Ubisoft To Bring Division & The Crew To Current Gen Consoles?


A rumour is circulating the web which suggests that Ubisoft is bringing The Division and The Crew to current generation consoles. The news comes from the same source that detailed The Crew before its official unveiling at this year’s E3 event. However, the source says that it’s very unlikely that either game will be coming to Wii U. It should be treated as a rumour for now, but let’s hope Ubisoft shows the Wii U some love.

Also, as I did try getting clarification, when asked “WiiU?” I was told “I’m not sure, but I seriously doubt it.”


  1. but hey ubisoft is a “strong” supporter after all ;)
    they just won’t bring any of their games to the wii U but still as long as they keep saying it everything will be alright for them

    1. Exactly my thoughts. You can’t have an entire e3 presentation with nothing for Wii U and have the nerve to say you’re a strong supporter. It’s such BS. This could possibly end up like Watchdogs and end up on Wii U. It’s got a year and half left of development and I imagine Ubisoft (along with many other publishers) are waiting to see if the Wii U sells well this holiday (it will) before they fully support it.

      1. Ubi supported WiiU, and continues positive press towards the console.
        It’s NOT Ubisofts job to market, develop and build the WiiU install base.
        that’s Nintendo’s fucking job, and they fucked it up. Ubi has no obligation to sink money into a game or port until Nintendo proves they can get people on board WiiU.
        At least Ubisoft still stands by it from a PR perspective.

        1. “It’s NOT Ubisofts job to market, develop and build the WiiU install base.”

          then they should stop saying they’re a strong supporter when they’re not.. they’ve almost completely toned down their support and are now sitting and waiting what will happen

          1. They have more games on the WiiU than Nintendo. So how about Nintendo stop pretending to be a supporter of WiiU when they’re not? Hmm??

            I’m the counter-weight. I’m not letting Nintendo fans live in a dream world. You wanna slam Ubi? Why don’t you go to the source of the problem? Nintendo needs to get their shit together. They wasted a fucking YEAR with shitty campaigning and letting the core fans starve with nothing but New Super Mario Brothers for 1st party titles.

            and you’re busting UBISOFTS BALLS?

            huh. Did IQ’s just drop sharply?

            1. @Jaded_drybones.. You make some valid points. Nintendo did drop the ball with their advertising and game support. However, since Nintendo is the last one to enter the world of HD development, it’s been a serious learning curve for them. All that aside, if 3rd parties were giving equal support to Nintendo like the other two companies, that would spur sells because gamers who like Nintendo games will feel confident that they’ll get those other games they love. Most people who are jumping on the PS4/Xbox 1 bandwagon are largely doing so, not because of the few 1st party games that’ll be available at launch, but due to many of the 3rd party games. For example, some of the most talked about games out of E3 this year was Battlefield 4, the Crew, the Division, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy. All these are 3rd party titles. 3rd parties know Nintendo is gonna support the Wii U, like Sony and Microsoft will support their consoles. The only thing the Wii U needs is their unbiased support. Between Nintendo 1st party, and equal 3rd party support, I believe the Wii U could outsell the PS4/Xbox 1.

            2. this right here is not about nintendo it’s about ubisoft
              i’m not defending nintendos strategy, which has been almost complete bullshit, in any way or form however ubisoft should stop claiming to be something they’re really not

          2. They are strong supporters, they’re releaseing Watch dogs and AC 4 on the goddamn thing even though the WiiU has no install base. Heck Ubisoft even gave us the 3 Prince of Persia back on the GameCube, and the GCN was a huge money sinker – they’ve been giving us their good things since forever. Stop being an idiot. Nintendo should drop their goddamn games if they want people to buy their system and third parties to release more games for it, Ubisoft is already risking too much.

            1. Its no worse than the Xbox360 and its is better than the Playstation 3 in the same time period. Aprox. 4 million units is nothing to sneeze at, just peoples expectation is too high (including Nintendo’s own estimates).

              I would personally like to see the Crew on the Wii U, but if it doesn’t make it (at all), I will skip. Only have time for a limited amount of games and most them have to be portable.

            2. oh they’re making a fairly easy and cost effective to do port on a console that does have an install base of about 4 million after all

              they’re real samaritans :O

            3. besides .. a *strong* supporter would bring all their games to the platform immediately, without holding out… they’re not doing that.. not even close

              they may support wii U more than most publishers but they’re very far from being a *strong* supporter

  2. If it’s going to be on all the current gen platforms it most likely will also be on the WiiU.

    Ubisoft are supporting the WiiU pretty nice

    1. Not necessarily. IF they are putting those games on current gen platforms, it would be because of the large install bases – something Wii U doesn’t have at the moment.

      They did say they’re going to tone down on the Wii U support and they already have a number of titles coming out for the system, so we’ll see.

      1. Chris you knocked him out with that one. Why are people not talking about how the xbone will be thrashed by the PS4. Wii U PS4 battle commences as X arrives. The crew and the division shall definitely be on the Wii U by spring 2014. Redsteel 2 can give you support to that effect. Ubisoft, please make a redsteel 3, with Wii U motion plus and a 40 hour campaign.

        1. Red Steel was actually a pretty decent game I’d say and the sequel was just better, so I don’t see why they can’t make Red Steel 3 when the Wii U starts selling like hot cakes after the down fall of the Xbox One.

          1. I’m getting the One, they’re ditching out all of that online and used games block shit. Main reason: Killer Instinct, also, multiplats that won’t be coming to the WiiU like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Killer Instinct is the one thing that makes me want a Xbox One more than a PS4.

            1. One game will make you get the xboxone? What if KI doesn’t turn out good? PS4 will at least have good exclusives.

                1. I blame the fact that Rare today is not made up of the people that made Rare good back in the day and it’s being co-developed by Double Helix whose last game was Battleship. Can you blame the game for not looking good? I mean Microsoft just kind of shit all over the Killer Instinct franchise by choosing shitty developers.

                  1. Yeah I know, its bad when the guys who founded the company decided to leave. I think very few of the guys from the early days of the company remain, if any.

                  2. Ken Lobb is directing the new KI. He’s the creator of the original games, still at Rare. You only need to see his commentary while showing up gameplay to see how the game’s a love letter to the series and its fans.

                    Double Helix are just code monkeys helping out with the demand, Rare and Ken Lobb are supervisioning the game. Ken knows more about Killer Instinct than any other guy in the world. Also, I’m getting the One because I can get multiplats like FFXV, KH3 and MGS5 which matters a lot to me, and still get killer instinct. Otheriwse I’d go with a PS4, I don’t really like killzone or infamous. I’m going WiiU + Xbox One this gen.

                    1. Also, Robin Beanland, the composer to the original KI OST, is still at Rare as well. There’s a lot of talent left at the company, just because some dudes on the internet say “lol they all left” doesn’t make it true – or do they have an entire log of everyone who works at rare right now?

            2. You do know you STILL need the Kinect 2 connected at all times and you need an internet connection when you first start up the system… right?

              I’m sorry but the Xbox Done is a pill of crap, its weaker than the PS4 and its still a pile of garbage even with the stupid Cloud Computing that the PS4 and even Wii U (Nintendo are thinking of doing it) are going to able to use it…

              So you are going to buy a pathetic system that has games that’ll be ported over to the PS4 in matter of months. Face it kid, Xbox One is shit.

              1. You can turn Kinect off completely. If anything nobody complained about needing a sensor bar connected to your Wii as well. I’m getting it over the PS4 because games. Sony barely showed any exclusives at their conference, just knack, killzone and infamous. Everything else was multiplat…

                And If I can get the multiplats, which will be coming a lot because both consoles havebasically the same architecture and still get killer instinct, while playing with a better controller (I don’t really like the dualshock, never did) It’s just a better option for me.

                Face it kid, it’s my fucking money.

                1. Also, obviously you need an internect connection when you turn it on for the first time, you need to do all of those system updates, it was the same thing with the WiiU. I hated the One at first just like everyone else for their practices, but since I’m not a stupid brand loyal person, and they got their shit together, also games, it’s a better option for me.

  3. After Ubi just saying that they are HUGE Wii U supporters than this better be just rumour or that would just be a complete bitch slap to the face!

    1. ubisoft, like most major publishers, does whatever fits their bill
      if saying they’re huge wii U supporters will give them some publicity they’ll do it
      if the wii U doesn’t live up to their expectations they’ll drop it like a hot potato without thinking twice
      just look at what happened to rayman legends

      shouldn’t start reading something into ubisoft that they’re really not

      1. Yeah I’m still mad about Rayman Legends. I’m fine with them porting it to other systems but it was just really stupid to delay the Wii U version just for the other ports.

  4. I’m getting the Division on PS4 anyway but it would be nice seeing them on Wii U for you guys ^^

  5. If the Wii U sells well there’s no reason WHY it shouldn’t be ported, especially as we don’t know how many units the PS4 and XBO will sell

    1. Well from the amount of Pre-orders the PS4 got and the lack of Xbox One pre-orders… I’d say the chances of a Wii U port might be looking pretty bright XD

      1. Chris, you see wisely as well. Xboxone is suffering from not only having ridiculous gaming rules, but a weaker machine to the PS4. The Wii U has nintendo as it’s backers. All it needs is the really good third party offerings and that is all. All nonsense FPS should skip our glorious machine.

  6. People have to understand business.. Right now the wii u isn’t selling too well… I’m sure they would love to bring it to wii u, but there’s no profit there right now… Is sad but true…

      1. Unless you can predict the future?.. Nintendo will satisfy their own fans.. With a few games to attract new consumers like X and bayonetta… But is that enough for third party to profit from? It’s enough for Nintendo to make a profit so long as they keep dishing out the games… That’s only a little chance of that scenario by the way… Most likely it will be successful among most and third parties can make a profit… But there’s still that chance…

  7. When the Wii U is selling well this summer, and holiday season, these third parties should price their games at $40 on the Wii U. For they are definitely not better than nintendo EAD’s brilliance.

  8. Ubisoft isn’t going to bring these games to the baby underpowered console Wii U. Stupid rumour. Only babies play the Wii U.

    1. i cant see a baby touching a using my beautiful touchscreen gamepad that would be just stupid. you continue using your mid 90’s controller , which by the way that kind of controller was designed fot kids .

  9. If they don’t come to the Wii U and they come to the PS3, then I’ll just get it for the PS3.

  10. I would hope to see The Division on Wii U. The Crew, not so much. I think they should release them on Wii U, I mean I think Assassin’s Creed III and Zombi U sold well and I’m sure Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV and Rayman Legends will sell well too. So what’s to say these won’t?

    I know the Wii U isn’t selling as much as people hoped, but I think come December it will start seriously picking up. So if these games are on there when that happens that surely mean chances of them doing well are rather high.

    1. According to some charts, AC III didn’t even sell over 200,000 retail copies on Wii U. :/

      I can’t recall if Ubisoft gave any specific numbers, but it wasn’t that good. In comparison, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for Vita sold about 700,000 retail and tens of thousands more digitally. PS3 and 360 sold over 10 million copies of AC III at retail.

      I feel this may actually be the main reason why Rayman Legends was delayed and ported to other systems. They probably had higher goals for their Wii U games and experienced much lower returns. They know they have a larger install-base with the PS3 and 360, so they know they can sell a lot of copies on those platforms.

      Nevertheless, considering the fact that it was a launch game for the system, of course the numbers weren’t going to be through the roof. They support the Wii U pretty well but always remember that they’re a business first and they’ll do what they feel will benefits them.

      As with other companies, they’ll probably continue their current Wii U projects and watch how the system performs. From there, they’ll make their decisions on what games to put on the system and which ones to hold off on, weighing the costs and benefits.

  11. Oh man I really wish these would come to Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo will have a strong holiday season and Ubisoft’s games sell well on Wii U so they decide to bring these games over to Wii U. It’s your job Wii U fans to buy Ubisoft’s games on Wii U and show them some support! I know I will.

  12. If Ubisoft truely believes in the Wii U and they are bringing these games to Xbox 360 and PS3, then they should be bringing it to the Wii U as well. That is, if this rumor is even true. πŸ’‹

    1. I’m sure plenty of people have alternate accounts, lol. Some like to bitch about the Wii U with multiple accounts,

    2. Whenever some random name pops up that no one has ever heard of before, it is most likely a person disguising themself with a new name. Especially if they are trying to be a troll. For example, where did “Steve” come from. He randomly appeared to bash the Wii U.πŸ’‹

      1. …Another example: “Katamari”… What te hell kind of name is that? Where did he/she come from? πŸ’‹

        1. Isn’t Katamari squid or something in Japanese? But yeah, he’s a very suspicious fellow.

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    1. Can sickr or some admin ban “Judy Crews” s/he’s been spamming this crap almost every post..

  14. The Crew looked a lot like NFS Carbon… not sure how I feel about that since I have mixed feelings about Carbon.
    Division looks interesting for a level, but gameplay-wise kind of meh. Its another case of ‘Wii U doesn’t need [insert game(s)], but it’d be nice for the system’s image.’

    1. Most definitely! I’m keeping my eyes on Division. It seems to have a lot of potential, but we’ll need to see more of what it offers to be sure.

    2. The Crew, I would honestly not bother with.
      Games like Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and Extreme G[not to mention Twisted Metal, though that’s more a battle racer than a RACER racer] have spoiled me to the point where I truly don’t give much of a care about Traditional racers.

      The Division, however, I MIGHT want to look into.

      However, I’m also very curious about the game known as Human Element.

  15. I will ask a question that will probably bring trolls and fanboys to a fight , I really want to know the answer , and even if I didnt meh I have the fight to enjoy
    Is the wii u really capable of running the division ?? Is it strong enough to handle its advanced graphics ?? I will leave the answer for you !

    1. I would assume that the answer to that, lies in whether the game is flexible enough to run on the Wii U’s hardware.
      If it’s coming out on last-gen consoles, then it should be more than flexible enough, by all accounts.

    2. As it is capable of having graphics atleast somewhat better than PS3 and Xbox360, I’d say it is sort of irrelevant…

      They can make most of these games for Wii U, it’s just that they hate our Empire…

  16. Lets all be honest with,ourselves. The Wii u kinda sucks. When compared to what Sony and Microsoft are doing the Wii u looks dated. The VC sucks, it’s weak, the online capabilities are bogus, no dlc, no third party support, slow clunky os, no first party games, region locking….the list goes on and,on. If it weren’t for the few first party ip’s Nintendo owns nobody would buy this thing. Cant wait til the real next gen consoles come out, Nintendo fails, they for Iwata and get back on track cause,right now we are the
    Laughing stock of the gaming world……

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