Reggie Says Nintendo Is Considering Reviving Older Franchises


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that company is considering bringing back dormant franchises for Wii U. Fils-Aime reiterated that Nintendo has over thirty different franchises and they are looking closely at which games would be best suited to their current platforms,  Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Which IP would you like Nintendo to revisit?

“You know, I think we have to be really clear on the time period that we are talking about, and we need to be really clear on the specific franchises that we are talking about. I do think though, that it’s helpful to look at what we’ve done with Wii, and what we’ve done to date with Nintendo 3DS. With Wii, there was just about every Nintendo franchise brought to bear on that platform, including “Metroid,” in a number of different incarnations. When you look at Nintendo 3DS, we’ve been able to bring back beloved Nintendo franchises like “Kid Icarus” and “Luigi’s Mansion.”

“Nintendo is a very fortunate place, we have over 30 different franchises, and we look constantly for opportunities to bring those franchises to bear on our most current systems. I’m not making any promises, and I’m not making any commitments, but certainly we are thinking about, for Wii U and for 3DS, what are those franchises? Maybe those franchises that have been dormant for a few years, that we can loving bring to those platforms to drive our business forward.”


        1. that was a rareware game. if you want one, you’d have to get an xbox because microsoft owns rareware…. it sucks i know

            1. Well that’s wrong, did you not see the Xbox One conference at e3? They announced, and shown, Killer Instinct at their conference. It’s an exclusive to the Xbox One. However, I do not doubt a lot of developers working there do want to return to Nintendo, just go search up the Game Grumps special with Grant Kirkhope (the composers for most rareware games, including Banjo). I think in the video he stated he wishes the rare employees who left would band together and make a Banjo successor of some sorts. Maybe that’s also the reason why he’s being brought ( hopefully brought on, the kickstarter is only at $130k for the stretch goal, and they need $150k to bring him on) on board for the game called “A Hat in Time” which is aiming for a Wii U release.

              1. Just as a side note, the new Killer Instinct isn’t being developed by Rare, but by Double Helix (Silent Hill: Homecoming, the less stellar of the series by a wide margin).

                But still, Rare is wholly owned by Microsoft as far as I’m aware, and they must be developing something for the new Kinect. That’s where they’ve been for years, don’t see how they would shake off from that new background of theirs.

    1. There are studios crying that they would LOVE to do one of this game, I know you must be a little more concern, after the other M Fiasco, about your IPs, but, Nintendo if your are not going to do it LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT.

      1. Other M was a beautiful game, almost perfect, except for being too short. It was made for the ones who actually played Metroid and Super Metroid… It has a story, amazing cinematics (I almost cried when I turned the game on and the cinematic of the last boss fight of supermetroid came up), great controls overall… a great game. That game is nintendo fan-love at its best :D

        1. I agree, it’s actually my favorite Metroid game to date. I am convinced that the only reason people hate on Other M so much is because the game wasn’t popular among critics. People don’t like forming their own opinions.

          1. No… People don’t like it because it took one of the few badass females on the media industry and made her a stereotypical vulnerable and emotional girl.

            1. I didn’t find her to be stereotypical at all… and I’m not really sure what you’re saying. Are women not allowed to be vulnerable and emotional in video games?

              1. They made her scared of everything. Even Ridley… She’s never scared of him or pretty much anything. I think they tried to make the story like a movie. There was one cutscene where she sees Ridley then she remembers when she was a kid and that she was scared of him as a kid… or something like that.

                  1. Yeah they could be vulnerable and emotional, but when you do that to someone who is usually the opposite, then it won’t turn out to be good.

      2. I loved other M. It was the 1st Cinematic Metroid in a different style, that I enjoyed to the end. I prefer the Prime style, but that didnt stop me from enjoying the hell out of Other M.

    2. One of the developers of Platinum Games really wants to do a Star Fox game so maybe they can do that and Nintendo could work on F-Zero

    3. I want a new megaman by Nintendo, with a classic style like the megaman for smash. I also hope protoman is in Smash too.

    4. They should bring older IPs back, like The Mysterious Murasame Castle, making it like a bayonetta-style ninja game

    5. I could really see a new F-Zero game. What they should add to the game is more characters as well as the old ones, new tracks as well as retro tracks, make the karts balance, Online. DLC (new tracks, parts and characters). New racing ability (make the karts fly like sonic all star racing transformed)

      1. NO NO NO NO NO NO FLYING. That’s the most annoying part of Sonic Racing as it really disrupts the whole racing feel. If you’re going to add flying, then make it a complete flying level. But really, keep it simple and fun, less is more.

        Just copy the GC version, maybe more tracks, improve the customization…

      2. I’m going to share a couple thoughts I had about F-Zero when talking to others…

        “I’d like to see it make a return to consoles, to take advantage of the latest bells and whistles, like it was originally designed to. Imagine F-Zero on the WiiU, with four player multiplayer, even online multiplayer, but a singleplayer career mode that takes advantage of the tablet to let you do detailed maintenance on your car, check out a virtual news story, select from various available courses for your next race based on current events and weather, and even communicate with your crew mid-race to do things like order special parts so that they’ll be ready when you get there, or get alternate paths open (such as being able to go through a pipe, but only having a short window between when you get your team to stop the fan, and it starting up again). It could be the greatest of Sci-Fi racers, done right.

        Something like that could really sell people on the tablet controller.

        Can you imagine, actually, if you were to have the news bits available -during- races? Mid-course, you find out about a sudden storm rolling in. Now you need to decide if it’s worth the reduction in speed to order ahead and have some electrical shielding put on, or if you should risk getting zapped by lightning…or you might learn about an explosion/flooding/accident with one of the other racers along the course, and have to plot an alternate route to either avoid it, or take advantage of a potential shortcut that may have been created.”

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    7. Startropics, Mach Rider, Ice Climber, Earthbound, Joy Mech Fight, Nazo no Murasame jō, Wrestling, Urban Champion, Clu Clu Land, and list goes on…

      1. Hell yes! StarTropics should be number 1 on that list if the word “dormant” or “forgotten” is thrown around.

        The same for Mach Rider, Pro-Wrestling and a few others.

        But come on, StarTropics wasn’t even represented in Brawl in anything other than black pixels (text). So please, StarTropics Wii U/3DS needs to happen, and not in a mere VC form.

    1. They should make Golden Sun for 3ds by the guys who made Fire Emblem Awakening. And Chino Robo and Star Fox n Metroid for wii U, and of course, Shin Mrgami Tensei X Fire Emblem

      1. YES PLEASE!! A complete well done remakes of Golden Sun 1 and 2
        It be a dream come true to explore the Lighthouses as if I was really there in a 3D world. Not just see an attempt to make it so, only in battles.
        No changes to the storyline what so ever. That cannot be changed or it’ll ruin it for all of us.

  1. F-Zero will be the first. I promise you that. It was already acknowledge by either Miyamoto or Iwata, I forget.

    1. Is that true?! I really hope so, think of the possibilities of it! Using the gamepad they could make it awesome! But not just for a map……………….

    1. Not happening. The Dec behind Earthbound stated 3 was the last one and they wont allow a mother to be made its their IP and if they want 3 to be the end then its the end.

      1. They could just remake them and modernize them make them somewhat like fanil fantasy or something

  2. Whatever happened to that Waver Race rumor? I want that game! F-Zero and Golden Sun.

  3. F-zero, starfox, 1080 and wave race, Metroid, ice climbers, Mach rider, earthbound, and a few more are all possible candidates. plus earthbound is getting a rerelease, so anythings possible

      1. quite a while ago, it’s supposed to be on the virtual console by the end of the year

    1. Also Ice Climbers would be sweet but it would be nice to see them in another style game

  4. Earthbound, Star Fox, F-Zero in that order. My real pick would be Banjo Kazooie but I know that obviously isn’t possible.

    1. well they are going to rerelease earthbound on virtual console, so there’s that. a 4th game is kinda impossible though, as itoi put it

      1. Itoi said that he won’t be making Mother 4. However, he said previously that he would let another company create it, because he would love to experience his own games from the players eyes, instead of the developers eyes.

  5. I wish they can bring back Space Station Silicon Valley but Rockstar owns & they are too busy with GTA.

  6. Yes Reggie! F Nintendo of Japan, make your own F-Zero and Star Fox.If NoJ doesn’t want to do it then screw them!

          1. It was the only one on a console which was actually capable of doing F-Zero. How they pulled it off on SNES and N64 still eludes me.

            1. I have the first one on the SNES, not some emulator, and it is great. Competes with Super Mario Kart for best racing SNES game, in my opinion.

  7. F-Zero came out in 2003.

    It’s 2013.

    Reggie comments on “abandoned” franchises.

  8. You know what you didn’t bring to the Wii?

    DO IT.

    (Also I think an Ice Climbers game on 3DS would be cool. Lol pun)

  9. This year was the 20th anniversary of Starfox and its been 9 years since the last console Starfox. Bring it back and give it to Platinum Games to do. I want Starfox that’s the scale of X. Then F-Zero give that to someone.

  10. i wish they would release all prior roms on VC for us to choose from and then they’ll know what is worth to build upon.

  11. The GameCube had way more first-party franchises than the Wii: StarFox, F-Zero, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, two Zelda titles, Sunshine, the best Mario Kart game to date (in my opinion), etc. Even that goofy Donkey Kong game was on it. Oh, and Kirby Air Ride. I loved the GameCube days!

  12. Obviously we’d all love to see new F-Zero and StarFox titles come to Wii U. Hopefully we’ll hear something in the future.

  13. Oh please, he doesn’t know anything. he is full of air and gas lol

    What ninty should be thinking about is making new ideas for their exsisting ips, go back to inventing the light bulb.

    I think yoshi’s island 3 is an example that they just want to spin out the same ideas, and not put a lot of thought into new ones.

    1. maonster games would do the racing while platinum would do starfox, perfect fit!!!!!! also nnooooo!!!!! 3d kirby sucks, kirby g4 was horrible after i was 7!!

  14. We need Metroid most of all, I would like to see Star Tropics, Faxanadu, Earthbound, Warioworld, Eternal Darkness, Geist, and Super Mario Sunshine sequel.

    1. *notices Murasame-Jo*

      Just do it, Nintendo! This game alone out of all the abandoned Famicom/NES IP’s deserves a revival as big as Kid Icarus Uprising.

        1. StarTropics is a beautiful, amazing tropical adventure game for the NES. You played as teenager Mike Jones, on a quest across the tropics to save his uncle from aliens. It only ever had one sequel, StarTropics II, which was also for the NES.

          It hasn’t had a game since 1994 and I think it’s high time we see this amazing series again.

        2. It’s basically Legend of Zelda, in the tropics, for babies. Really, it’s embarrassing that it’s actually made by Nintendo. I think Nintendo is only going to include Startropics in their count of IP’s they own.

  15. Ice Climbers, Earthbound, Wave Race, Game and Watch, Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero, Starfox and Punch-Out!

  16. Star Fox dammit.

    Give it a full do over though, dont just release Star Fox 64 type game, even though some of these stupid fanboys would like it, they’re fucking stupid, give it to Kamiya and Platinum Games, revitalise it, not just “HIGH DEFINITION” -__-

        1. What? You idiot, the SNES star fox wasn’t near as good as the N64 one. You have no taste in games.

  17. INB4 Mother 4. Still not happening, no matter how many times you delude yourself. F-Zero, please and thank you.


    1. Retro stated that they had a choice to choose either a new metroid game or DKC again and they chosed DKC so they were allowed to make anotger Metroid if they wanted.

  19. wtf! considering. they should fucking do it. revitalizing old games will help both the franchise and the console.

  20. Star Fox, Golden Sun, Metroid, F-Zero, Ice Climbers. Get a move on it!

    And make another Kid Icarus while you’re at it!

  21. This sounds like the same thing they said last year…and the year before that…and the year before that. Hype for the next year and then bringing nothing.

  22. im sick of ppl saying they dont make any new IPs I DONT CARE I WANT MY METROID AND STAR FOX and ofc what was announced at e3

  23. Bring back Startropics! It was a phenomenal game for the NES by the same team that did the original Legend of Zelda. Both games had pretty bad sequels but only Zelda got the 3D treatment and not Startropics. Please bring it back!

    1. And also Custom Robo. They made a really good one for the DS and then abandoned the series.

    2. BAD sequels? Zelda II and Zoda’s Revenge are by no means bad games. They may be different from their predecessors, but they’re by no means BAD.

  24. I could not play the new Kid Icarus game because the control scheme hurt my hands, that one shouldn’t count.

  25. Let’s start with a new Star Fox & a Wii U fire emblem & go from there.

    And if we have to build something for the 3DS I GUESS we can do Advance Wars…I guess ;)

  26. Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, Earthbound, Banjo Kazooie, Waverace, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion, 3D Donkey Kong, Mario Party or even something like Wario World and Pokemon Stadium would all make me so happy and help sell the Wii U. If we get three of those at next year’s E3, I’ll consider Nintendo fans lucky

  27. It would be nice to see Mother, Star Fox, F-Zero, Waverace, and Star Tropics. I think it would be cool to see Next Level games make a Star Tropics III in 3D for 3DS.

  28. With Wii, there wasn’t every franchise released. No Starfox, F-Zero, and no Ice Climbers to name a few.

  29. F-Zero, Nintendo collab with Sega/Sumo Digital since Sumo has interest in making a new game. Platinum Games for Star Fox since they are interested in making one too. Retro, either Metroid or a new IP. I’d also love to see Chibi-Robo and maybe a Mach Rider game. And not sure if it’s a Nintendo IP or not but I’d love to see a new game like the Guardian Legend. A Zelda like game that turns into a spaceship shooter type game would be cool.

  30. The earthbound and mother series, Star Fox, Banjo- Kazooie, Castlevania and Bomberman!

  31. Jet force gemini (from rare games) and a Pokémon game like the 64game play. (the Pokémon stadium 2) with the multiplayer option that you can choose every Pokémon you like…it’s a great idea (:

  32. F-Zero for Wii U, Metroid for Wii U, WaveRace for Wii U, Golden Sun for 3DS, Open-world Ice Climbers for 3DS, Kid Icarus (Return to platformer roots or open-world, or Uprising style) for Wii U, Custom Robo for 3DS, StarTropics for 3DS, Sin & Punishment for Wii U, StarFox for Wii U, and new IPs!!!

  33. Sega should do F-zero (or Shin’en). Starfox by Platinum Games would surpass Starfox by Nintendo. The Icarus Uprising series would be great for Wii U!

    1. 3D rendition in 3rd person, I would love seeing Podunk in full 3D, and same thing with the Giygas fight at the end, where you have to sing to defeat him. I would literally cream myself.

  34. Suggestion when writing articles: when you use quotation marks within a quotation, use ‘these’ to surround any words that need quotations not “these.”

  35. I want Kid Icarus, Waverace, F-Zero, Starfox, Startropics, and the Takamaru game! And maybe a new IP!

  36. Other than the obvious choices like Star Fox and F-Zero, I would love for some one to make a new Nazo no Murasame-jo (Mysterious Murasame Catsel in English). I personally felt that the game had the most potential of getting a revival unlike the other “abandoned” NES/Famicom games. The only one interesting in doing such a project is Hideki Kamiya from PG. He also wants to make a new Star Fox. I think its best for him to work on Star Fox first because Treasure is too busy with other projects at the moment and many people are expecting that game the most. Besides, Takamaru needs a popularity boost like Pit before even receiving such a game. The only way for that popularity boost to happen is that he is included in Super Smash Bros., the same method how Pit even became such a fan favorite. How do I know you may ask, this Japanese pen pal I’ve known for 8 years decided to have a private talk with him in the Platinum Games headquarters during his Valentine’s vacation at that time. He’s also the admin of the Takamaru for Super Smash Bros. 4 website on Facebook, which I used to administrate. It will be worth it if he did Star Fox first and Murasame Castle later before the end of the Wii U’s lifespan.

  37. Starfox and Banjo which I inow the bear and bird ain’t happening. I also wish for another platformer ip.

  38. Revisiting REALLY old franchises can be a gold mine, in that they still have a bit of name recognition and clout, but they can be applied to just about any genre Nintendo wants and tie it together nicely. Kind of like Kid Icarus Uprising– it played NOTHING like the original Kid Icarus, but who cares, it was awesome!

    As for an old franchise to revisit? I say Urban Champion. That would be a great gateway to a more traditional fighting game than Smash Bros– or heck, it could be another Smash game with all-original characters!

  39. F-Zero.

    And, Reggie, consider Metroid, too… We haven’t had a REAL Metroid game since Prime 3!

  40. -sigh- finally. It’s about time that Ninten have began looking into the many franchises that they haven’t used at all.

    Star Fox can start from where Command left off with any of the 9 endings possibly creating 9 other installments in the series.

    It’s good to see that Ninten recognizes the situation that they are in since devs have either ignored or backstabbed them left and right.

  41. F-Zero oh my goodness I would actually start crying if a F-Zero 3DS/U came out ;_; Or Kirby Air Ride 2…..

  42. Will if Wii U is not getting sports titles, then bring Super Strikers, Mario Base ball, Tennis. Also all available ONLINE!!!

  43. It would be raw to see a RE4 remake from Capcom. It’s still the best RE game. Infact Remake RE Zero!!! Update camera, graphics, sound and based on the GamePad!!!

  44. Do it, Nintendo!!! DO IT! Star fox, F-zero and other dormant franchises would greatly benefit the Wii U’s library and install base. And these IPs would benefit from the Wii U itself.

  45. Hmmmm??? Wonder what fans want *cough cough* Metroid *cough cough* Star Fox *cough cough* F-Zero… We’ve only been asking for these games for EVER!!! 💋

  46. I am going out of my way to comment here, that I also want a new F – Zero!
    Even if it’s for 3ds, or even if it’s only an HD remake of F – Zero GX with online multiplayer…
    Please hear our concerns and wishes to get a new F – Zero!

  47. Really guys? Balloon Fight. Excitebike. Duck Hunt. Dr. Mario. Punch-out!! Ice Climbers. Mother. All of these retro old games that have been forgotten!

    1. They could get really creative with a new Ice Climbers. They could make it an obstacle/puzzle-heavy adventurish type of game.

  48. I think they would do well if they reestablished a franchise like NHL Stanley cup hockey they had on the SNES. Other sports titles as well, like the old Ken Griffy baseball. Make them real Sims, not cartoonie like their approach with the Mario sports titles.

    I know a lot of Nintendo fans don’t like these games, but the wiiu needs them, and with EA and 2K Sports not releasing anything, this could be a good opportunity for the big N.

  49. It’d be nice if there was a sequel to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. It’s a shame hardly anyone knows about it.

  50. can ya’ll remake the n64 nersion of megaman legends 1 and 2 and make them for the 3ds please i miss playing megaman legends 1 and 2

  51. i think for wii u F Zero,Star Fox ,and a game realised with Midway On SNES named Killer instinct

  52. F-Zero is a must for me. Star Fox is a series I don’t consider truly dormant, but a game on the Wii U is also a must.

    As for series that have been VERY dormant…a sequel to the original Ice Climber would be interesting to see.

  53. another Metroid!? C’mon We NEED MORE STARFOX a truly amazing franchise. F-Zero can’t be dead. and EarthBound hasn’t had a world wide release in almost 20 years

  54. Nintendo, please do StarTropics one more time. It was a great, creative top-down platforming game with an incredible story, amazing gameplay, and creative level and game design. Please, give it a chance. There’s nothing that can touch the awesomeness of this Indian Jones meets Zelda mash up. Please give it the respect it deserves.


    For the love of all saints. NEEDS to happen. The platforming-heavy, Zelda-style on modern times would be amazing to play. Remember StarTropics and its Letter? Well what if we could solve similar puzzles (not dipping in water) with a clever use of the TABLET/3DS Touch pad?

    Solving mysteries, cracking codes, while outside of the dungeons, while INSIDE the dungeons, it’ll be 100% action, up and down the rooms!

    Why is Nintendo ignoring this IP? There’s a lot to do with the concept of exploring islands, the pad/touch screen could get a MAP to make your sailing plans. (We could even plan a visit to Wuhu Islands and beat a hidden dungeon in it!)

    The piano puzzle on the Wii U game pad, revealing hidden rooms with special equipment, the easy use of items by sliding them to the screen to equip them… come on! This is driving me nuts! :D

    1. Yes! Yes! StarTropics revived, if not shown on the upcoming Smash Bros. game! There was so much ingenuity in both StarTropics games… don’t forget the boar attack from Zoda!

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