Zelda A Link Between Worlds: “We Don’t Want To Alienate People Who Haven’t Played The Original”


Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has admitted that it is slightly nerve-racking making a sequel to the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. Aonuma says that the team have been exploring the elements that make the game so fondly remembered by so many people. He also said that they are looking at ways to accommodate those who never played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, as they don’t want to alienate them.

“Yes, that’s a concern. Fans of the original game have a lot of fond memories, and when we announced this sequel I know that some were dubious about the idea of us adding to that game’s lore. The challenge is to pinpoint what it was about the original that people loved and to respect that, and so long as we do that I think we can make something those fans will like. It’s been a big point of discussion among the staff – how much fan service to give without blowing it. We’ve been thinking about how to make the new one in a way that will excite the fans without alienating people who haven’t played the original. We’re paying close attention to that.”


      1. Dont worry…new story means non direct sequal….if it was a full sequal, people that never played would be left out. People misunderstood Aonuma all the time, he speaks in riddles

          1. My cure for anger is simple. Stop giving a fuck, but unfortunately not everyone has taken the cure yet. I wish them the best

  1. Aw man,

    “We Don’t Want To Alienate People Who Haven’t Played The Original”

    That just means that this game may not have a very deep plot. At least that’s what I take it to mean. Most LoZ games are pretty awesome because of the deep story and the history behind the universe. I hope that they don’t change that.

    1. Zelda’s not known for it’s deep story, if ALTTP had no story people would love it just as much as they do now.

      1. Maybe it’s just me then, but I’ve always considered it as a very story based series. The opposite of Mario actually, Story and then gameplay, as opposed to gameplay and then some story. Without a story it would still be fun, but I’d much rather it have a story. It’s like watching the Avengers movie without the Avengers being in it. It would still be an interesting film about Shield, but not quite as good

        1. I enjoy the story in most Zelda games, but ALLTP in particular has a story that doesn’t matter.

          1. Well, all right. I’ve never played the ALLTP game so I couldn’t vouch for the story. Still, wouldn’t you say that it’s more enjoyable with a story? Imagine Wind Waker or Majora’s Mask without a story (Well Majora’s Mask would still be awesome and spooky, but you get the idea)

    2. I think someone misunderstood him, its a sequal but not direct. For the people who never played LLTP will be left out if the story was continued. Right or wrong???? It will be the same but different story

  2. Fantastic news, Link to the Oast was my first Zelda game and I cant wait to return to that world.

      1. It’s a combination of ALttP, and OoT. Even though they’re the exact same game. Only one’s 2D, and the other’s 3D.

  3. Do the admins of this site actually do anything? How hard is it to block IP addresses? Sure, let the trolls run rampant, why should the Admins actually try to do anything.

  4. If you haven’t played the original, then please, drop what you are doing, and go do that. Please. Seriously though, I hope they don’t bring back a ton of things just for nostalgia’s sake. They need to make a new hit, something original and crazy good, so the kids today can be like the older kids and adults and brag about how good it was in their day and shun those who didn’t play it.

    1. It will not happen, the game will be a nostalgia cash-in. I’m already dissapointed by knowing that we’re actually getting the same overworlds. It’s depressing.

  5. I think it is a really nice thing to say. Trying to keep all Zelda fans happy with Wind Waker and Toon link, Old style game and then a completely new Zelda on the way :). Can not complain.

  6. How about releasing the Original ALttP on the Wii/3DS VC then? this way, fans can play the game and beat it before the sequel comes out.
    easy peasy right Nintendo?

  7. being competely honest……. this game looks dull!!!!! last good zelda game was WW. dont get me started on SS because there is plenty of core zelda fans that couldnt even get half way trough that overhyped garbage.

    1. the last one i thoroughly enjoyed was Twilight Princess, and to this day i still say SkywardSword should be placed on the same shelf as Link II. Its not a bad game, but not good enough to be placed next to OoT, MM, WW, TP, ALttP, and LoZ.

      1. agree, just wait for all the fanboys. pff pfff s ss the legend of zelda SS got 10 out of 10s on n nu numerous sites. yeah so did many other overhyped garbage games.

    2. Im a core Zelda fan. Played pretty much everyone. Skyward Sword is my 3rd favorite Zelda game. Ocarina #1 and Windwaker is my #2.

  8. Guess I’ll never know beef people have with SS. That game was awesome, even though the controls were a bit cumbersome at times.

    Anyway, I hope this game turns out better than it looks so far. The awkward camera has me concerned.

  9. uh-oh. sounds like this game is going to be too similar to alttp. they better not fuck with my favorite series. I don’t want the same shit as alttp dammit. give us a new experience or fucking else nintendo and that fucking wall trick won’t cut it.

  10. I am so looking forward to this game, it is faithful to the original, while adding that fresh 3DS touch, nintendo got it right with this one! ^____^

  11. Alttp is so good! A lot of dungeons, various areas to explore, and a straight up good story. Oh and let’s not forget the music.

  12. I loved the original, but im not sure what to think about this. Its nice that they make this, but it looks little bit stale. Im sure its gonna be good game in the end, but why they didnt create whole new 2d Zelda is somethin i dont get, its like they are startin to lose ideas with this series, ofcourse i can be wrong and i shouldnt judge it before i have played it, but i dont want zelda become like Mario with nearly identical cash ins. Nintendo should just start seriously create new ips and forget these old ones for a while.

  13. Dang it, give us older fans what we want. We’ve enjoyed these games for the longest and deserve some proper fan service. If you want the newbies to not miss out, include a Link to the Past with the download, or have a crazy sale on the eshop for it! I know you need to cater but not every time!

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