Iwata Says He Has No Plans To Resign

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that he feels he was misinterpreted by Japanese press earlier this year who claimed that he said he would resign if he was unable to achieve 100 billion yen (US$1.09963 billion) in operating income for the next fiscal year. Iwata told analysts at a recent meeting that he didn’t recall ever saying that he would resign from his position. He said that the company wouldn’t focus on failure and would put tremendous effort into achieving its goal.

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  1. Least he’s persistent.
    But he did say that he was going to resign if they didn’t reach their goal.
    He’s either lying, confident that he’s gonna reach it, or just plain forgetful… ._.

    1. Except he said he thinks the press misinterpreted what he said so your second sentence is pointless.

    2. Nope, the press completely took his words out of context. He just said, he was very serious and strong commitment to reaching a profit by the end of the year or something like that. They immediately took it as if he doesn’t make that goal, he would quit.

      I said months ago when the statement came out, that they were completely wrong, but I was then told I was stupid, wrong and that was what he was actually saying, go figure.

    3. And Miyamoto said he was going to retire at the end of 2012 and look he’s still working there. I guess these people don’t want to leave because they are already doing a great job and leaving would make the business collapse.

  2. That’s a stick in the craw of every hater that wanted to see Nintendo die with his resignation.
    Too bad, so sad, everyone but the trolls are glad.

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      1. Nope, list some people who can actually take his place. Don’t say “anybody” either, because that’s fucking stupid.

        1. shigeru Myamoto and I know I spelled it wrong, old president of noa cant remember his name but thats why we had tons of games before

      2. I don’t know. Under his leadership, his company has produced the best-selling console ever, the Nintendo DS. And the Wii, selling over 90 million units worldwide.

    1. Don’t people say this when the slightest thing bad happens to Nintendo? They won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

      1. Lol Nintnedo will be fading into irrelevancy. Sony will be the king of this generation and beyond. While Wii U will be a gimmicky underpowered steaming turd that it is.

    2. Just a wild guess here, but I believe Nintendo is FAR from being done. Do you know how well the 3DS is doing? Do you realize how well the Wii did? Dont be dumb.

        1. you are a smart person hahahahaha!!!!!! someone can see how bad and pathetic the wii u is doing!!!!! please understand……… but the wii u is a gimmicked paradise.

          1. The Wii U isn’t doing so well right now, but I do hope it will pick up sales by this fall.

            P.S You were right about this trolling thing lol.

        2. Nintendo is richer than Sony, so they could probably afford to use a few BILLION before Nintendo goes out of business.

  4. Well, that sucks. :( Can he at least practice a bit more on his English? I hate hearing his annoying voice. Please bring Reggie back.

      1. Really? Thanks, you’re a genius. What I meant to say was Reggie should step in and fill his role. Why does Iwata have to do everything anyway, it’s Nintendo of ‘AMERICA’. Does he feel he needs to babysit Reggie? Reggie was doing fine on his own, Iwata should go do his own thing in Japan.

        1. Most people tie them together for some reason. Most people hate Reggie more than iwata. It’s stupid…

        2. Not sure if the “genius” part was bitter sarcasm or not (Cause text and all) but I’ll take that as a compliment!
          I do agree about Reggie doing the Nintendo Directs instead of Iwata, but I don’t think he’s “destroying” Nintendo like so many silly people believe.

          1. I think Iwata should do the Japanese ones, and Reggie the English ones. Perfect solution.

            1. Well, Nintendo of Europe was a Japanese president, and he does Nintendo Direct for the European people.

              Yes, even for the English ones.

              In other words, PAL regions had a person with a Japanese accent right from the start! :P

              1. Why did I refer him in the past tense?

                To my knowledge, he’s still the president of Nintendo of Europe.

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      This is getting ridiculous.

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        I’ll probably just read the e-mails I get from here instead.

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          1. Yeah, instead of replying to them with explosive statements of hate, the best thing to do is just to comment about the article in question, be polite, and relax. We get so heated over video games that we miss the point, and that’s to have fun about it. Debating is nice, but not if it’s just going to be insults.

            1. What bothers me is the fact that we have to scroll down, and scroll down, and scroll down to find a relevant comment here. My Nintendo News always had trolls showing up, but all the limits have been surpassed recently. I do not believe that the admins cannot find a way to moderate the comments. Comments are important in the sense that opinions from other people help you to make your own, and, ultimately, it is nice to have intelligent debates on video games.

              But I’ve been so tired of trying to find worthwhile discussions around here.

    3. I think you’re miss using the wording “having” here. I highly doubt you are being forced to read these comments. A simple glimpse at a comment would tell you if it’s trolling or not.

    4. @ Gordon Bishop,
      I feel exactly the same way. There’s more trolling here than relevant comments based on the posts. And what’s worse, Sickr and Alba just keeps allowing it instead of cleaning out the rubbish.

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  6. I hope through all these awful comments, people will come upon mine and be glad they did. Like a beautiful ray of sunshine has brushed their face. I love Iwata and he should definitely stay for ever and ever. :D 💋

    1. The best thing to do is just go with it and let everything unfold instead of arguing like children…
      Relax and play games. If you don’t get what you want, ask politely, organize together and get stuff done, or speak with your wallet if you need to. But when it comes to brand new consoles like the Wii U, the best thing to do is wait, relax, and have fun with the retail games out right now, or the numerous indie games on the eShop. 3DS, PSN, even the original Wii shop has great stuff and we can find great stuff everywhere, but I digress…

      Wii U titles are coming, and units will fly off the shelves in no time, and it’ll recover from its “New Console Syndrome”.

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    1. You’re crazy. The Wii U isn’t even a year old yet, and the system sellers are coming.
      Whether you like the games or not, they will sell systems and the Wii U won’t be failing for much longer.

      Don’t be so quick to dismiss it as the “end of Nintendo”, since everyone did that with the DS, Wii, 3DS…

      1. The more you put Nintendo under pressure the better games they will produce , the less we support them in every single stupid move from them the more they will actually try to attract gamers , and the more games they will make , I am pretty sure that iceazemea agrees with me , since iwata came in it became worse for Nintendo , we must let Nintendo know this , on Twitter on miiverse on Facebook , we must do everything we can to lead them to the right direction .

  8. XD a lot of mad comments today.

    I do think Iwata should step down. Once upon a time he was a risk taker; he had passion for the job. But over the past 2-3 years, he hasn’t been steering Nintendo in a very prosperous or creative direction. Time for some new blood to have a go.

    1. What if they fail? What then? He should lead Nintendo until the Wii U is actually a failure. But until then, shut up about it.

    2. yes and new blood shall shed. your right, now when do we start killing iwata???? it would be easier if he just quit or funnier yet fired with reggie.

      1. It’s Iwata’s fault that there are no games?
        It’s Iwata’s fault that developers needed more time to work on stuff? I’m pretty sure if we replaced them with different people it would be the same.

        1. Yes. It is. As the CEO the buck stops with him. All decisions are run by and approved by him. If there are any issues with Nintendo then as its representative, all eyes turn to him. That includes the eyes of investors and shareholders. And are you trying to tell me that every CEO is the same? Are you… serious? Please think in the future before trying to be sarcastic.

  9. The Wii U will succeed. Don’t you fools realize that it’s not even a year old yet? Hello mammajynx and quartz!

  10. I dont think Iwatas Resignin would solve anythin. People here like to blame him about lack of 3rd party support etc. but i think we should look back and remember why 3rd parties jumped ship from nintendo long time ago and still today arent sure should they support nintendo, yes the answer is Yamauchi he who drived all the support away by tryin to create monopoly, callin 3rd parties shit etc. Iwata and other guys at Nintendo are probably hard at work tryin to fix all the damage mr Yamauchi caused to Nintendos and 3rd parties relationship. I think that even though Iwata does some mistakes, that overall he is good leader. We are gettin lots of good exclusive and multiplat games this year. The only thing that Iwata needs to do is to get the 3rd parties on board, revive old ips, put people work on new ips and then everythin would be perfect. He did very good job with 3ds. Remember when people said its doomed, failin, no games etc. look at it now full of games, sellin very well, its succes in every way. Nintendo can do it to Wii u too and only then sky is the limit.

  11. Does not need to resign but but needs to better serve their customers with constant flowing software without the sacrifice of quality and visuals depending on the type of game.

  12. A change in leadership could be a good thing for Nintendo or it could be a bad thing. If no change in leadership occurs, Nintendo will continue on the same path though which includes, Mario after Mario, The Nintendo handholding & parenting will remain, crippling baby steps in online advancement, over charging for thier products and region lock.

  13. I like Iwata, I just wish he had green lighted a more powerful Wii that was closer to the Xbox 360 in power so Nintendo didn’t fall behind the rest of the video game industry last generation, and the Wii U isn’t powerful enough either. If only Iwata had put a little more power under the hood of the Wii U, so it is closer the the Xbox One and PS4, then Nintendo would have a better chance to compete. Nintendo doesn’t have to make the most powerful console, but it does have to be in the same league as the competition.

  14. I don’t get why people hates Iwata. Fuck, he’s a good man and for god’s sake, the fucking Wii was successful under his days as president of Nintendo. I like him to be the president so Miyamoto can troll him anytime (remembering two Nintendo directs ago).

    1. I think both Iwata AND Reggie are awesome. Don’t understand why people hate either of them, too.

      1. I think he is ok. He just makes dumb decisions sometimes. Like why didnt you think about making NSMBU operate with a pro controller at the start? Those dumb decisions.

        1. Does anyone know if 3D Mario world works with Pro Controller, or do we have to wait 7 months for the patch?

        2. Yeah those small dumb mistakes are hurting Nintendo. My guess is they didn’t think the pro controller would be that popular. That’s like the only thing I can think of, lol.

  15. I am glad that Iwata doesn’t want to step down. I agree with his vision of innovating the video game industry. What I hope Iwata will change though is his view on want gamers truly want. He needs to realize that a lot of us Nintendo fans have grown up and would like more games suited towards our age group. He doesn’t necessarily have to make Zelda or Metroid fall into M-rated categories but I do hope he realized that we desperately want the best of the third party as well as the highest of quality first party software titles. Also I hope he embraces the online gaming community and if it’s not too late, makes Super Mario 3D World have an online co-op mode. That would be amazing!

  16. If Nintendo suffers another fiscal loss in 2014 the decision may be taken out of his hands. I hope people aren’t delusional enough to think that the CEO of a major conglamouration totally controls their own destiny because they don’t.

    Iwata could come out on a Nintendo Direct and say that Nintendo will only release one game per year because they feel it is necessary for innovation purposes and not only would he not be even questioned, but by some people around here he would be praised for his ingenuity.

    People project what they WANT to happen into predictions of what WILL happen and when it doesn’t happen they makes excuses and act as though they aren’t disappointed. I’m just glad that Nintendo is a publicly-traded company because Iwata can fool fanboys forever, but investors are smarter than that and will demand results or take their money elsewhere. Right now the PS4 sounds a like a sure-fire investment. Easy to develop for, quick turn around time on games produced, console sells at a profit and is at a competitive price-point. The only thing that can really stop it is if Sony went TOO off-the-shelf with the cheap components of the PS4 and there could be a potential hardware disaster somewhere down the line. That is possible. But if everything runs smooth on the PS4 Nintendo is in BIG trouble.

    At the end of the day there really is no excuse for the Wii U being as cumbersome to develop for as it is. Innovation has it’s limits. Sometimes you just need to be straight-forward to get the job done. Trying to be cute with the hardware design of the Wii U really turned out to be a bad move. Not only is the system less-powerful than the competition, but it sells at a loss and had scared away many 3rd party developers.

    It just seems like despite what they said, Nintendo went out of their way to make the Wii U as undesirable to 3rd parties as possible. A lot of them are just being douche-bags, but some of them have valid points about passing up on the Wii U. In order to make games that have a graphical-appearance on-par with the PS4 and XBOX One more than twice the work and time have to be put into the games to figure out how to use the GPGPU and all the eDRAM reserves. And THEN you add in trying to find a useful purpose for the GamePad.

    Just be honest with yourself. If you are running a company and you have the lives of many people riding on your shoulders and their families, you have a certain amount of money and a limited amount of time, which next-gen console would you choose to develop for? There really is no benefit to developing for the Wii U at this time. Small install-base, difficult to develop for, and the GamePad is more of a hindrance than an asset. Nintendo hasn’t even shown an innovative use of the GamePad yet and they expect 3rd parties are gonna do it?


    They’ve only shown one 1st-party game (Mario Kart 8) that had definitive, inarguable, next-gen graphics. That’s one game in a year and a half (counting from launch until the probably release date of MK8.) Although with Nintendo they are liable to push that game all the way until the 2014 holiday season. Of course, once again Iwata will be praised for his brilliance.

    So I expect a barrage of negativity for this post. Plenty of red-herrings and ad-hominems and such. That’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I just felt that this is something that needed to be said. I’ve been a Nintendo-fan longer than most of you have been alive. I’ve supported then when it was cool back in the NES and SNES days, and when it wasn’t during the GameCube days. I still wore my colors. I don’t like the direction the company is going. The damage is not irreparable, but I feel that unless Iwata steps down, is removed, or somehow get an stroke of inspiration that allows him to understand what ACTUALLY appeals to everyone instead of what HE THINKS appeals to everyone Nintendo is going to slowly but surely self-destruct. Nintendo is never going out of business. They PWN handheld-gaming forever and no one will ever touch them in that area. Console gaming could be a thing of Nintendo’s past if something isn’t done soon.

    That’s how I feel anyway.

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