Sakurai Is Considering Mewtwo For Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS


Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has hinted that he may include Mewtwo in the next Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The news came about after a blogger asked President and CEO of the Pokémon Company, and Junichi Masuda, Director at Game Freak whether or not Mewtwo will appear in the next Smash Bros game. They declined to give a solid answer, but Sakurai then shouted out, from the audience, “We are thinking about it.”

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103 thoughts on “Sakurai Is Considering Mewtwo For Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS”

      1. mewtwo sucks!
        he locks so crap!
        and he is very bad in ssbm!
        at least he wont came back.
        im so happy about it.
        and lucario will return in ssbu/3ds
        mewtwo wont came back in any ssb games
        lucario Looks cool, not like a Piece of shit like mewtwo.
        and he is good in ssb!

        1. Sorry, it was a friend from me…
          he hates mewtwo and is a big lucario fan..
          i am so sorry about my friend.
          i hope the mewtwo fans are not angry…

    1. How about they just have both since they both would sell software, and if they really don’t want more than 4 reps sorry Jiggs TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM!

        1. There is a 75% chance that Jigglypuff will not be cut.
          (Unless Sakurai has a lightbulb moment and realizes that the cuddly Jigglypuff does not belong in a fighting game.)

    1. But Mewtwo is getting a new forme, which is going to be featured in the next movie, making not only Mewtwo relevant again, but a decent representative for the new generation. It’s the best of both worlds, since a lot of people have been missing M2.

      I’m a Smash Lucario lover myself, but if M2 isn’t crap like in Melee, I’d forgive them for the exclusion.

    1. Zoroark won’t make it either way. When this game comes out, the sixth generation of Pokemon will have been out for a year. They will obviously include a sixth generation Pokemon.

        1. (Mexican music starts playing and we lift you on our shoulders as we eat tacos with both soft tortillas and hard taco shells)

        2. THANK YOU! Lucario and Mewtwo are very different. Everyone thinks they are the just from Aura Sphere (or the Shadow Ball).

    2. They obviously tried to make a new Lucario with Zoroark, but the thing is that it never became as liked or populare as Lucario. Plus that the fifth generation is kinda outdated now. To further add to that I think many people are tired of seeing fifth generation Pokemon now. They’ve been represented so much, they don’t need a character in Smash. But if Mewtwo replaced Lucario that’s still just four Pokemon characters. Im guessing Mario, Zelda and Pokemon will have 5 now, so that leaves on spot open, probably for a surprise Pokemon like Meowth.

    1. How about both? They could pull a Samus/ZSS alternate character thing again. I realize that’s a whole lot of Mewtwo, but it’s not like they haven’t had a LONG time to develop this game.

    1. im just going to kill some more people, maybe watch some strippers in the drarkness, wii fit trainer has been teaching me the position 69!!!!! YES AAAHHHH!!!!!

      she lost all her perception now and she did her job, now im waiting to feed her to the master. aahhhahahaah stupid bitch, you think ME pious has any respect for a stripper!!!!! they all get killed after their job is done!!!!! well…. here she is. RATS ATTACK!!!!! (screams) ahhhahahahahah!!!!!!! this time it isnt a sanity effect.

    1. It takes a while. He didn’t just sit down one afternoon and say… “I got it!” I bet he even programs whole characters into the game to see if they work out, an if they don’t, then he SCRAPS them altogether. 💋

  1. Keep that overrated kids tv show character away from smash. I hope that Sonic is in wii u smash and i want SEGA to come and compete again with nintendo because thats what N needs good competition.

    1. Well… Pokemon(with mewtwo or not) will
      be represented in Smash a HELL of a lot more than most other Nintendo franchises. So this “overrated kids T.V show” is getting more roster spots than most. How can you rate the franchise on a television show?- Everyone knows the main games are superb. 💋

      1. Pokemon was and always will be kids rpg. I mean Nintendo isnt kiddy and most of their franchises arent too but pokemon is clearly made to kids Nintendo just isnt tough enough. Man why am i trying to explain SEGA really needs to do that Dreamcast 2 to put your kinds back to the poke balls. lol.

        1. Kids hardly understand the mechanics behind Pokemon. To be truely competative with the game, you have to be MUCH older. No ordinary kid/ or person for that matter understands EV’s and IV’s and the natures of Pokemon and how to EV train, etc. etc. Sure it might be “aimed” towards children, but that doesn’t make it’s a “children’s” game… 💋

        2. Pokemon is so much more kiddy than Super Mario, I mean, stomping on sentient mushrooms and humanoid turtles is ultra serious! And racing with the fire-breathing turtle who keeps kidnapping your girlfriend is so gruff ‘n rough!

          1. A game with fluffy animals or a game with a guy taking psychedelic drugs (amanita muscaria mushrooms) and growing tall. Yea mario is more kiddy than pokemon for sure.

  2. Mewtwo is the one character I want the most in Smash Bros! I was disappointed to hear he was planned for all three games released so far, only making the final cut in Melee. But now with the new generation he’s big news again. He could have a transition move B-Down to switch between his Melee Version to a new move-set in his new forme.

    Please put him in!!!

    1. Ugh. I was honestly hoping for Zoroark, being she seems like a good fit (yes I called it a she), but I could deal with Mewtwo as long as they don’t put that damn mini form of him in there. It looks weak and fragile.

  3. Has he thought about Squrtle and /orHitmolee as independent fighters? There are a lot of fighting Pokemon or a lot of Pokemon that would make excellent fighters in SSB. Magmar, Gangar the ghost type.

    1. If I had to make an educated guess… I would think she won’t make the cut. Sakurai has enough on his plate as it is. Working Bayonetta intothe mix would just be a nuisance and for what? To satisfy a couple Bayo fans? I love her as much as the next, but it just seems “so” unlikely… :/ 💋

    2. Look how long it took for Megaman to make the cut….years. Bayonetta 2 is the first BYonetta game on a Nintendo system. She frankly doesn’t deserve a spot yet. There’s 2 rules a character must be okay with as Samurai said long ago. The character must have come from a video game before anything else when it comes anything but Pokemon really lol. And the character has to have been on a Nintendo system in the past. So maybe in the next Smash Bros Bayonetta will be in it if Bayonetta becomes a Nintendo exclusive.

  4. We’ve already had Mewtwo in a game. How about one of the thousands of Nintendo characters available? If they can put in the Wii Fit Trainer in, they can put in any of their characters. Put toad in as a playable character. Peach can use a goomba as her shield.

    1. Sakurai said his least favorite Mario character is Toad… plus there are other Mario characters he could use instead. Why not finish off the Mario Brother’s rivalry with their cousines by adding Waluigi. I mean, Wario was there, but poor Waluigi was just an assist trophy… 💋

      1. For a (possible) man sitting and typing these comments with a sexified Jynx as a profile pic and types faces at the end of every comment, you have some pretty damn good opinions. It did piss me off how Waluigi was just an assist. The other 3 caps n’ mustaches were playable, why not him?

      2. I did not know that. That sort of makes his role in Brawl have deeper meaning. Waluigi would be cool. Bowser Jr., King Boo, Petey Piranha, Little Mac, Kraid, Hammer Bros. The list goes on. Hell, wriggler or the cactus would be awesome, too. There is so much more to explore,

      3. Awe…but Toad is my favourite Mario Character…him and Shy Guy. I always use them in Mario Party or Mario Kart.

    2. Toad? Toad? Toad? Toad? Whaaaaaat?
      I admit some of the old cartoons were cool but Toad isn’t even a real charcater, and Super Mario 2 isn’t actually a Mario game, it’s a reskinned Dokidoki Panic. We already have 5 Mario charcaters, 6 if you count DK.

      1. While I don’t think Mewtwo is a sucky character if you know how to use him, I think there are far better characters in Melee. And although this kid has some skill, the people he was playing against clearly didn’t. None of the opponents shown seemed to know much at all besides the basics. I saw countless mistakes, and none of them seemed to know Mewtwos attacks which is why they got manhandled on top of the Mewtwo players clearly higher skill. I think I could take that Mewtwo player. Of course I personally feel once you get to the really high-skilled players, they will lose and win some here and there, if the same two people of high skill play back and forth, both will usually win a few. And I honestly feel it takes at least 10 or 15 good matches before the true better player comes out because you have to feel each others styles out…maybe 6-10 matches, 15 seems high now that I think about it. But yea I have had people say they are the best for years and we play and they may win the first match or two (a lot of players are cheap and edge guard and nothing else or spam moves, or find some cheap way to try and win) but once I figure out their style its over. A lot of people only have one playing style in smash. And if it doesn’t work they don’t know what else to do. I trained real hard on melee to figure out everyones moves. I used every character against every character to figure out all their attacks and such, and it paid off. Anyway I’m gonna shut up now, getting carried away in smash talk which I can do all day lol. The new one better have amazing internet connection though, and if it does I would love to challenge people on here and may the best fighter win!

      2. wow. combos with mewtwo on amateur players really shows you’re right. bottomline is he needs to be better than he was in melee.

    1. Mewtwo Special Attacks

      Neutral Special=Shadow Ball
      Side Special=Psycho Cut
      Up Special=Teleport
      Down Special=Barrier

    1. All I know is, they can’t have Zoroark AND Metwo in the same Smash game… because “technically” Psychic types are non effective against Dark types so Mewtwo wouldn’t be able to even hurt Zoroark. You know people would complain if they ignored Pokemon’s rules and just through them both in there. So, they have to chose ONE of them. Who do you honestly think it would be?- Mewtwo of course. He is an origional 151(if you count Mew-which the anime didn’t for some reason…)! 💋

  5. I would hate if they replace Lucario (my favorite pokemon thanks to Brawl) with Awakening Mewtwo, forme that I kefka hate. However, I can see it happening…

  6. And by “We’re thinking about it” he means there’s a 99% chance he will. Honestly if the game is this far in development and he wasn’t in it yet they would have plainly said no.

    1. You’re confused about that form’s tail coming out of his head? I’ll give you a hint, the other form’s tail starts at it’s “head” too.

      (if you’re trying to figure it out, Mewtwo’s original form’s tail is its dick)

  7. If Newtwo makes it but there’s no option for switching to real Mewtwo I’m gonna forget about individual tables and just flip an entire Ikea.

    And why is it that so many people are all “whoop, this character’s gonna replace that one?” Why can’t we have Mewtwo AND Lucario, or Ike AND Chrom?

    1. 1) lol, I’d do the same! The original better be an optional switch if he makes the cut.

      2) As much as I would like to agree with you, Lucario only made it in because his generation was brand new when Brawl came out. Also Ike was in the new Gamecube game Fire Emblem at the time. Mewtwo is most likely in this version with his new forme and Chrom from the somewhat recent 3DS game.

      Its just more likely these will be the new replacements. Honestly, I wish Lynn made it in Smash Bros. to increase the female roster a little and to broaden the new/old character balance, but that won’t happen…

    1. Considering He was originally planned for SSB, SSBM and SSBB and considering he’s big news with his new forme, this news is just icing on the cake! If he isn’t in I’d be surprised!

      I don’t know how to embed a Youtube video so I’ll post the link showing that Mewtwo was planned for all the current Smash Bros.:

  8. Mewtwo in the game would be awesome! That being said, I really enjoy playing as Lucario in brawl. I hope that Sakurai will be able to keep both fighters in the game

  9. If they bring mewtwo back. I hope its in his original form. The new form just pooks awful, Id rather they just put lucario in since lucarios design is decent.

  10. I hope Mewtwo returns, It would be cool if he could switch between his normal and awakened form like Zelda-Sheik. I hope they put Mewtwo back in! xD

  11. What the heck is with everyone saying Mew3 He has 2 mega evolutions anyways, PLEASE make this happen Nintendo, Mewtwo is still one of if not the coolest Pokemon ever created, and put his X form as he looks more awesome and ready to Smash anyone. PLEASE add Mewtwo!!

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