iOS App Doodle Jump Coming To Nintendo 3DS

The successful iOS and Android app Doodle Jump is coming to the Nintendo 3DS and DS at some point this year. Developed by Lima Sky and Micro Application, the app has reached upwards of 15 million downloads across iTunes, iOS and Android since its original release in 2009.

According to various reports, it looks like Doodle Jump – a platformer title where the player has to guide ‘The Doodler’ up a series of never-ending platforms – will be a cartridge release. Considering how cheap it is to purchase as a mobile app, a cartridge release could suggest additional content for the game. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, check out the trailer above to see if it’s up your street.


  1. No thanks. These app ports hardly have enough content to constitute a purchase for any price above a dollar.

  2. It is great an all that The 3DS and Wii U are getting indie games and whatnot, but the big one Nontendo needs to focus on getting is Minecraft (once Mojang&Micro’s contract runs up of course..) 💋

    1. dont get youre hopes up, see the contract was up last month. The reason i say not to get you’re hopes up is because Microsoft Paid 4J studios to co-Develop the game with Mojang, and 4J studios are basically Microsofts’s little bitches. They’ve done nothing but XBLA stuff for MS since like 2009.

  3. does anyone else think that this will fail like angry birds 3ds. i like ios games but making them come to the 3ds just seams wrong.

    1. To me it doesn’t seem wrong at all. The problem will, as with Angry Birds and Flight Control, the utterly massive price disparity between publishing on 3DS vs mobile app stores. Nintendo need to set up an environment that makes it easy and affordable for content to be published, at least on the eShop. Currently it is neither.

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