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An interesting interview has been published with Mario Kart 8 producer Konno and director Yabuki. The team shared that development of the game started roughly one year ago and that it’s only being developed by EAD Kyoto, so there’s no external team helping out as there was for Mario Kart 7. Here’s a few choice excerpts from the interview.

  • MK8 development began just more than a year ago.
  • No others studio involved, 100% EAD Kyoto.
  • About the Gamepad use: “Our priority is to provide the remote display on the GamePad only. We have other ideas, but that’s all we can tell you for now.”
  • Why no F-Zero instead ?: “H. Konno: It has always been a Mario Kart per console, so we wanted to get a new one to have more people interested by our new system. But I also hope that there will be an F-Zero.
  • About tracks size: “In Mario Kart 8 tracks have also been narrowed compared to Mario Kart Wii and reflects more the size of the road. “
  • About customization: ” Like Mario Kart 7 (but) with a little more choice”
  • No editor even if they talk about it.
  • About a Double Dash mode using the Gamepad: “H. Konno: For Mario Kart Wii, 7 and 8, we decided not to use it. But this is a request that is often heard, so maybe we can meet this desire.

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  1. Nice to know that they’re offering more customization. It’s what the previous titles really lacked.

  2. You know what i want?

    Morr than just 12 new tracks, and 12 old ones… Make 24 new tracks, and 12 old ones.

    1. Would be appreciated. At this day and age, 16 new tracks feels just a bit cheap. 8 new cups would be perfect; especially considering the title.

    2. They should offer more tracks as dlc or something. People are going to be playing this game for years after all…

      1. Or, just put the amount of tracks i would expect for a full priced game, and not for extra money.
        Just as bad as online multiplayer modes that have a pathetic number of maps at launch then another 12 for the same price you originally paid for the full game…

        1. Yeah, i meant in the sense that i hope they continue to add stuff once the games out. as FREE dlc ofcourse.

            1. The DLC doesn’t have to be free IMO. I got the Super Luigi DLC and it is well worth it. If Mario Kart 8 has as much content that we have come to expect from a Mario Kart title, then I’ll be happy to pay for additional track packs.

      2. I still play Mario Kart 7 and I still enjoy it so extra tracks just gives the game more like maybe let people say the kart game and then slowly introduce some more in future.

    1. Well Konno said he would like to “meet that desire” so maybe it could be a mode addedc in DLC?

    2. So did I. I hope we get this back in MK9 (Since we won’t in MK8..) but that means I’ll have to wait till the next console?? Fuck.

      1. That probably means for the next handheld. But Double Dash Mode needs to be for a console. And I kind of want DDM to be mandatory, not just a mode. But I understand not everyone would want that.

        1. i would rather have them just put in a mode that is like double dash. you could still play all the levels the same but double dash style. personaly, dd was not my fav. but it was cool.

            1. I disagree I had the most fun in this than I had with the wii version. Might’ve not had the best shortcuts but the tracks themselves were varied.

        2. Same here. It was fast and challenging. Doubling up locally made for fun coordination and teamwork. Bob-omb Blast was also the best battle game I’ve played in Mario Kart.

  3. if there’s more customization than mk7 and a double dash mode, I will 100% get this shit. if not maybe I’ll get it later down the road.

    1. down the road HAHAHAHA you get because Mario Kart is a racing game and there are roads HAHAHA….no just me…ok…

  4. they nees to invest in more than just mario games, new ips and taje risks, I love nintendo but jesus im tired of mario

  5. Womp. I hope they’ll have other features for the gamepad. ;/

    I could think of at least a handful of ideas for the gamepad.

    – Map for tracks
    – Radar or rear view/targeting for weapons
    – Alternative weapons firing mode
    – Customization options
    – Menus that include in-game race positions of all racers


    1. Wouldn’t mind being able to fling a green shell/banana ect in a specific direction using the screen.

        1. Drawing a circle on a part of the track for an attack would be nice, the possibilities!

    2. You said “Womp” and that makes me hope that Whomp is a playable character in Mario Kart 8!! :P 💋

  6. one year ago? do nintendo actually care about their system? I think they put so must time, effort, and energy into making the wii u, they thought, oh we are done now, stuff the games…

    1. thats why im glad now that its coming out in 2014 spring( really the fall after the delay is announced)

    2. Transition to HD gaming has been hard for Nintendo. They care about Wii U, but they aren’t about to let themselves release crap titles just for the sake of releasing them. They want them to be good. 💋

    3. Exactly, a year and already look at the gameplay and fluidity from the E3 demo. Amazing isn’t it?

  7. It’s just the same basic game as all the Mario Kart games before, how about something a little different.

    1. Yeah, I’d like to see them do something innovative with the Gamepad, there’s lots of things they can do. Make this different, if we’re only getting one Mario Kart per console, it better be damn good!

    2. Actually, it is a bit different from other Mario Karts. It is the first installment to be in HD. It has the hover Karts, it will have more items all new tracks probably more characters, etc. It isn’t the “same” thing it just plays well into the homage of the past installments. 💋

      1. I played this at Best Buy. The hover karts really don’t do anything to the game. It’s still the same game. It’d be more challenging and unique if our perspective of the road changed if we were on the walls or ceiling. Like, if I’m on the wall, I’m looking with my vision perpendicular to the actual road. That feature should’ve been implemented, but noooooooo.

    1. If that happened there would be so many games to play! I don’t even think Nintendo would need 3rd party support! But I could be stretching it saying that.

      1. Third party is support is needed for any console. I wanna play the fun third part games on my Wii U!

        1. That’s what i don’t understand from YellowGerbil. Is not like a new console comes every year, if it did then games would have to be rush for every new console but that is not how it works, consoles last for like 5 or 6 years, making a brand new game for every IP, i don’t think is too much, but instead they make games following others like Super Mario

  8. Not related but, I’m getting a Wii u tomorrow for this game and ww hd, but I have my old Wii games but I still wanna play with my save when transfer my Wii data to Wii u will my save files be there too? I’m so excited for this game.

    1. They will but I’m telling you, I regret transferring my Wii data completely. It means no GameCube controller support. So now when I want to play SSBBrawl with friends or family, they have to use Wiimotes (they ONLY like playing with GC controllers). Also, the controls lag a bit when playing in Wii Mode on the Wii U. I was playing Skyward Sword on it and there’s a bit of a lag time between pressing a button/slashing w/ Wiimote and the action responding in the game.

  9. Every new word about Mario Kart 8 just gets me excited even more!

    Here is a treat to both Nintendo Drones and Sonyan SCVs…

  10. I like how they said they’re making the roads narrower than in Mario Kart Wii. Those were awful.

    And an expansion on customization sounds cool too.

  11. Double dash mode using the Gamepad please. Nintendo should lead what the gamepad should be used for now that Ubisoft has publicly announced that their focus now are PS4 and XBox One. Ubi used to show what the gamepad was capable of. Now its Nintendo’s turn. But based on the games that they announced and from what I played on the demos, no game uses the gamepad in a very unique way to make it a system seller or make people get up and buy a Wii U BECAUSE of the touchscreen controller.

    1. I see no reason why we can’t mix normal Mario Kart gameplay WITH Double Dash gameplay and allow you to chose which ever style you want. Then you get the best of both worlds all in one mode! 💋

  12. “Why no F-Zero instead ?: ”H. Konno: It has always been a Mario Kart per console, so we wanted to get a new one to have more people interested by our new system. But I also hope that there will be an F-Zero.”

    thats a bunch of bullshit it should be said like this. “mario kart prints us money and it will sell consoles, even if the gameplay gravity fits f zero we put it in a mario kart game instead because it sells. we probably wont have another f zero game because it wont bring enough doe (rubs fingers together) and if we cared about our fans at all we would give them something else besides mario and zelda. its all about the money and what sells, we dont care about the fans”.

    1. So your mad Mario Kart makes more money? You said they don’t care about the “fans.” Well if Mario Kart sells more than an F-Zero would…. doesn’t that mean Mario Kart has more fans which means they DO care about the “fans?” 💋

  13. MK8 is looking to be the best in the franchise. Lets see if it can beat Double Dash. 💋

      1. I never even considered this. I HIGHLY doubt it’ll happen but that’d be awesome to play.

    1. Nintendo… do it. I want a rainbow cup. Mamma Jynx said so, so it must happen. 💋

  14. I think at this point in time… Nintendo ought to be saying “Sure, right on!”
    Not… “hmm maybe or I don’t think so”.
    Because gamers and developers are saying, “hmm maybe and I don’t think so” regarding the Wii-U.

    Something to think about Nintendo!

  15. I Forgot to add regarding F-Zero and so forth.

    Isn’t it about time Nintendo did an all inclusive Nintendo Cart featuring many of Nintendo’s franchises?
    I’ve probably mentioned this before on here or other forums.

    Imagine racing on Link’s turf using horses, or flying with those big birds from Skyward Sword, and so forth. Water Racing in the seas of Zora, Goron Racing near Death mountain and so on…. god that would be fucking awesome. Imagine Mario as a Goron/Mario.
    Imagine racing on Dinosaur Island from Super Mario World with an assortment of Yoshis, or other creatures from Yoshi’s story.
    Imagine racing on F-Zero tracks with F-Zero inspired vehicles, the anti-gravity stuff would so play into this. I would wait another year for them to see this happen.
    Imagine flying through space in an assortment of space craft racing through the universes of Starfox, Metroid Prime and perhaps, Mario Galaxy.

    How this hasn’t happened yet is beyond my understanding, how and when did Nintendo get so bottle necked on ideas?

  16. I’ve always thought it would be cool if there was a power up that changed depending on which character you are racing as. They would all have some sort of unique move that way and it would make character choice more important.

  17. I think it would be good for the fans wanting F-Zero if Nintendo were to put Capt. Falcon in MK8. Pay your fans a little homage and it’ll go a LONG way, Nintendo! 💋

  18. This is the 3rd Mario Kart to come out on a system with a touch screen, yet we still have no track editor. How the hell did they look at that giant touch screen and decide “oh, let’s just not evolve the series in any major way and try something a little easier to shake things up”. Seriously, W.T.F… Not that i won’t buy it and most likely love it, but the lack of a track editor is seriously going to bug me.

    1. Oh, now I know what they mean by “no editor.” That would’ve actually been cool. I don’t know about editing racetracks, but creating ones would be cool. Then sending it to people via Miiverse. THAT would be a good use of the GamePad and Wii U’s capabilities >.>

  19. I atleast want an emblem editor, it would be cool for online races so it can give you a bit of personality. I would be happy if they atleast added that.

    1. I want something similar for Miiverse as well. There’s no way to personalise my Wii U. It’s disappointing.
      They should look at computers for this. I can change my font, desktop picture, colours of menus, etc. Why can’t I do this on my Wii U?

  20. An Editor would be nice, at least they should think about it in Mario Kart 9 if they ever make it. :P

    Still, the game looks great so far. :)

  21. Some extra leaked stuff from one of the people working on it:

    – 28 characters will be playable in total, 16 will be unlockable plus Mii.
    – Rosalina, Metal Mario, Honey Queen, Lakitu, Baby Luigi, and Baby Daisy have all been dropped.
    – five newcomers are confirmed, two of them being Dixie Kong and Hammer Bro, the latter replacing Lakitu.
    – Baby Mario, Baby Peach, and Funky Kong might come back or be replaced. Funky might be booted in favor of King K. Rool.
    – We are considering putting Petey Piranha and R.O.B. back into Mario Kart as playable characters. Don’t count on this, though.
    – As it stands, there’s currently 32 courses plan, 16 new and 16 retro. We might extend it, though.
    – There will be less SNES and N64 courses, but more GBA and Gamecube courses. DS will have 3 courses as opposed to 4. The fourth and final Mario Circuit and Bowser’s Castle from SNES and GBA respectively are confirmed to be in.
    – There will be a new item that turns everyone metal, giving them extra weight and a voice filter over them, like Metal Mario in MK7.
    – Expect a new character from the upcoming 3DWorld playable. We won’t tell who it is.

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