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Iwata Says “We Just Don’t Care What Other Companies Are Doing”


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stressed that Nintendo really doesn’t care too much about what other hardware manufacturers are doing. Iwata says that Nintendo’s focus is about creating unique experiences with the hardware that can only be found on Nintendo platforms. He also admitted that software ultimately sells hardware and once the key software comes to Wii U the consoles fortunes will pick up.

“We just don’t care too much about what other companies are doing or are trying to do. Our primary focus is to think about and actually carry out something which other company’s hardware can never realize. We are trying to provide consumers gaming experiences that can only be available on Nintendo platforms.”

“Software sells hardware. The number of hardware selling and the number of people who can experience the unique attractions of the Wii U are going to increase, and thereby the knowledge and the understanding about the Wii U system shall naturally expand.”

239 thoughts on “Iwata Says “We Just Don’t Care What Other Companies Are Doing””

    1. Nintendo might want to start caring what other companies do. Because with the PS4 launching at $399 with way more features, power, and games the Wii U is in trouble.

      1. I completely agree. They’re being really stubborn and I think are going to become extinct in a matter of time if they don’t learn to adapt.

        1. And every month 1-2 free games….. ints only about 50$ a year and you can play Singe player games without the PS+

      2. Way more features? There aren’t a lot of features on both consoles. Unless you consider no drm a feature. I has Wii U and im getting the ps4 like the first day.

      3. Hahahaha, shut up. The PS4 will be great but NO company should care about what others do. That’s why Japanese games and consoles are the best in the industry, because they focus on creating something gamers will enjoy instead of focusing on something that’ll sell to the lowest common denominator.

        1. or el idiota. he’s really sinking nintendo with the idea that nintendo alone can save all 5 years of a console cycle. look what happened with wii and gamecube and nintendo 64, nintendo alone could not release games fast enough to keep people interested for all 5 years.

          1. Iwata simply doesn’t care ;)

            The N64 and Gamecube had me hooked to this day. And the Wii has many amazing games. Under rated console.

            1. you are not all the other people out there. in case you haven’t noticed, the number of super core nintendo fans that stay loyal and defend the company with teeth and nails is in the low millions today, compared to the very high millions in the past. the new nintendo fans are casual in nature and they move on as soon as nintendo drops the ball. nintendo has not made games like in the past, where their games were inspiring and incredible in design, and that’s what most core nintendo fans want from nintendo. the last masterpiece nintendo came with was zelda skyward sword and even then, the motion controls and repetitive sections of the game split the fanbase even further.

              1. In case you haven’t noticed, Nintendo is still selling better than the other two. The Wii and DS both owned the market and 3DS was the most pre ordered console of all time. They sell software like crazy and those Nintendo Direct videos get millions of views each week. Not quite sure what you means by dwindling fans.

            2. This, Nintedward. I still play Mario Kart Wii these days, and i´m playing now Okami and Pikmin2. Iwata, respect! Greedy western devs wants money, Nintendo reaches for artistic values, that´s why i´ll always be Nintendo. Until they change their mind, of course. If Nintendo the same as Sony, I´d buy Sony, they´re just better doing their shit and most people don´t get this: Nintendo makes the best games out there, so I say we´re lucky anytime we get 3rd party games, we can´t have it all

    1. That’s just stupid. Mr Iwata should care. This kind of mentality is what made Nintendo lagging behind in the industry, power wise.

      1. No matter what happens to Nintendo, they will go down as the greatest company. And I’m pretty sure they will last a very long time.
        No other company has had so many memories in my life than Nintendo did.
        My first game Super Mario 64, played when I was 4. I cherished Nintendo from then to now. I’m 14 now. I used to get picked on for being a Nintendo Fan-boy, but now Im meeting more and more people like me. Plus the whole Anti-Bullying thing kinda obliterated that.

        They either go and people, rage because they have no monument, Or they stay and people rage because they have one.

        1. Fear not young man…

          Our forces will grow even more now that the Xbots are doomed to fail…

          Theirs aswell as the Sonyans evil agendas will end soon…

          1. Shut the fuck up. This is going to be dominated by PlayStation. Hell, PlayStation has dominated every generation.

            1. Your precious Dominion only won the 5th and 6th generation in the home console area but not the entire game…

              The DS utterly destroyed the PSP and the 3DS is way beyond the Vita’s reach…

              The PS3 got owned 7th gen despite being the most powerful one of the 3…

              Paying for online in PS4 and allowing 3rd party forces to freely implement DRM or not is going to reduce the amount of consoles by atleast 20% during its lifetime…

              So both Wii U and PS4 have 50% chance each this generation to win while obviously the Xbots have already lost…

              And further more, we won generations 3-5 aswell in both home consoles and handhelds so it doesn’t matter what you try…

              You will always be several generations behind…

              1. on paper what you just said sounds very nice. but in reality, nintendo has been splitting and destroying the core nintendo fanbase. remember, the core nintendo fan base is what nintendo should be trying to increase more than the casuals, because the casuals move on to other places very fast. this is obvious when you look at wii u, no one knows what nintendo is trying to do anymore. will they make those beautiful epic adventure games they made back in the day? or will they just make something more simple and casual?. mario 3d world is a bad indication, it looks more simple and casual as a main 3d mario game, plus they are making games mostly from a small amount of franchises (mario, zelda, donkey kong, kirby) and even elements of the casual and simple are entering their most hardcore franchises like zelda. but the casuals don’t care for zelda, the zelda fanbase is not increasing, instead it’s slowly decreasing. zelda is for the core but nintendo keeps thinking that by making it more casual the fanbase will increase.

                  1. Why should they care?…

                    It’s mine, I bought it, I can blow it up if I want too, they have no right to tell me what to do with anything I’ve bought unlike the Xbots who wants to take away that right from you…

          2. that’s really stupid. nintendo won’t be able to come at top with games that look too similar to games released recently. mario 3d world for example looks like mario 3d land, new super mario bros u played and looked like new super mario bro wii and new super mario bros 2. even call of duty was starting to lose steam, and sales were dropping because people were starting to realize it looked and played too similar to recently released call of duty games.

            1. People dont get it. I think these Nintendo haters are just Disgruntled Nintendo Fanboys, who need a reason to justify their trechary lol. I dont get it, I like sony, but I love Nintendo… I RARELY even watch a sony video, and much less frequent their forums! I mostly stick to Nintendo. EVERY Nintendo page has haters, but sony pages are empty of these guys… No Nintendo fans going on their pages from what Ive seen, while sony/xbox trollscant seem to leave our pages. ONE logical reason, youre asshurt at the last Gen ass whooping against lil ole WII, and then WIIU sporting a new awesome customized GPU, and you Bitches start your crying and trolling. Thats what Ive witnessed since the very 1st mention of WIIU. Grow the fuck up ya bitches!

        2. yeah sure. they are going down alright. super mario 3d land with cats is going to save them. do you have any idea of how people are moving on faster than nintendo can make games?. nintendo’s problem is that they don’t have the resources to lift themselves up fast and they are ignoring third party companies. that type of business won’t last long in the modern age.

          1. Nintendo are not ignoring 3rd party companies, 3rd party companies are ignoring them. Nintendo are trying to bring them back by giving them free Wii U dev kts, but it takes time. Onecs the core stuff (Zelda, Smash Bros, Metroid, Starfox etc) kicks in, lost of 3rd party companies will be making games for them.

      2. Not just power wise, (if you meant console power of course). many of my friends say that they stick with their playstation 3’s because it can play blu-rays, and they just couldn’t find the same joy in nintendo. They find that nintendo are having a fling with the past. and that is not cool.

        1. Your focus on hardware and power is the exact problem perspective that Nintendo is saying they IGNORE.
          Hardware doesn’t make good games. Good designers make good games. Software sells the hardware, hardware shouldn’t dictate what games you are ALLOWED to buy.
          Buy a blu-ray player if you want one. Nintendo doesn’t care about blu-ray.

      3. “impliying they are competing with microsoft and sony”

        no, they try to bring gamers, not GRAPHUUX whores

      4. Power doesn’t matter. Quality does, and by caring about what others do, quality suffers, which is why Nintendo is the only one of the big three that makes good First Party games. Stop playing mainstream copy-paste garbage like Uncharted and Gears and start playing games with creativity.

    1. You know this pitiful excuse of an insult is pretty much used up by now. Can’t you think up something interesting?

  1. He’s 1000% right. And that’s exactly why I prefer Nintendo over the others. Not only do the games for Nintendo systems suit me better than “YEAH YEAH VIOLENCE, GORE, SPORTS, GUNS WOOOOOOOOO” that you usually find on Xbox and PS, but also because, as a creative company, Nintendo is always trying to do something different: Improve in ways other than “better grafix lol”. Sony does nothing new but copy and Microsoft’s innovative ideas are just terrible.

    Nintendo is trying new things all the time, and whether or not they always stick, a lot of them do. Motion capture in some form is here to stay. The Dual-screen system in our portable gaming is, surprisingly, here to stay. Glasses-free 3D is exciting and interesting and unprecedented in gaming.

    As long as they continue to do that and they don’t shoot themselves in the foot in the way Microsoft has now done, Nintendo will always be the best at what they do.

  2. software only sells well, if it’s good software. wii u’s will only shift if people get justice for paying so much money.

    Nintendo’s ignorance will not win people over.

    1. You have not seen ignorance until you see microsoft’s executives.

      ” if you do not have Internet buy, a 360.”
      “Always 24 hour check in for the xboxone is here to stay.”
      ” if you take your xbone outside a region it will lock up.”

      All the above was spoken by microsoft’s men in suits.

      NINTENDO makes games for everyone. More so everyone with brains and common sense. People that love their freedoms and know true history.

  3. And that is why they stuck in their own littlbe bubble completely out of touch making baby games.

    “Our primary focus is to think about and actually carry out something which other company’s hardware can never realize.”

    And that is why at E3 they showed absolutely nothing new. Same old games that could be done on any console. Which game did they show that uses their hardware in a unique way? Answer is…NONE!

    1. I think you missed the point. What Iwata means by “Our primary focus is to think about and actually carry out something which other company’s hardware can never realize.” is not that competing consoles could not support Nintendo’s games, but that Nintendo games are unique exclusives that will sell even weak hardware.

      1. Although the games are unique and excellent as they almost Always are…

        They still have somewhat not shown how the Wii U is supposed to be played…

        The Wii U is not used to put menus, inventories or maps on the Gamepad only…

        The 2nd screen should directly interact with the game in the same way the Tv screen does…

        Have 2 seperate views of the game where you can look and do something in one direction and do something else in the other…

        As an example…

        I give credit to Nintendoland though as it’s the way the games should be on the Wii U…

        1. I think the most inovative use of the gamepad so far has been in zombiu, they used it perfectly in that, while they could be putting a bit more effort into thinking up some interesting things to do with the gamepad honestly just getting rid of the clutter on the screen and having your inventory, menu’s and HUD on the gampad is more then inovative enough for most games imo.

          1. Ignoring that Pikmin 3 uses the gamepad in numrous ways. Also ignoring that if the GamePad is such a gimmick, why is Sony forcing their developers to make it mandatory with the Vita controller?

          2. Did you watch the e3 conferences? Every company got a wiiu pad clone and sony downgraded the vita from handheld to ps4 acesory.

          3. Atleast our “Gimmicks” are dedicated to gaming only and works great unlike your Multimedia gimmicks that has absolutely nothimg to do with games and forces you to pay for a console that could have been atleast $100-$150 cheaper without Multimedia garbage…

    2. Hardly feel X is a baby game….

      It’s games like call of duty that seem to be more immature than Mario. Just people who want to pretend to be grown up like teenagers, who enjoy swearing every other world because they think it’s “cool”

      The same closeted homophobes that enjoy looking at muscular space marines too. It’s pathetic. At least people who actually play a Mario game are comfortable enough to play a game for all ages, it’s idiots like you who think Toy Story sucks….

      But on the “aimed at children” thing…CHILDREN ARE BORN EVERY DAY. It’s mothers and fathers who decide that Nintendo consoles are safe for their kids and buy it as their first console. Nintendo have got it nailed.

      1. “But on the “aimed at children” thing…CHILDREN ARE BORN EVERY DAY. It’s mothers and fathers who decide that Nintendo consoles are safe for their kids and buy it as their first console. Nintendo have got it nailed.”


  4. Serious question: Are most third party games actually good enough to justify the buzz about them not coming to the Wii U?

      1. No, I’d say statistics tend to say so. The highest selling game on PS3 is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, it’s also the second highest selling game on 360 (only beaten by Kinectimals.) CoD:MW3’s total combined sales across PS3, 360, and PC fail to beat the sales of Mario Kart Wii or New Super Mario Bros Wii individually. Games for a single system outselling the best selling game of it two primary competitors combined says a lot about who sells more better.

  5. I like the way Nintendo thinks. them doing their own thing is whats gotten them fame. also the reason why they’re my #1 game company. I hope they go far in everything they do from now on and to the future. I hope they never make a shit fps for as long as they exist.

  6. Competition is healthy though. I feel that they’re lying because Sony and Nintendo seem to go ehad to head — just not in the same sense that Microsoft and Sony do. Remember when Sega and Nintendo had their heated contest for the better console? it’s not a bad thing at all. Competition doesn’t mean bad mouthing and ruining everything about their compettitor. It’s more like a margin to stand up against and to compare yourself to. There’s nothing wrong with that at all because it makes them work harder to “one up” each other in a sense.

    1. Unfortunately, those glorious 16-bits days have gone. Now all that we’ve been experiencing is nothing but jungle fight and run for specs.

  7. That’s good and all but if I’d be a Wii U owner NOW I’d be pissed off by the lack of 3rd and 1st party. If you’re all about the games then pull more moves like Bayonetta 2! Seriously the only game to play on Wii U right now is The wating game HD! >:(

    1. Unless for some reason you don’t like stuff like Mario, ZombU, or Monster Hunter. Granted there isn’t much to play as of now, but there ARE games. And I’ve enjoyed that handfull of games.

      1. I DO like Nintendo’s games. And that’s the reason why I’m pissed. I know that I want the games and the system but the problem is THE GAMES ARE NOT OUT. I personally don’t care about Monster Hunter, I played Meed for speed last year on my PC, I don’t accept supporting lazy ports like Batman and Call of Duty or Mass effect. So the only games for me to look forward are Super Mario World, Mario Kart 8, X, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Sonic Lost World but 7 games are just not enough. Wii U has more than enough power to run current and coming games! Why? Because the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 are still around and both are well underneath the Wii U.

            1. You mean the videos showing the specifics are where those things happen? Also mass effect3 on wiiu is superior.

    1. besides the sheep like you, that still blindly follow nintendo after he pretty much destroyed it. come on mini me nothing to see here but a lonely loser who specially worships nintendo.

      1. We all know your Barry Bee Benson, faggot. Stop pretending to be Dr. Evil and stop destroying your life.

              1. nah, the playstation wiita is a shit infested piece of garbage with no software, and ist funny that some of there top games are fucking so called gem wii games that nobody hardly cared about, like maramasa rebirth, and little kings story. yeah some handheld!!!! did i forget about that ps2 remake hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!! the crappy console style games that failed to deliver. do you want to here a joke…. the ps vita. saying the vita is good is like saying the wii u has games!!!!! man that thing is going in the grave for top quality shit like the saturn.

  8. Good, i’m already getting a PS4, i don’t need another one with a few exclusives, just focus your money on tons of exclusives.

    A don’t fucking DELAY anymore games!

      1. Yeah, great whatever, know a better idea? More staff, or better fucking initial date projections. I dont wana be told “oh you have DKC, Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, Wonderful 101, all coming this year” then in 3 month be told “only Wonderful 101 and Wind Waker are coming this year, PLEASE UNDERSTAND”. No, fuck you Iwata, make better date predictions, or stick to the release date.

        1. I think Nintendo still has the same sized staff that Worked on DS and Wii and now they’ve took this monumental leap to 3DS and Wiiu… Like you said they need more staff , but they don’t hire anyone they have to be taken on as apprentices first like Star Wars…

          1. New HQ is being built for Nintendo isn’t it? Plus a merging of mobile and home console divisions into one. They are working on it.

        2. Sorry but unlike the other 2, our Empire does not make games to solely meet demand and money…

          What High Command does is make art…

          And you cannot rush art…

          This philosophy has lead us to become legendary, not just great…

          The top games ever are Nintendo games…

          Though they could improve certain things…

          A great game is made with patience…

          1. Great, except every point i made had nothing to do with rushing a game out.

            It’s about customer satisfaction. I’m not uncommon for games to be delayed, but when EVERY WiiU game has been delayed, that’s just dumb. Like i said, hire more staff, or have better date projections

            1. Well quite often they do want to add new things or change something right after they were “done” so I guess that’s why they delay the games…

              However I do agree to the point that with every new console they release, they should have atleast one big title that is not only great but shows how the new controller or whatever it is that defines the console is well used and represented…

        3. Wow. You actually understand what’s going on. I thoughtnyounwere a drone, but now I have respect for you.

  9. Yea, where else do you get to experience nothing but shovelware and 1st party titles, only consisting of franchises the company has been using for 20+ years,

    1. you cant talk reason with these kiddies. they did not buy the wiiu themselves so they have no idea what it is like to watch 380 dollars just going to waste. nintendo should have just called the wiiu th mario machine becuase all nintendo does these days is pres start on the mario map generator, let it spit out a few crappy levels and say “here you go, enjoy unique experience”, pathetic. and i AM a fan.

  10. I have to say that at the same time that is the reazon why Nintendo is not gething to much 3 party suport; Nintendo make console for Nintendo games, it’s like they are saying that they do not care for the other companies that make games.

  11. thats because they cant compete and they know it. (mini me… stop humping the laser!!) they are scared like the rest of you inferior pussies. waiting for games after the select few come out your going to be waiting again and again, nintendo cant deliver. while sony does and even microsoft!! nintendo is better off dropping out, because they are scared just like that green plumber they have. the ps3 is more worthy than a new console just pathetic. you stipid drones will deny that too but you know ot has way more games that arnt shit still coming out on it while like usual you stupid nintenpussies try to keep your pathetic chin up.

    1. @dr. evil

      Learn to spell right, you pathetic waste of human life. No one cares or listens to your bullshit. Shove a cactus up your asshole and leave.

    2. If Nintendo dropped out where would the gaming industry be. Let me guess 100 fps with different titles. I wouldn’t even be gaming anymore.

  12. Go Nintendo, don’t be a sheep like everyone else. Do your own thing. That’s what I like about you.

    1. They care but only in the areas that need caring. Nintendo dont need care to add facebook has a main gaming feature or achievments for tv shows.

  13. Thats what I like to hear. Nintendo’s interest lies within making games. Thats what they care about, and thats their appeal.

    It’s almost to the point where other consoles aren’t even game consoles anymore– More like complex multimedia platforms.

    Nintendo, thanks for sticking to that moral. It brings about variety in this market, and without that, I feel like the whole industry would fall in terms of quality and accesability.

  14. I like that, since I getting a PS4 ,but I don’t want it to be exactly like my Wii U. I want them both to have different games, so I’ll never get bored! Not being entitled to a system rules!!!!

    1. The truth of the matter is this, Sony and Nintendo are going head to head this generation on the home console front. Whether we want or not, this is the N64, PSone days a-modern. On the handheld side only the 3DS reigns supreme, and will continue to do so with the games that are being released for it this December and Starting January 2014. Watch the media and directs 2013-2014 is going to be a beautiful year for Wii U, 3DS and PS4 owners.

  15. So Nintendo only care about their hardware and 1st party software that is why they are not making a lot of effort to get 3rd party support? Is that what he just said? C’mon Nintnedo, let’s be real here.

    1. Research history. We all know you are xbox employee. With the serious subversive ingnorance you pulled. The PS4 is too much for your 3 operating systems, 5 core remaining machine the xboxdone. Nintendo always has had issues with third parties, from back in the 80s nintendo seal of approval days. Third parties are there, even your beloved EA is ditching the xbone latest 2015. Nintendo is fine here are the games from reputable third parties :

      1) Batman Arkham Origins by WB
      2) Assasins creed 4 by Ubisoft
      3) Project cars
      4) Splintercell black list
      5) Sonic the hedgehog lost world by SEGA
      6) FIFA 14 by EA ( boo )
      Need I list any more?

  16. Maybe once Nintendo starts Putting better shit on their E-shop… It needs more free apps. and games that are actually fun. and a better 3D camera that doesn’t take shitty 2005 cellphone quality!! I want my cameras to be 1080p HD quality.

  17. Then make the games already. There is nothing that has come out worth getting for six months on Wii U, this is ridiculous. Also, you are in the video games industry and whether you like it or not, you have to compete with Microsoft and Playstation.

  18. neutron has no friends and depends on the xbox done 24 hours a day 7 days a week

    no wonder he can’t get his fat arse off the computer and face reality– outside with fresh air

  19. Some of you seem to be forgetting that this is Nintendo were talking about. It’s all about creating amazing game experiences. Something they’ve been able to provide year after year. It’s not all about powerful hardware although don’t get me wrong as it does provide an element.

    1. yes, that’s true. but most of these experiences have been avalible on previous platforms. The wii u was surposed to offer something new, but it hasn’t.

      Whatever nintendo is planning for the future, it has to be inovative in completely new ways.

      As far as I can tell, nintendo is trying to.lead the blind. we are not blind, and we can tell that nintendo can still make great games like mario kart 8, but this is more of a dip, rather then a climb. Will anyone be willing to buy mario kart 99? only time will tell on that one lol

      Inovation is much better on the 3DS, I’ve always had a soft spot for that thing :) I think console inovation has to be taken much more seriously by nintendo for this platform.

    1. you should win a reward. everybody is so stupid to follow anything nintendo. the fact is he made nintendo just horrible and i would not care if they just stop making hardware as long as hes in charge!!!!! fuck that piece of shit!!!!!

    2. Yes, that’s why he cut his paycheck by 50% to help our Empire because of our first annual loss…

      Something the leaders of the Xbots and Sonyans wouldn’t een dream off…

            1. not iwata…

              the nintendo board of directors only has very few shares.. much less so than is common in western corporations

            1. Why because Nintendo refuses to make 35FPS games? Plus you are forgeting Nintendo also owns the 3DS. Focus on everything not just the Wii U.

            2. Iceazeama, Nintendo doesn’t follow they lead. With the Wii being weak and having a unique controller while others followed. Now they lead in a 2nd screen while others are following. Rather if Nintendo knows what to do with the 2nd screen or not, Sony and Micrsofot are copying it.

              1. you got the wrong idea, fps are my least favorite genre they bore me to death. ill play any other genre of games but fps not that much. that still doesnt deny how shitty nintendo has been doing and how many mistakes they keep making.

  20. You tell em’, Iwata! And I hope Nintendo never changes their way of thinking. I think if they ever did, Nintendo’s consoles would be nothing more than another Playstation or Xbox, but with Nintendo exclusive games. And we don’t need another Playstation or Xbox.

    1. Also, talking about kiddy games. FPS games are easier for Kids to play than DKC TF, Pikmin, Mario Kart Wii U, I mean will a five year old child be able to figure out how to activate a shell and steer at the same time? Will five year old child know that keeping a banana peel at the back of your cart is a way to avoid people behind you with red shells. Also if a five year old got a power star on Mari Kart and went faster, 9/10 because of the increase of speed, that kid would have trouble controlling the cart causing the start to be more bad than good. FPS, are straight foward. They easily know to press a button to shot and kill and move foward.

      1. And I’m good in SSB. I don’t want a child playing agasint me or on my team. I want to play someone like N-Dub nation who is mature in either Smsh Bros or Mario Kart or even 3D Mario World. Infact, NSUBU is easier for children to play than any 3D Mario Game. In a 2D game they have no choice but to move foward. An open world 3D Mario Game, it would take them hours to figure out where the power star is on the first stage.

        1. Also, Pokemone. Really labled Kiddy. It is a strategy game. Would a Kid know not to use a fire type agasint a water type? Would the kind know that a thunder type move is not effective on a ground type? On a Zelda game, it would take a kind several hours to finally leave the village. Then once the child leaves the village, they will just be in the field all day using the sword to cut grass and kill enemies all day.

          1. Now that I think about it, I rather glad Pikmin 3 doesn’t have online. Why? Will because when Pikmin 1 and 2 came out, people thought it was kiddy. Now I’m going to assume more first time buyers are going to get Pikmin 3 and it will be new to them. I want a real challenge in Pikmin. would a child even know how to use purple Pikmin to be sure to stun the enemy in order to avoid getting eaten? On Pikmin 2, you need at least 100 Purple Pikmin in order to beat the game. A child wouldn’t be able to get that far.

  21. If Nintendo changed to make Iceboy happy, it would just be another fps console only. A lot of these Nintendo exclusives also have some humor in it.

              1. Consensus*
                Also, if we were to take the consensus of 1939 Germans, Hitler is the greatest this since sliced bread. The masses are ignorant, and always will be. It’s just simple logic.

  22. I think that maybe Iwata SHOULD spend more time observing what the other companies are doing. Because gamers are far more interested in the PS4/XB1 than WiiU. He is that arrogant and blindly optimistic that he doesn’t see all the mistakes he is making?

    1. What do you know? You’re old. You probably like dick in your nose. And your ass. Dick sniffiing ass takers aren’t intelligent about video games when you’re shoving your Wii Remote in your butthole. Leave gaming to the experts, Phil. n00b.

      1. Your foul language shows how mature and intelligent you are. Personal attacks because you don’t agree with someone…really? I mean, your intelligence is pouring all over the place. Seriously.

  23. In a way I like that they focus on doing their own thing and not trying to be REACTIVE like Sony perpetually does. Its the Nintendo way, it works for them and it pleases the fans.

    On the other hand tho, this is not always a good thing. You have to be aware of your weaknesses and what makes you vulnerable against competition, and act upon it. It’s basic marketing.

    Balance, that’s all they need.

  24. Then make games that use the unique hardware! God dammit. Here have this new game pad, now don’t use it to play any different from other controllers. I’m annoyed at Nintendo

  25. The point is that Nintendo aren’t the same as Sony or Microsoft. They all have really different approaches. I’ll not talk about the Xbone as it’s not worth my time, but let’s compare Sony and Nintendo shall we?
    Wait, you can’t.
    Nintendo are a 124 year old company who have been making games (hanafuda and western playing cards) since then, and are carrying over the idea of fun, you know that verb that we are meant to associate with games? They release consoles on their own timeline and out of the current three runners are the oldest of them all, they own the handheld market completely and have done since the Gameboy.
    Nintendo make fun games, whether they are family or serious games. That is their goal and they do it to a T.
    Now Sony are a long standing entertainment and media company. They make the Playstation, tvs, phones, laptops, CD players, cameras etc. They know how to utilise the best parts of at-home entertainment and compile it into a really decent media console that plays great games, has great online presence (Plus is fantastic), smooth controls and as many functions as a swiss army knife (but none of the useless ones) as well as being able to play media discs like Blu Ray and DVD.
    I am privileged to have a LOT of consoles. I own a SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB, GBC, GBA, DSL, 3DS, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, 360, even a handful of Game and Watch’s.
    I use each one for different things. None of them truly overlap, other than those from the same company. I play my Wii for my awesome Nintendo titles, as well as Okami. Plus I use it as my Gamecube and play my favourite games such as wind Waker and Majora’s Mask.
    I use my PS3 for my blurays, I play online, I use Plus to play games without paying the full price, I connect to my buddies.
    I use my 3DS to play my DS and 3DS games, I’m a huge handheld fan and I leave the house every day with my 30+ game collection for both these consoles. I use streetpass, I connect to friends with Letter Box.
    And you know, I dig out my N64 to play Pokémon Stadium 2 and my GBC to play Oracle of Ages. I don’t have to have every console do every little thing.
    The point of my post is Iwata is doing the right thing. Nintendo have NEVER been about the other competition. Lets face it, the Vita is their only competition because it’s the only other console with a hint of similarity to their current releases. And…the Vita? Yes those are selling well.
    They’ve always stuck to their morals of being a fun system, they would probably rather go bankrupt for being fun than suceeding for being a generic Xbox sell out console, packed with ads and trying to push Bing onto us. Playing grey brown shooters and shouting racial and sexist obscenities down a mic. Do they really want to be associated with the cesspit of gaming? No, and I wouldn’t either.
    Sony on the other hand rarely ever mention Nintendo as competition. They just dont compare and compete. They never have! It’s us, the fans, the consumers and the people with big e-peens who feel the need to ignite a console war. It never existed, really. We’re just all that full of self-shit that we feel the need to display our peacock feathers and be like ‘TER NER MY CONSOLE IS BETTER’.
    It’s playground antics and those who are still trying to get a war out of consoles is going to be stood there with a hotdog for a gun, pointing it at a generation of new gamers who actually don’t give a shit about whether Nintendo make another Zelda or Sony release another Quantic Dream game.

  26. Uhm, so that’s why all tue games at E3 don’t utilized the GamePad in atmny really unique way? THAT’S what you call “doing things that the other hardwares can’t do?”

    Give me a break. They all can do everything the Wii U has done so far. E3 proved that.

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  29. It’s so gratifying to see Iwata’s arrogance bite him in the ass. If Nintendo had actually paid attention to competitors and designed the Wii U to be about as powerful as their systems, it wouldn’t have the third party shortage it has now, nor would it have been such an embarrassing failure.

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