Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says that the company will continue to support the Wii U this Christmas. Guillemot says that they expect sales to begin to take off this Christmas due to a number of high-profile Nintendo titles. He then said that the company will review things at the beginning of next year, which supposedly means that if Wii U sales don’t take off then they will reassess the situation.

“We will continue to support the Wii U this Christmas, and we’re expecting it to take off in terms of sales. And we’ll review what happened again at the beginning of next year.”

Thanks, Jamie M



  1. the crew the division the crew the division the crew the division the crew the division the crew the division the crew the division the crew the division the crew the division!!!


  2. One game in the second half of the year?
    So Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Assassins Creed IV and Just Dance 2014 is one game?


  3. The reason they want to wait for sales to go up is so they can… I dunno, make money? If you brought a new flavor of lemonade to two lemonade stands, one with a huge line, and the other with nobody at it, which are you going to offer your great new flavor to and make a deal with?


  4. yeah you hear that??? ubisoft says that they will support wii u this christmas. oh wait…. my heart. YOU BETRAYED US UBISOFT!!!!! rayman legends, oh my heart!!!!!! even if they are the only 3rd party pretty much supporting the wii u im not going to buy because im a retarded nintengeek to prove a point!!!!! (yeah have fun with showing them exactly what they thought, that 3rd parties cant sell on nintendo and that they are cutting support on the wii u.)


  5. I think its a bit worrying that there is no ea support even if its only for sports and racing titles, unless Nintendo are going to rework super soccer from the snes I think they should be talking to ea and sorting something out, the Wii u seems to be going down the GameCube way but the GameCube seemed to have much more support than the Wii u has, which is surprising considering whe wii’s sales and popularity, its probably a result of nintendo’s arrogance.


  6. …im really doubting that ubi will continue to make games for the wii u next year. Please, everyone, help prove me wrong and actually buy the GOOD 3rd party games, not the crappy party/dance ones…



    wii fit u. Mario. Donky kong. Zelda. Sonic. Mario and sonic winter games. 2d mario and luigi. Wii play u. Wonderful 101. Pikmin3.

    Shit is going to go thermal LOL ToTle DESTRUCTION OF PS4 RELEASE followed by mario kart and smash and bayaneta


  8. I am afraid with neither Super Smas Bros U or Mario Kart 8 coming out this Christmas, Wii U sales will not increase without a price cut. Also Nintendo needs a new Wii U Sports, everyone puts down those games but I had tons of fun playing Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports. Nintendo needs to buy more developers.


  9. Well, unless Nintendo goes all out on advertising and promotion, as well as significant price drop, I think it’s obvious that Wii U is going to tank this Christmas. So I guess we’ll be saying goodbye to Ubisoft’s support then.


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