Club Nintendo has been updated today with four new games for Nintendo 3DS and Wii Virtual Console. The four games on offer are Star Fox 64, Super Punch-Out!! Donkey Kong and Aura-Aura Climber. Which of these four games will you be spending your hard-earned Club Nintendo coins on?

Thanks, Alaa, Kelvin and Gaming Lord



    • Allowing people to qualify for free Wii U VC games would be a great incentive to get people to register new Wii U purchases and sign up with club nintendo.

      I’ll never understand promotions for dead consoles.


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  2. Lol here in Denmark we can’t even take part in Club Nintendo so i have basically been assfucked since i bought my Wii U and got NOTHING out of it. I have literaly bought more Wii titles than Wii U titles the past couple of months…


    • You’ll still be getting your platinum reward, but a new year has started for Club Nintendo, so you’ll have to get 600 coins again to be elligible for next year’s platinum rewards, etc.


      • 3D games mostly, and not the wow 3D effects one. Games that require to use the analog alot like 3D Land and MK7 did it. First the nub on the top fell off, the rubber thing and then the analog stick wouldn’t let me steer or move in the direction I wanted. So now I have to stick to games that use the D-Pad or gyro controls, though it does work on some games. On the bright side, I now how to play better in first person mode in MK7 and got a golden wheel thing lol


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