Sakurai Says We Don’t Have Time To Bring All Characters Back To Smash Bros

super smash bros

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that not all the characters that were playable in previous Smash Bros games will be making a return to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros. Sakurai says that this is purely because there just isn’t enough time to recreate them all. He concluded by saying that he will put in all the characters he can, but he understands that some fans will be disappointed at not being able to play as their favourite character.

“I can answer that: no. We don’t have the time to fully recreate every single character who’s been in Smash Bros at this point.”

“Adding new characters is not a simple addition – it’s really multiplication. The amount of work, adding a character is multiplied and becomes bigger and bigger as you go. We can’t because of the amount of work it takes. However, I do believe I understand that each character has its own set of fans out there who really like that character.”

“So we’re not going to cut characters out of the way, we’re going to put in as many characters as we can, we really want to do that, because it’s good for the fans and good for all of us. But in the event that we do have to cut some characters, I’d like to apologise in advance to those fans.”

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    1. You know, they could work on adding more characters in updates or DLC after the game has been released.

        1. What gives you that impression? I’m not trying to be a smartass, I’m legitimately curious.

          1. You dumb piece of shit if they put out DLC then people who can’t get it wouldn’t be getting the full game. If they didn’t put out DLC, then you would already HAVE THE FULL GAME.

        2. How? Getting more characters after the full game is released?

          I think that’s a great idea.

          If you don’t want to pay for additional characters, that’s up to you. DLC is optional and not forced. Some of us would love getting more characters.

          1. “I’d LOVE Nintendo to make an incomplete game,sell it to my stupid ass at full price&add the rest:characters, story, plot, ending(? )they couldn’t add in their *rush * later for more $. It’s my choice,I wanna pay console price for copy paste game!!”

        3. It would never ruin it the games on a strict dead line if they put it out and it has say 35 characters why would you not want them to slowly add more characters as time goes by extending the life of the game or new stages even nothing about extending a game ruins it only thing that ruins games is to much balance changes im fine with character dlc and long as the test and adjust new character with out changing previously implemented characters.

          1. That’s a good idea, but only if its free. Wait til they add 1 character as DLC thats retardedly OP (Like if Metaknight was DLC) so the people that have him will abuse the shit out of him online, potentially ruining the game for those who don’t have the extra $ lying around to buy dlc.

      1. Guys, he said he wont have time to bring all characters back. Didn’t you read the article? That’s why updates or DLC would be good, preferably updates so we don’t have to pay more.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if he was cut, the Fire Emblen Characters are very similar, and Marth has more of a history in Smash.

        1. Derpity-doo! Ike is just a heavier version of Marth. They DO play similar. The only real difference I see, besides appearing slightly less effiminate, is their finishing moves.

          1. Derpministan? Derpkowski? Derpinator?, Derpatouille? Derptastic? Derpin it up?

    2. No he won’t. His relevance is gone.
      He’s one of the “one off” characters, they’ll replace him with Chrom.

    3. I’d rather Ike be replaced with Chrom… I hated Ike. He wasn’t as popular as Sakurai thought he would be, I think. 💋

    1. Nintendo only gives content to gamers who don’t want/ask for it but never to those that are willing to pay for it. DLC is for Animal crossing not SSB.

      1. what a stupid statement. DLC is everywhere these days, some call it unnecessary (like microtransactions in EA’s games) some its totally necessary (music games) for this, its totally necessary. take the time you need to make the game and for those who aren’t included, include them as DLC real cheap, simple as that.

    2. DLC was made for those who don’t live off of just unemployment/walfare paychecks. If people (which I’m assuming are minorities) can’t offord it, why should they even have a say? Deport these scum & let the rest live at peace & joy.

    1. And why not? Do you actually think any company doesn’t start making DLC until after the game ships? The DLC wouldn’t be released while the game is relevant if they did that. They create a complete experience, and then they start on DLC almost certainly before the release of the game. If not, that time is spent on vacation, not working on the game.

    2. No this is just a cheap cash-in he can take his own time and make a complete game instead of the crap capcom and EA are pulling

  1. Misleading title for hits. He doesn’t say that he is saying they MIGHT not have time to bring all the old characters back, including new characters from melee and brawl

    1. No, Sakurai has said in the past that all the characters would probably not return. This article technically isn’t “news” but is more of an update on the facts. 💋

  2. Fine with me. Mario is my character and he is bound to be In every one! I do hope Ice climbers come back though

    1. I too would like the Ice Climbers to return I would also like Nintendo to do SOMETHING with the Ice Climbers. Like remake them the same way Sakurai did with Pit on te 3DS. 💋

      1. I don’t want Olimar to be scrapped cause of Pikmin 3 ^^ I want a lot of alternate costume/characters with the same moveset as Olimar >:3

        1. I would really like the game to add SKINS aside of colors
          Imagine Mewtwo with both his normal and awakened forme as skins
          Wario on his old and new skin, Zelda on her SS and Classic Design

          1. Wario has his “old skin” as several alternate costumes in Brawl that do rather change his design. Mewtwo’s Awakened Forme would more likely be a transformation, like Zelda to Sheik, or perhaps even a final smash – it’ll most likely depend on his stats and such.

      2. i have 2 ideas
        remove olimar, add Mii
        remove ROB, add Tails
        remove Lucas, add Female Pokemon Trainer with 3 different pokemon Pokemon trainer style

        1. Those are three ideas.

          I think if they remove a character it’ll be to add another character from that franchise. So Olimar might be replaced by one of the new Pikmin characters. ROB…I’m not sure, he’s as relevant now as when Brawl was released…which is to say not at all.

          We don’t need another Pokémon Trainer just to do the same thing with different Pokémon though. Not unless it’s to take out Red. I’d be more interested in seeing something from the spin-off games, like a Pokémon Ranger.

          I think we’ll be lucky to see Sonic make a return though, as he’s third party, never mind adding more in.

        2. Maybe Sonic won’t even return, so asking for Tails is too much.
          I can’t see Olimar being removed, at most they’ll change him for Alph or Charlie from Pikmin 3.

    1. Jigglypuff won’t be removed. She’s part of the original 12. Don’t expect Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Samus, Fox, DK, Ness, Link, or Kirby to ever miss a Smash Bros. game

  3. Nintendo purposefully makes their potentially good games bad cuz they don’t want their developers to think they have control of the company.

    1. Or, he could….fix them? Just a thought, seeing as it’s a game, not real life, you CAN reprogram and redesign things on characters with enough significance.

    2. Yeah. A lot of people said they’re broken characters. How are they broken. I have never owned the game so I don’t know :/

    3. King Dedede is not broken, and there’s no reason to cut any of them (Meta Knight just needs a bit balancing). And by the way, Sakurai would never take away any of the characters he created himself.

  4. Remove a character from previous versions to include the Wii Fit Trainer ??? SERIOUSLY SAKURAI? … I’m afraid now …

  5. I dont want them all back anyway.

    Ike, Lucas, ROB, Sonic, Toon Link, Lucario, i dont want any of those back, and same with Falco and Wolf unless they’re not clones this time.

    And anyone that wants Pichu, Dr Mario or Mewtwo back? Fuck you, they’re basically reskins or have been reskinned.

      1. Because he’s a shitty character and moves suck balls.

        Unless he’s conpletely redesigned then scrap him, which im noy hopefully for, seeing as Mario still has the piece of shit down+B FLUDD attack.

        1. Yes, let’s make the fucking game for YOU, TheDragon234! Cause you’re the only important one! Go fuck yourself! ^__________^

          1. No, everyone on the internet agrees that Sonic was fucking shit in Brawl.

            It’s just all the Sonic fans and dumbasses who are like “why can’t you program every Nintendo and third party character in them game and have it out by 2014? Durrrrr, give me Geno and Waluigi”

            1. I think they should cut down on the Mario characters actually, and I have no interest in Geno being in the next game.

            2. I agree, I like Sonic and I was excited when he was confirmed in Brawl, but I don’t use him in the game, his moves are bad. And I’ve seen a lot of people requesting for other characters of the Sonic franchise when Sonic himself might not return.

            3. That must be why people want him back! Because he sucked!

              Still, as we all know, it’s impossible to modify a video game character. I mean, just look at the tier list (i.e. what the Internet thinks of the characters). Everyone’s had consistent positions. Take Jigglypuff! Top in Melee, bottom in Brawl. Yep, there’s no way a character could play any differently in two different games.

            1. Lucario is the shit.I have never heard anyone say that he sucked. He is one of my favorites for sure. But yeah, everyone else on that list can go, except for maybe toon link.

        2. That’s your opinion, but that doesn’t mean everyone thinks that. You don’t personally get to decide what’s good or isn’t, so get over yourself. Sonic happens to be my main.

    1. Is there some reason those characters shouldn’t come back besides the fact that Nintendo should obviously cater to your every personal whim? People like those characters? Characters like Ike and Lucario that are no longer relevant might be replaced by characters that are, but why should others miss out? And Mewtwo may well return because it’s gaining a new form.

    1. Luigi is too popular, an origional and has had a year dedicated to him. Do you seriously think he won’t make it :P 💋

  6. I think its due to the act they decided to make it for the 3ds as well .. we didn’t require it to be made for the 3ds at the same time. They should hve just concentrated on the wii u version to make it the best version yet.. sakurai said that he wants to maintain the same characters for both the 3ds and the wii u , the limitations of the 3ds may limit the wii u version as well. Also this will be the game that eventually sells the wiiu if both the games are released at the same time then people will buy the 3ds version to satisfy their needs..

    1. See, I agree that something HAS to happen with Toon Link. It is weird having to alternate versions of Link as a character. I doubt they could do a palet swap… so honestly, the best possibility is to just not have Toon Link in the game… 💋

      1. I think is hard to do that, Toon Link is smaller than Link so he can’t just be a palette swap.

  7. I really hope that they aren’t rushing this game just to help Wii U sales. I think that Sakurai should just take the time he needs and make this a 50+ character game. I don’t want a small roster and while I would still get the game, it would probably lose to Brawl.

    1. No, fuck you.
      50 characters? Are you fucking crazy?
      All the ones that left Melee shouldn’t come back, and half of the Brawl newcomers, maybe more, shouldn’t return either. Do you even know how much time would go into having 50 characters, and how much stress that would be? And 15 of those characters would suck anyway, why characters like Yoshi, Jigglypuff are even in there too begin with is beyond me because they’re terrible, so why would you ever want 50?

      1. Alright, I’ve always believed in the “more is better” saying. Why should the sequel have less characters than the original? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. That’s why Marvel vs Capcom 3 was majorly disappointing to me. They cut out about half the characters.

        Sure, if the new one only has 20, but they’re all good characters than that’s still cool. But I’d rather have a solid 50 and 20 of them are hacked or underpowered. I still like to use every single character that’s ever been in a Super Smash game.

        It would be tough to create so many characters, but look at DBZ BT3. They had over 150 characters. Not to mention that the graphics for the Wii U Smash Bros were very underwhelming. I think that there should at the very least be 35 characters to match up to Brawl

        1. Super Street Fighter, the DBZ games, i could go on and on, they have so many useless characters. Why waste time? Why waste time in returning ones like Pichu, and DrMario, or add ones like King K Rool, and Geno (fuck Geno) who haven’t had relevance for generations?

          The point is he doesn’t want to make shitty characters, or clones, he wants everyone to be balanced and worth playing as rather than shoving a bunch of Ryu clones in there like Capcom do.

          1. They have some characters that aren’t that great, but at least they are still options. Out of DBZ’s 150+ characters, I enjoy playing with at least 100 of them. That’s a pretty good ratio I’d say.

            I agree with you that Pichu and Dr Mario don’t need to be in it since they were purely clone characters. They could be alternate costumes. However, I do think that Wolf and Toon Link are significantly different enough that they should still be in it. Mewtwo should be brought back along with Roy. Plus I want just about everyone else along with maybe 10 new characters. I don’t mind them dropping several characters, but I want the end result to be about as good as Brawl. From Brawl’s 35 characters, I’d say that a solid 30 of them are really fun to experiment and play with. I’m not a fan of Jigglypuff, but all other characters are decently fun.

            I don’t mind if he makes sure that none of the characters are clones, but I still want a solid number. Only having about 20 characters would be pretty disappointing in this day and age.

            1. Except they aren’t having 20!! Where are you pulling this fucking number from? Shut the fuck up!

              Pichu, Dr Mario, Mewtwo, Lucario, Falco, Wolf, ROB, Sonic, i could go on, those characters SUCK.

              Go play Super Street Fighter 4, and see how many characters are similar, it’s ridiculous.

              You need to actually stop and remember, “oh yeah, games dont come out of thin air, people make them”, you have no IDEA how insane it would be to include 50 fucking characters, all with tons unique animations, moves, it’s a ridiculous task, and it’s unreal to ask for it. The roster will be probably 35, you don’t need more, or just shitty reskins so you can play as characters that really nobody wants to play as.

              1. It’s an example. Like I said, if they have at least 30+ characters, then I’m fine. BUT if there are only 20 characters or less than I’ll be pretty disappointed.

                Lucario, Wolf, ROB, and Sonic are great. Mewtwo just needs a new moveset and he’ll also be incredible. I don’t mind losing the other ones.

                They’re similar, but it’s still great that you have the option of playing as them.

                I would take reskins over nothing. Also, I know that it takes effort, but that’s why we pay them the big bucks. If it were easy then anybody would go and make super cool games. We know that it’s hard and acknowledge it, but if DBZ can get over 150, I think getting 30-50 is the least that Super Smash can do.

                Again, if the roster makes it to 35 then I’m happy

              2. You think those character suck, great, I’ve heard, but you aren’t the only one playing this game and I’m sure there are many people who love those characters and don’t want to see them go. Also, instead of FUCKING SWEARING AND YELLING TO TRY TO SHOVE PAST AN OPINION THAT ISN’T YOURS (see what I did there?) how about you respond rationally and try to either defend or debunk their opinion.

                1. I’ve observed this guy for the longest time, and his transformation to a total jerk is, in all honesty, absolutely amazing.

        2. Yeah, I would agree on as many characters as possible.
          In the orginal game you make, lets say 25-30 characters, so most of us will be satisfied. And then later on, you bring out a new (free) DLC with some new characters from the newest games nintendo brought to life or just old characters you wanted to bring in but didn’t had the time for it.

          1. That would be a good strategy. I think that 25-30 is a solid starting point if they introduce the DLC characters later on. Also I agree that it should be free, paying 5 dollars for about 2-3 characters in each pack would be pretty sad.

          2. No, its not. Have some fucking empathy!
            Sakurai is basically destroying him wrist, so you can have a good game, and you want bitch and moan because you can’t have 50 characters?! Fuck. You.

            Nobody wants shitty cunts like Pichu and Mewtwo. You wana play as them? Play Melee.

            Stop asking for stupid fucking characters, and saying “i just want loads of characters, i dont care about reskins” people like you are the fucking problem!

            “Oh Mario 3D World? Yeah thats fine”

            Fuck off.

            1. It’s his job. If he is so worried about his wrists, he should just quit now. He has to create a good game, otherwise no one will buy it. Obviously he doesn’t care too much if he continues to work.

  8. First off there is DLC, second get rid of the dumb clones! I don’t want Falco and Wolf there with basically the same move set as Fox. Change out Ganondorf’s moves while you are at it.I can’t think of anyone else

    1. I feel like Dark Samus is a great character to have…but her/it’s relevance has passed.

            1. Fire Emblem didn’t need Ike.
              We didn’t need Falco, Wolf, Toon Link, Dedede, Meta Knight, why not go further? We don’t need Luigi, we have Mario.

              Dark Samus is not a big enough character. Im not saying i wouldn’t want her in the game, im just saying she wont be in it. Why Dark Samus would be included but Ridley would be left out makes no sense. “Oh Ridley’s too big”, Bowser is gigantic in some games.

              Another thing to note, Japan doesn’t really like the Metroid Prime games. Just being bluntly homest.

  9. Not what anyone really wanted to hear. Sakurai, if it dips below 30, we’d really rather wait.

  10. I hope they get rid of Snake he doesnt have story with nintendo. There are other third party characters that deserve to be included. I rather have Travis or even Rayman.

  11. Sakurai is really bieng lazy with the next smash bros. there is hardly anything new to make me excited, he said the story mode will be differant than brawl, lets just hope that its differant in a good way

    1. “Lazy?!?!” He is working his butt off for you! Sorry he hasn’t spoiled the game just so you can analyze whether he is “working hard enough”….. 💋

      1. People obviously don’t realize that not only does the game look great from the footage, Sakurai has also gotten an injury from working so hard on them. People should be grateful for Sakurai and his devotion to make us happy!

      1. Jiggly is one of my favs as well. She is a TANK if you know how to use her ;) Sakurai should leave in Jigglypuff cause she is an origional, he should leave in Wario, because he was added as a fan favorite in the first place, but he should remove R.O.B. He seems out of place. He was cool and all at first, but he ran his course as that “mysterious character no one expected.” 💋

    1. They will, I am 100% sure. Everyone has been clamoring for a new F-Zero. So they know Capt. Falcon is still relevant to the many fans of Smash Bros. Oh and he is an ORIGIONAL so he is eternally safe from being removed ;)💋

  12. Then why did you add Wii Fit trainer and Animal crossing character. Those corny ips could have been used for some Brawl characters. Olimar, Diddy Kong, Lucus, and Bowser better be in it. Jiggly Puff too.

    1. I KNOW Sakurai would not drip Jigglypuff. She is one of the origionals! Also, Diddy won’t get the boot, he was a fan favorite in Brawl and DK has had 3 games come out in the course of a year! Olimar might go… but he may be replaced by a NEW Pikmin charavter from Pikmin 3! :D I’m sure if a Mother charavter goes, it would be Ness over Lucas. and Bowser is Mario’s main villain. So He will stay too. You gotta calm down, because all the characters you are worried about are essentially the safe ones. 💋

  13. I think it’s sad that they have to cut some of the past SSB characters off.. :/ But it could be SO SO AWESOME if they put MewTwo back in SSB4! That’d be SO GREAT! I think he’s missing in Brawl, eventhough Lucario is meant to be a kind of replacement for MewTwo.. :/ ><' *I like Lucario very much too, but MewTwo is serioustly missing!*

    1. No it wouldn’t, it’s just one of those dumb requests from all the Melee fanboys.
      Not as bad as the fucking idiots asking for Toad and Waluigi, but it’s still dumb.

    1. Everyone was asking for an Animal Crossing character in one form or another. People also asked for more “females.” and Sakurai doesn’t want the roster to be too predictable. He wants some surprises. I personally like WFT. I think she fits in just right! 💋

  14. Well if they cut anyone it better be R.O.B, Ike, Snake (possibly), Lucario, Toon Link (sorry to fans), and if Sakurai is not including some characters from past games. He shouldn’t bring back: Young Link, Pichu, Roy, or… Dr. Mario -__- Sakurai SHOULD include all origional Smash Bros. Characters and only weed out the unnecessary 3rd parties, alternate versions of characters and those who can be easily replaced by a more current character. 💋

      1. Thank you! People need to face the fact that maybe their favorite character will get the boot. 💋

      2. Translation: Finally, someone who agrees with everything I say because my opinion (which is only just that) is just an opinion.

    1. I actually want regular Link to get the boot over Toon Link, I’ve always preferred the “lighter” character when it comes to semi-clones.

      1. But Origional Link is one of Nintendos greatest characters, so I doubt he would go over Toon Link. Plus, Sakurai is redoing everyone. So Link could be lighter, just like Samus is lighter now and Bowser is mich faster. 💋

  15. I think it’s a given that the original 12 characters will be back, I could be wrong. What worries me is that the game seems to be coming out too soon than I expected it to be. I mean how long was Brawl in development? When was this one announced to be in development? It seems too short imo. But hopefully I’m wrong. I just hope they have a couple of familiar faces, some new ones, and a good cast of third-party characters.

    I’d love to see Snake and Sonic back, maybe add Pac-man and Travis. I may be crazy but I’d love to see Batman, I mean why not? And this is a pipe dream but I’d love to see Captain N. But I think the reason he’s saying this is because of the 3DS which is obvious because of it’s limitations compared to the Wii U.

    1. lol… no Batman. You saw how people went crazy over R.O.B and Wii Fit TRAINER… imagine if Batman made it in. People would rage and probably stop playing the game. Batman’s unclusion would be a dealbreaker for many. ;) 💋


  16. I think it’s unlikely that all characters from a given series would be cut…for instance, I doubt both Marth and Ike would be cut.

    This could just mean those Melee characters absent from Brawl though – Dr Mario, Pichu, Roy, Mewtwo, etc. Or else they’re just cutting characters, as with these guys.

    Fairly confident Lucario will go. Maybe one of the Earthbound characters, a Fire Emblem character. Wolf and/or Falco.

    But it seems whenever they’ve taken a character out they’ve replaced them with another character from that franchise – Dr Mario for Wario (even if he has games, Wario’s a Mario character at the core), Young Link for Toon Link, Mewtwo for Lucario, and so on. So I’m sure any characters gone are just to save time to give other characters in their franchise’s a spot.

    With his new form and starring in the next movie, I’m sure Mewtwo will be back.

    1. I would mind! With three new DK games released very close together and I am sure all three will sell spectacularly, Diddy Kong MORE than deserves the spot. He was also a fan favorite from Brawl annnnd was one of the BEST characters in the game. Like in the top on the Tier list behind Olimar and Meta Knoght or something… Diddy stays. 💋

  17. Umm DLC anyone. I know Nintendo is just trending the waters of DLC here but if those characters could be added later…… Why not?

    1. Kill animal crossing character. He’s corny and too weak to be a fighter. Replace him with Bayonetta. If you want more females jynx Amy and Bayonna are much better. Also Dixie Kong. There more females.

      1. Yaaaay! You gave some LOVE to Jynx! So kisses for youuuu! I would “DIE” of happiness if Jynx made the cut…💋💋💋💋

        1. ^True. I plan on making Villager my main :P I am in LOVE with New Leaf. Best 3DS game by far 💋

    1. She will totally be in the game. I would be more worried about her down B being Sheik, because Sheik hasn’t been in a Zelda game since the Orcarina of Time 3DS remake… Sakurai might view her as unimportant as of right now. Sheik could be replaced by Skyward Sword’s Impa! I am worried about that, personally. 💋

  18. Drop:
    Wolf, Snake, Olimar, G&W, Sonic, Ike and R.O.B

    Chrom, (Whatever the guy from Pikmin 3’s name is), Knuckles (:P), Mewtwo (since he’s already being hinted at.

    On another note DLC would be a good idea…although I personally am quite alright with waiting a few more months if he could put everyone that he wanted into the game instead of rushing it along.

      1. IKR! And if any Sonic character is being added it would be Tails, because he is SONIC’S SIDE KICK! 💋

        1. Yay heres hope Tails will be added!! I got ideas for him too. Honestly he is a lot more interesting character because Tails is Sonic’s side kick. It would be hilarious to turn Tails into a SSB character. Sakurai is known for this and he will continue making unexpected characters into brawlers. People shouldn’t be surprised if Sonic and Tails makes the cut. I know they are Third Party but still. We all know how popular Sonic is and people are wanting a 2nd Sonic character. Since Sonic Team is closer to Nintendo it is highly possible.

      1. How can we assume that? I really think Jiggs might not make it, it really doesn’t have much popularity now. Unless Japan still love it THAT much.

  19. I could see them adding free dlc. Nintendos in a tough spot where they need to start making more software. If Sakurai says they don’t have enough time then they don’t. After the game is released and the smash bros team can put all their energy to new content aka dlc. Hopefully it’s free. They would add characters because Sakurai himself knows that some fans will miss out on their favorite character. During current development, the developers shouldn’t waste time adding characters. They should make sure the current characters are balanced and running smoothly along with the rest of the game. I don’t think that would ruin smash bros or make the game “incomplete” at all. It would be complete and then some.

  20. They may nit all comeback but. But DLC would be great for this game. I would pay 5$ for any character becuase they are so much more diverse than other fighting games. Like u can actually do so much more in smash than anything else

    The last one he says should be in it

    1. Well you just confirmed yourself as a fanboy.

      Paying $5 per character? That’s worse than the crap being pulled with KI3.

      Btw, your videos suck.

  21. Free DLC, why would they bother doing that with all the effort the DLC will take. Get real.

  22. In terms of getting rid of characters, that title belongs to none other than Solid Snake. He’s better off in PlayStation All Stars (You don’t even want to know the amount of people who were disappointed by the lack of him), the Wii U is already missing out on a few good Metal Gear games, he’s associated with Sony nowadays, and I hated the fact that they butchered his moveset (Sakurai thinks that knifes and pistols are too violent for Smash in his and Sheik’s case).

    Just make sure I have Shulk, Palutena, Ridley, Takamaru, any DK newcomer, Chrom, and a 6th Gen Pokemon rep.

    1. I agree, Snake shouldn’t be in Smash. We don’t even know if we are getting metal Gear 5!!! 💋

    1. Link hasn’t got his SS design, so neither will Zelda. It’d be odd to have those two mismatched.

      1. They could both get them as SKINS! I hope Sakurai does Skins instead of just alternate palet swaps. We’ve been asking for them since Melee!! 💋

        1. That would mean changing the model data which would interfere with hitboxes and other factors so I doubt we’re gonna be seeing custom skins in that sense.

  23. If Toon Link, Falco, Jigglypuff or Marth aren’t in this game, I’m not getting it.
    They’re my mains and it would suck.

    1. All but Toon Link will be in for sure. Sakurai might vut TL because he is just another “varion” of Link. 💋

  24. Don’t even bother making this game then. How fucking dare you leave characters out after seeing the backlash you got after taking Mewtwo, Roy and many others out?? Recreate them all again, of course you have time. Didn’t you delay Brawl like 10 times any way??

    1. No one cared about Roy getting the axe except hoards of weeaboo fangirls who wrote Marth x Roy fanfiction. Mewtwo was the only character whose cut actually made people angry.

    2. The only reason why Mewtwo and Roy wasn’t in Brawl was that Mewtwo was replace by Lucario because they wanted a Gen 4 Pokemon as Pearl and Diamond was more recent Pokemon games and Roy was replace by Ike as Ike was the mascot of the western Fire Emblem

  25. DO NOT RUSH THIS GAME! Take your time so that you can include at least most of the characters. You better at least include Captain Falcon and Luigi in addition to characters you already confirmed!

  26. I’m really looking forward to this game! As long as they don’t drop a large amount of characters (which I’m sure won’t happen), the game should be just fine.

    1. Sakurai said his gonna keep the roster at 36 and majority of the characters are gonna be from recent games

  27. Sakurai is right, some characters have to bee taken out because they were useless in Brawl. These are the ones I think that should be taken out.
    1. R.O.B – He not even a Nintendo character. His a hardware, it like putting a Wii U as a character
    2. Ice Climbers – They only have one game, and nothing recent and there moves are pretty useless. I know Sakurai wants to show old Nintendo characters, but now he has Pit and MG&W to do it (plus they are mosre recent)
    3. Snake – Konami doesn’t want to make any MGS games on Wii U, so it would be pretty pointless to have him back. I know his has a recent game on 3DS, but its not big enough to have him back
    4. Lucas – His just a clone of Ness
    5. Falco – His just a clone of Fox, even though he was a little different in Brawl that still made him a clone. Sakurai should change him for Krystal
    6. Jigglypugff – She is useless. her attacks are useless and no one ever use her. Who cares if she is the original 8. Take her out. She’s not even in the anime anymore. Please replace her with Mewtwo’s Awaken form

    1. I LOVED ROB THE ROBOT! He sure was better than Snake, that’s for sure. Snake should have just stayed hidden under his box forever.

    2. hold on a minute playa 1.R.O.B is also in mario kart ds climbers is playble in 2 games and resold on 3ds and wiiu 3.recently metal gear solid was on the 3ds and koojima begged sakurai to have snake in brawl so if sakurai wants him kojima wouldnt mind.4.Earthbound 2 is going to be re-realased this holiday.5.Star Fox 64 3d re-released on the 3ds. 6 yeah i dont like jigglypuff and some people dont either but some people liker her and are good with her and also she was one of the original 12.

    3. Lucas isn’t a Ness clone- apart from their specials they’re almost nothing alike. Falco is similar to Fox in some aspects but his differences are far more substantive.

      Don’t shit on Jigglypuff just because you can’t use her.

    4. I guess your right on Snake and nobody cares about Jiggly Puff. same with Ice Climbers. Just give Lucas different powers and StarFox MORE than deserves a 4 person team, just have Fox, Falco Krystal AND Wolf and that’s absolutely perfect. also keep R.O.B

    5. I use Jigglypuff. You say her attacks are useless. Clearly you’ve never used Rollout, or successfully performed her sleep move. That thing can send even the heavy hitters like Bowser and Donkey Kong flying.

  28. “isn’t enough time”? Where’s the fire? What’s the rush? He can take all the time he needs to add every character.

    The one thing I wish for the one player story mode in this new Smash Bros. game is, I wish the characters would talk out loud. I got SO tired of the characters all acting like mute puppets in Brawl. It annoys me SO much! Imagine if people in real life acted that way, and you had to figure out by their actions what they were thinking etc. That would be SO frustrating.

  29. As long as Jigglypuff makes it, I’ll be happy. If she gets left out in favor the the stupid Wii Fit instructor I’ll be ticked. I love bringing on pain as Jigglypuff.

      1. Jigglypuff should stay. She has been in all three Smadh Bros. I love playing against her and she’s funny.

      2. You just don’t know how to use her. Jigglypuff is awesome. It takes skill to use Jigglypuff, not just button mashing like crazy.

  30. It seems like they may want to delay this game a bit. Sakurai seems pretty stressed out and if they have more time they can better balance the characters and add new and old characters as well.

  31. @Not_Jewish “Why not make characters as DLC?” they said they have no plans (which means maybe) but if we keep bitching about then they may consider so why not tell sakurai on miiverse about dlc but also saying after they release the game.

  32. There are some characters I feel like I wouldn’t miss them and understand reasons why they wouldn’t be on the next game, as Lucario (we’re living another Pokémon era), Olimar and Ike (it’s Chrom’s time!) as well. I can imagine some others being taken out, but my coins go on these three right now.

  33. not enough time….. well than can you say DLC? To me getting them as dlc whenever they have the time seems like a good idea. Besides what other game(s) is Masahiro making as far as we know, nothing

  34. Most of you don’t understand a few things.
    1. The Original 12 from the first Smash game will never leave, none of them.
    2. No character truly sucks or rules. Every character is a badass if you know how to use them correctly. Everyone has different opinions.
    3. Like it or not, all you can do is hope your favorite character returns or debuts.

  35. DLC for fighting games should stay out of fighting games. Period. Either make a full product in the begining or don’t make it at all. Just because some people are used to being raped with overpriced DLC does not mean that crap should be in Smash Bros. Adding new fighters later just causes too many balance issues. I remember a time when you had to unlock everything in fighting games. It made getting new characters special. Everyone can’t be in Smash Bros. Do you really want an abundance of clone fighters? That’s sure as hell what’s going to happen if they have too many characters. When the years go by people are just going to bitch and whine and say the game isn’t balance. Stop trying to set the game up for failure.

    1. How does that cause balance issues? It’s obvious that they would have plans to fit the extra fighters in. It’s not like they would be oblivious to the fact that they’re adding new fighters to their game a few months late. What’s wrong with clone fighters? How does that effect the gameplay at all?

  36. What the fuck Sakurai? You “don’t have time”? That’s the one of the dumbest things a AAA video game designer could say about their project.
    I’d prefer getting DLC over paying for an unpolished game.
    If he doesn’t even have time to fit in the all fighters he’d like to, think about all the other things he may not have time for.

  37. by sayng “we dont have time” probably he means Smash must be out before the end of the financial year ( i suppose) march 2014…ther’re no athor reasons i hope.

  38. Why not putting DLC Stages and Characters if sonic is not in there and sakurai consider as putting him as DLC then ill wait at least he’s trying to put characters and stages I wonder if he will put emblems for online like CoD (I barely play CoD mostly play Brawl) or oh and we can download levels that other people makes that will be awesome :D

  39. I would much rather have a game that’s well polished and perfected over time then having a bunch of characters aimlessly placed. I honestly don’t care if there aren’t any more characters in this game, it’s quality over quantity for me. Folks aren’t understanding what kind of process they have to go through for adding one simple character, there is so much you have to consider, and so much work/trial and error you have to go through when doing these kinds of things.

    If it takes dropping a few characters to make this the best Smash Bros. yet, so be it. I’m excited either way. I have no doubts the dev team will do a fantastic job with both versions.

    1. Folks don’t care about the process they have to go through. They’re the ones paying for the game. The biggest company in the video game industry is making it. They have no excuse to scrap characters that they could eventually add into the game through DLC.

  40. I support the DLC thing… especially now since they need to have this game out, the other character packs, storylines and extra stages could come later.
    Seriously, how does a DLC ruin a game? That’s 5 year old child logic…
    Besides the Wii-U requires occasional updates that take time to download which is in the sense of a DLC, a similar thing… updating the game with additional content.
    I still don’t understand why they had to go a do a 3DS version of the game… I suspect that that is why it is taking them so long and why they are so cautious with the development of the games.
    The SMB game on 3DS could have been put on hold since the 3DS is is not in panic mode, the system is selling well and it has a growing library.
    The Wii-U does not.

  41. The rest of the original 12 might not return. Why? In Melee Earthbound 64 was in development and Sakurai wanted to replace Ness with Lucas since he was the main character in that game. But since it got cancelled, Ness stayed. They might do that to other characters of the original 12, but no replacing, only removing.

    1. I think they would replace, not remove. Since they had Mewtwo in Melee, and they replaced him with Lucario, and who knows? Maybe someone will replace Lucario? OR, if we get lucky then all 3 of those characters will be in (Mewtwo, Lucario, and the other character that would be replacing Lucario in the replacing theory.) Plus, the original 12 have been in every game so far (but we haven’t seen Yoshi yet in the trailer) so I don’t think they would just cut all of them.

  42. All I want to see is Isa and Shulk.
    Although Isa’s very unlikely… Shulk would fit in wonderfully.

    But whatever, I’m content with the roster, small or big, DLC or no DLC.

  43. I hate time contrans they should finish the game when its ready and when they import every character from brawl and melee and releash it anytime they want to

  44. Will mr game and watch be in the game he’s easy to put in the game because. He’s a flat characters

  45. Classics are important. But new characters must rise. That is why the mains are shown with the newest. ROCK ON NINTENDO!!!

  46. I want sonic back in not sure if he will but Sakuria I recommend that he does come back Sakuria u do not i repeat u do not want to be attacked by the sonic fan base so just put him in Nintendo and Sakuria put Sonic in U DON’T WANT TO HEAR THE CRYING AND COMPLAINING OF THE SONIC FANBASE!!

  47. there would be nothing wrong with dlc characters in smash they have a deadline to put out the game so if they put it out why wouldn’t you want more characters to become available as time goes by instead of your stuck with these blank amount of characters forever have fun

  48. If they can’t bring back some of the other characters, then why did they spend the time putting copies of other characters in the game? That’s some bull.

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