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Miyamoto Says Don’t Expect A New F-Zero Any Time Soon


Shigeru Miyamoto says that he is aware that Nintendo fans would love to see a new entry in the F-Zero franchise, but he says that the team are struggling with ideas that could turn the next F-Zero into an exceptional game. Miyamoto concluded by stating that he really doesn’t know what direction Nintendo could go in with a brand new F-Zero title.

“I certainly understand that people want a new F-Zero game. I think where I struggle is that I don’t really have a good idea for what’s new that we could bring to F-Zero that would really turn it into a great game again. Certainly I can see how people looking at Mario Kart 8 could see, through the anti-gravity, a connection to F-Zero. But I don’t know, at this point, what direction we could go in with a new F-Zero.”

283 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Don’t Expect A New F-Zero Any Time Soon”

    1. You might have been trolling and didn’t really mean it, But i think it’s true. Wii U sales won’t pick up until somewhere in 2014. i think they released Wii U to early. They have barely any games to give us, so they should not expect Wii U to sell.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I agree. They should’ve released it this year so the Virtual Console, better specs, more games, etc. would be available at launch.

      2. Must I remind you what is coming out August through October alone? Pikmin 3, in which, I am dying to play,the wonderful 101, in which, I will end up getting. Wind Waker HD which I will also be getting. The good games starts this year and continues into next year, not much of a Nintendo fan are you?

        1. They are my favorite company. I am an all out Nintendo fan. I love them so much i am currently thinking of getting a Nintendo logo tattoo on my back. Dont be an ass.

              1. Don’t be a fool, calling me a troll doesn’t prove shit. You sound like all those Nintendo haters bitching about the lack of sales and such. If I remember correctly the 3DS didn’t have good sales at first either. The Wii U is just waiting for the other consoles to come out to pick it up.

                1. I think you are misunderstanding. Calm down. All i was saying was sales wont pick up until the heavy hitters arrive next year.

                  1. I agree. There is a few quality games coming out this year but not enough to pick up the sales of the Wii U. Smash bros and Mario Kart will surely do the job.

                    1. Nah, there are plenty of games coming out THIS year. Calling me a “dick” because I believe this?

                  1. Believing that the company will get good sales with the games coming out this year makes me a fan boy? Funny.

                    1. Nope, how you’re treating nintendofan55 makes you a fanboy. You really are quite pathetic.

              1. Why don’t you go tie his shoes while you’re at it? Just because I have an opinion makes me a disgrace? You are an imbecile.

                1. No, because he didn’t share the same opinion as you, you accused him of not being a Nintendo fan (When he clearly he is), then you white knight Nintendo like there is no tomorrow. Fanboys like you are ruining the gaming industry.

                  1. By believing they will have good sales? Are you even paying attention to me? I don’t think they will surpass greatness with what is coming out this year, but there are good games coming out THIS YEAR. Perhaps you should pay closer attention.

                    1. Perhaps you should learn to read. People are annoyed with HOW YOU FUCKING ATTACKED NINTENDOFAN55. Not because you voiced an opinion. My god, you’re stupidity amazes me.

                    2. I’ve learned a lesson today. Never say anything slightly negative about Nintendo on a Nintendo site or there will be fanboys arguing with you the next minute…

                    3. @Nintendofan55

                      That’s the issue I’ve continually faced (I don’t care though lol). Just use it to have fun with :P (It’s what I do)

        2. Pikmin 3 and W101 aren’t system sellers (I don’t know why people think they are?)

          WW HD is the only system seller you listed.

                  1. Another opinionated statement, I can name plenty of people wanting to play it including myself. I’m gonna laugh when the Wii U gets sales just from this year ALONE. Also, DKCR sold more than all the primes put together.

                    1. Sales from this year alone? Are you forgetting the Playstation 4? Look Wii U will be successful in the long run but we won’t see that success until 2014. Like jelly said, there is not alot of system sellers this year.

                    2. All I heard out of that was “Oh I’m such a fanboy! Marry me Nintendo!” ;)

                    3. @nintendofan55
                      I’m not a TOTAL Nintendo fanboy like you guys are saying, I will end up getting the PS4. I do believe the ps4 will affect things, but I think games you guys aren’t thinking will do good, will indeed do good. We can’t tell until the start of August.


                      Ahhh well thank you for the entertainment guys. i ate like three bags of popcorn. Best fight ever. I someday hope to see a another one soon. Titan you were getting blasted to hell. It was Jellybean,Nintendofan55,Crazysteve,and Anonymous vs You. Lol 4 against 1 and you still commented like a boss. Well thank you all so much for this wonderful scene. Drake and Josh sucks but whatever. I hope to see you guys fight again someday. BYE!!!

                    5. @Collier7648 Ohh thats where CrazySteve is from, its from that cheesey Kids show. I knew i recognized that name somewhere

                    6. This is a bizarre argument to say the least but it boils down to this. Nintendo played the lifespan of the Wii wrong. They had the bare minimum in sales and stores were considering dropping them from assortments.(I work in big box retail) With the exception of a few JRPGs and some first party stuff it was all 3rd party garbage cluttering store shelves.
                      Nintendo was in a tight spot and had to release the WiiU 6-10 months ahead of schedule(we get industry forecasts). Games were not done. Games in the pipeline were off in the distance. It is starting to get better but as Nintendofan55 says it really won’t get better until the big titles come out next year. We need a true Zelda and Mario sequel. I hope its not too late with the release of the other next gen systems.

                1. Once again, I never said they don’t appeal to me, I just said they’re not worth mentioning in comparison to the big guns coming out in 2014.

                  Btw, change your name, you look like a faggot.

            1. When did I say they didn’t appeal to me?

              I just said they are not system sellers (W101 100% is NOT a system seller)

              Pikmin 3 can be one, but I highly doubt it.

              1. I am A Nintendo and Sony Gamer. I am just looking forward to the Nintendo games coming out this year.

                1. I’m more so looking forward to next year Nintendo wise (X, Just give me X now). Most the Nintendo games coming out this year are alright, just a lot of them will more than likely fall when the rest of the next gen crew arrive.

    2. It’s really starting to feel like Nintendo isn’t giving its fans what they want. There just doing what they want. I don’t regret getting a wii u but two years after launch we get the games that should of been out first year. The only game I’m looking forward to is the new DK at this point. Feel like I’m forced to get games I don’t want. That’s all there is for me right now.

    3. get a grip sony and ms casual fans


      Fzero has had declining sales over the gens and the gamecube version FLOPPED AND FAILED TOTALLY TO SELL SYSTEMS


  1. lol miyamoto makes 1 mil a year slave owner billionaires he made them rich but hes still a slave miyamoto shoudda quit nintendo and worked for ea or ubisoft years ago

      1. Doubt it. Japanese companies don’t like that. Executive salaries are often tied to the lowest paid employee to create a maximum wage.

          1. I’m a Nintendo fan as well as a Sony fan but most of your comments I can agree with. Nintendo will do fine but there really fucking themselves over right now.

  2. Aw! I’m definitely waiting for a new F Zero game. We haven’t had a really good one since GX for Gamecube. Still, that game was enough for me to become a fan of the series. It was epic! I think they could make the game work. Updated graphics and a cool plot is all that they need

    1. We need to voice our opinions n complain lot to where they change their minds. If really want a new F-Zero game on Wii U that is. Gamers have a voice, see Microsoft. Personally, the only F-Zero game I played is the SNES version. So, I dont even how good the one on Gamecube was to complain for a sequal.

      1. I recommend checking it out if you get the chance. It’s probably on the eshop. It was a really great game, I love the gameplay and the graphics hold up really well. Not to mention that the plot was also fantastic. I agree that we just need the game to have enough vocal supporters

    1. My thoughts exactly. My response to “we can’t enhance it so we aren’t gonna make it” “just making a f***ing game! Not everything needs to “innovate”!” It gets tiring. Innovating is good but every now and then the same ol same ol is a good thing.

  3. how about a good online gameplay custom cars and tracks online competitions???????????????????????? nintendo will never let users create their own content its against company policy

    1. don’t worry miyamoto Little Big Planet for ps3 will obliterate mario kart 8 and wii u ENDLESS REPLAY VALUE

      1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          1. not really, i like Mario and DK games, but i enjoy any kind of games(except the overhyper Zombie ones)

            Im open minded(again, no zombies)

            and I enjoy Nintendo games ALOT, at the same level I enjoy others like Skyrim or dark souls

            1. Different tast in games doesn’t make a game bad. Nintendo has its own style and I’ve always liked what they do. There just taking there sweet time for some reason.

                1. At least they don’t come out with FPS’ up the ass. They have the best minds in the industry. I’d like to see you become a game designer as good as Miyamoto.

          2. WOW..You must have NOTHING to do. I’ve never seen a troll, troll as hard as you! There are plenty of Sony blogs where you can profess your undying love for the PS4. However, we all know your a secret Nintendo fan, because only a moron would waste their time, trying to berate a multi billion dollar company!

          3. The Fat Plumber has proven himself for over 25 years lol… Lets see your sackboy do that. Then talk shit Troll.

            1. it is only been around for 25 years becuase nintendo has no creativity, they believe that that fucking franchise will keep them rich forever and will always cram that shit down your sheep throats.

          4. Now you’re being pretty ignorant. If the xbox wasn’t selling FPS’ would you still get it? Doubtfully so, it has nothing but FPS’. Pikmin 3 is my most anticipated game coming out this year. Doesn’t have a plumber or an aging plumber, does it? You just feed off of the other trolls attempting to get some attention. I pity you.

        1. Yes. It was a level editor.

          Offline is irrelevant. All you said was “nintendo will never let users create their own content”.

          Which, clearly, they have done.

          What you wanted to say was “Nintendo have not created any games that include an online hub for sharing user created content”.

          1. Not true. I understand that it is not a common occurrence in their games, but Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Minis on the Move and other games from the series have online hubs for sharing user created content.

  4. I love how Miyamoto’s concern is they dont just want to reskin Fzero in HD and make a shallow sequel that only has new visuals next to it’s name, and yet nearly EVERY developer is doing the same thing.

    FZero HD is one cash in title i’d excuse.

    1. There is so so much they could do with the franchise. I mean the limitations of the Gamecube highlight just how much you could do with the franchise now with Wiiu hardware and online capability…

      1. Give us some HD race cars and a 30 player online system(like somebody mentioned before) and I’m sold. That alone would suffice.

  5. Online multiplayer??? We don’t need an “innovation” for the series. We just need a new one. What was so new about the last NSMB?

  6. Why does everything have to be innovative new and ALL the time at Nintendo? I understand making a new frontier but just make the damn game!

  7. Does it “have” to bring something new? I mean wouldn’t HD graphics, maybe some voice acting and a simple storyline be enough to satisfy our cravings?! lol! It doesn’t seem that hard to me!! 💋

      1. Especially for me, cause I never played an F-Zero game and I have been waiting for an HD F-Zero game for the Wii U to be announced so it can start me off on the franchise. 💋

        1. Or, if you have a Wii, find a used copy of GX. That game still holds up very well after all these years. I mean it’s better to try a previous game now than wait for Nintendo to make a new one later.

            1. That sicks, I’d be angry if that happened seeing as how my Wii is only good for GCN games anymore. Btw, there’s always getting a used Gamecube, unless you have one.

  8. This Miyamoto sensei guy can be a fucking pain just like the female doctor who put a finger in my ass last week.

    1. Or, just make F Zero open world.

      Burnout paradise style. But better.

      The world could be crazy. You wouldn’t be limited to flat gravity obeying roads, you’d have crazy tracks going all through the sky, over this amazing futuristic city. You could drive around of the ground of course, but you’d have highways and stuff going all around cloud piercing skyscrapers.

      Could be incredible, if done right.

  9. Well that sucks, it’s obvious that the next F-Zero would need some online play. If I were to make a new F-Zero, I’d put everything that made F-Zero GX great, put music in the style of F-Zero X, maybe put Sega/Sumo Digital in charge and you’d have a great F-Zero game. Have the machine editor, emblem editor, a track editor, and a character creation tool, have all the characters from GX back with some new faces, maybe make a story mode that has you see Falcon’s bounty hunting adventures.

    As for online features, 30 racers online in a variety of modes. You could even share custom tracks, emblems, machines and characters. And maybe dlc for future tracks and characters. There’s so much more they can do with the series.

    1. You’re hired !!!
      Welcome to nintendo.. I sure hope we will be able to contact each other more “directly” soon

      1. I’d be happy to work at Nintendo, I’ve always wanted to. Maybe now we can get started on games that deserve to be made.

  10. I seriously hope this same shit doesn’t happen to Metroid and I have to wait years on end just praying for another game.

    1. I think they are focusing on the franchises that sell the best, to pick up those shitty Wii U sales. Does Metroid sell? ;(

      1. That was only the first one that broke 2 million. I actually think DKCR by itself outsold all three Primes combined. Probably why Retro is making Donkey Kong instead of Metroid as their first Wii U game.

        1. Yea your right. MP almost sold 3 million. And MP3 almost sold 2 million. Sells way better than F-Zero though.

  11. You don’t need to drastically change a game for it to be successful. I understand that Nintendo is always trying to bring something innovative to the table, but it’s been so long since an f-zero game was released… Just look at it as a simple, fun racing game and it will sell.


    1. It is heart braking to hear them say this about F-zero when this is the same company who are guilty to certain franchise Milking.

      It would be the best thing ever online… nuff said.

        1. Shut the fuck up.

          I’m a massive F-zero fan so it personally saddens me to hear that there isn’t much enthusiasm for the franchise within Nintendo. Of course this is only 1 small aspect of the big picture with Nintendo and we have games like Mario Kart 8 , 3D world , Pikmin 3 , X , Smash bros and a lot more to keep up us happy.

          Still I want Starfox , F-zero and Metroid to be consistent franchises for Nintendo , they fucking deserve to be.

                  1. Hey “WIIUBUZZ” you need to look in the mirror, and realize what we see here. Your love for Nintendo is appreciated, but youre being a dick to other Nintendo Fans. Your show is actually terrible, Im sorry. You suck dude you dont even let your guest speak, he was always fighting just to get a word in. I wasnt going to say anything but you being a bitch with the guys, now get it right or scram douchbag. Oh and here’s a tip dude, shave-get a haircut and some contacts… Dont talk about “Gay” shit so much because you fruity as shortcake pimp. See yourself out, and return with a readjustment lil dude.

                1. Nope, it’s a buddy of his, and he makes N-Dub look like a good friendly guy. THAT’S HOW BAD HE IS!

            1. Same here. I’m DYING for another StarFox. no offense but I’ve seen a LOT of Metroid and not NEARLY enough StarFox OR F-Zero OR EarthBound. let the golden franchises continue I love Zelda to death but I’m satisfied for quite awhile with Skyward Sword

  13. Thats funny he says that considering they have been releasing like 5 Mario games per year lately.
    Anyway, Fzero is already very crazy, futuristic and over the top, and you can do pretty much anything you want with gravity and track design. So what is there to think about? Just do it Nintendo.

  14. I love F-Zero and I want F-Zero for my goddamn Wii U!

    Ok, with all things said, F-Zero never really did sell well compared to their other franchises, Nintendo is concerned it won’t be as sucessful, because the minority is the vocal one asking for a new game, not the majority who don’t even know or like F-Zero.

    However, Nintendo introduced the anti-gravity mechanic on Mario Kart (which is a popular game played by millions of people) to make their consumers a bit more aware and used to that anti-gravity thing that has a lot in F-Zero, they also introduced a minigame of it in Nintendo Land, which I hope will help the game to gain more public awareness.

    So yea guys, it’s coming. It’s not coming any time soon because first Nintendo has to make sure it won’t be an undersold masterpiece like GX. But it is coming eventually, which makes me very happy! :)

  15. Fuck of Miyamoto! Sorry but that statement seems hugely hypocritical among franchises like NSMBU and Mario kart….

    Just ad fucking Online and epic graphics. Done. More than justifies a new iteration , why do you think GT6 is coming out ? You think Polyphony just said ”GT3 was good enough , we don’t need to move this franchise forward anymore”.

    Extremely frustrating for me as the biggest F-zero GX fan on Earth :(

    1. Guys the BEST way to get through to a company, is to right letters upon letters to Nintendo by ALL of its fans, and trust me THAT will get their attention. They really do read what comes in, and the top guys are interested enough to speak to the fans about huge issues. LETTERS PEOPLE!!! Online is great too but we need to agree, unite, and strike hard all at the same time to really be effective. Im sure there can be a brave few who can get this going. I offer my servives and ideas to anyone who has more info and ideas to get together and do this! Lets make the first step, get feedback from fans about what they want to see, make youtube videos with petitions, and letters from everyone, I guarantee Nintendo will notice and who knows what we can accomplish? Look at how xboxdone did a 360(Pun Intended) on their policies… Nintendo needs to be intouch with its fan base US or they will do whatever THEY want!
      My email is Power 2 the Gamers

  16. If you need help Mr. Miyamoto..hire some of the fans…I am sure we all have great ideas that could make F-Zero work. I will work for free!

  17. There is no need to say things behind Miyamoto’s back. He is the worlds greatest video game designer. He is never wrong.

    Let him do what he must. May he remain a legend.

  18. Nintendo:

    yeah, lets not make a game that people have been waiting and asking for since the GCN days, instead, lets make another game that people dont ask for, because it sells, and no dont worry, we arent playing it safe anymore.

      1. no body asked for a Mario Kart, Mario Kart is a given, its been on every Nintendo Console since the SNES so we know its going to come, what fans have been asking for is F-Zero.

        hell give us a new Wave Racer as well.

  19. Struggling with ideas? Maybe Nintendo should ask it’s fans then. Many seem to have plenty. Oh wait, I forget, Nintendo doesn’t listen to what gamers want. But seriously, if Nintendo is really struggling that much with new ideas, then maybe they should just give up now. I mean, not since Galaxy have we seen any new ideas; and that was years ago.

    1. Respectfully, I don’t see Sony or Microsoft overflowing with innovative ideas. In fact, whether you believe it not, I’d argue Nintendo is the only company pumping out new ideas. For example, the DS, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U are new gaming concepts never before seen. Not to mention, the innovative gameplay that many of their franchises have seen. I started gaming in the late 80’s, and thanks to Nintendo, I still game. While I have nothing against Sony (I own a PS3) or Microsoft, if Nintendo wasn’t around, I wouldn’t be gaming. For me, Nintendo makes me appreciate gaming, and instead of viewing it a just a simple past time, I now appreciate games as art!

      1. That’s your opinion of course. But the majority of the gaming community: gamers, journalists and developers, would disagree. We see nothing but rehashing of top franchises and outdated approaches to gaming. This is also reflected in the awful sales of WiiU and an overall lack of interest, despite E3.

  20. You’re just getting old Mr. Miyamoto. I have tons of ideas for F-Zero as probably many others, but you just keep thinking on how to refresh a franchise when you simply don’t get what people wants. You should produce games for players sometime and not only the games you like to make.

  21. Make it similar to GX. Just in HD 1080p and 60fps with 30 player online with new courses not that difficult Miyamoto.

      1. Facepalm…I’m not saying make it an easy game. I’m sayings its not difficult to see what needs to be done to make a new F-Zero game.

  22. I appreciate his concern in trying to make a unique gaming experience. However, if he is having difficulty in coming up with meaningful ideas, then they should allow another publisher that they have a relationship with to try. Companies like Retro, Platinum, and Sega come to mind.

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  24. I have some ideas :
    1 having different paths in each race each one has its pro and cons (( like one that makes you faster but longer and the opposite )) and each have its obstacles .
    2 mii as a racer ( please don’t kill me )
    3 make a road in mid air that is extremely hard for you to control your car in it
    4 30 players online is that too mach to ask ??
    5 the ability to shot other players with a laser beam .
    So what do you think guys ?? No rude answers please

    1. doesnt mario kart already have all of these? well, with the exception of 30 players online, you pretty much sum’d up mario kart.

      so much for new ideas.

  25. This is why I have so much respect for Nintendo. They don’t just make games because they know they’ll get money from them. They would actually turn down an opportunity to get money because they don’t feel that they could make the game fresh and great. Nintendo has just won all of my respect all over again.

      1. They don’t sell. They are focusing on the franchises that sell to battle the Xbox One(sucks) and PS4.

        1. Still, Nintendo has to realize rely on the same 3-4 popular series to keep them afloat won’t last forever.

          Also, I don’t think Xbox One sucks. Still not very hyped for the console, but removing the DRM was a great choice. Now they just have to get rid of that mandatory Kinect BS.

          1. If they remove the mandatory kinect, they’ll have my money. I liked there game line up, just the DRM was utter crap.

          2. “Still, Nintendo has to realize rely on the same 3-4 popular series to keep them afloat won’t last forever.”

            oh the irony, MS is the same way you know. (gears, Fable, Forza, Halo)

      2. I find it ironic that Nintendo doesn’t want to make a new F-Zero because they have a lack of good ideas, yet they released two uninspired New Super Mario Bros. games last year. Yeah, Nintendo you sure aren’t playing it safe with your sequels /s. -_-

        1. It just shows they’re out of touch. It’s kinda funny, the fans say they care about Core gamers and creativity, yet all they do is release IP’s over and over that sell, they don’t take the risk with games anymore :(

          1. They are still an outstanding company. They are just focusing more on profits than quality these days.

            1. Then again, that’s the same with most companies. I just get annoyed when people say they are more focused on gamers when it is clearly profit that they want.

              1. Myself, I think nintendo’s not gonna start taking the bigger risks until the install base gets bigger and they’ve got better with the hardware. they have just released a new console so of course there gonna go for the games that sell the most and I would argue that they’re taking slight risks with bayonetta, pikmin 3 and ot a lesser extent X(from what I know bayonetta and the previous pikmins didnt sell to well).

                I am really getting sick and tired of all the new nsmb though hell i’ve only played the first and Wii U ones but i’ve seen so many of them that theyre getting annoying, I can kinda forgive the wii U one as they were just rushing to get a mario game out there at launch but still did they have to make a 3ds one around the same time.

        2. Yeah NSMB sucks. Too bad it looks like 3D Mario is going down the same road if 3D World is anything to go by.

      3. Metroid could still be Retro’s next game, I hope. Till then the new Donkey Kong is sure to be another great platformer *sigh*

      4. Who said there will be no metroid ?? Dude there is still 5 years in the console life , after that you can judge them

        1. Fuck no. I’m not waiting that long. PS4 is out soon, if they can’t win me over soon, they can get lost.

    1. “They don’t just make games because they know they’ll get money from them.”

      if this was so, we wouldnt have so much mario, they know mario sells, so they cater. -.-

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  27. How creative do u have to b its a freaking racing game. Just put some nice tracks on there for goodness sakes

  28. lol..nintendo is so stupid. (and im a fan).
    Refuse to give us a F.Zero because they have no ideas…What about all the new super mario bros Games we have with no new ideas since the DS Game lol.
    Mario for Wii U is just an updated version of 3D Land.
    Im starting to dislike Nintendo…

  29. And thats where miiverse comes in. They should make a community so ppl can voice their opinions and ideas to Ninten

  30. get a grip sony and ms casual fans


    Gamecube fzero flopped hard and that playstation rip off version flopped on ps3 also


    You want nintendo to make it THEN U DO T BUY IT THATS RATIONAL LOL GROW UP

  31. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

    Donky kong wii outsold metroid prime 123 combined BUT U WSNT METROID FIRST

    Donky kong wii helped push wii sales to record breaking levels BUT U WANT METRIOD WEN WIIU NEEDS DONKY KONG

    Keep up the I SEE THE WORLD THRU UNDER 10s eyes

  32. I feel miyamoto has become a victim of his own artistic visions, I mean lets be fair, what are all f-zero fans asking for? Long tracks, customisable cars and bright and shiny graphics. If we wanted anything else then there’s MarioKart for that.

  33. put in advanced weaponry and power ups in (as optional) and give it an enthralling storyline. also: New StarFox….sequel to Command (1st ending) new Dash Bowman Empire….MAKE IT

  34. They should do a GTA like f-zero, some Bounty hunting mission with some races in a huge sandbox style futuristic world would be awesome

  35. im really sick of nintendos shit, they just need new people running the whole company. yawn, really dont care anymore….. its the fanboys that are destroying them too, they think that fans only want the same five game every generation because thats all the fanboys usually ask for and thats it. really the wii u will be the last console i buy from them….. unless they pull a 3ds with the wii u.

  36. Well personally I would include racing tracks that interact more with the racers like falling boulders or meteors coming down in a Meteor Track…

    Instead of 30 racers why not 50 instead?…

    More Racing tracks…

    Take some inspiration from Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, the Podracing where the evil racers like Sebulba throws a spare tool to throw it on another racer and so on…

    All games do not need to have lots of new features, some games could just be expanded and improved…

  37. big three are overrated

    If they dont know what to do with the franchise then give to SEGA or for Platinum to develop. Or you can create a new hc racing title to wii u, just do somethin fresh. There is always 1000 different mario titles for 1000 different genres so i dont get how it is hard to create F zero, Star fox etc. I hope that Nintendo promotes X and Bayonetta 2 just like ms promotes Halo they need to get more big franchises regocnized for this system and they need to show everybody that they dont just do mario games. I love my wii u but i hope that there will be lots of different games on this thing from 1st and 3rd parties not just mario spin offs.

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  39. Yeah you really need to be innovative, just like youve been with a freaking remake of ZELDA TWW.

    Dammit Nintendo, just port Fzero GX make en couple of new tracks, make it HD and Online and youre done!

    Im getting pretty sick of Nintendo at the moment. They really just dont give a shit to the hardcore.

    And Fzero GX didnt flop, it sold 650.000 thats not a flop. Just not a big hit either.

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  41. I don’t want anything ‘new’ to the game like they do with Mario Kart. F-Zero as it is is superior in every way; and I REALLY don’t want them screwing it up with their ‘new ideas’ like with Sticker Star. HD and Online is enough for me.

  42. that´s easy, if isn´t broken, don´t fix it, and if they want to add something just add the hedgehog engine used on Sonic Unleashed/Generations, i think there´s no prob, ´cause Sega was involved in the last F-Zero Game

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