Capcom President Says Japanese Developers Take Less Risks Than Western Studios


Capcom president Kenzo Tsuijimoto believes that Japanese development studios take far less risks than western video game studios when it comes to pumping in resources for large projects. Tsuijimoto also claims that western developers seem to work harder than their Japanese counterparts. Tsuijimoto says that games have now become risky business, but he still believes that if Japanese developers could pump more money into games then they would eventually outclass western developers.

“Japanese companies don’t take those kinds of risks like Western developers do. In the past, what the Capcom president [Kenzo Tsuijimoto] told me was that game development is becoming more and more expensive and many Japanese publishers won’t be investing $30 million or more in a game.”

“He believes that Western studios are, “working harder,” and added that “if we can invest $30 million into a game, we can win,” suggesting that the Japanese market could overtake the West if it too pumped more money into projects.”

“Part of the problem, he added, is that Japanese studios seem reluctant to employ Western tech into their projects. “As for the organizational structure of companies,” he continued. “I think it would be good if companies would be more flexible about incorporating foreign technologies”


    1. Tell that to Nintendo, the idiots at Nintendo that sold Rare, Left Field, Silicon Knights, ruined the special relationship they had with Factor 5. So many western studios they used to have. Now the only western studio Nintendo has is Retro, and they put them to work on a “safe” game ( a 2D side scrolling game) instead of them working a new IP that could have showed what the Wii U can do.

      1. Idiots at Nintendo? They are still the number one publisher, most years, of video games on EARTH, all w/o the ‘awesome’ talents behind Kinect Sports, Too Human, Backyard Sports, and…more Star Wars games.

        Try harder, troll.

        1. The guys from Rare went on to create their own studio (Free Radical Design) and made one of my favorite games of all time. The Timesplitters games. You the one that should try harder troll.

      2. You’re an idiot, the names don’t mean shit, those dev companies can’t make good shit because all the people that made them moved on to companies like Retro, Monolith and Platinum.

        1. “You’re an idiot, the names don’t mean shit, those dev companies can’t make good shit because all the people that made them moved on to companies like Retro, Monolith and Platinum.”

          You are the idiot. None of the people that used to work on Rare or Factor 5 or Silicon Knights moved on to work on Monolith or Platinum lol. So they moved to Japan? What an ignorant Nintendo fanboy.

          1. And the guys from Rare left Rare after they were bought by Microsoft and formed their own studio (Free Radical Design), and created the Timesplitters games (my favorite games on the Gamecube). They made some bad choices and were in financial trouble, and were later bought by Crytek. So I don’t know what people you talking about that left Rare and went to work at Platinum or Monolith lol. What an ignorant baby fanboy lolololol!!!!!!!

      3. Nintendo DID publish Lego City Undercover, which was developed by the same developers as the other Lego games since Lego Star Wars (ie, a western studio).

        Granted, they weren’t part of Nintendo, but at least this shows that Nintendo cares about western developers other than Retro as well.

  1. I mean, it’s true isn’t it? The major Japanese companies rarely do anything besides rehashing their IPs, and the ones that actually make something new are usually the same company (like Atlus and Platinum).

    1. That’s not what he means. He’s talking financial risk, putting more money into a project with the risk of not making it back.

  2. Japanese games look more risky to us because we’re not used to that stuff in NA and the UK

  3. Its weid this coming from capcom but they are right hell even nintendo needs to try some new thing in different areas, same for square, and namco,

      1. They are actually exactly who he’s taking about in terms of risks. He’s not talking about new ideas, he’s referring to larger western budgets. Dropping $30 Million on a game is much riskier than dropping $15 Million.

  4. Ubisoft has a good variety of games. Far Cry is an open world FPS, Assassins Creed is an Action-Adventure game, Watch_Dogs looks to be an open world GTA style game, Rayman is a 2D/3D Platformer, etc.

  5. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black! Wii U should of had an original MH instead of a HD remake which was done with little to no investment on their part!

        1. Alt translation: Thanks for taking a few moments to set aside your bitchy attitude to translate for me!! Game on man!!

    1. Didn’t Capcom reject the Metroid Prime-like version of Mega Man, Maverick Hunter?

  6. Wtf does this guy know? Capcom is a shitty developer. As is every other Japanese dev. They all fucking suck. Learn a thing or two from the western devs you fucking morons.

    1. Who says all of them suck?

      I mean, Nintendo is Japanese in origin, yet they are great devs.

    2. dude you are fuckin crazy!! the Japanese games are the reason games have style and playability all western games are ugly boring and lack any real style so stop it .. americans cant make great fighters action arcade platformers or survival horrors like japan does so please try it again homie

  7. No wonder they are afraid to sell Megaman games. But Capcom is a retarded company anyway. They will release a half-ass Resident Evil game, port the most recent good RE game that was made over 3 years ago for a portable console to the home consoles because of them spazzing out, fucking up the DmC series, fucking over MvC fans, TWICE, having disl-locked content on their cross over game, AND release 500 different versions of the same damn Street Fighter game, but they constantly REFUSE to make a Megaman game.

  8. Yup cuz Japanese aren’t graphics whores who want every single detail to be as realistic as possible. They understand how to make great games and still keep costs at a minimum

    1. You’re right, Japanese are only infatuated with teenage girls, fairys, and story lines that require you to be consuming lcd while diagnosed with ADD to have a chance to even pretend you can follow it.

  9. So what he’s saying is, Japanese developers purposefully make their games less than perfect to maximize profit. Almost makes me feel jipped. Almost.

    If I were a developer I would probably be pouring money into a game to make it absolutely perfect, mostly because I’m more of an artist than a businessman.

    1. Yes, they absolutely need more xenoblade clones, jrpg clones and anime clones because they havn’t been doing that for 20+ years! /s

    2. My general was right about you… Both you and you’re commander are filthy, primitive beings who are under the delusion that your consoles are still relevant. You have never beat us in console war and you never will!

      1. DS, Wii. Even when covered in dirt we are cleaner than the move copying, Playstation all stars ripoff Sonyan contraption. You even copied and made Sony general lol.

      2. Back to my normal avatar. For our filthy aborde on a nintendo site, we do have a magnitude of Sony fanboys visiting. Even overstaying lol.

      3. First of all it’s “Your” not “You’re = You are”…

        Second you only beat us twice in the home console area while we won several other wars before your precious mistaken born Playstation even existed on a blueprint…

  10. Please understand that the only game i’ve bought since wii u was launched is monster hunter. That’s one game. it’s been like 7 months now, please understand.

  11. Hmm…. Madworld, No More Heroes, Xenoblade Chronicles, and The Last Story would like to have a word with you Capcom! Sorry that you don’t take risks with your shitty ass games such as Resident Evil 5+6. Also Capcom took no risks in making an HD port of Monster Hunter 3. I think Capcom just needs to change up it’s Resident Evil development team and have a team that actually takes risks.

  12. I kind of agree about the whole financial risk aspect.
    But that’s kind of a good thing because we don’t want people like Square and EA investing more money into advertising than putting the budget into the game itself. (The Last of Us)

    At the same time, investing a gigantic budget into one game does not equal “winning”. Just look at Shenmue. Great game, but that was pretty much the game that almost put SEGA out of business.

  13. I would be taking risks if I slept with a bunch of different guys, or mixing a lot of drinks, but I don’t do that stuff. Games should be fun, no matter how much they cost to make. Plain and simple.

  14. (Desert Rain Frog has had a lovely adventure on MyNintendoNews but he will be leaving after tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who has shown love for the Desert Rain Frog and made him feel apart of the community!)

    Squuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xoxo (✿ ♥‿♥)

      1. Dude. It wasn’t fucking me. You think I have time two manage two avatars? I’m spending too much time on this site as it is. That frog was … Well I don’t know.

    1. Fuck!! I’ll miss you Desert Rain Frog! You’re my unofficial Pokemon!! ;A;

  15. “He believes that Western studios are, “working harder,” and added that “if we can invest $30 million into a game, we can win,” suggesting that the Japanese market could overtake the West if it too pumped more money into projects.”

    *suddenly thinks of resident evil 6

  16. They put that much money into a game CAUSE OF DEVELOPMENT COSTS. The UBER POWER and GRAPHICS drive up the dev costs lol. If everyone made games in the style of SNES games still but just in HD and more memory lol then it would be cheaper lol.

  17. Also funny how these EXPENSIVE games mostly suck. Halo 4 for example. 343i you done goofed. Crysis 3….junk. All the games that LOOK AMAZING are usually terrible in the gameplay department.

  18. the thing what risks is actually about is making new fucking games!!!!!! the western studios are the ones that fault their. yeah a ton of money put into the same ideas of the same franchises!!!!! where for a few examples….. platinum games, atlus, monolith soft and mistwalker!!!!!! american studios what ubisoft??

  19. Western Developers (outside of Indies) are a joke, No creativity
    Japan at least has SOME creativity where as here in the US where developers follow the trend savvy lemming before they plummet off a cliff

    again, I’m only referring to the big dogs not the indies in the US

  20. Theyre talking about COD and 1st person shooters… When was the last time you praised a western game? I think this post is a fake… But i can see how companies nowadays are spending more for graphics, just graphics lol

  21. These Capconians must be high after having success with MH3U and getting Mega Man as a guest character in SSB…

    What japanese companies have, well most of them is heart to make fun games that doesn’t rely on pathetic CGI cinematics that takes 50% of the game and stories…

    Games are meant to be played, not watched or learning some D-Movie message…

    1. Read the article.
      This is about financial risks, not gameplay risks.

      And I’m glad they don’t take risks like, say, EA. Giant budgets mean nothing if the game is crap.

  22. Why anyone is complimenting Western developers I don’t know. They are the cause of everything that is currently bad about the gaming industry. They’ve “Hollywoodised” the games industry and it’s a disaster.

  23. Capcom needs to test the wiiu out with a street fighter ex collection a viewtiful joe, new okami, devil may cry, and super street fighter 4.

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