Sakurai Says Smash Bros 3DS Was Necessary To Evolve The Series

super smash bros

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator behind the Super Smash Bros franchises, says that the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS version was necessary to create in order to evolve the series. Sakurai said that the 3DS version was the starting point for the next game and adding a handheld version would evolve the series enough to differentiate it from Brawl and Melee.

“While the development of Kid Icarus: Uprising was at its end, Satoru Iwata came me propose to develop the new Smash Bros game, and asked me if it should be on 3DS or Wii U. We arrived at a point where the series could not evolve, and we wondered if the handheld console was the solution. In the past, we have increased the number of characters and arenas, but this was not enough.”

“At that time, we could have chosen to develop a 3DS version only, but we realised the presence of several limitations. I am referring to the fact of playing a game like Super Smash Bros on a small screen. Thus, even if it is not easy to develop two versions simultaneously, we chose to adapt the game experience to the specifications of each platform.”

“Even though the characters will be the same in the version Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, the arena will be completely different. In the 3DS version, they are based on games released on portable consoles, while Wii U, arenas are based on articles on home console games.”

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      1. Just ignore ’em bro, its easy :D you’re here to read about smash bros, don’t let these random people ruin that for you with their pointless shit. I agree it’s annoying but look at it from the big picture bro its just stupid to even acknowledge them for what they do. Imagine what they have going in their life, probably not too much considering their main goal is to comment first on video game posts. They get some kind of fulfillment out of this, isn’t it sad? maybe, but it is what it is, our opinions don’t really matter either way. There are for more important and meaningful things going on in the world that you should direct your anger towards

    1. Ravyu, dont be mad im first and your not. You might be first ine of these days but not today you pile of garbage

    2. Yes, because Smash is totally 3DS only. They said they thought about. That’s entirely different from actually doing it…

    1. Stop , just stop .
      A true gamer is the one who plays on a console without whining about other consoles .
      If playing on Nintendo consoles makes me a fake gamer , then I will gladly be one !

    2. Nintendo and Sony fans just fell over laughing at you. An xbot promoting a piece of garbage called an xboxdone. You will be lucky to even have a Microsoft console next generation after this one. LOL.

    3. Real gamers want nothing to do with Xbox One…hell even casuals don’t. The only people getting Xbox One are Microsoft employees and EA employees plus COD and Sports fans that’s about it. So Xbox One will have about 100000 sales.

  1. Were they on drugs when they thought of a 3ds version only ?? I would have fucking killed them if so .
    By the way Nintendo , please stop this evolve innovate thing , as much as I like to have new experiences in your games but some of this ” evolution thing ” might kill your games .

    1. I completely agree. I don’t need something completely new in every freaking game I play. That’s what indie games are for. Sure, from time to time I would want some new feature…but I’d rather them work on a good sequel to a franchise for a year rather than wait 3 years for the SAME sequel that plays completely differently, that might as well dispose of some fans due to themselves liking the previous play style.

      Nintendo, just make games. If you want to make something completely new – give us a new IP. Don’t play a guessing game with your most famous franchises…

    2. OMG! YES! Nintendo kills me every time “innovation” is announced. I cringe and brace myself for the psychological turmoil I might experience. I’m still bitter over the Wii remote…

  2. That explains the lack of full-on cross-compatibility.

    Still, if each Smash Bros version is going to cater to two different environments (Console and Handheld), that’s actually a nice touch, however, no way should there have been any inkling on canning a console Smash Bros for the sole sake of a handheld version. Smash is a console game first and foremost.

  3. I think people rather have them put more effort into the Wii U version rather than make a 3DS version too >_<

  4. I Think Smash Brothers 4 should me more in terms like Metroid Prime 2 or Majora’s Mask…

    More and better of the same epicness…

    More assist trophies, stages and events…

  5. They should’ve focused on the Wii U instead of the 3DS. The 3DS is doing just fine, it’s the Wii U they need to focus about. What’s the point for people to buy a Wii U to play Smash Bros if they can just get it on the 3DS. That’s probably the reason why the didn’t make a cool tittle.

    1. They decided this before the Wii U was even launched…

      Nobody could have known at that Point that it was not going to sell as much as first predicted…

        1. Indeed, I Think they didn’t have a real clue of what to do with Smash Brothers on the Wii u to begin with…

          However not all games need to be innovated to feel fresh and still feel as fun as it is…

          I also like to add that Smash Brothers needs to have atleast one new element to the gameplay like Brawl had with the Final Smash…

          But anyhow this game is already as fun as it Always is no matter what, and now with hopefully more online choices than just 2:00 time which was really dull in brawl (I prefer stock matches), this game will be even more fun…

  6. …..i don’t really get how that was innovation?
    If you made the 2 version playable with each other, okay, but they don’t, soooo what exactly did you add? You could just of easily had the portable stages on the WiiU version, in fact, Brawl had a Pictochat, Electroplankton and i think another DS base stage, so its bot like you were limited to using non console settings for the stages.

      1. That’s probably the most depressing and worrying thing i’ve ever read lol. Smash bros is like the Main reason to buy a Nintendo home console.

        Sort your shit out Nintendo…

        1. I know what they want…
          They want 1 system that you can take anywhere, and i suspect when their next console is revealled, it’ll be just that, a sort of WiiU with cloud streaming features, which i think is a good idea….but they aren’t doing that yet, so why focus so heavy on the 3DS? I get it, it’s successful, and Japan loves it because because all they do is ride trains 6 hours a day, but come oooon.

          1. They need to realize , A- not everybody is Japanese , B- The Majority of Smash sales were in the West , C- The Wiiu is a much better fit for the HD evolution of the smash bros series than the low res 3DS is.

            I mean , a big issue with Smash is Zooming out. With the 1080p HD of Wiiu that problem is officially gone. The 3DS will probably worsen than problem.

            It’s really frustrating being a 22 year old Nintendo fan :/ . It’s like you still really love and enjoy everything but you just want them to stop making stupid decisions also. Like why the fuck is there no online in 3D world but there is in Luigi’s Mansion 2 (A point from a Shokio video) ?

            1. I sort of agree but at the same time I don’t…

              Mario games should never have online unless they started with that in mind…

              SMW3D was initially not even going to have local multiplayer…

              1. But it does! It has 4 player local. There is no reason why 4 player online with Voice chat wouldn’t be awesome. One local you all have to stay on the same screen , on online you wouldn’t have to.

                Once the first player makes it to the flag pole everyone else has 30 seconds to make it or they lose a 1 up.

                There you go , a perfect online formula for the game. One that would only add to the local experience.

                1. Well to be honest that sounds fun although people ust like on this site, likes to “troll” in games…

                  Like SSBB online, people just taunt, never actually plays which is fun the first time but just gets old quickly…

                  If people only stays on one place in the game doing nothing other than jump the whole time or run into a wall, it still would feel like a single player experience…

                  Maybe they try with online on the next game of either the NSMB series or SML/W…

                  But they must create a game that “defines” the Wii U with Mario…

            2. Well i imagine the Mario games doesn’t have online because you the nature of the game, you might start a level and want to go at your own pace, but the randomer might just speed to the end, and you just get thrown into a bubble, i think that’s the main reason why. But i agree with everything else.

              1. That’s actually a good point. But with online you wouldn’t need a ”bubble system” because you would have your own screen space. If they run off you just stay behind and if they jump on the flag pole it says like ”you have 30 seconds to get there” or you lose a 1 up…

                It could work fine I think!

                1. I still think it would be ruin the experience for some people.
                  I think in a multiplayer game that has co-op all people need to have the same mind set. If you play Monster Hunter you all have the same goal, kill that 1 monster. But in a Mario, DK, Rayman, ect game, you can have opposing ideas on what you want, and that makes the game frustrating for people, like the example i said. On one hand you have a person who wants to speed through a level, and so the other person has to either do the same, meaning they aren’t playing how they want, or you’re the person who wants to go at a slower pace and so there’s the guy waiting at the end for you to finish, it’s too chaotic, and in the end, neither person enjoys themselves.

                  1. Never thought of that. I’m the type of player who wants to take time exploring and collecting. That is why I love 3D platformers like Mario and Pikmin.

            3. And to be fair, Mario Kart and Smash will have BIG mulitplayer, and even a game like X have online, which is a big deal, seeing as it’s not an MMO, it’s a straight single player JRPG, but your partners seen in Xenoblade can now be CPU’s, or it’s a similar system to Monster Hunter (another great online game). I think it really depends on the game, and because online is split between friends, and just random people.

              Also, add me on WiiU, YCantZeldaJump

              1. Oh shit you got a Wiiu ? Congratulations. Enjoy your honey moon! Will do now. What games did you get ?

                1. Got Resi Rev, Runner 2, a couple of VC games, and that’s it, waiting to be paid again xD

                  Playing on getting Monster Hunter, just got the 3DS one from the So Many Games promotion, so i can join the 2 versions. Then i plan to just slowly get some of the retail games, like NSMBU, maybe Tekken, but mainly gona buy some eShop games, looking forward to Switch Force 2

                  1. Yeah there’s loads of stuff. Get Rayman Legends challenge app , that shit is awesome. Tank Tank Tank F2P version is worth a look for a little semi-amusing free play. And all the demo’s are worth dowloading like ZombiU.

                    I’m just waiting for Pikmin 3 now playing some Monster Hunter and Resi and a few Eshop games..
                    Will have to do some coop raid mode some time that stuff is the shit!

                2. Honestly i spent alot of time playing my old Wii games too xD seeing as it up resses them and i wanted to go back and play them again anyway.

                  1. Yeh , Wii games do look great on it. Certainly a little cleaner through HDMI. My TV says 1080p 60HZ when running Wii games.

                    Subcrisbe to a guy called ‘Wii U News’ on Miiverse.

                3. *sigh* All of this makes me wanna get a Wii U. I’ll just wait til Christmas I guess.

                  1. Christmas would be an excellent time to buy You’l have such a wide variety of games to choose from and an unstoppable back log.

                    Mario 3D world , DKCTF , Pikmin 3 , W101 , Sonic lost world , etc etc

              2. I was reading through your conversation and had to stop to say one thing: KILLER Wii U username. And I agree with you completely: Mario games will lose it’s uniqueness if it was an online game. I believe Nintendo has achieved paramount success with the Mario franchise because of the unique experienced it gives players like you mentioned.

                1. Thanks xD
                  I chose it for when Link to the Past comes on the eShop, i know people will be posting it

  7. I think it’s a load of BS. I personally wish there was no 3DS version now. Smash bros is arguably the biggest core Home console Nintendo game , Like Pokemon is for the Handhelds. And now it’s all ”we couldn’t add in too many characters cus we’re trying to cater to the 3DS” ? get the hell out of here. I don’t want the 3DS holding back Wiiu games because they want to sell a shit load on the Japanese 3DS installed base.

    Seriously , I wish there was just a Wiiu version only which maximized those 25GB discs , the RAM the GPU to its absolute fullest. They put Smash on Handheld but they won’t put Pokemon on Home console , oh no.

    That’s my stance on Smash bros. The 3DS version can kiss my ass because it’s holding back the Wiiu version.

    1. They said they can’t add too many characters because of time constraints. Certain 3DS cartridges can hold 8 GB, and Brawl took up roughly 7.5 GB due to Subspace Emissary cutscenes, which were confirmed not to return. When Sakurai said restrict characters, he was not referring to the amount of characters. He was referring to other things, such as costumes and movesets, and he also said that at the end of the day the 3DS version will not hold back the Wii U version.

      1. Time constrains? Well, that’s an interesting argument coming from Nintendo considering that a few weeks ago at E3 2013 Nintendo staff stated the company focuses on creating quality games even if it means delaying a game’s release date.

    2. Also why put more online gaming on the handheld over the home console?Lost Worlds gets online but the way more powerful home console doesn’t?

    3. Pokemon staying on handhelds is Gamefreaks choice not Nintnendo. But Pokemon was POCKET MONSTERS meaning a home console can’t fit in your pocket lol.

  8. And it’s this bullshit again… You don’t have to have this big life changing idea to justify making a new Smash bros game… New graphics , better online/features , gameplay tweaks. That’s all we fucking want. That’s all we want from F-zero and Starfox as well.

    1. Spot-ON!!!

      The very knowledge of the possibility that the new Smash could’ve been a 3DS only game….know what – I better not get into that***


      1. That would make me sad and confused. What next Zelda only on 3DS ? then you might as well just do handhelds only ?

        1. Please don’t even entertain that idea or put it out there for the universe. I would experience a grave level of disappointment. Though I doubt that will happen anytime soon. People still enjoy those big screen T.V. :D.

          1. Shit can’t believe they thought about a 3DS only game? If you ask me, by looking at Dark Moon, that was Wii U’s opportunity. Look at its sells? From leaving a home console to a hand held seemed backwards.

            1. New Leaf should have been a Wii U game. If they can split smash up to play both consoles’ , why not New Leaf?

    2. Starfox should be one of the games that has the Wii U Gamepad used in unique ways that are implemented wel just like Zelda and Metroidl…

      I see no point in some Nintendo games if all they have is better Graphics and online features…

      Isn’t that the whole Point in the Xbox and Playstation?…

      Atleast Nintendo tries to come up with new ideas even if maybe 60% doesn’t work out to try and engage in new ways of playing and having fun…

      If Everything stayed the same with just a Little better Graphics and online, most would start to complain about when to get something new and gamechanging…

      Thanks to the Wii, people all around the World who never even thought about playing games knows about games and how fun they can be now…

      I guess that is why I don’t like these so called “Hardcore” players, they just want to play in the exact same ways just because they are too lazy and brainwashed by the Xbots and similar people that if you don’t play with a normal controller, you are not a gamer and just a casual…

      And only that alone seems to make people no insecure that it is pathetic…

      1. I love Nintendo because they’re different! And that’s the same today as it was since I got my first SNES as a 4 year old…

        I’m one of the biggest Nintendo fans around , don’t get me wrong. They just make a few stupid decisions here and there. So does everyone though look at what Microsoft did to RARE and look at what they nearly did with all the DRM and shit.

        1. I see, but sometimes I see alot of Nintendo fans complain about things that are not in the games or the games themselves that they usually complain about what’s wrong in the Xbot games…

          But you make us all proud of course!

          Everything Microsoft is, is wrong…

          Just take a look at the time before its initial creation…

          The Microsoft God Bill Gates stole the “formula” when he worked at the Apple Armada…*wink*…

        2. my friend I agree with all the things you said!!!And If I see That The new Smash has less or the same number of characters as brawl did, I swere Im gonna break some shit up….If im reading that kind of news in my pc, I will punch my screen till my hand bleeds…And all because of the 3DS restrictions…..

          1. I love my 3DS more than anything , but if it’s holding back the Wiiu version of Smash bros ? then it can suck a dick it really can xD.

            If they’re so eager to put Smash on 3DS , why not put Pokemon on Wiiu ? Hypocrites :/

            1. Pokemon is Gamefreaks game not Nintendos. Gamefreak says the mind Pokemon games will always be on handhelds.

    3. As a big Star Fox fan I agree with you 150%. All i want to see is new installment on that series on Wii u. Just like you said new graphics,online etc. would be killer and make me happy. Its annoyin nowadays imo that they need to have some “special” reason to do a sequel, why not just do it because its good franchise?

      1. This. And How can they keep thinking of new ideas for Mario and Zelda but not F-zero and Starfox? that in its self is bullshit and a lie…..

        Remember I love Nintendo more than anything else game related but god dammit they are not perfect…

    4. I’m going to go ahead and agree with you. Some sequels just need a nice little tune up and that’s it – no need to “innovate.” I swear, every time Nintendo mentions the company is “innovating” I suffer anxiety attacks.

      1. lol. It’s getting annoying now isn’t it. They can’t think of a new idea for F-zero my ASSHOLE. Just put online in it like it’s never had before. DONE.

    1. I’d agree but this the same guy who ruined his wrists amongst many other peoples, with his own game.

    2. We could’ve had handheld and console stages on Wii U. Not to mention that we could’ve had a huge roster for Wii U if it wasn’t for the 3DS’ limitations. The whole idea of having Smash Bros. for the 3Ds should be non-existent :/

        1. If they wanted a Smash Brawls on the 3DS, they should have used Melee with the final smash with some changes though. Used a different platform for 3DS version or something!

  9. Could I just point out that we don’t know the size of the character roster yet?

    Everyone’s very quick to conclude that, oh It’s on the 3DS, the character roster must be small. Lets not forget that Super Street Fighter 4 3D had all 35 characters from the console versions on the 3DS version.

    Smash Bros Brawl had 39 characters in total. I’d like a similar sized roster. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a few less. A few of the clones gone would be no big loss. Keep it above 30 characters and I’ll be happy.

    We could all just wait for the whole roster to be revealed before we start bitching and moaning about it….

    …or we could just proceed as normal. Complain about things we know nothing about.

  10. It’s time for Shigeru Miyamoto San to show Sakurai how to make a game innovative and fun no matter what. Hope Miyamoto convinces his son and daughter to be Nintendo programmers. Clearly Iwata and Sakurai are missing the big point. Miyamoto do your thing.

      1. Nintendo Commander yes indeed because the glory and magnificence of the Miyamoto kingship is supreme. We should also thank her royal highness Queen Miyamoto for being such an honorable wife to a great leader and king. King Miyamoto the great with more grace and power with mystic, more than even that of the wizard of OZ and Glinda the good. With precise dedication of Sherlock and Watson combined. Thank you mrs Miyamoto :).

        1. Agreed, her highness is probably one of the masterminds behind features or characters in the games we all love…

          I wonder if Zelda is a creation based on the wisdom our Lord Miyamoto created after her highness?…

  11. I have a bad feelin that the 3ds version is holdin U version too much back. I dont wanna complain because sakurai has suffered too much in this games development, but i dont see the point of this being on 3ds. And im annoyed by the fact that Nintendo seems to only supportin 3ds. Wii u isnt doing good right now and still they wanna make its games suffer for the sake of handheld version.

  12. Sakurai could have taken a pointer from Monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Wii U 3DS compatibility. Even hire the Capcom crew to help. Mh3u is the most fluid Wii U 3DS experience ever.

    1. The basic concept of Smash bros is so unique, it really does not need nothing more but better game play more characters, items, stages and visuals. That’s it. Now you have people who can choose between a $34.99 smash bars vs. A $60.00 smash bros. Same game. That will avoid some people from getting a wii u.

  13. woah! dodge that bullet there, Nintendo. 3ds smash bros only would have been the end of Wii U. Everyone Knows that Smash bros is a reason for buying a console.

    1. Yeah and even then its still bad news because there is people that will ONLY buy the 3ds version.

  14. y all the complaints, we all know theyre both gona be awesome, im very excited for the 3ds version of smash, obviously more so for the wii u version but still they will both be great, chill guys.

  15. I love how everyone is just deciding to shit on the 3ds version for “holding back” the Wii U version when we don’t even know the full roster yet. Rather than state your shit opinions, why not wait until we actually see the damn game in it’s entirety.

  16. I think people should stop worrying. Sakurai made Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl. All three were fantastic and got better with each new installment. I have full confidence in Sakurai to do amazing things with the fourth game. I know for a FACT it will be even better than Brawl. 💋

  17. I don’t understand exactly how Super Smash Bros is to undergo “evolution” when released to the 3DS. When referring to fighting type games like the SSB series, there’s nothing I enjoy more than watching the punches, light beams, and rockets fly around on a big screen of a television. I believe this new SSB will be, to an extent, annoying to play on a handheld system like the 3DS. On example that comes to mind is when the camera zooms out to accommodate all characters on the screen. Can you imagine the microscopic size of the characters on the 3DS? And if Nintendo has thought about the aforementioned issue, I believe it might have restricted the development of vast and beautiful arenas because of the camera zoom out. SSB is a game that started on a console, it’s for a console, and needs to stay on a console.

    1. It would be fun if the 3DS version featured a 3D knock out…

      Like when you are 100% guaranted to die, your character flies off right ontomthe screen to give a maximum 3D feel…

      Similar to when you threw enemies at the screen on the Turtles game “Turtles in Time” I think it was in one of the bosses…

      1. They did have something similar in the previous smas games but it would fall from the top of the screen and then down.

        1. Ah yes you’re right…

          It would work even better on the 3DS because of the 3D and improve it by making it more expressionistic…

          Then all these assist trophies would look even better with 3D, like the Nintendog…

      2. I know exactly what you’re referring to. But I still believe that even with that idea of a 3D Knock Out, having it on a handheld device will take away from the game.

  18. I think new ideas and bold risks are necessary from time to time… but what nintendo needs to.understand about Smash Bros is… they nailed it on the first go. The core gameplay is so perfect that all you can do is build upon it by adding new things like final smash and new characters with more creative ways of fighting.
    Really, they just need to keep adding to it… it’s already perfect.

    1. This. and while I like that the 3DS is getting a Smash title, this is the wrong way to go a at it unless they plan out DLC fighters to make up for the shortened Roster.

      and before ANYONE says that would ruin Balance, I’d like to point you to the constantly updated Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost. a roster of over 70. new fighters added constantly. Nothing below a C-Tier, which if going by Brawl logic…is really damn good.

  19. So, what i´m getting from this article is that at one point Nintendo actually conciderer NOT to put one of the best console seller out there in the Wii U, BUT ONLY in the 3DS; and WORST, the Wii U version will be the port version of the two, having little to none of the advantage of a home console and all the disadvantages of the handheld console.


    1. The only reason why I think Nintendo wanted SB only on 3DS at first is because at that time the console was selling like the Wii U is now. And I also think that’s why Dark moon is on 3DS. Before development of Pokemon X and Y, never once thought about how munch more innovative it could have been on Wii U. Pokemon on GameCube was slick as hell.

  20. Ah yes, the old switch-aroo, lets make mario 3D land sequal on 3DS, then maybe port it to the U, then we will do the same with smash bros. We will save time and money, and also make a ton of easy money, we are like gods…

  21. Why can’t we get exclusive content for 3DS and Wii U, other than stages? You could take advantage of the hardware! You could put smaller or more dynamic characters on the 3DS version (considering small screen size and 3D) or more detailed or larger characters for the Wii U version (like maybe Ridley?). What about cross platform play? HAT REASON DO I HAVE TO GET BOTH? New STAGES? I really don’t care about that! Why not DLC? Of course, Mr. Sakurai wants us to respect the package for what it is or some crap like that, so of course that’s not something we’re going to get. Sakurai, if you are in too much pain or are too sick to put extensive effort into this game, I understand, but why not let somebody else do it? Why not lend indie developers dev kits and let them make their own fighters, and let you upload them through, maybe an in-game Smash Bros. Store? Now there’s something I could buy! Right now, Sakurai, I find your methods very questionable, and, while I understand you are in a lot of pain, there are easy ways around this, and I’m not very impressed with what I have heard about your project so far.

    1. ….That is genius….though they’d have to be VERY picky about it. just look at all of the PSAs at Brawl Vault.

  22. that’s fucking sad if a handheld version of a console game is the big evolution point of a franchise.

    1. 3DS is selling like crack I dont see how stupid it is.
      $ma$h bros games sell games and they were trying to do whatever it takes to make the handheld sell.

  23. Sakurai besides having a good online and being online all new smash Bros games need is new characters and stages. Plus the story mode lol.

  24. I actually am fine with having both a 3DS version and Wii U version and while the Wii U version might be getting “held back abit” that’s fine. Its still damn good enough.

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