttons to watch a movie” type of game. I am impressed with the graphics but its just another killer shooting game with better graphics. I’m tired of that.

    1. …..oh my god, fuck you.
      Fanboy cunt like you… I literally just want to punch you in the face, mutiple times, for being such a fanboy

      1. Shhhh.Settle down and take your medication, Dragon. Your anger is gettingout of control.

        1. yeah im going to sting him the he will calm down. then he can play the bee movie game like all the other beetards, (STING) just makes me sick how they have to keep bothering me for another fucking bee movie game, seriously im done giving you guys good software. thats why sony is the best.

      2. Calm down man. If he wants to think mgs is shit let him. There is no need to be a douche.

  8. Sucks, I don’t want to be a fanboy, but it really sucks. Did you see Jago?? and the combos, it do not longer has the satanic look of killer instic.

  9. Killer Instinct died with KI2. That was a great way to leave a game. Anyone crying for old IPs has issues, look at how bad James bond is golden eye is compared to the novelty of the original. On to the sony conference.

    1. I have the same feeling, is just not the same. And because for what i saw, the game lacks of art style and seems like Street Fighter copy, i really don’t think Double Helix could do a good fighter game. =/ . I think if the game is good, XOne will kill the chances to buy it(price+policies), and if the game is bad, it will sell but just because the name K.I.

  10. Was expecting some Battletoads. Was not surprised.

    Nobody loves Battletoads. RIP Rare.

          1. remember skyward sword it didnt even work, oh and the final product was just as bad too, at least this wont affect the final game, like how skyward sword still had technical issues when it was released. (STING)

            1. Skyward Sword didn’t have technical issues when it was released. I would know; I actually played the game and I loved it. The controls were absolutely fine. I had no problems with them and they were extremely fun to use. I think in my 80 hour playthrough (did Hero Mode) I only re-calibrated 4 times.

              1. yeah and it was a shitty dull broken game, nintendo cant even deliver anymore. play a real game like the last of us. just watch nintendo blow it in there direct!!!!! keep playing your inferior console with shovelware and no 3rd party.

                1. so youre on here spaming the last of us yet your not playing it lol loser get out of here

            2. It only had technical issues if you swung your arms like a retarded gorilla or were too retarded to not know how to set up your Wii properly.
              Go back to watching your kid flicks, insect.

              1. that doesnt even matter if it didnt have the motion controls the game would still be horrible. its a shitty game no matter how you look at it, (STING) seriously play beeshock infinite, a real game, oh WAIT, you cant PLAY IT!!!! hahahahahahahahhah you would rather play shovel ware…..

  11. Dude, nintendo has to step its shit up. As it looks right now, im selling my wii u for an xbox one as soon as i beat pikmin 3. Sunset overdrive is amazing and noone can deny it. Nobody

            1. fuck off right now you idiot >_< you've seen 2 minutes of footage, that claim is absurd for first impressions. For what we know it could be a total pile of shoot. and it's a fucking shooter, hows it anything like JSRF. The art style looks ugly too, the monsters are just ….the fuck

    1. sorry xbot employee no one is buying into your planted self here. Just keep on moving lol.

      1. Hey, ill keep my wii u so i can play nintendo games, but they have trash third party support. If they dont cut the crap, they are going to loose a customer that grew up on snes

        1. Please I grew up in the nes you know nothing. Wait till nintendo announces the next games. Then eat your words

      1. Giving up your free will is aligning yourself with a company and only buying with that company. I just think im going to be using my xbox one daily and my wii u whenever a good game comes out ( one or two a year is my guess)

          1. Yeah honeybee. Can you say this though “Xbone One’s graphics blows Wii U’s graphics!” Say it. I dare you.

            1. why does it matter, wvweybody knows, nintendo is getting destroyed by an unreleased cable box, it also will have more games on it!!!!!! just all wii u shovel ware (STING) ps4 is going to destroy wii u and you and the rest of these beetards know it, tune into a real gaming machine at e3 later.

              1. I konw who you are! You’re that guy who always used to act as Pious on here! Your name is iceacream or something like that.

                    1. hahhahah, yeah i think i did a pretty good job, in one day people were getting mad, in one day berry bee benson, goy a ton of pissed feedback and even eric sellers created a alt saying berry gay benson hahahahahaha, i could tell it was him vrom saying your drunk go home. shit thats so funny, it only took one day!!!!! my experiment was a success….. there is no hope for this site to not have trolls!!!!! it was obviously me!!!!!

    2. xboxone, so it’s you rich guy, the one in the name xboxone, the only one that is dumb enough to buy a defective RROD betamax VCR battlefield 4 machine LOLOLOLOL.

      1. And here you have it folks, the typical nintendo fanboy, afraid of any and all competition.

        1. Why would Nintendo be afraid of this competition. They figured away to keep cost down by making 3 cores give output close to 8 cores.

    3. I can, and easily.
      No amount of pretty pixels justifies the fact that they aren’t reversing course on their DRM and once-a-day pinging crap.
      NOTHING that they’ve shown justifies that crap.

  12. Who the fuck cares this isnt nintendo news. And besides its from shit developers (believe me it hurts me to say them shit) and its on shit console.

  13. Didn’t Playstation 4 offer a feature that lets the player post a video on youtube. Will Microsoft copied that feature. I don’t trust this console.

      1. Sony copies Nintendo, ms copies sony, MS is a non entity. how do you copy sony really LOL?

  14. Stop with the hate. I love nintendo and give my Wii U and 3ds mad props, give credit where credit is due. XB1 has some amazi ng games. Killer Insticnt looks awesome( i wish it was on Wii U) It is what it is. Nintendo has amazing games also so why you mad. Enjoy what you have that Xb1 and Ps4 do not. Waiting for tuesday 10:00am est until then I’m going to play me some Monster Hunter 3 ultimate

    1. No Xbot don’t try your IGN manouvers. They smart people their have shut you guys down, we are smarter than them. The xbox1 is a piece of garbage. Wii U, PS4 and 3DS we are gaming.

        1. We really do need a Rival, here is routing for Sony’s press conference to be epic. Crash bandicoot PSVita would be nice. How about a Final fantasy XV exclusive to the Wii U and PS4.

        2. Competition’s always nice.
          I’m confident that Sony won’t mess this up, and it’ll be like the glory days of the 32-bit era, PlayStation Vs. N64, with the Xbox One in the same position as the Saturn.
          Except the Saturn wasn’t so restrictive to consumers and had some hidden gems.

      1. I agree , £429 is a heck of a lot of money :S …

        The UK is one of the most expensive countries on Earth though along with Japan , Germany so what do you expect!

    1. That’s how stuff always works in the UK…
      We get fucked all the time by stuff like this, the WiiU is no different. Stop finding complaints.

  15. All thses Wii U haters kept on talking about “graphics.” They’re great but nothing to make me get out of my seat. Looks like Wii U can do more than half of that. So where is Xbox One’s GROUND BREAKING graphics!!!! Y’all kept braging 8 cores vs. 3!!!

      1. in denial keep playing shitty games on an inferior piece of hardware. what you have mario, play a real game like uncharted halo, even the bee movie is better than everything on nintendo!!!!!!

    1. All sony has to do is show 5 games and they take second place to Nintendo. FPS conundrum on the betamax lol.

        1. I’ll be watching Sony for sure! Can’t wait to see DriveClub, another Ratchet & Clank and inFAMOUS. But first, Ubisoft will be unveiling their multiplatforms so keep an eye on those. I’ll be watching EA, but it’ll be a waste of an hour.
          To top it all off, Nintendo unveils Mario Kart and Smash Bros.
          It’s gonna be a great E3.

        1. We keep telling people, all these dumb FPSs are the same game with masked maps and differential foul language.

    1. It’s inevitable people are going to talk about the xbox one when the microsoft e3 conference is on, same for sony and nintendos. Deal with it >_<

  16. $500 + tax for a VCR betamax with DRM, kinect 2 connect every 24 hours nonsense. Wii U baby, you got this. Now if sony could only show crash Bandicoot, that would be grand.

      1. Nintendo won when xboxone was announced on 5/21/13, you forget so easily that Amazon UK Wii U jumped up 875% in sales? Nintendo stock went up 2.2 %. That is even without unveiling 3D Mario and Mario Kart U. Also we might see the Retro game :). Sony is set to crush xboxone tonight, worry about the PS4 and that DDR 5, that shall run those FPS battle field 4 better than your betamax VCR. Nintendo is chilling, you are also forgetting that Animal crossing new leaf released today, 3DS. let me stop before you cry.

  17. ‘Historic’ Rare Franchise Revealed As Killer Instinct For Xbox One, complete with drm, daily system check ins, and 2 unlockable fighters from the Baltimore Ravens!!

  18. This is not surprising. Nintendo has been playing tug-of-war with MS over this title for the last 5 years and MS finally won out. Oh, well. Another generic fighter by the drones in the MS hive. I liked the original, but I seriously doubt this one will have the same draw as the original.

  19. I still don’t want an Xbox One, but i did smile when this was shown, it was just nice seeing it in a modern day

  20. To sum up:

    The same damn experience you had ever since the first Xbox…

    Possibly why this one is called the Xbox ONE after all…

    The graphics are like we’ve said for years, it’s not a huge leap…

    1. It actually is a huge leap, go watch the metal gear 5 gameplay trailer. Tell my why my wii u cant do that?!

      1. Wii U native 1080P, 60FPS. Don’t blame the tools, blame the lack of talent amongst the developer. even the xbox360 and its weak self could handle all games shown today but the forza 5 lol.

  21. i hate to admit: MS drop so many bombs… (KI is day one for me)

    i hope nintendo can match up this time :( but hey iz nintendo!!!

    1. Same here, nintendo needs to fight to keep me as a customer! Im also getting ki day one ;p

      1. … Got a nice office now, right?
        Mattrick give you a promotion to ‘Internet Damage Controller’?

      2. Wait! you are still here. Its almost lunch time in the north west. Let grab a Latte at star bucks as we wait for the Sony conference. You know it’s done for you and your DRM betamax. Every website has MS xbots abandoning ship, and you are here trying to convince the world’s smartest gamers to buy nonsense lol. MS employees are sheeples of the third kind lol.

    2. Well if your power goes out for more than 24 hours why don’t you instead throw five hundred dollars down the toilet instead of wasting even more money on games you probably can’t resell when you have a dead Xbox One? Hey it’s your money not mine pal. I’ll take mine elsewhere thank you very much.

  22. Looks cool, however the Rare we all knew died when Microsoft bought them out.

    Plus, I’m still not getting an Xbox One.

  23. Umm guys you are forgetting a crucial detail for the new Killer Instinct. It’s being co-developed by Double Helix. Do you remember there last game? It’s called Battleship. Yeah that’s right, Battleship. I have a feeling Rare and Double Helix will fuck up this franchise like they did with Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts. Also, are you really wanting to pay $500 for a machine that will (gameplay wise) die if it can’t connect once for every twenty four hours? That’s five hundred dollars down the toilet if your power goes out for more than twenty four hours. Also, all that DRM is sure as hell going to be pushed by publishers and you know it. Not a terrible conference aside from EA’s showing of Battlefield 4 but I think Microsoft is trying to own your wallets and show that you are perfectly fine in letting them do so. I for one will not buy an Xbox One despite it having Halo 5, Titanfall, D4, Crimson Dragon, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, and Dead Rising 3.

      1. Yeah go look up the Battleship game. Talk about shovelware. People can go around hooting and hollaring about Killer Instinct but remember what Rare did with Banjo and Kazooie? Well that’s going to happen with Killer Instinct.

  24. I’m very disappointed in the graphics not being a huge leap over the Wii U’s. The way the haters made it seem that it was going to blow Wii U’s graphics. Its like the Wii U’s 3 cores are able to take in what Xbone One’s 3 cores can’t. Compare it to a 2012 Kia Optima I4 Turbo vs. sone V6 and the I4 uses less gas and delivers that V6 PERFORMANCE minus the extra cost.

    1. It’s never been about the power, it’s about the talent of the artist. As an artist and animator myself I know the hard work it takes to put together a quality product. If you sit a kid in front of a PC with 3 GTX Titan GPUs, Intel i7 CPU, and 64GB of RAM, give them Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, Soft Image, and Mudbox and say “make me something” they probably aren’t going to be able to do much.

      However you can give an artist like Joe Madureira, Don Bluth, or JIm Lee an no.2 pencil and a piece of college-ruled paper, and they can make a masterpiece.

      It’s all about the talent. The Wii U will be able to get the same results as the XBone and PS4 with less power because of the talent of Nintendo.

        1. I haven’t tried to use it yet. That or Maya. What can you do with Soft Image that you can’t with max?

    2. That’s what most clever people have been saying for a while, that games are not going to have that big leap.
      Metal Gear Solid 5 is the only really noteable game that i can say “yeah, thats fucking impressive”, and i suspect Naughty Dog’s OS4 game might be similar but yeah, not a big leap, but hopefully all the power will go towards making bigger and better game with new and interesting gameplay mechanics.

  25. I can’t say that I’m surprised. The entire crew that made Killer Instinct is gone from Rare so I expect it not to have the same feel or charm as the original. I was hoping that the new Rare could at least do something original to make KI their own, but they didn’t.

    All they did was cheap out and copy and paste the Street Fighter IV engine mechanics with a little Mortal Kombat sprinkled on top.

    I’ll be honest. When I saw the KI insignia on the screen I went HAM all over the place. Even though what I was seeing did not look so great I was still to jacked to analyze anything. After I calmed down and watched the footage of actual game play I noticed a lot of things.

    The character designs are not imaginative at all. Jago is way over designed. Why is Sabrewulf blue, and Glacius looks like he has bone rather than ice growing out of his shoulders and knees. The combo ‘names’ are pretty silly. “Quad” and “Double-Helix”.


    The graphics certainly do not look next-gen. This could and probably should have been a 360 title. I don’t think I’ve ever gown from such a high to such a low. This certainly is not enough to convince me to by a XBOX One. I’ll give Microsoft credit for putting on a great conference however. Best the have had in 4 years. I’ll give it a A-

    1. Your comment is valid Sir. Is exactly what i’ve been thinking minutes ago. Seeing the trailer in HD, you notice a lot of failures in that game. =/
      I think they will do wrong with this.
      Damn i wish Nintendo could have this franchise under their sleeve, they could do a better game if they work with Namco together.

      1. I hope Nintendo comes out with a brand new fighting game or announces that Virtua Fighter is coming to the Wii U.

  26. From a Wii U’s haters point. If I’m going to spend $500 for a console, the graphics needs to blow Wii U’s graphics out of the water. It doesn’t. All that fucking talk bashing Wii U the last 8 months and graphics are like a little bit better. And y’all say Wii U aint next generation. Lol.

  27. I swear if this game would have been announced for the wii u, all these fanboys would be shitting their fucking pants right now.

    1. maybe, but those games are not that innovative
      4 FPS, 1 race, 1 fighting, 2 casual
      and only one(Forza) in my opinion, has awesome gfx, the other look like ti can be handled by Xbox 360

    2. I would from the stand point that it would prove the Wii U is actually done. If this was the best Retro Studios was capable of after working on it for 3 years, I would crap my pants if I were a Nintendo fanboy. Couldn’t agree with you more on that one.

    3. You miss the point Phazoom. The point is, you Wii U haters been putting up how Wii U is so weak with 3 cores. Now that we see Xbox with 8 cores vs Weak U’s it’s not blowing Wii U’s. I don’t give a rats as if KI is only on Xbox. Trine 2 and RAYMAN LEGENDS LOOKS better than that KI.

      1. lol i am ms fanboy?? there is a 90% chance i wont be buying the xbox one.
        I own all the current gen consoles and wii u so gtfo.

        1. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say that? Because I know you personally? All fanboys will be fanboys. Sooooo…gtfo.

  28. The sparks when the characters fight appear stiff. The stage is pitaful. Hell at least on MK4 you could knock a character in all directions. And that was back in the 90s. Is this what two duct taped cpus can do? The “Jaguar” from the BOBCAT? Five cores more than Wii U’s and that’s all! So if Wii U had six cores, it would be more powerful.

        1. Yeah……..and what does that have to do with how it looked which was the context of the statement? The game could have looked terrible and still used as you say “quick time events” and it begin a multiplat.

  29. Hell naw that Metal Gear ain’t fucking innovative. Pokemon, Zelda, Pikmin and Animal Crossing been doing that real world time and weather “same shit” since gas prices were $1.70 a gallon.

    1. Majoras mask, cough
      SKyrim, cough
      Dishonored cough

      Castelvania: simons quest coughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcough

  30. ALL THOSE 8 FUCKING CORES JUST TO BE A tiny bit BETTER THAN WII U’s? And the way they brag about the real world day, time and weather makes my N64 NOT SEEM outdated. Fish swimed away from Mario on N64.

    1. Well, they killed Perfect Dark. They killed Banjo. Now they are going to bring Killer Instinct back from a long coma to kill it.

  31. All this fucking hype!!! For nothing. Its just a little better than Wii U’s. KI could have been on 360 and you would’t tell the differance.

    1. Exactly., it looks that 360 could handle all that thing. =S and art style in that trailer is shit, really. lacks of what made that game awesome in the past.

  32. I am going to just go ahead and say I am further convinced the Xbox 1 is not worth even ten cents. Yay, they talked about games… only problem is that not a single one interests me. I want an immersive game, not some re-hashed shovel ware or graphics porn. Give me a game with an immersive story, awesome gameplay and long-term replay-ability and I’m happy. Create 3 exclusive games, that meet all that criteria, for a single system and I will buy the system. Seriously, why buy a system, especially at $500, with just 1 game, only to get bored later on with that one game.

    Nintendo has consistently done this, while Microsoft still doesn’t get it. It is games we want and good, innovative ones at that! Not the same old re-hashed material. I can buy a used console for that.

    My fiancee and I are getting married later this year and as of right now we have one gaming system on our registries, a Black WiiU. We already own two 3DS handhelds, a Wii (w/ Gamecube BC), PS2 and PS3 slim. I would be interested in a PS4, if there are some good games for it and the DRM is not skewed entirely in favor of the developers. As for the Xbox 1, why should I spend $500 on an extra piece of equipment when I already have a PS3, Wii, Cable box and TV that can collectively do everything the Xbox 1 can, and more when I get a new TV in the coming year.

    1. You guys are true gamers…

      The Xbox One is for the weak-minded misguided fools that love to throw away money at experiences you already had during the GCN/PS2/Xbox era…

  33. The xbox one is awesome, and KI is a worthy gold badge, reflecting years of hard work, and achievements! :D

    1. Correction : 500$ for a new Watercooler that doesn’t even cool down your water but does the opposite…

  34. This game won’ sell… Rare games will NOT sell until Nintefo owns the company again! Microsoft, you’ll make more money if you sell Rare to Nintendo, just do it already! 💋

    1. Listen, none of the former good Rare employees work at Rare anymore. Rare is pretty much just garbage now, and the only things with value in the company now is their IPs.
      And don’t expect MS to sell the IPs to Nintendo either. That would do nothing to Microsoft but give Nintendo advantages.

      1. Well Microsoft can make a little money from Nintendo if they sell the Rare IP’s to em! Thats all Nintendo needs and all we gamers want is Nintendo to get rights to Banjo and Conker… though personally I only care about Banjo. 💋

  35. IGN right now: idiotic ppl that thuink FPS are the future saying that X-Bone con was awesome

    i feel sorry for this gen of “gamers”

    1. Which article are you reading. The ones I am has sony fans and people in general still bashing DRM.

  36. I don’t feel Xboxone is next generation. You Wii U haters had me thinking 8 cores were going to be earth shattering!!! There is nothing in the games that NINTENDO has not already done, or nothing graphically that will blow Wii U out of the water.


  37. even the cable box conference is better than nintendos shit direct. wait for the real conference later today. you guys are pathetic sitting and singing this togther, waiting for the deadtendo direct!!!!!
    nintendo fans are really retarded, its just funny how you guys are all singing this together waiting for there dirct

          1. dang, its funny in my case. geeze really this was so funny it was obviously me, i just did this a few days ago!!!!! some articles ago i got some pretty big reactions!!!! hahahahaah its like couldnt they tell it was a big joke from the start!!!!

    1. Forgetting that Sony fanboys are singing the same thing. Can you say “Xboxone’s graphics blow Wii U’s graphics?” I did not think so…have that seat!

        1. Still can’t say “xbone graphics blows Wii Us.” Any takers? Any haters want to dare make a complete fool of themselves?

    2. It’s just funny how you don’t realise that you sound more retarded than them by calling them retards for no reason.

  38. The best thing is that FPS games are becoming something that people wants to stay away from every year except the Xbots and games with true innovation, creativity and non american human soldiers saving the world with primitive modern weapons games are becoming something that gamers want more…

    Games are for 2 things, to have fun and to unleash every ounce of fantasy you have within into the games, something the Xbots will never learn…

    All we see from them is the same Hollywood,narrated,american heroes that saves everything with the use if guns and patriotism…

    If that’s not brainwashimg, I don’t know what is…

    1. I only need 1 fps, Team fortress 2
      but seems this X-Gone is gonna be just a FPS platform
      Coming up next: the new port, CoD 4 Ghosts, dog edition, the ultimate kinect game
      That game will bring hate and deception to the universe

  39. Hi, my name is KenWakashimazuSF and I play fighting games at the highest level, at the same time I consider myself as a diehard nintendo fan. I’ve been in the fighting game community for a loooong time and all I can say is that this game will be a hugh sucess, everybody is gonna grab it day 1. Pro fighting gamers used to like these “old gems” remastered. To give you an idea Mortal Kombat 9 is on the EVO lineup this year (EVO = one of the top fighting games tournament in the world) and all you can find in that game is recycled from previous fighting games, except the combo breaker which is nice.

    Believe me guys, this game will be one of the best next year. It’s too bad that is not going to be a Wii U version.

    1. Can you say “xbone’s graphics are a huge leap over Wii U’s?” Now all of a sudden Xbone fans want to go by gameplay. Yet when only Wii U was unveiled, they were on graphics. See how trolls are switch up quickly?

      1. We told them the graphics won’t be leaps and bounds. jtz you have always been on point. Now they are crying it is about game play. More like cable tv wipeout internet connection game play. lol.

      2. Everything is about gameplay, in fighting games is everything, the graphics don’t matter. And yes, at first every fighting game looks the same. SSF4AE = MK9 = Injustice = SFxT, but when you start to dedicate your time to only one of those, you realize that one game is 100% from the other.

        We have to be happy, cus SSBMelee is going to be on the big screen at EVO. As you can see, SSBM is a twelve year old game who is still prefered by gamers.

    2. KI is being developed by DoubleHelix, and they have a history of developing poor games.
      Just don’t expect much from this game, or you might risk getting disappointed.

  40. is it just me or did a lot of those games look basically the same? i didn’t feel like each game had an individual art style. other than insomniac’s game and minecraft, most of the other games looked like they were a part of just one big game running on one engine.

      1. Bumblebee you don’t get it. WE EXPECT LESS GRAPHICS IN WII U BECAUSE IT HAS 3 CORES. WE EXPECT MORE FROM XBONE BECAUSE IT IS MORE POWERFUL. Yet its not much different than Wii u’s graphics. HERE is an example. TWO college graduates. One has a B.A. the other has a MASTERS. We expect more from the graduate with the M.A. XBONE is barely showing this.

      2. weak attempt, but actually if you read the whole comment you would have noticed the word art style. at least mario, zelda, pokemon, etc. change with time. Each games have different environments, art styles differences between games. I have COD and its the same game each installment on my PS3. Uncharted has the same art style for being on the same console, unlike Zelda where Skywar Sword and Twilight Princess are totally different looking and playing. This is where you lost because you forgot the facts.

  41. Project Spark is the most innovative game. Graphics suck though. If it has 8 cores I expect more than Wii U’s. Wind Waker HD looks better.

      1. hahahahahah funny how your in denial about the wiicast, they will go 3rd party just like sega, then they will have more than 2 games on there inferior gimicky console.

        1. 4 Million consoles already bought, wait and see the Wii U do to the PS4 what the 3DS is doing to the PSV—– I forget, what is the name of that sunk ship or former handheld?

        2. Atleast our “Gimmicks” works and are a part of our games unlike your precious Xbox Done with technical problems and gimmicks that nobody, not even your own people cares about…

          Gimmicks that you stole from the Sonyans which in turn stole from us…

          And then you mentioned Skyward Sword…

          It’s been years ago since that “technical problem” and you compare the “inferior” Wii to the newly shown Xbox One…

          So even the Wii is comparable to your VCR…

  42. Remeber when Wii U haters criticised Lost World’s graphics? The only Xbone game that beats the Sega is Metal Gear.

    1. Nintendo Commander needs to voice his words at your quick eye and true gamer sense. Look even the sony gamers are nervous now. Hope the PS4 is $400 flat.

  43. Remember last year, Nintendo showed that footage of the bird flying? Not really different graphically on Xbone.

    1. And that Zelda demo in 2011?
      Except that game had a good-looking artstyle, which was absent from most of the games M$ showed at the conference.

  44. The bee is getting nervous!!! Can you say, “Xbox one’s graphics blows Wii U’s graphics?” Lol. I’m going to have fun with this!!!

  45. the game isnt even getting made by rare!!!!!! really, they need to sell there fucking ips to nintendo!!!! why not, rare is a piece of shit now and M$ the greedy fat fuck is just holding on to them and that press conference…. are you kidding me!!!!! they are shit with no good games!!!! dang man stupid M$ sheep are going to buy into this garbage of a console. there so stupid ” my online is superior because i fucking pay 50$ because im a dumb ass” your system got hacked too, just like sonys ” you get what you pay for” STFU you fat greesy nerds!!!!! if he money was making your online superior, WHY DID IT GET HACKED YOU DUMB BITCHES!!!!! M$ fanboys are the worst of sheep, there dumb as fuck. they will believe in anything while M$ steals 50 each year+the extra console you buy because they don fucking make them right so that you will by 3 of them!!!!!! over half oh the owners bought more than one xbox. dumb bitches thats exactly what they wanted you to do!!!!! that is all, the cable box is the most gimmicky thing out there, even worse they have no exclusive making them a complete waste if you play on sony, since it has exclusives and every game thats on the shit box anyway, and that why everybody thinks microsoft sucks.

  46. It’s a sad day for Killer Instinct fans who waited all these years to play a sequel on their Nintendo consoles. I guess we all knew that Microsoft was going to destroy that franchise as well. Although it does look cool in this video.

    I myself am a former Killer Instinct fan. I LOVED Killer Instinct on SNES and Killer Instinct Gold on N64. If there’s any shining light to this situation (for myself), it’s the fact that I’m no longer into fighting games, so this doesn’t upset me much. It’s just for the KI Nintendo fans, and sad for the fact that Microsoft screwed Rare.

    1. I still have KI 1 and 2 arcade on my PC so I can always play it in it’s true glory at any time.

  47. I just saw a Ps4 Zombe trailer. Graphically it sucks too. I expected more!!! The guns looked fake, bullets firing looked fake. Is that all 8 cores can produce?

  48. If E3 started today, I’m surprised there isn’t MORE news posts on here. Although it’s probably because TOMORROW is Nintendo’s day. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I’m TOO excited!!!!! My body is beyond ready.

  49. How did Nintendo take 3 cores and make it unnoticable to an 8 core console graphically? Also I realized something, Wii U uses less electricity than Sony and Xbox. I’m using off TV mode more. Could you imagine using off TV mode on Xbox One and PS4 burning wayyyyyyy more electricity?

      1. I’m not just saying this because I like Nintendo, but Xbone one really can’t do what Wii U can’t. The Gamepad already has a mic, Better yet you do not have to buy an additional ,$500 tablet to experience off TV mode,it gives out graphics you can hardly notice between xbone and Wii U. It is energy efficient and like most electronic devices, it is compact. I feel like Wii U is an I4 car that delivers performance of a gas guzzuling V8. If you own a Wii U, I don’t feel like you need a Xbone. Neither console delivers ground breaking graphics.

    1. We haven’t seen actual Wii U graphics yet. The only game that comes close to showing off what the Wii U is capable of is NFS:MW and even that isn’t even scratching the surface. Once we’ve seen Mario HD, Windwaker HS, Retro’s game, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, HD Zelda, etc, then we can start comparing Wii U graphics to XBOX One and PS4 graphics.

      1. It would trip me out if Wii U delivered better graphics than Xbone. So what does that 30% of that unknown data in that gpu really do. Is it possible that the GPU in Wii U can deliver graphics better than Xbone if the developer does it right?

        1. I doubt it, but at the very least, the system is capable of delivering graphics on the scale of Monolith’s new game.
          That’s enough graphical fidelity for anyone that isn’t an elitist, IMO.

        2. I doubt that, but the Wii U may end up being a more efficient machine. Similar to how the XBOX was more powerful than the GameCube, but the GameCube had a more streamlined architecture and had better performance. I think at best Wii U will be able to make games that look on-par, but who knows.

          Some 1st party Wii games and even GameCueb games look on-par with 360 games of their ‘KIND’ when simply upscaled to 1080p resolution. So games built from the ground up in native 1080p HD graphics on far more powerful hardware have the potential to be very impressive.

          I would say that don’t expect many 3rd party games to look all that good from anyone besides Sega, Ubisoft, Namco, and Tecmo-Koei.

  50. Wait…..did EA just have a decent conference? xD
    Im so hyped for Mirror’s Edge 2 :3