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Miyamoto Says Pikmin 3 Is One Of His Best Games


Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto believes that Pikmin 3 is his next great game, as far as he is concerned. Miyamoto was asked why he believes this and he replied that after he made it, he played through it, and found that it was fun. Speaking about Pikmin 3, Miyamoto also said that he has designed the game in a way so that, as you play it, you get better and better at it and start to understand the depth of the strategy and the best ways to use the Pikmin in it. Miyamoto concluded by saying that in time, you’ll be playing quite well.

“And this stands out to you as, you think, is one of the best?” I asked.

“I think so,” he said.

“And how do you know that?” I said.

He was beginning to answer before my question was even done.

“Because after I made it, I played it and it’s fun,” he said in a moment that reminded me quite clearly who he is and what he’s done.

52 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Pikmin 3 Is One Of His Best Games”

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        1. Huh? You must have not played it then, because I find it an experience. Pikmin 3 not only adds to that, it will be more.

          1. oh i’ve played it…. guess i’m just more of a fastpaced kinda guy….. pikmin’s not fast….. though i do love pokemon

  1. You can tell. In all of his Pikmin 3 vids he is always SO exited! I have never seen him so happy to show off a game before. It’s nice to see him so passionate for his project. Definitely going to pick this up.

    1. Yea. After watching the developer direct on pikmin 3 I can’t wait to play this game. He’s just incredibly enthusiastic about it.

  2. Just seeing how passionate and happy Miyamoto is about this game makes me want it even MORE. You KNOW that if Miyamoto is this passionate and confident about a game, it’s gonna be G O O D !

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  4. My only complaint as far as what I know about Pikmin 3 is the heavy emphasis on fruit collecting. It’s ok, but I REALLY loved collecting those real products in Pikmin 2, such as Rob The Robot’s head and gyros, Vlasic Pickle jar lids and other real products. Even though the multiple lids, bottle caps, rings and marbles got real repetitive.

      1. Well, since the player now controls three captains, I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal. In fact, it’ll involve more strategy, you’ll have to divide up your teams a certain way, who will go after the giant creatures, and you will stay behind and perhaps harvest and take on smaller enemies and build bridges and the like. I think if they have you fruit collecting from time to time, it will keep you engaged throughout all you’re separate teams of Pikmin.

  5. It has A LOT to live up to he is the greatest game designer ever and not by a small margin.

    will it stand toe to toe with Ocarina of time, ALTTP, Super Mario 64, and all the other greats i dont know but i will say this it looks STUNNING!!!! Pikmin 3 FTW!!!

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