Keiji Inafune Says “I Am Ecstatic Mega Man Is In Super Smash Bros”


Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has said that he is absolutely “ecstatic” that Mega Man will be featuring in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Inafune also said that he looked forward to “playing and beating my kids with Mega Man in Smash Bros.” Super Smash Bros is due for release next year and won’t feature cross-platform play.


          1. Not just yet :( . I’ve got a £30 Credit note as well primed and ready!!! I’ve got a couple of games I want to finish up with So I can jump into Animal Crossing without ‘Backlog syndrome’ … I fucking hate backlog syndrome…

            Will get it after this next intense week or two of smashing Fire emblem awakening. Monster Hunter really threw me off course. done like 140 hours + …

              1. Did you ? If so , how is it ?

                Can’t wait for the game. But like I say just need to finish up Fire emblem and a couple of Wiiu games then I’m ready.

                1. Yeah, it’s animal crossing, not much to tell, it is what i is xD got The Last of Us too, which is AMAZING so far

                  1. Indeed. Can’t wait to get my mittens on TLOU. My Big bro has agreed to lend me his PS3 so I can play it (sold mine very recently) so can’t wait!

    1. My dad was so cool that he play Super Smash Bros! I bet ya my dad is better than you! So my dad is ten times better than yours! :P *I just wish he play games though and I not just talking about video game either*

      1. Aside from pac-man klonoa would be the only other suitable replacement for that namco spot.

  1. Hopefully he can transform into the rush suit like in mega man 7 =) probly won’t happen tho

      1. Wow people say Nintendo lost touch, but these ms people are retarted. Why would I want to take a 360 if I had an xboxDone? Idiots. Theyre only going to stop support of it when the Done comes out, trying to force people 2 buy one lol.

    1. Consistent answer with E3. Can someone file a lawsuit on Microsoft for what Xbox One offers? You must not buy the console to prevent class action suit though lol.

  2. That’s great and all, but where’s the news about Kaio: King of Pirates I’ve been waiting two years for? Even confirming it’s cancelled would be better at this point.

  3. I’m ecstatic too. Ands I want to thank Inafune for creating such an awesome character and series such as Mega Man. I think Mega Man is probably the only third-party character that I love just as much as Nintendo’s first-party characters. Though Pac-Man is a close second.

  4. Mega Man really fits in with the Smash Bros. games. Much better than Snake did. I still don’t know what they were smoking when they decided to add Snake to Brawl? He doesn’t fit in.

  5. Keiji Inafuna did not create Mega Man, be it the character or the series… Akira Kitamura did.
    Inafune only redesigned the character based on Kitamura’s art and ideas.

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