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Deathstroke DLC For Batman: Arkham Origins Is Coming To Wii U


Warner Bros Interactive has finally confirmed that the Deathstroke downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Origins will be coming to the Wii U. It initially appeared as though Wii U owners wouldn’t be getting the downloadable content, so it’s great to hear that the Wii U version of the game will be on an equal footing as other platforms. Batman: Arkham Origins will be coming to an array of platforms onย October 25th worldwide.

231 thoughts on “Deathstroke DLC For Batman: Arkham Origins Is Coming To Wii U”

    1. Uhh hello! i dont like this batman. he is 2 violent and bad for the yonger nintendo audence !! the langage, bloode, and gore. its so bad and sinful. the makers of this game need to cancal it and repent 2 there lord and saver because he loves us!!

    1. WHY?! Unless you don’t own a Wii U, picking it up for PS360 is nonesense! This is what makes 3rd parties run away from Wii U…!

      1. It’s his choice dude , if he wants the wii u version he will get it , if he wants ps3 version he will get it , simple as that

      2. Since when is it picking it up for a console of your choice nonsense? I own a Wii U and I love it, but I have all the Batman games on my PS3.

        1. if you own a wii u, and you’re not getting this game on it, you’re doing yourself a disservice. when they made arkham city for the wii u, it has a shit ton of great and useful perks added with using the gamepad. if you don’t care for having a ton more features, than go for it, get it on the ps3. but you’ll be getting the most out of the game on the wii u.

          1. I already had Arkham City for the PS3 but I may get it on the Wii U because I just like Batman alot. If I have money to spare, I’ll get Origins on the Wii U, or if it has some exclusive stuff, then Wii U it is. What would be cool if it had a Captain Falcon costume for Batman, that would be cool. Like the avatar btw.

            1. I’m not trying to tell you which platform to buy it on but I do own the 360 version and a WiiU version.The WiiU version is the definitive version.

              1. Love the BttF reference there. Like I said, if it has something to sway me, then I’ll get the Wii U version.

            1. Why would you need to fill a lobby for Arkham Origins? It’s a single player game so far as we know. Multiplayer has not yet been confirmed.

    2. It’s people like you that hurt the Wii U. I mean yeah you are one person but there are a lot more people out there like you that would rather buy it on a system that’s done well than a system that needs to show that it’s install base is growing and supports third party games. I can’t force you to do anything but I think you are making a bad mistake.

      1. I don’t think I’m making a bad mistake, and how is it my fault the Wii U isn’t selling? I’ve had one since it launched last year, the Black one, and I even got 3 games to support it. Plus regardless of what console I get for the game, I’m atleast giving money to the developer. I’m all for supporting the Wii U because I love Nintendo, but since when was this about console preference? It’s about the games.

          1. Thanks for the warm welcome :P

            And yeah I know what you mean, I wish people were more nicer here, because I’m really nice but that simply isn’t the case here. There is a handful of people who are nice here though.

              1. Thanks. And yeah the constant news stream is why I come here everyday. And thanks for the warm welcome!

            1. Welcome to the internet. Trust me, this place is tame compared to some other sites I’ve been to in the past.

            2. It’s your choice.
              At the end of the day, we all love video games and should act like it instead of making a war out of everything.

              Hope the comments section doesn’t break you, by the way.

              1. Thanks, and yes it’s all about the games at the end of the day. Wish we could put away this console elitism and just get along and play our games. And no the comments wont put me away, if they don’t bother me, then I wont bother them.

            3. Welcome Captain N. There are great people on this site. Even some trolls are good. In the human sense. Tyler is a good person. A highly devoted nintendo fan by all means with strong convictions. Great person he is though.

              1. Thanks, glad to be part of the site. And yeah I know he’s a nice guy. I too am highly devoted to Ninty (if it wasn’t obvious by my name and avatar lol) since I was 2. I like a good conversation regarless if some one agrees or disagrees with me.

        1. Well as I said I can’t force you to do anything and you are only just one person. It’s just that Wii U will lose third party support because there are no sales on the system. I said it’s people like you, which there are many, that hurt the Wii U’s software sales. If you want on PS3 that’s fine nothing I can do about it but I don’t agree that it’s helpful to a hurting console at all when the PS3 is doing just fine and doesn’t need anymore third party support. The third party games come to that system anyways.

        2. Hey man I’m not gonna kill you cause you’re getting Batman Arkham Origins on the PS3 but you do realize that this a Nintendo fan site right? Although I don’t agree with everything that Simply G said he does have a point about some Wii U owners complaining about the lack of 3rd party games when they don’t even support the ones that are coming to the Wii U. You do have a right to buy games on whatever platform you choose I understand that, but to come on a Nintendo fan site and say that you’re gonna buy a game that’s also available on the Wii U for the PS3 is something that most people would take as a trolling act even if you’re not portraying it as that

          1. Of course I do, and I’m a Nintendo fan which is obvious by my name and avatar. And I’ve been here for a while so I know what’s it like here. Also, not to sound mean but how is it my fault that the Wii U isn’t getting third-party support? I know what you’re telling me and I understand.

            1. When did I say it’s your fault? I’m saying that most Wii U owners complain about what little 3rd party support that the console is getting but then will turn around and buy the few 3rd party games that are on or coming to the Wii U for other platforms. I can see if you own a PC and if you really didn’t care for the gamepad features then it’s cool because it’s obviously a more powerful platform but if you own a Wii U and you really want more 3rd party games on it then by that alone you should get it on the Wii U is all what I’m saying. Anyways bro like I said I’m not attacking you at all I can see from your comments to other people that you are a Nintendo supporter and a true fan but what I was saying was that you saying that you were going to get a game that’s already coming to the Wii U for another platform kinda rubbed some people the wrong way since this is a Nintendo fan site but at the end of the day it’s about what you want so don’t let me or anyone else effect your decision bro. Keep gaming do you

              1. Naw it’s cool, I enjoy conversations like these, it kinda brings you closer together and brings up a good discussion. The third-party thing really doesn’t bother me much, I mean if it doesn’t come to the Wii U then I can get the game somewhere else, but if it does come to the Wii U then that’s cool too. Nice talking to you!

      2. Chill, it’s his opinion and his choice. He wants it on PS3? Fine. He wants it on 360? Fine. It doesn’t matter what system you get it on. It’s his choice. He could do what ever he wants. Even though the Wii U is the definitive version, he wants the PS3 version. That is fine

        1. See, atleast you get it. I mean who am I to tell anyone which version to get? If there was some Nintendo related stuff in the game like that Tekken game on the Wii U then that would sway me to get it on the Wii U. But in the end, it’s about the games and we are giving the developer money so they can give us even more awesome games.

          1. As I stated, I can’t make you do anything. I just didn’t agree with your choice. Yeah you are helping the developer but if there game doesn’t sell on Wii U do you think they will put their next game on Wii U? No they won’t. My point wasn’t about helping the developer it was about supporting third party games that come to Wii U to show that the Wii U can sell third party games. It’s not all your fault as I stated as well, you are just one person. Also I think Nintendo should take the initiative and advertise the game as well as Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV to help boost sales for the platform. Them sitting on their ass doesn’t help at all either.

            1. It’s fine, I know what you mean. And I know third-parties are trying but it’s really Nintendo’s job to advertise the games, they are the ones that have to sway them into bringing the games. And thanks for the conversation, it’s not often I see a good conversation on this site :)

              1. Oh no I would be the first person to tell you it’s Nintendo’s fault as to why the system is so dead right now. They did nothing to help support third parties on the system, they lost a major exclusive when it was needed badly, and they are doing nothing really to push sales. The main thing to fix this problem is Nintendo. They are the ones at the end of the day that needs to repair their image, not us gamers.

                1. Yeah, Nintendo should really be focusing on bringing more 3rd-party devs on board. I mean yeah their focus is their games but what are people gonna play with first-party game drought? I mean I want the Wii U to be successful but if you notice closely, the third-party games is what keeps a system afloat till the first-party stuff arrives. Nintendo needs to change that. And it was nice talking to you :)

          2. Never meant to say that is your fault that Wii U’s sales are low. I meant that, even one more copy anyone buys makes a good advertisement for both the game and the console;forapl, if friends come to your house and see any game on any console, they’ll get interested, and even that makes sales boost. You might think “damn, it’s just one more copy of the game…”, but the truth is, I’m even responsible of many Wii sales just because of ONE game, so even one simply game helps to improve sales. Though, the best part is that you will not skip this amazing game, wether you get on PC, PS360 or Wii U :)

            1. It’s cool dude, and don’t worry, I’m doing my part on trying to convice people with the Wii U. 2 of my friends already got one a little while ago. And yes the game looks amazing!

        2. I think he like the Playstation controller the best. I mean I rather buy it for Xbox 360 since I don’t like playing it with Playstation controller. I going try playing the pro controller soon on the Wii U to find out if I like the controller. (I haven’t play any retail games on the Wii U except Nintendo Land.)

          1. I haven’t played any games except for Nintendo Land but that’ll change as soon as Pikmin 3 arrives!

          2. I’m probably going to get flamed by this but I like the 360 controller more than the PS3 because it feels alot like the Gamecube controller. The GCN controller is my most favorite controller. Hope the Pro controller feels like a GCN controller.

            1. yeah the 360 controller is definitely better than the ps3 one, the ps3 controller is probably the worst out of all 3 lol. my favorite though is the wii u pro.

              1. Yeah don’t like the analogs and triggers that much, like I said I favor the 360 because it feels like a GCN controller to me. Might pick up a Pro controller to finish up AC3.

    3. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

      U have a wiiu yet your getting it on piss3 so longer load times poorer graphics and poorer controls and crappy dualshocks flout your boat lol

      Why would u do that SERIOUSLY

      I have a clean plate on the draining board and a plate my dog licked clean im goingbto put my sandwitch on thr dog licked plate

      Make sense dude

      1. I didn’t get it for Wii U since I got it for PC…haven’t played the Wii U version either. Would like to see 60 fps and off screen play? How do you rate the Wii U version?

        1. I am in a similar circumstance. I played some of the game on the Wii U and from what I played, it was pretty good. I liked the gamepad additions although I wish it was a little more intuitive. I guess at the time I was still getting used to the gamepad since the Wii U *just* came out. But from what I played, it was still good and could stand up to its PS3, 360 counterparts. I played the whole thing on my PS3 when it first came out, so I didn’t buy the Wii U version; thus I wouldn’t feel right giving it a score.

          That said, I’m still looking for that Wii U game that makes the gamepad have a true unique and innovative purpose in-game.

  1. (How’d it take so long for this to get posted? I sent it in this morning…)
    Anyways, what I don’t understand is why websites such as Amazon and Gamestop have it listed as PS360 only.

    1. Now unless they do a good job of advertising it for the Wii U, they’re gonna say it’s our fault it doesn’t sell well.
      We’re gonna have to buy it to show the third parties that the Wii U has an install base.

      1. I doubt WB is going to single the Wii U out and advertise it for that platform more than others. They’ll advertise it for all of the platforms it is coming out on like most multiplatform games do.

        On the other hand, Nintendo could make Wii U focused advertisements for the game. That’s up to Nintendo though. They can work out deals like Xbox does with Activision for games like Call of Duty or PlayStation with Assassin’s Creed. It’s all up to Nintendo to make that move.

        1. I know, I really hope Nintendo advertises the Wii U version with WB, much like Ubisoft did with Splinter Cell to make others aware.

          As for WB alone, I want them to advertise it for all the platforms. Just so people could notice it and buy it.

        2. But then again at E3 they advertised it specifically for the PS3 and talked about exclusive content the PS3 will get. They said nothing about the 360 and even said they wouldn’t talk about the Wii U version.

    1. What about all the Indie developers meeting their stretch goals and WiiU stretches. Also the reversal in 3rd parties. Frost bite 3 can work on WiiU ( we all knew that ). X coming soon, super Mario 3D world. Pikmin 3 :).

        1. Really?.. hmm, well everyone has their preferences. I personally won’t be getting this game because I don’t play Batman games. ๐Ÿ’‹

          1. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for Armikrog and other kickstarter projects reaching their goals but I’m a huge fan of Deathstroke. I was going to get this game on Wii U anyways but felt like I was getting the gimped version. Now I can happily pre-order it without feeling like I’m buying a watered down version.

            1. Unfortunately we can’t say the same thing for Injustice: God’s Among Us… Nintendo totally got the worst version :/ ๐Ÿ’‹

              1. Yeah I know. I still bought the game and really enjoyed however. I have heard that they may bring the DLC we didn’t get later on. Hmm….

                1. They said a few months ago that it would come in Summer after constant pestering, and then they went quiet, while they continue to support and update the other versions. It’s ridiculous, a complete injustice! I don’t see why Netherealm can’t treat us equally. At least with Bethesda’s DLC fiasco for Skyrim on the PS3 they didn’t ever even attempt to keep fans in the dark, and when the DLC finally came out they were each half-priced. All consumers deserve to be treated equally.

      1. X is not coming soon. All was said was that it was 2014 and even that might mean Fall/Holidays 2014 or it could even get delayed. I mean I was happy seeing the trailer but the Nintendo Direct did not surprise me in anyway. I mean Donkey Kong was a little surprising but I knew Retro was working on a game that had “barrel rolling”. The last time I really got excited over news was the January Nintendo Direct and the fact that Watch_Dogs was coming to Wii U.

        1. Oh, The Layton Brothers. I thought you meant the core Professor Layton games. Even though it has the name, this really has nothing to do with Professor Layton continuity and the main characters aren’t even in the game.

          But yeah, that’s old news. I think MNN reported it last year. I guess they could update the story with release though.

  2. The good tides just keep on improving :). Gamers let’s calmly celebrate. The WiiU 3DS rise begins. Games are upon us.

  3. nintendo fanboy last week: warner bros fucking sucks their games suck and we dont even need them!!!!! fanboy now: this is just awesome and is a nice addition to the wii u for a good game, warner bros is starting to look like a good addition to nintendo!!!!!!

    1. Meh , when a joke is overused it starts to become lame , try a new one ( btw I agree with your point ))

          1. Glad people are seeing that even the big third parties have faith in nintendo’s first party games. Pikmin 3 alone is reason to buy a WiiU. Ubisoft better give us a great experience in watchdogs. Which am looking forward too a lot. Even more than the division. Which looks like a watchdogs with more shooter appeal than an actual possible classic that watchdogs might become if ubi-nail the story.

    2. Well Nintendo fans have some merit to what you are saying. If Warner Bros. Ditches DLC on Wii U then clearly the DLC isn’t necessary. If the DLC isn’t necessary to the game than it is bad DLC. You know who makes bad DLC?… Shit Developers. Nintendo fans don’t want shit developers making games for Wii U. ;) ๐Ÿ’‹

      1. Examples of good DLC: Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, NSMBU
        Examples of bad DLC: Metro Last Light, Anything Capcom, Anything EA.

  4. Cool. Maybe I’ll get it. I loved Arkham City. Then again, I did just play Arkham City a couple months back…

    1. I starting to think it is Nintendo policy that preventing most of the DLC. Maybe I missing something.

      1. Nintendo doesn’t have any policy that makes it difficult to bring DLC to games. It is the developers thinking they’ll make no money off of it. ๐Ÿ’‹

  5. Nice. Still confused what the DLC is. Is it a sidestory DLC or a Catwoman-style DLC of the main story?

      1. True, but I would like to know what it’s about.

        NVM, just looked it up. What a jip. Playable in challenge modes. THAT’S IT!?!?!? Good grief, I’m not wasting money for DLC like that.

  6. To late, but to be honest, no, I already have check the list of game I want to get for the Wii U this year and there are to many, and this game not even with deathstroke as a playable character in the main story, will ever have priority over Wind Waker HD

      1. Aeolus is not a person. Aeolus represent the eye in the middle of the shitsotrm of horrible gamers. And at the horizon you can see the rainboe of shit coming from his asshole.

        Aeolus dont represent some good or bad… its only BAD. Nothing good can be reflected from his existence. But im impress… how can this be so BAD. Its disgracefull and its putride.

        Curse this fucking abomination that is Aeolus. He can die in hell.

  7. The thing is Wii U will get the DLC,but history makes me think it will be 3 months after all the rest of the consoles :(

  8. I love Batman. As long as they can keep fleshing out these great story lines I’m all for it. This will be another long franchise, but the story is something I would buy all the games for and the fact that they really nailed Batman’s gameplay mechanics.

    1. Ugh, Slade is such a stupid name in my opinion.

      It’s like if there was a Young Avengers TV show and Deadpool was in there but instead of Deadpool they called him Wade instead.
      Cause that’s basically what they did. Really dumb name change.

  9. this is proof that nintfags r the worse. they bitch and moan when they dont get somthin and finally they get it. either grow up and get urself a ps4 or deal with shitty shovelware

    1. The slow and steady pace of their return makes me feel like a secret of mana or Chronotrigger classic is in the works for the WiiU. Maybe two games of equal wonder are in the making.

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