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Super Mario 3D World Excludes Online Multiplayer


The Wii U console’s first 3D Mario game and the first four-player 3D Mario game, Super Mario 3D World, will exclude online multiplayer. In an interview with Time, the game’s director, Koichi Hayashida, and producer Yoshiaki Koizumi have confirmed that Super Mario 3D World will only support local multiplayer. So, if you don’t have three other people in your household that are willing to play with you, you’re out of luck.

Time: Why the choice not to support online multiplayer in Super Mario 3D World?

Hayashida: I think that we’ve always wanted to focus on being able to see the other players around you. I always thought that was fun.

Koizumi: The first Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System had two controllers, so you could play multiplayer with someone right next to you. I think that we wanted to accomplish the same kind of feeling in a 3D Mario game for the first time.

Hayashida: I’ve always really enjoyed playing games with my children. In Super Mario Galaxy, we had the “assist play mode” that was available, but this is the first time that we’ve implemented a real multiplayer where the second player is moving a character around on screen in a 3D Mario game. And so I’m really happily looking forward to the experience of playing that with my kids.

Koizumi: And now that Peach has been included, I’m also hoping that people will be able to play the game with their girlfriends. Perhaps some of their girlfriends will find Peach as a more appealing character to play – or your wife, of course.

234 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D World Excludes Online Multiplayer”

    1. An online multiplayer mode would do nothing but benefit the game, especially if they put a couple mini-games in it like they’re prone to do with Mario games. I will probably still get the game, but they need to take advantage of their features and push sells as to their limit.

      With the gamepad’s camera and mic online multiplayer has more potential than ever. It just seems dumb to me that they don’t utilize it when they’re so focused around what the gamer wants. Is it really so hard or risky to implement?

      1. … and no, the lack of online should not make anyone happy. That is because adding online multiplayer should in no way take away from the single player experience or the local multiplayer experience. It simply needs to be added in for making those of us with long distance friends happy.

        If the game were to revolve around online or whatever then it would be different. That just won’t be the case with a Mario game though. It is merely just a great feature that they are choosing not to add.

        Does this game need online? Of course not. Will it be terrible without it? Obviously not. Will it be terrible with it? I don’t see why. Would it be great to have? Yes.

    2. doesnt anyone have real friends anymore… i mean u cant find three gamer friends or family members who want to come over and game.

      1. No I don’t have friends who like Mario. they like fps more or don’t game at all. This is an issue and I think nintendo isn’t doing online because they are cheap or cannot afford to pay for the servers.

      2. I wish I had friends like u guys so we could chill and enjoy this awesome game when it releases. All my friends are phony that’s why I dont have friends any more people dont know how to be themselves

      3. nintendo’s excuse is bullsh*t. adding online multiplayer should be easy, some platformer games have it as an option and it works great and without glitches or slow downs. nintendo thinks like this “we don’t think it’s necessary to add online multiplayer, so everyone must think online multiplayer is unnecessary because we think that way”. nintendo is becoming really annoying with their “we will do whatever we want and the gamers must like it as we serve it”. no modern company would think that adding such an easy option such as online multiplayer is worthless, nintendo is so out of touch with everyone but themselves.

    1. They’re exactly the same…except the people are in your living room or in their own living room.

    2. Me too. I love playing games with my nephews and local is the best way to play. I find wierd that remakes of old games that had split screen co op are removing the option.

  1. Okay, online mutliplayer isn’t essential to me, but just put it in anyway.

    I know people say “oh Nintendo aren’t with the times” and to an extent theres some value to that statement but that depends on what they mean by the “times”….but then i read this part..

    “And now that Peach has been included, I’m also hoping that people will be able to play the game with their girlfriends. Perhaps some of their girlfriends will find Peach as a more appealing character to play – or your wife, of course.”

    Good going, Nintendo /s….ugghh :|

  2. Well, I see nothing wrong with this, I guess I am one of the very very few that play video games by myself.

    It’s nice to see Nintendo catering to the minority.

    1. ….you just contradicted yourself.

      > Plays games by himself
      > Applaued catering to local multiplayer over online

    2. I play games by myself too. I used to play with my brother, until my brother became annoying with all his problems. Then I myself became sorta weird, and never wanted to play with anyone anymore.

  3. The second I read this, I was LOLing, because I knew I was going to see people moaning and groaning. I’m glad because I NEVER play games online. Only have a couple times and didn’t see the appeal or point? It wasn’t fun.

    1. It is fun playing with friends online that live far or cant come over at the moment. An option isnt bad.

  4. Local multiplayer is good. But honestly, won’t you at least give us the OPTION to use online? Some of us want to play with friends don’t live right down the street…

  5. I said from the start this should have online :( . Sorry but ”we wanted to focus on local” is not an excuse. Can you not include both ?

    I just keep imagining how fucking intense it would be with my Wiiu turtle beach playing this game online and racing to get the most points. And the camera wouldn’t have to accommodate 4 people at once , they could go anywhere.

    Game will still be great , but suck my balls for this Nintendo , Suck them!

    Imagine 3 , 2 , 1 GO!!! ”Holy shit CAT SUIT!!! , where’s the coins! where’s the coins!” And a mode where you just had to race from point A to point B whilst trolling your competitors.

    Absolutely NO REASON why this game should not have online.

    1. Local and online are literally the same.

      I don’t wana play with people i dont know, im not asking for that, but say i wana play with people on here, now i can’t?
      Oh well, honestly, if it’s anything like 3D World, i’ll end up finishing it within a week anyway, then the replay value is just gone.

      1. Online with Voice chat is just like Local yeah. Trine 2 is amazing with Voice chat online eg: ”you stand on that whilst I jump on that” and that same concept would work perfectly with this game…

      1. Which is do able in local but in online you’d have your own screen. I suspect that why they dont want online, so people dont jump in and have people just sprinting to the flagpole and ending the level when you’re only halfway through.
        They could’ve including online competative and co-operative challenge modes though

      2. You could have loads of different modes and they would all be great!

        The Local Multiplayer limitations of NSMBU and Nintendo land really hurt those games , especially now that we’re supposedly in the 8th generation…

        Nintendo land with 4 player online would of made it the best. Mii’s running round your park with a chat box… and then playing Mario chase or whatever.

        Miiverse is just like this site for example and you would want to play with the people you meet on Miiverse just as you would on here… Baffles me :S

          1. There’s no colors on it you idiot lol. And the artwork on there is absolutely incredible , way beyond the talents of Xbots like you.

            1. If for some strange reason I wanted to look at video game fanart, I could do it on my computer. Miiverse is a pointless, disgrace of a social network. Only Nintendrones or little kids whose parents don’t allow them to use Facebook or Twitter would find useful.

              Greatness awaits the death of the Wii U and Xbox One.

                1. I just came from a huge YouTube channel by having the second top comment for just saying “im still buying a wiiu” feals great after reading this comments.

      3. I also noticed they’res no splitscreen so you can’t move far away from eachother, online could fix this so it feels more open.
        I understand there preference for local but my friends don’t live that nearby, online would be a huge thing for me in this case.

      1. Because not everyone has friends or family that can come over their house and play each time they turn on the game.

        My best friend lives in California and I live in Florida. We used to game together when we lived close, now we game online.

        That’s why.

    2. Nintendo’s starting to really annoy me with this pikmin could be excused as the console was still new, but would putting online on really gonna hurt them? Yes playing local is a ton of fun but your friends are’nt always around for them times you play online, it would be more convinient and they would boost sales.
      They say they’re alot more open to online now but while they are building a great online system in miiverse there still being way to stubborn with implementing it into they’re own games.

    3. Online would have been better, but at the same time it would suck seeing 2 Luigis and 2 Peaches playing togather. I’m for online though. That would have been slick as hell.

    4. Why would I want to play this with someone online? It wouldn’t be as fun. The producer is correct, family and actual friends only.

    5. I see what he means but I thought Nintendo were trying to attract all type of gamers… How do you do that if you leave out a feature that some gamers prefer? Why not give the people the choice and not make them use offline multiplayer?

      1. They are attracting everyone, you want a fun game top play with friends at home, 3d world. You want to play with friends online X, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and that free to play game they said there working on

    6. Nintendo will probably never learn…this is just another huge mistake like making a controller without a headset jack. They act retarded or clueless on what’s hip now a days. Why can’t they just put both online and local?…Unbelievable…

    7. The only game that needs online to be even better is X and Mario kart there is no point in adding servers to a game that probably you going to play each level twice.

            1. probably, but dont come here saying ps4 is the fucking ultimate shit when all its games play better on pc ;)

              1. Get back to me when PC has The Order 1886, Killzone: Shadowfall, DriveClub, Knack, Infamous: Second Son, and The Last Guardian.

                    1. To make it short: It’s a third person adventure/shooter about an order that fights evil. Takes place in an alternate history of 1886 where technology grew rapidly in order to fight this “evil.”

                1. The last guardian is the only interesting game for me but one game won’t make me buy a console i made that mistake already… kingdom heart 3 I’m looking at you -.-

            2. Neither game is out, so that cannot actually be said. X still looks amazing.

              Keep talking out your ass why don’t you?

        1. Hmm, another game like this. Back agasint the screen. Some kind of weapon, gun or sword. He can either ride his horse or walk without it. Looks like AC3 or 4 wannabe. You call that innovative?

    8. 1080P and 60 frames per second are standard for all these Nintendo Wii U games below :

      Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

      Super Mario 3D World

      Mario Kart 8

      Bayonetta 2

      While youguys are fighting over Alba and Sickr articles, NEOGAF, IGN etc. are praising these games and Nintendo for awekening.

      1. The problem I have with this game is that it’s a successor to a 3ds game. Super Mario 3D land was specifically made for the 3ds and it uses the 3D in the best way. Not only that, the levels were short and liner; perfect for a handheld. Honestly I don’t know how they will make this game work for the Wii U and the gamepad kept in mind. So far this is the only game I’m disappointed from E3. I hope that Nintendo will make me ecstatic for this game, but as for right now I’m both underwhelmed, and excited at the same time (I don’t know why).

            1. i mean videos of people giving there opinions. All the videos i see start with i was disapointed until i played line lol.

              1. Ohh. Ok, funny because I’m starting to light up on this game (because I watched some gameplay just now). I guess that everyone was disappointed because they were expecting too much.

    9. I have a problem with this personally. I mean, I for example, don’t have many friends where I live now to play offline multiplayer with here in L.A. – In London, where I grew up and lived until about two years ago, I did. Someone like me would really appreciate this game being online and it’s just frustrating for me that they’re not even giving me the option of this. More than frustrating, it’s a little insulting because it just doesn’t take people like me into account. I want to play video games with friends but I don’t often have the chance even when I am with them, to go to their house or have them come to mine. Sometimes I just want to sit down, call one of them up and say “Hey, want to play some Mario?”

      Not to mention, there is never going to be an argument over who gets the GamePad in certain games.

      1. 1080P 60 frames per second :

        Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

        Super Mario 3D World

        Mario Kart 8

        Bayonetta 2

        Say hello. Have you played glitchy skyrim on PS3 with its Direct X9 equivalent features. While our Wii U is basking in a Direct X11 equivalency, with support for other beauties like the Disrupter and CryEngine3 with no latency.

        1. I play Skyrim on my PC. The graphics card alone costs more than your pathetic Wii U.

          PS4 has x86. Have fun with your last-gen gimmick of a console.

          1. If you can afford a GPU that costs more than a WiiU , why are you such an immature retarded individual ? Doesn’t make sense…

            Like a granny riding a Motorbike , something definitely seems odd here…

            1. You have audacity to call anyone else immature and retarded. You are such a fanboy it scares me. I ahve more money than you will ever know, momma’s boy.

              1. lol No. I’ve spent more money on Wiiu and 3DS games than you probably get in Pocket money off your parents in your whole life lol.

                Immature in this case = the troll who has nothing better to do with his life than to try and make people he does not know and cannot see feel slightly bad about their preferred choices in video gaming.

                Mature/normal – Constructive conversation about Nintendo related topics.

                Don’t act all high and mighty when you don’t know the situation of others. I will have a PS4 on day 1 , its pre ordered and guaranteed to go with my Wiiu and 3DS XL.

                  1. hahahaha. That made my day :) . A troll like you with 200 grand. *literally urinates pants laughing*

                    I needed that , thx…

                    1. You enjoy living off momma? Fucking Brit fag. Have fun with your Fisher-Price gaming consoles, welfare boy.

                      1. Awww you lost , need some talc for butthurt ?

                        I’ll have fun with My Wiiu , PS4 and 3DS thx. Whilst you’re just playing a dude bro console or a PC.

                        My ”momma” lives off of me lol the amount of shit I do for her.

          2. can u play ps4 on the toilet, hospital, greyhound no u can’t the u is the best entertainment product i have ever seen and that witcher would be better on the u

      2. thekidnintendowiiman

        1. In my opinion, Wii U sucks
        2. Anyone who doesn’t agree with my opinion is a fanboy because that’s my opinion.
        Nice logic there.

    10. Fucking sucks! COME ON!! They need to get with the times. you could have the other three players faces on the gamepad or tv if your playing on the gamepad. the same feeling cold be accomplished with the camera on the gpad. online multiplayer would have been awesome. smh…..

    11. There is no need for this game to have online .. hell if anyone ever played new super Mario brothers knows that this is the kinda game you want to play with someone in the same room whats the fun in just playing with some folks you don’t know online

    12. This is so stupid wtf. More people will buy it if it had online. I wanna play this with my friends that live far as well

    13. So americans don’t have friends now? You knoe video games are played world over right? Most nations have children and adults with friends. Stop whining mynintendonews commenters, play video games instead.

      Zelda to use new features : mynintendo news whine whine whine.
      Nintendo winning this generation as 3DS is doing, Nintendo newbie fans whine whine whine why can’t the wii U be the leader.
      WiiU and PS4 to battle for leaders of these console generation Me: why can’t SEGA announce a new console for there to be two real gaming companies whine whine whine.

      1. Yeah, but my friends either play Xbox 360, PlayStation, or don’t play games at all. Sadly I haven’t seen one Nintendo fan since I moved.

        To top it off, some of my family members don’t care for video games, and the ones that do live in a different state :(

        1. Line hook and sinker, you are so naive Neutron. Nintendo is video gaming. Sony does not even have a definitive gaming Character lol. SEGA well greed was ther MO.

          1. A stupid fanboy of Nintendo calling games of other companies “kiddy” and “gimmicky”…

            Dude you’re ridicilous

        2. Ignoring that you said before that Sonic Lost Word’s was Kiddy. Now all of a sudden you think Sega and Sony should be comepeting.

    14. This is yet another reason why EAD TOKYO shouldnt have forced multiplayer into the single player 3D mario experience get ready if your playing it in single player for big empty levels that were designed from inception to acomadate 4 players at once i really hope EAD TOKYO are making a strictly single player super ambitious 3D mario game on the side or i might cry by far my biggest disappointment was this games reveal i love 3D land but i expect more from my console 3D mario game.

    15. Anyone that doesn’t like the way Nintendo does things, go back to camp Sony or Microsoft where you belong.

    16. Iwata Says “We Just Don’t Care What Other Companies Are Doing” so of course when they realized that the Wii U in the trash!
      Every day prove that in the banana and Wii U nwma future!
      M.P. is more than needed in this game, the floor is already so fucked up!

    17. NEOGAF debating whether X or Final fantasy XV is the better RPG coming from Japan. A moderately unti Nintendo site battling of what games shall rule RPGs between a multiplat FF XV which might make it to the Wii U, and we are getting clowns here arguing about Nintendo’s take on a franchise that will sale if Luigi was the only player. Really~!?

        1. No , no it has not. The game is coming to PS3 , a console which is considerably worse and more dated than Wiiu. Keep your buttcheeks shut.

            1. X will be a better game. Final fantasy is a dead franchise now , Xenoblade chronicles FUCKING DESTROYED every FF last gen.

              Have fun , bro. Loser , muhahahahahahah!

              1. Xenoblade chronicle’s was AWESOME imagine what they are gonna pull off on the Wiiu

                P.S oh for anybody disputing whether the Wiiu is more powerful than the ps3/360 it is, they didn’t have 60fps/1080p games on there system a year into it’s life Mario Kart 8 look amazing


                  here you go fag

                  and yes, my face is greasy. But it doesnt seem to slow me down with the ladies none.

                  Based on the fact that you seem to have nothing better to do then to troll around in some Nintendo site. It would probably be a factual statement if i were to say you need to get laid already

                  that ought to fix you right up friend

                  1. No. Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are coming to PS4 and Xbox One. They will not be on the PS3.

                    Source: Square Enix. They never indicated otherwise. –


                    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, on the other hand, will be on both the PS3 and PS4. PS3 this August along with PC, and PS4 next year.

        2. Lol. Sure and EA said that Frostbye 3 can’t run Wii U yet they had a particular game ready to be released. I forgot the name of that game. All I remember is it is another fps.

    18. “So, if you don’t have three other people in your household that are willing to play with you, you’re out of luck.”

      Out of luck in what sense? You don’t need to play multiple for the game to function. And correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t need to have four people playing the game in order to play multiplayer. This is hardly an issue.

    19. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for this game. (Recently got a chance to try it at BestBuy) but why Nintendo?! This game would’ve been awesome with online.

        1. It’s funny that you’re offended by people’s enjoyment of Nintendo games. Legitimately funny. xD

          Don’t take it so personal. When your parents buy you your next console, you can play all the generic adventure games you want. You’ll be able to craft wallets! And upgrade your weapons! And I hear that there’s going to be quicktime events! Whoa! Just don’t have too much fun. Save some of that for your mind-blowingly awesome personal life – you know, the one you live when you’re not going on Nintendo news sites just to let people know how much you don’t like Nintendo. That once of year time must be a special occasion.

        2. Nintendo Police officer

          Neutron you got owned. FF15 is coming to ps3 as well. So yes it can run on Wii U if square wanted it too.

      1. Exacly how? By having a person runs to then with out waiting for you? I would actualy kill for more local games even with LAN play. Halo in LAN play was better than online.

    20. Why does it need online. Not every game needs have online if it has multiplayer some are just better with people there. Mario is not like cod it has experience thats optional you don’t have to play its just so your friends aren’t just left alone while they watch u play the game. I want to play with people i know not some random guy that could fuck me over. I swear give a gamer a damn bone they become spoiled fucking brats

    21. Am I the only person who prefers having friends over to play in the real world with a few beers to play games?

      1. You’re not alone, the real Mario games have always been the best the way they are but people have been infected by Xbot Virus that they think any game without online is not worth the money…

        If you don’t have friends, so be it but this game was without a doubt first created as single player only…

        Stop being so childish and enjoy the games, otherwise go to your Xbots you hate so much and join their online games that have zero appeal to a real gamer…

        And to clear things once and for all, here is how the 3 sides got created…

        Nintendo = Talent/Creativity/Originality

        Microsoft = Greed/Money/Control

        Sony (PS) = A mistake by our Empire

        So in essence your existense was a mistake Sonyans…

        1. Im sorry commander but i just cant get excited for this game it seems so unambitious.

          Either way i agree with the rest of your point’s

          1. I can understand that, I’m sure you will find it worthy someday, maybe they have something that will make you a bit excited for it…

            But as always, you cannot like everything, I don’t either…

      2. What about those of us who don’t have any friends nearby, or have friends that aren’t interested in playing? None of my local mates want to play what they call “kids games”, my mates in America do though, but how exactly am I supposed to play this game with them? All Nintendo had to do was provide both local AND online multi-player. It is that simple. Instead, they insist on treating their fans like children and forcing us to play in the way THEY decide. It is extremely frustrating.

        1. I feel the same. It feels like they aren’t even trying or just don’t care sometimes.

          Tons of games have both local and online multiplayer. I can’t see why it would be so difficult to implement this. I’m in the same situation, I have friends who live far away or who can not just come over and play games most of the time. It would be great to have an option to kick back and play with them online.

    22. No one is asking them to have one or the other. Kinda disappointed with this, seeing as they have the hardware now to do something like this but they don’t want to for some reason. If this had online voice-chat it would be an instant buy for me. You can build such a great community around that feature but Nintendo insists on avoiding it.

    23. Why is online multiplayer that much of a downsell for everyone? I understand online multiplayer is fun, I enjoy it on many games, but I’ve never thought a co-operative Mario title would be good online. Something like Mario Kart is definitely a good title for online, but a Mario platformer? I just can’t imagine it. I’d never play online anyways. I’m just excited for it cos it has a playable Peach. They were getting obnoxious with the two Toads. It was more confusing than anything.

      1. See, if the trailer showed a game in the likes of Galaxy, it wouldn’t bother me. BUT they showed a “fresh take” on 3D Mario by having an emphasis on multiplayer. So why not go all the way then?

      2. its because it should be standard for a title like this. There is no reason not to include it. And the pros of including it by far outweigh any cons.

        It gives people options. Not everyone has got gamer friends who will come over and play all the time. A lot of people will be playing this game by themselves. So now they get less enjoyment out of the title.

        Online would even that all out. I would be playing Nintendoland and new super mario bros wiiu way way more if it had online. I can have the most fun with these games, without needing to set up some gathering to do so. Many of us are grown adults, with real shit to do. Dont always have the time to organize some get together for multiplayer play.

        1. ^This!! Exactly this… not all of us have time to organize “get togethers” cuz we got shit to do! 💋

    24. seriously, ever since the first new super Mario bros. the main title Mario games that rely more on co-op for fun have been long overdue for online. My interest in this depleted greatly now and only remains because I want to know the story and hub world.
      -sigh- might as well start a miiverse campaign for online player to be included as an option.

      Not everyone has someone to play along with them; this is obviously something that that the devs of Mario games keep forgetting…

    25. lame excuse this time. they could have added online multiplayer. give people two options for co-op. and that last statement was just fucking retarded.

    26. Well, in this game it would actually work really well :/ In NSMB I can understand the decision because there’s not much free space, but in such an ‘open’ game the same ‘local-multiplayer’ experience could have worked online, especially with voice chat…

    27. I have lots of female friends, yes, friends. And they would be offended, and hurt to think that they were being sidelined in that statement.

      To me, it sounded like hayashida was saying, only guys would pick up this game. And peach is a nice little option for your girl friend. Lots of females love mario in general, and he sounds so old fashioned saying that. And I find his decision to not put wi fi in it, old fashioned as well.

    28. This is has always been the problem with Nintendo. They only care about what they think is best and completely ignore industry trends, contemporary gaming, and their fans in general.

      I will not be buying this backwards, outdated and unoriginal piece of rubbish.

    29. This is bad that they dont do multiplayer. Same crap was in Nintendo land, thats the reason i dont play these games. I have no family and nobody wants to play nintendo games with me or nobody has time. its all digital now, i can only play with my friends online, but when we meet in real life we do other things than playing video games together. no online multiplayer in nintendo games means no multiplayer at all for me

    30. I dont understand Nintendo’s logic regarding online multiplayer. I get that having people physically there next to you is 100x better, but NOT EVERYONE HAS SOMEONE TO PLAY WITH!!!! Does Nintendo not realize this? Can we mention it on Mii-Verse?!?! 💋

      1. Yeah. People have been pretty vocal about it on Miiverse. It’s the same old problem though. Nintendo don’t listen to gamers and force feed us their take on how we SHOULD be playing. Rather than listen to how we WANT to play.

    31. Nintendo still thinks we’re in 1985, online multiplayer is what everyone wants, I want it at least. Also a lot of people were disappointed with Super Mario 3D World.

    32. Yea since including an online mode would make it impossible to have a separate local multiplayer mode. Nintendo logic. Oh well,
      wasn’t interested in this game anyway. Now X, Smash Bros., and 101, that’s a different story.

    33. Their being told what to say. Your really gonna tell me that Nintendo can’t have both online and offline multiplayer? So you like playing with your kids, fine, do that, but what about my friend that stays miles away? It’s not always possible “to be sitting right next to each other”! This kind of stupid choice making is gonna hurt them! I would have posted this in a comment, but I get home too late to be heard timely, but wait I have more…

      Nintendo just wasn’t well prepared with Wii U and it’s online servers. Now they gotta bust a Sony and lie through their teeth. Like gamers are fools. It’s clear to me that this new “old” Mario is a 3DS game beefed up for Wii U, just take a look at the graphics! Thanks but no thanks on this one. Give me my Metroid and yes my Donky Contry:TF. Just stop with the recycling of these types of Mario games. It used to be that when a mario was coming out we expected video games to move forward in some way, or at the least what we think of a Mario game. Now its, i wonder what new power-ups he’s gonna have? O look it’s cat Mario! With PS4 being $399.99 do you realise the jump-over rate of gamers like me going straight from PS3 to 4? What’s Wii U gonna do then? let’s face it, Sony lie’s a lot, but NO BODY has more or better exclusives, If “it’s about the games” as Nintendo likes to say, well nobody has more of um than Sony! 0ver 70 exclusives were released on PS3. Yeah, only that much lol. I’m done now. Feel free not to reply.

    34. As a fan of Nintendo, I’m tired of hearing them give this same reason as to why they don’t offer online multiplayer on certain games. If he said it was a technical issue that prevented online play, then I’d understand. However, since heat doesn’t seem to be the case, then I think it’s a missed opportunity. In Japan, local multiplayer might be completely satisfactory, but in the West, online is where it’s at. It’s things like this that turns some gamers off. Nintendo, please do a better job in understanding the different gamer markets!

    35. If this was the launch Wii U Mario game then I could accept no online, but 2 IN A ROW WITH NO ONLINE??? Nintendo you have a good online now USE IT. Im not getting this. The last time I didnt buy a Mario game was Sunshine.

    36. This is my final straw. it’s bad enough there are hardly any games, let alone games with online multi player. now the games coming out don’t utilize the gamepad or online. wonderful 101, mario 3d, zelda, dk, bayonetta 2, pikmin… none have online multi player. and the two that do, smash bros and mario kart, aren’t even coming until 2014! they haven’t even shown us the next zelda, which means that things at least three years away. the last zelda came out right at the very end of the wii’s life cycle, so the zelda wii u prob will, too. the wii u has done nothing but disappoint me with undewhelmming, old hardware, weak software and no online multiplayer. if you’re interested in buying my wii u, let me know. i have batman, assasin’s creed 3, mario u, mario party, a 1tb hard drive and a bunch of downloaded games – the cave, scribblenauts, and more.

    37. I feel sorry for people who think that a game NEEDS online multi-player. I never have and never will give a crap about online modes. A game is only fun playing by myself. Or at the very least, playing with another person in the same room. People have just gotten spoiled to playing online modes on Playstation and Xbox. And they can’t handle the fact that Nintendo marches to the beat of their own drum.

      1. The game doesn’t NEED online multiplayer. The game doesn’t NEED local multiplayer either. In fact, the game doesn’t NEED to even exist.

        Taking into consideration the trends and the fans, providing OPTIONS, is almost never a bad thing. Someone who prefers singe player can go ahead with that. If a person prefers local co-op, they can go ahead with that. If a person prefers online mp, have at it.

        There’s no reason all options can’t be included. Tons of games have been doing this for over a decade.

        Not every individual has the same circumstances and Nintendo refuses to acknowledge that. It’s quite a shame, really. I know, for myself, I’ll play the game alone; not because I don’t want to play with others, but I don’t have the viable time or means to do so locally.

    38. None of my friends even like Nintendo, they all play *shudder* Xbox and PS3. If I asked them to come play some Super Mario with me, they’d laugh me out of the state. Just add online Nintendo, allow people who can’t play multiplayer play this game which has obviously been designed for multiple players.

    39. To be honest did u guys even think how the game would work online. Its not like little big planet but more more like nsmb it can lead to chaos.People would rush though levels killing people, players scattered, and Death If your talking about playing with friend through online because u can’t reach thats understandable, but it wouldn’t be the same. Plus lag would get on people’s nerve if happen remember smash brothers though they may have improve but not everyone’s wifi is stable. Plus why would i want to play with complete stangers in a mario game, its not like mario kart, or sports it wouldn’t work. Plus nsmb is full of troll moment imagine that X50. People would kill u for no reason when u yourself want to play the game. Another thing is whats the point of a leaders board in game it mario brothers its a none competitive game though the new one is trying it out but i think thats good with friends. I just don’t see the point its most likely something they just added.

      1. its 2013 its not hard to add online, plus this game is already a disappointment enough. Not everyone has other friends willing to play Wii U locally with them.

    40. I just played the demo today with my kids and I must say it was fun. Keep the local multiplayer than online. At first I was hoping for a Galaxy like game from Nintendo but when I got to try it hands on, it convinced me that they made the right choice with the first 3d Mario on Wii U as it will really sell the system come holiday time. We had tons of fun. Its just too bad that they ran out of mario/luigi hats when we got there. We only got pins and m\rio kart flag freebies. Lol!

    41. I agree with some people here that it could have easily been a bonus feature. Having an option to play online should in no way take away from the offline experience. With that said, I wasn’t expecting Super Mario 3D World to have online. And think about it this way: 15-20 years from now, nobody’s going to be playing this game online anymore since its heyday was over or the servers were just shut down, so you’ll have a game with a broken feature at that point.

      However, Super Smash and Mario Kart should definitely have a good online though (even if eventually those features become broken). Those are definitely games I want to be able to play online at least for the next few years, and not having that online feature is just a big mistake. Those have historically been games focused on multiplayer first, and not having a good online mode will easily take away 100’s of hours of replay value from the game away.

    42. Nintendo, get with the fucking times! you old fashioned pricks. Online is standard for this day and age. And having a mutiplayer focused game without online is ludicrous. Nintendo get your shit together.

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    48. DId they literally just defend NOT having online on a flagship Wii U game because they want to recreate an NES experience?!?!? This isn’t the 1980’s god dammit!!!!! These guys have their head so far up their asses it’s not even funny. They could EASILY make this online if they chose to…

    49. They said that they like being able to experience the multiplayer with people around you, and being able to see who you’re playing with.
      The problem with me is the people I can play locally with aren’t fans of these types of games. And my friends who do want to play with me are too far away to do so.
      Online would solve that problem; however, it’s not possible.
      The sad fact for me is that I’ll probably never get to experience 3D World’s multiplayer… and if I do it will only be for just a little while.

      1. This is a huge let down and possibly a no purchase from me… Some of your hardcore Nintendo fans are older and move away or live on their own.. most older people do not get together and sit around to play games its generally lets pre game and head out to the bars watching a sporting event etc.. On an off night sit at home and play some games and relax. This would also be a way to grow the social community of the Wii U… Huge mistake from Nintendo here… Most people will never experience 3 or 4 players the way it is meant to be played.

    50. With how poorly the Wii U is fairing it might be a good idea for Nintendo to liisten to what the people want… they want Online Multiplayer on Games like Mario Bros U and 3d world.. there is still time to change this and get it right or you can release the game and people like me wont purchase the game and probably will sell the wii u and tell otehrs not to buy the Wii U for reasons like this. I have many friends that all purchased Wii U’s and were let down to find out we couldn’t play Mario Bros online with one another and now a perfect game including 4 players in 3d world comes out and none of us can play it. Playing this game solo to me sounds as if you cant even 100 percent the game unless you have other friends to play it with as well

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