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Reggie Says Nintendo Is Looking At Tomodachi Collection For North America

tomodachi collection new lifeReggie has told MTV Multiplayer that the company is seriously considering bringing Tomodachi Collection over to North America. Tomodachi Collection is a life simulation game that has sold incredibly well in Japan. Fils-Aime believes that the game could be a success in North America due to the daily short play nature of the title.

“I have to say, personally, I don’t find it a huge inconvenience to be swapping out my game cards. There are other games, “Tomodatchi Collection” in Japan, which is something that we are looking hard at for our market, that’s another one that benefits from those short bursts of play, on a day-in, day-out basis.”


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      1. Smash Bros, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Bros U, Super Luigi U, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, Lego City Undercover and Mario Kart 8. They OBVIOUSLY want their systems to have only a small ammount of good games. (/sarcasm)


  1. facepalm………. reggie you maybe should think about bringing games like earth seeker, fatal frame, captain rainbow, the yakuza hd, mother 3, dragon quest x disaster day of crises and more. thanks to sony for because they can localize nintendo games better than nintendo which were tales of graces and ni nu kuni, also gamestop and xseed thank you for being better than noa for seeing is demand in the rainfall games, reggie maybe you should think about bringing good games like noe did for the ones they published and maybe people will have more than 2 games to play in a year on your consoles. he needs to go like iwata to. yeah whats going to happen is sheep trying to stick up for that bullshit denying the droughts of games we always get…… unless could it be that nintendo fans dont like good games!!!!! maybe thats why people always seem to be on noa side on this!!!!!! stupid sheep go play mini golf instead. at least noe is good at this.


    1. ok, innocent mistake, maybe if if name myself after anime characters ill know all the japanese too. At least i’m not trolling like….”certain people”.


      1. I was referring to the fact that I posted a legitimate (albeit uninformed) question to an article rather than simply trolling “first” as is the popular thing to do. “Certain people” was those first-y people, not yourself, Rin. I just didn’t want to refer to them directly so as to continue feeding the trolls, ignoring them completely is the only way.


  2. I really hope this gets here, it looks like a weird and fun game.
    Also… just because this might get localized doesn’t mean other, “better” games won’t be too? If anything this might be a sign that they are getting better at this.


  3. Man, just 3 letters different from Tomagotchi. Had me confused for a minute.
    I have absolutely no idea what to think about this game?


  4. it’s cool that they are starting to port some really good japan only games (Xenoblade, Last Story, This) I will personally be picking it up and to everyone who says this is a stupid idea.. Why not? it’s a fully complete game that just needs a translation and it won’t stop “better” japan only games from coming to other countries, it will only help them come if anything


  5. Why are people so angry at the concept that… *gasp” We could get a, so far Japanese only, game in the US? If this gets released in the US and does well, that could be a sign that we’d be getting bigger and better games that would possibly be Japanese only eventually! HELLO! Wouldn’t you like to play some of those games? I guess not, if you think something like this is a bad idea.


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