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Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS, Wii U Won’t Use Touch Controls


Akin to how motion control isn’t integrated in Wii’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the next Super Smash Bros. games won’t incorporate touch controls. Even though they’re being developed for devices that feature touch-screen controllers, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS won’t use touch screen controls.

“You can think of situations where, if you implemented touch controls on Wii U, then the GamePad player would have advantages over other players,” series producer Masahiro Sakurai told IGN’s Rich George. “We want to balance evenly across Wii U and the 3DS versions, so there’s a balance issue there, which means you would have to avoid using touch screen controls.”

“Back on Brawl, there was the possibility of incorporating motion control with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers,” continued Sakurai. “Our priority has always been to allow players to use the controller they want to use. Having that balance amongst the different controllers is very important. We want to give each player the control experience they want while keeping gameplay balance.”



  1. Hahaha, Sakurai talking about balance when in all likelihood he’s going to buff the shit out of some characters and centralise the metagame.


    1. next article will be about how nintendo will be very selective about letting namco/tekken characters in brawl.. ::yawn::
      can someone please get to the bottom of why wiifit girl is a legitimate brawler? so lame


      1. She was added SPECIFICALLY because others wouldn’t suggest her.

        She uses exercise poses to fight.

        Kinda of like how the Villager weaponizes his everyday activities to fight.


  2. “If you implemented touch controls . . . the GamePad player would have advantages over other players” Doesn’t he mean disadvantages? I really wish other developers would follow their lead, there are very few things a touchscreen can handle better than good old fashioned buttons. So please developers, try to limit your use of these gimmicks to times which won’t make me wish I just had a button for this.


  3. Thats great. Just see the Street Fighter 4 for 3DS, all combos and special attacks are in the touch screen so you just need to touch it instead of pressing the right buttons.


  4. I wasn’t initially sold on the graphics in the new Smash, but look at that spherical body. Finally! Round objects that are actually round.


  5. Good, if a game does not need touchscreen controls, you do not need to put touchscreen controls in the game.

    Picturin touchscreeen controls in Injustice God among us.


  6. I never even thought of playing smash bros with touchscreen controls, it would be a waste anyway, I don’t think very many people would have used it


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