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Kamiya Jokes That Fans Asking For Bayonetta 2 On PS3 Should Also Ask For Zelda

bayonetta_2_posePlatinum Games’ designer Hideki Kamiya has been up to all sorts of mischief recently – he revealed earlier that a little bit of friendly office rivalry between The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 boosts the games’ development – and today he’s been politely frank on Twitter to those fans asking if Bayonetta 2 or The Wonderful 101 will ever be released out-with Nintendo’s home console and land on the PlayStation 3. Here’s what he reiterated, on behalf of JP Kellams original tweets back in February, to those who continued to question Platinum on whether the games would make an appearance on the Sony console:

“REPEAT: We are a developer. Nintendo are the ones kind enough to fund and publish our W101 and Bayo 2 projects. (1/2)

“So if Nintendo says “We are publishing Bayo 2 on PS3/360.” Then it will happen. So please go ask them, not us. (2/2)

“It’s supposed to mean what it says. If you want a PS3 version ask Nintendo. You might also want to ask for PS3 Zelda. <- by JP”

Thanks, Zyph

121 thoughts on “Kamiya Jokes That Fans Asking For Bayonetta 2 On PS3 Should Also Ask For Zelda”

    1. I wonder if they could trade ips, like how we use to trade yugioh cards when we were younger. Nintedo could trade ips they don’t want anymore with ips sony or Microsoft have

    1. Indeed, hypocrites to the core…

      They must be forever confused by 2 things:

      1. Sonyans are a accidental offspring by our Empire’s mistake…

      2. The embarrasing speech “Riiidggee Raacccceeeeeerrrr!” by Sonyan King KazHirai…

  1. It is rather astounding that it has been around a year or so and people still can’t figure this little factoid out.

      1. I see you’ve updated the article. But all of those tweets were still from JP Kellams from PlatinumGames, not just the last tweet. Kamiya was just re-iterating what he said.

  2. Sony/Microsoft fans refuse to buy a Nintendo console because they say “It has no exclusives”, then they whine and bitch when they do. FANBOYS.

    1. People actually say Nintendo has no exclusives? That’s the main thing that Nintendo has over the other companies.

      I think it’s more that people don’t think Nintendo has any “mature” exclusives.

      1. Pretty much this^ and when Nintendo gets a “Mature” exclusive it is like the end of the world and “Hardcore” gamers bitch and wine. 💋

  3. Don’t know why it’s so hard for them to understand lol.

    It’s never coming to a Playstation or Microsoft platform , ever.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it an homage to not just Zelda but games like Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest 1 in Japan) and such?

        1. Yeah, it was a homage to a lot of retro games. It had quite a few little nods to various titles throughout the game; even Demon’s Souls.

          It was just mainly modeled after The Legend of Zelda (8-bit). That was the main influence.

  4. Hahaha nice!!! I just told a retard that this game is not a timed exclusive and there will be no Director’s Cut version of this game on another platform.

    Why Sony and Microsoft fanboys so damn annoying? If you want to play this game then swallow your cheap pride and buy a Wii U.

    I also think it’s hilarious how haters say Nintendo games are “for kids” but they would love to play Nintendo games on a Sony console. They are the biggest hypocrites ever lol.

  5. These “fans” i use the term loosely are some of the most immature ppl i have ever seen you got ones sending death threats to this man and the team over this game and saying they are cancelling pre orders and stuff like that you guys need to grow up the Wii u got something you didn’t and its not getting ported welcome to Nintendo when Final fantasy 7 went to the ps1 it happens grow up and buy a Wii U

    1. I would shit brix if we got a Madworld 2 from Platinum. I would probably the happiest gamer in the world the day that it would be announced.

  6. When Final Fantasy jumped to PlayStation from Nintendo, you didn’t see people complain then. What you saw was people going to the store, walking up to the counter, and saying ‘I would like to buy a PlayStation please.’

    If you want God of War, get a PlayStation. If you want Halo, get an Xbox. If you want Bayonetta 2, get a Wii U. It’s just the way things are. Deal with it.

    1. Word; Although some people can’t afford more than one system. Still, for those who can, it’s much better to be a multiplatform gamer than a one-platform complainer.

  7. I really hope Platinum Games makes more exclusive games for the Wii U, Nintendo should make exclusive contract with Platinum Games or buy them.

  8. It is true that Nintendo is funding the Wii U development, but it is still a SEGA IP. It’s not impossible for SEGA and Nintendo to broker a deal to let the game be ported on other platforms later on. Of course, SEGA or another publisher would have to fund that port as Nintendo would obviously not do that.

    It’s not likely to happen any time soon, but it’s also not impossible.

    There have been games funded and published by one company on one system and then later funded and published on other systems by another company.

  9. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    For all the PS/Xbox fans, both Sony and Microsoft didn’t want Bayonetta 2. Take it up with them. And seriously, PG has said countless times that the game wouldn’t even exist if Nintendo hadn’t made it happen. It’s practically a first-party game. So no, it won’t be coming to PS3, PS4, 360, or XOne.

  10. Sometimes… people are just not too bright. PS3 owners can keep asking Platinum to put their awesome Nintendo exclusives on their console. They’ll get the same answer every time. “Ask Nintendo” har har har har!!! 💋

  11. You know what would be awesome? If after Bayonetta 2 sells amazingly Nintendo decides to fund Bayonetta 3 later on and Bayonetta’s franchise becomes EXCLUSIVE to Nintendo again :P I would love to see fans reactions again hahaha!!! 💋

  12. Funny how Sony drones bitched about Wind Walker being rehashed , yet want to play it on their Sony console!

  13. Also what’s funny how Sonydrones said they weren’t impressed with anything coming from Nintendo yet they want Wonderful 101 and Baynetta 2 huh? Any Nintendo fans want to play October Dad or Tear away on their Wii U?…… I didn’t think so.

  14. Funny how sonydrones said Wonderful 101 was a kiddy game but they ask the game’s developers to put it on their PS3.

  15. I’m noticing quite a few people throwing around the word “hypocrite” when referring to certain other people who want titles on another system. Yet many of these same individuals can’t see the irony in that.

    1. Irony is a form of speech.
      Also, hypocrite is one who conveys conflicting ideas. The people signaled at in this issue are the first ones to mock Nintendo users when they don’t get a popular game, but now they act like they’re victims because they’re not getting Bayonetta 2; it’s a double standard.

      1. The irony is found in the fact that many of the Nintendo fanboys who are calling out these other fanatics, do the exact same thing.

        You’re right. It IS a double standard which is applicable both ways.

    1. you havent even read have ya ;>. have fun with the PS4 but not the XBONE. still not getting this tho so… yep

      1. Haha thanks :)

        This is my most anticipated game that’s been announced! 2014 feels like it’s so far away now! Luckily for me, this gives me the chance to pick up brawl :D

  16. I love this site so many users Are well known for example pinwheel the your mom joke troll, ness the graphics troll, why u mad ? First troll. <3 this site

  17. before Nintendo Direct, everyone was underestimating the Wii U. After June 11th, when the new trailer of Bayonetta 2 was divulged, with the same fanservice shots of ever and badass gameplay, this topic comes back to discussion?


  18. Why are they still whining? for the last fucking time, give the blame to your precious Sony/Microsoft for not having the balls to pick up the project. Nintendo came forward and said “yes, we will funded it but it has to be exclusive.” and they have the damn right to do it. Also, I’ll be damn if Sony or Microsoft touches the Zelda franchise.

    give it up. You guys have more games coming up and a brand new system, so shouldn’t you guys be excited about it instead of complaining about something that is never going to happen?

  19. This is why he’s unfamiliar to me, how unprofessional. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but that guys sounds like a total tool. He’s basically being an Adam Orth, telling PS users to deal with the fact that Bayonetta wont be coming to PS. What’s up with shitty humor in the gaming industries nowadays?

    1. I’d rather the industry be more like this guy. I hate up tight arrogant jerks, people need to be humorous!

    2. You’d be doing the same if you were getting death threats. People need to grow up. Adam Orth was simply being dismissive and a huge prick. Kamiya’s simply telling people how it is in the bitchiest manner available to him which isnt really all that bitchy. I know a few people who’d put people on pitchforks for this shit.

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