Nintendo Says Its Relationship With EA Is Great


Despite EA publicly stating that it’s not developing games for Wii U, Nintendo says its relationship with the publisher is great. In an interview with Shacknews, Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta said, “The relationship is great between Nintendo and Electronic Arts.” When asked about what makes the two video game companies’ relationship great, Scibetta replied, “You’ll have to ask EA when it comes to any future announcements or future product plans. I don’t want to speak for them.”

According to Scibetta, Nintendo understands it’s their responsibility to reach out to third-party developers and convince them to bring games to Nintendo platforms.

“We feel that’s our job to help drive that install base, and we haven’t had the software so far in 2013 that’s going to do that,” said Scibetta. “But we’re confident between now and the holiday and again in 2014, we do have the software that’s going to grow that install base. And when that happens, we think that Wii U will be a far more attractive platform for third parties to want to publish on. The same thing happened on Nintendo 3DS that we think will happen on Wii U, which started off slow, but when the software came around, the hardware sales came. We’re looking for the same dynamic for Wii U.”


    1. Yes commander these comments makes as much sense as smartglass technology™ i fear the chain of command above us is faltering, please suggest pro-active manoeuvre’s sir we must rid the good ship of this fellow and of dare i say it… Reggie has to go his barefaced lies about the scale and ambition of RETRO’s project have tipped me over the edge on his credibility all that for a DK upscale Reggie YOUR… FIRED… :'(

  1. Uhhhhh…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….what…………..

  2. I’m not buying this. While it’s Nintendo’s responsible to get hardware sales moving, there were to many little pot shots taken at the Wii U whether from an EA chief engineer or someone else from EA. I wish that when “so called” reporters ask questions, they would point out things like I just did. Anyway, I guess it’s just business, not personal!

    1. Individual employees (especially those who are not executives issuing official statements) offering their off-color opinions does not equal speaking for a whole company and their business dealings.

      There have been a lot of misinformation and embellishments strewn across the web by different sites.

      My policy on these type of situations is to wait on an official statement or press release; best practice.

    2. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!! NINTENDO AND EA ARE TALKING SHIT!! none of the big ea games for this year came to wii u, release crysis 3, dead space 3, fuse, ok never mind fuse, lol but ye release madden, fifa and all the rest of ea games for this year, mainly BATTLEFIELD 4, i was so pissed to hear it wont bve coming to wii u, i have already pre ordered it on my pre ordered PS4, but i would have bought it on wii u too, just to see how wii u copes with a graphically intensive game, and how well wii u and Nintendo network copes with a demanding online game, shame, do all this Nintendo and ea then talk!!

  3. “We feel that’s our job to help drive that install base, and we haven’t had the software so far in 2013 that’s going to do that,”

    This kinda makes feel like the situation with the WiiU and EA is on Nintendo, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the actual little support that EA has given them has been utterly shit. Sure you can put most of the blame on Nintendo for bad sales but when you release half arsed ports either with terrible performance, missing features and possibly the worst decision I have seen in a long time, the situation with ME, can’t really blame Nintendo for EA sales.

  4. time will tell, but let me tell u something… i believe in God, i believe in many things…but i cant believe in EA … ;)

    1. the wii u is in hell with no games….. while the ps4 is shaping to be one of the best consoles ever while the wii u is just a swiffer machine.

      1. every game the u can handle would be the best version it’s best console ever imo completely new era

  5. What about your relationship with Ubisoft, though? That was a totally unmitigated slam they gave you at E3, after all the support they’d given during the Wii years!

  6. Hanging around with sewer rats may seem like a real lark and all, but sooner rather than later someone’s gonna get the plague

    forget about EA

  7. I agree, that it was Nintendo’s job, to make sure install base would grow.
    But EA has no right to draw that card.
    Their support for Wii U was late, and half-assed ports.

    1. Yes good thing there not launching a new console or anything, and actually need lots of good will from knowledgeable early adopters to flog there overpriced DRMbox…… oh wait.

    2. the xbox one all ready has more games than the wii u, dead rising 3 to be one of them, killer instinct and more. wii u is going to fall.

      1. Dead Rising 3, a game that takes itself way too seriously and misses the point of the series? Sounds great, especially if they think we’re morons and give us a destroy all zombies button with the “power of SmartGlass”! And Killer Instinct? Oh, boy, paying for every fucking character is gonna kick so much ass. DRM all the way, right? Get fucked.

        1. name games that the shit u has…. its going to get destroyed even by the xbox one. it all ready has more games. the ps4 will be to fat ahead of nintendos latest failure, the 350 deluxe swiffer!!

          1. Another delusional idiot, you obviously do not understand the reason behind the lack of game content. You fan boy the other two systems, and come on a Nintendo site to talk shit? All the xbone is getting is recycled FPS and “warrior” games. Not very impressive to me. Plus, by the time xbone comes out, Nintendo will have a few great games to play on the Wii U. Not to mention the next year. Good day, sir.

  8. There is a Nintendo totally wrong, the Wii U is not a 3DS, and there is more competition (Microsoft)

  9. As much as I love you Nintendo, I have to greatly disagree with you on this one. EA has not given off any impression of being cool with you. As such I am not cool with them now.

  10. have fun with your shitty games….. while i can play madden on any other superior console. is nintendo lying to everyone?? im going to destroy.

      1. yeah ubisoft sais wii u is a dead console. irrelevant, come on mini me. lets leave these losers alone and play xboc and playstation. you know…. the consoles that have games.

    1. Lol.. of all the games you need to boast, Madden? Are you fucking shitface kidding me?

        1. Best Madden (10) last gen sold 5,5 million on 3 systems.
          Theres 15 Nintendo games that sold better than that only on 1 system last gen.
          But then again, your just a retarded troll, so I forgive you.

    2. STFU dumbass. Get the fuck out of here. XboxDone has more games than wiiu? Ya dumb fuck it aint even out yet. WIIU had the most exclusives at E3. Youre going off not yet released games? Well by that same logic, we then can say every e3 game shown is countable then right? WIIU has no games?? You a retard 4 real.

  11. ea should emulate nintendo in making games and if necessary delay em to develop a highly quality game. and in time nintendo will bring other third party publishers. bedside, EA should be more concerned with restoring their reputation since they’ve won the WORST COMPANY IN AMERICA title 2 years back to back. A video game company managed to defeat other corporations that were or are involved in the current economic mess the US is right now is no easy matter.

  12. Who cares now?

    Did you even see E3?

    Nintendo had a handful of rehashed games: Mario Kart 19 or whatever they’re on now (listen, I love Mario Kart, but come on…), Wind Waker HD, which is a great game and looks good but again, it’s a re-release of something already out years ago with no new additions aside from graphics (which Nintendo fans always shrug off graphics as being “not important” simply because Nintendo hasn’t lead the way in that department in over a decade), etc.

    Look at all the amazing new IPs (and no, they weren’t all FPS’s; less than half were, actually) that are coming out for XBOX ONE and PS4 that AREN’T coming out for Wii U. It’s staggering how many great games are skipping Wii U.

    Wii U is the original Wii all over again. Underpowered, underwhelmed, and doesn’t even come close to being for “hardcore gamers” like Nintendo bragged it was.

    This is what next gen graphics & game ideas REALLY looks like:

    Nintendo, so yourself a favor this gen: pay attention to what the other guys are doing, and LEARN FROM IT FOR ONCE! This is the third generation in a row that you’ve been neglected by REAL gamers (and not casual weekend WiiFit people who helped the Wii sell). You have lost touch with the people you helped raise. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

    1. WiiU’s just off to a rocky start. The thing is, these developers can design these games for PS4 and Xbox KNOWING people will buy it. I understand all the hate towards Xbox, and Playstation 4 looks awful imo. Playstation started to suck after PS2 imo, i loved PS1 and PS2. was hoping PS4 would impress me, but anyway, back ontrack. companies know these will work because people will go and buy a playstation or an xbox, even if its awful. Nintendo dosent have as big amount of people that will just go and buy every next thing, so they need to get a great collection of games to get sales, to get more third party content. It will happen, either this holiday season, or after the MK8 and Smash Bros Launch. It may be underpowered, but it does what it needs to. Nintendo dont need to have a bunch of ‘flashy’ tech and stuff, they build whatever they need for thier consoles themselves. Im not sure WHY you even put wii fit in there, are you saying there’s no fitness games for Xbox and PS3? They dont need to learn from the others, Nintendo was the most successful of last gen, not because they had the most powerful tech, but because of the amazing games they had on their systems. And Mario Kart dosent look very rehashed, this one actually looks incredibly original, unique and out standing. im not saying you are, but im confused that alot of people say COD is great and ‘changes’ everytime, yet insult nintendo at every turn. And the hardcore gamer thing? yep, your right. they didnt do well with that. but like i said earlier, just wait for some of nintendos big franchises to come. then we’ll see it come into play.

    2. You’re a blind fool if you think that Nintendo was the only one doing conceptual rehashes.
      Nothing more needs to be said; your opinion isn’t valid here.

    3. Hmm, well let’s see, if companies would actually try to put their games on the Wii U maybe they would look just as good as the xbone and ps4. Not too many developers have even tried the dev kits for Wii U. I say fuck their games. You must STILL not understand how important Nintendo is.

      1. I hope he understands that the xboxone is total garbage that will have nothing but generic FPS games on it.

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    anyone know where that song is from :D ? if yes tell me !

      1. Yes :D
        i cant wait, been watching the trailer so much i know the lyrics of by heart :D

        1. It can run an Alien engine for all I care, it’s still doomed to utterly fail and the Microsoft Realm will fail in every other area when it’s rival competitors in these other areas destroys them the same way our Empire and the Sonyans did 3 days ago…

        2. HAHAHAHAHA! LOL! Don’t even defend that piece of shit console, only retarded people (like you) will going to buy that brick called Xbox Done. I only buy REAL gaming systems bitch, PS4 and Wii U ONLY. Have fun playing with naked pedophiles through Kinect, now get out of here, you are a joke just like that Xbox Shit.

          1. when the sales of wiiu will fail,dont come back to me crying,HMHMHMHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

            1. It has already sold more than 4 million with games not considered “console seller”…

              So I wouldn’t say it’s a fail…

              Your precious Xbox is the failed one and has always been in my eyes ever since the first Xbox…

              It’s nothing more than a gimmick to lure people into so that they would eventually give up their rights and freedoms as consumers and eventually their lives…

              That’s the policy of the US in the end no matter what political party that runs the country…

        3. Your proof? If I understand it correctly, I don’t think they even tried to run it on the Wii U.

  14. Well, everyone who’s surprised about what Nintendo said, I’m not.

    At least I consider the possibility of people changing their minds about what they think (in this case, what EA thinks of the Wii U), and also relationships aren’t fixed (ie, one day, EA hated a certain company, the next day, they become friends again).

    Besides, even if EA doesn’t have faith in the console, what’s stopping them from developing for the Nintendo Wii, the NDS or the 3DS?

  15. So EA are commin back to nintendo now when they see that xboxone is fucked.. freaking EA cunts are suxking on nintendos ballz now eh ?

  16. Theory. Nintendo is going to be the bigger person, and not go on a slandering spree. Like a proper company is supposed to do.

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