A unique Japanese karaoke box experience is coming to Wii U later in 2013, giving you the choice to have a private sing-along with friends in your living room, or compete to become one of Europe’s finest voices! Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND is a new karaoke application that will double up the Wii U GamePad as both a fully-fledged music back catalogue and microphone, offering up the traditional features of a karaoke session for any occasion.

From launch, the Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND software will be a free download from Nintendo eShop, with an extensive library of music available via streaming. The premise is simple – you choose whether to use the application for one hour, 24 hours or 30 days, purchase the ticket from Nintendo eShop, and presuming you have already downloaded the application on your Wii U, it’s time to unleash your singing voice!

Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND puts the music choice literally into the palm of your hands via the Wii U GamePad, which acts as the catalogue to browse songs and create song lists of karaoke favourites. In addition, the Wii U GamePad doubles up as a microphone, however the Wii U microphone and compatible USB microphones can be used for those wanting to pull off iconic poses like their favourite artists.

Aside from the regular karaoke mode, the application offers three main modes which will put your skills to the test by scoring your performance with points that are awarded when the right notes are hit! The first mode shows your score at the end of the song, allowing you to relax and just sing, so you can use it to learn a new song or try a new singing technique. In the second mode, your score is shown in detail via a performance analysis feature allowing you to get special feedback on your vocal strengths and weaknesses. The third mode, however, is when the competition starts to heat up, with your score used in an online ranking feature enabling you to compete with other users from across Europe to vie for the top spot of being the best singer of each song from the catalogue. Whether your forte is R&B, or more in tune with Country, each song available through the application will have a constantly updating leaderboard of the best performers, so you’ll need to keep up the standards to stay on top. Whatever you achieve there will be a mechanism which enables you to post a screenshot on Miiverse to proudly show off your singing prowess to others.

Whilst you sing, your Mii character will be in the thick of the action on-screen, with the ability to perform in a range of musical backdrops, don a variety of different costumes, and tailor performance sets and song lists to create your own Mii karaoke identity. If you want to mix up your song list at any point, a History button is available on the Wii U GamePad, which shows a list of a user’s previously sang songs for selection.




  1. I’m already getting sick of all the titles on Wii U with a “U” in the title. I have this same complaint with every Nintendo console.


    • No Gamecube game had Gamecube or Cube in the name…N64 had a few, Wii had a few, Wii U has some, 3DS has a few. Its not like the entire library of games has it. And its just a name get over it.


      • N64 generally added 64 to the end. 3DS added 3D to the end… Both only until people didn’t care it was in 3D or it was the first 64 bit console. Once people stop obsessing for or against the tablet, you can guarantee the names will stop ending in ‘U’.


  2. I just saw the pricing in a japanese commercial.
    1 time 100 yen
    24 hours 300
    30 days 1000
    90 days 2000

    So if I could guess, in us dollars
    1 time .99
    24 hours 1.99 (iffy about this price)
    30 days 10.00
    90 days 20.00


    • That seems fair to be honest. Although I’d prefer it if first time per 24 hours was free, with 1.99 being the price of either 3 days or a week.


    • Looks fair, especially if you know most people will be tired of this after 90 days so they get out cheaper.
      I wonder why they don’t do this with more games. Or why they don’t let you pick every song seperatly, Just dance for example. Ubisoft releases the rights to 50 songs for €/$60 that you can choose for yourself if you download it. You can choose the fifty songs you like the most and you download all of those. That way more games could be sold because people won’t pay for a song selection that filled with pure crap like Nicki minaj etc…


  3. yeah hahahaha have fun nintendorks. the rest of us will play GTA5 on the more relevant last gen consoles while you play or should i say u sing ( you liked that one it had a pun for nintendo) u sing this with your grandma!!!!!! oh you guys are growing up so fast maybe next you can help bake the cookies!!!!!


        • Funny how the Nintendo fanboys always throw at you the baby games when you tell them about the lack of games their console has. They don’t realise that grown ups aren’t interested in all those baby games.. How cute now he turns into a cat lmao. Wind Waker HD is the same game that it was 10 years ago, same water effects, same audio, same everything.


          • Only babies talk like this. Adults don’t have the time to insult others with childish names. We can play what we want to play. The big word here is PLAY. Do I want a killing simulator? Do I want my daughter playing those games? No. Grow up yourself, it seems like Sony and Xbox fans are very immature in how they approach conversation. Sad really


          • I’m sorry… Did I miss something all these years? Is there a “B” for babies on Nintendo games? Oh, no I wasn’t mistaken. It says “E”…. For EVERYONE. 💋


    • What’s wrong with singing, boy? Singing is what soldiers do before going off to battle. Singing is a proven treatmnet to those with asthma (a common condition in the world). Singing is just plain good for the soul and heart. Maybe you should grow a heart… 💋


  4. I was hoping that this would make it stateside. Hmmm, if they keep the rates similar to those in Japan I can see my family playing this occasionally – a $1 an hour or $3 for a day isn’t bad at all.


  5. We’re going to tell a story to some kids and need an instrumental/orchestral background music to accompany the narration (there are going to be still images flashing on the screen). Where can I download the appropriate background music for this for FREE?.


  6. I found this sight on a Yahoo search. I really liked it. The music is real instruments, not some midi fake sounding stuff. Are there any sights as good as the Sims? I do go on Red Karaoke. It’s okay, but I like more real sounding karaoke background music. Any karaoke buffs out there?.


  7. Most karaoke machines are compatible with karaoke CDs. These CDs are kind of like DVDs in that they have both the music and video that displays the lyrics built into them–they’re called CD+G, or CD plus graphics. So as long as the appliance is advertised as a karaoke machine, has a screen for the graphics, and takes CDs, it will probably take karaoke CDs. Then, all you have to do is find the discs…if it’s a rental, the discs should come with the machine, but they are not hard to find if not.


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