Activision Says Call of Duty: Ghosts Not Necessarily Wii U Bound


Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer Mark Rubin now says that Call of Duty: Ghosts may or may not come to Wii U. Rubin says even he doesn’t know if the eagerly awaited game is coming to the platform and that he’s not allowed to talk about the fact that he doesn’t know if Ghosts is coming to Wii U. Rubin says that if the game does come to the Wii U then it’s more likely to look like the current generation version of the game, rather than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions.

“Ha! You know that’s funny, because I don’t even know the answer to that. I swear to God, I don’t. I was trying to say in the interview [that] I really don’t know and I’m not supposed to talk about it. I’m not supposed to talk about the fact that I don’t know.”

Could it look as good as the other current-gen SKUs? “I imagine [it could], yeah. If you look at the hardware specs, I think it would be more in line with 360 and PS3, but I’m not sure. There could be some things [in the hardware] that bump it up a little higher than that,” he answered. “I haven’t played with it enough to know. I have one at home, and I think it’s cool; I can’t stop playing ZombiU.”

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    1. You really think that?! COD on wii still sold a minimum of 1 Million, and COD 3 on the Wii was the second best-selling COD 3 SKU, just under the ps2-version.

      A lot of people that have a Wii love the IR-pointer of the WiiMote and actually prefer playing FPS with it. So stop talking shit if all you can say is crap like this!

    2. Why do people keep saying that? What about Bayonetta 2, what about Wonderful 101, what about ZombiU, what about LEGO City, and what about all those Nintendo Wii U exclusive (and 3DS for that matter.) Indie Games?! Just because the majority aren’t “hardcore” doesn’t mean they don’t exist. đź’‹

  1. “…more likely to look like the current generation version of the game, rather than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions.” …there’s a difference in those versions? They look exactly the same.

    1. Hahaha it will look current gen on the ps4 and xbone! I mean come on……it’s COD for crying out loud!

    2. Uh… you’re fucking blind, kid.

      Stop trying to pretend XBOX ONE and PS4 don’t har far, FAR better graphics.

  2. Shut the fuck up infinity ward…. Take your franchise and shove it up your bum hole.

    Ofcourse there is some things in the hardware that could bump it up a bit. Infact you could make it look way better than PS3 and 360 if you actually , wait for it…… TRIED.

    The Wiiu version should have better lighting and shading etc than PS360 versions. It should look like a nice brighter more modern looking version even if behind Xbone and Ps4…

    1. At least he said ”There could be some things [in the hardware] that bump it up a little higher than that,”

      He’s just trying to damage control another lazy ass port with little to no graphical effort. It’s easier to port the 360 version to Wiiu than it is to port the Xbone version , that I can understand.

      But they’re not actually trying to Utilize the Wiiu’s specs like say X is.

      1. And you are trying to damage control the fact that it might not come to the Wii U. If you know that it sucks why did you get the last game then? If you’d acrually know something about tech and specs and development then you’d know that it’s not possible to simply count the flop/s and say lighting here shadowe there. Sure they can make it better but “4x as much power”, “2x as much power” and so on is not directly related to “4x as good graphics” or “2x as good graphics”. Also I think the developers over there at infinity ward know what’s inside of the Wii U and “MAYBE” (not.maybe but 999999% sure) EVEN BETTER THAN YOU…..

      2. This game isn’t built from the ground up, like X, so your example is invalid.

        COD BOII actually performed better on Wii U, so you can’t bkale them for not trying to make it better. The Wii U exclusive features, like off-tv play and IR-pointing, are good enough an effort for Activision in porting a game to WiiU.

        Instead of badmouthing Activision, one of THE ONLY supporters of Wii U, you should think before making accusations like this…

          1. But they support the Wii U. If Nintendo gamers would despise every developer that “bad mouthed” the Wii U “Ubisoft’s time to shine” wouldn’t exist anymore then.

        1. Black Ops 2 on Wii U was the worst performing version. Don’t believe me, fine, but I’ve played every console version of the game and I am 100% confident in my statement.

      3. Just watch, the PS4 and Xbox will be out and there will be comparisons of each version on youtube, and the top comments will say “not a big leap” or “was expecting more” i’m telling you right now that is whats going to happen.

        1. Well when I look at PS4 graphics as they are presented IN GAME like Knack or inFAMOUS then it’s clearly visible that it is far beyond the PS3’s capabilities but these are exclusives……

          But anyways, you know increasing the resolution from 720p to 1080p alone takes 250% of the processing power needed when the game is 720p. “add” a lot of Anti Aliasing (which isn’t that important at 1080p), imcrease the draw distance, use more omscreen enemies, double the framerate and do some poor programming….. A lot of the (actually pretty big) power advantage is away then

          1. I don’t know shit about specs (I have no clue what that guy above is telling me) but i don’t care. Nintendo tought me in 2002 that you don’t need bleeding edge technology to have the best looking games. it’s not the tech that determines a games looks, it’s mostly on the developers.

            1. Good point. And Nintendo has all the power they could dream of to deliver their artstyles in HD. Just look at Windwaker HD and Mario Kart 8!

  3. Why does a representative of such a big and professional company act in such an unprofessional way? This way they just hurt sales, I dont get it….

    1. You mean how he said he doesn’t know of it’s coming to Wii U? Generally Activision will license another developer to port the Sony/Microsoft version to the Nintendo console because the main developers are focusing on the other two, much more similar platforms. Perhaps Activision hasn’t told him if they’ve decided to do such a thing again or not.

  4. I honestly wanted this game to be on the wii u…. so I do hope that it does land on it. I do like call of duty but only with the wii remote control setup. I do have a strong feelings that it will be coming to the Nintendo platform.

    Get N or get OUT!!!

  5. The only thing worthy in his statement is that he has a Wii U…

    Other than that, I barely see any difference when it comes to HD consoles…

  6. There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t come to the wiiu .. But then again there is not something to be surprised off cause 3rd party developer made their decision about not supporting the wiiu..:(

  7. Who needs dogs in an FPS and hair on the character’s arms? Every COD is the same, and I swear TONS of people still play COD 4 Modern Warfare 1. Black Ops 2 will last just as long as a console generation. Don’t worry.

  8. You know Nintendo is having a hard time getting 3rd publishers when they show footage of a game like “planes” in their showreel

  9. It already looks current-gen. EA’s smug anti-Wii U attitude is rubbing off on Activision.

  10. Hey Mark tell Activision I wanted to show my support by pre-ordering. They keep telling at GameStop I can’t for the WiiU. After being left out in the cold with Black Ops, MW3 and now Black Ops2 we Nintendo players simple have a sour taste when it comes to if your game comes to Nintendo or not. It is the game I have played the most on my Nintendo. I can even say I have more time in COD franchise then all video games put together. I have been gaming for 30+ years. So maybe I’ll buy this one also?? Maybe I’ll never support Activision again, it’s tough to say since I can’t talk about what we have in mind.

  11. One does not simply buy a Nintendo console for the 3rd parties… Well, not anymore.

    1. I would buy a GAMING console for games. Not a specific type of games but all games. Sure the exclusives are what “gives a particular console the right to live” but there should be other games besides 1st party. If Nintendo fanboys buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games ONLY why do they hype games like Raymam, W101, Bayonetta 2 and Watch_Dogs? ………

      1. My point was Nintendo doesn’t get the majority of 3rd party games and all the games you listed are exclusives, except watchdogs. If you want the most/best MULTIPLATS you should not buy a Nintendo system.

        1. 1) I don’t know if you think/thought that I meant you with Nintendo fanboy but let me just say that I wasn’t talking about you.

          I understood your point but still, “the more the better” Wouldn’t you also like play Grand theft auto 5, The elder scrolls online, Destiny, Final Fantasy 15 and many more without needing a second console or a PC (if you might not have one) ? IMO this coming gen is similar to the technical situation of the PS2 but without the lack of image enhancement options and stable framerates.

          1. Yes if all i had was Nintendo consoles i would want those games, but they are not coming to Wii U are they, so i only have one option… Buy a second console. I may not want to buy a second console but if i want those games i have no other choice. yes this gen is similar to the 6th gen but in that gen the PS2(weakest system) got most of the multiplats, if not all. Now it’s the opposite, the Wii U(weakest system) is barely getting any.

  12. I hating the fact that a lot of publishers don’t consider Wii U in the slightest just because it looks gimmick. That just ruins the image that I see on them.

  13. Wow! What I don’t understand is why is it so hard to say once an for all it IS or it ISN’T coming!! This is really getting on my nerves!

  14. I really do not get why people are not developing for Wii U. It’s an amazing console. I got mine the day it came out.

    There is some rather powerful hardware in there which is capable of producing very good games, yet people are simply skipping it. Obviously these so called “developers” might as well stop developing for other consoles. It might have less power than the Xbox One/PS4, but that does NOT mean it cannot produce the same quality games.

    If people gave it chance (and why the heck are they not as it’s NEXT GEN!). Xbox One is not going to go far but some will buy it because it’s got the lackluster COD (which is the same thing over and over again).

    I don’t normally care about processing power – it’s about coming up with unique ideas and putting them into a game. End of this month Game and Wario is out, followed by Pikmin 3 at the end of July, and then X is to follow. We’re going to see exactly what the Wii U can really do.

    Thank god Platinum games are actually wanting to prove EA what the console can truly do, and not flunk on it. I bet any CryEngine game would run amazing on it.

    1. The thing with Wii U

      1. The CPU….. ita a low-powered CPU and its weak as hell, its on par with the Xenon CPU inside Xbox360 (pretty much the same, maybe slightly stronger or weaker) but its on par. Better CPU means: more characters and objects on screen, better AI, better physics, better calculations etc… so, thats basically gameplay (not graphics).

      2. The GPU… its a low-powered GPU but its still not too bad, its just low end (on PC, you can play games with low end hardware too).

      3. PS4 and Xbox One consoles are MUCH MUCH more stronger than PS3 anbd Xbox 360 consoles.

      4. Now answer the question, why people are not developing for Wii U? (the same reason for Wii), you need examples? just compare Far Cry Wii vs Far Cry Xbox360/PS3, its adumbed down version and thats why the Wii version is sooo bad.

      1. actually the GPU is not low-classed its a AMD type and as for the CPU its a 3 core CPU and its much more powerful than the 360. not as powerful as the XboxOne/PS4 but still it goes to show that game developers aren’t about developing games. because if you want a game to run on a system then it can regardless of any excuses you can give it. To be honest. Developers make good games look good not hardware alone. if the wiiU can run cry engine 3 butter smooth. then it can run pretty much any current Gen and most next gen titles

  15. as much as I hate that series. it being on the wiiu will benefit the console in the long run.

  16. I’ve played Black Ops 2 on my Wii U for 2 months bc I had no other game to play ONLINE. And as far I can remember .. I have no fun playing this game… even if I won a match with 35 kill 7 deaths. Immediatly when I got MH3U… CoD disapeared of my game time.


    OKKKKAAAYYYyyyy industry

    lol wii remote and nunchuck made twin stick fps OBSOLETE NEAR ON 8 YEARS AGO OR SO NOW…







  18. got to love that centered unnatural twin stick fps movement GOTA LOVE IT


  19. Ahh just another FPS game anyway. When will some third party developer make a platformer game without guns? I’m tired of the a game being the same shit with a different title.

  20. Figures infinity ward would say that. Wii U is next gen, even if Infinity Ward doesn’t put next gen effort into it. There frankly isn’t much difference between current gen and next graphics anyway.

    1. ISnt much difference between current gen and next graphics anyway? you gotta be kidding me hahah….

      The same was said for 5 vs 6 gen and 6 vs 7 gen etc. Yes, there will be a big difference…. PS4 and Xbox One consoles are much more powerful than PS3 and Xbox360 consoles.

      Put your shit together…

      1. btw Wii U is on par with PS3 and Xbox 360…. its maybe more powerful but HELLO, those consoles are 8 years old lol

  21. Look, the game is confirmed. Bottom line.

    This is nothing more than another troll article. Bottom line.

    P.S. Activision, you still owe us dlc for Black Ops 2. Stop being lazy and give us what we want NOW.

  22. Well, yay if it does, yay if it doesn’t.
    If not, I play it on PS4. Simple as that, not letting such an insignificant franchise ruin everything.

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