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This Pikmin 3 Video Introduces The Pikmin Types

Nintendo UK has released a new Pikmin 3 video in the run up to the game’s launch later this month in Europe. The Pikmin 3 video is an introductory video for each of the five Pikmin types which will appear within the game. The video shows off the Red, Blue and Yellow Pikmin, along with two new types, the Rock Pikmin and the Winged Pikmin.

Thanks, Stacey

123 thoughts on “This Pikmin 3 Video Introduces The Pikmin Types”

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          1. Sigh. This site used to be for talking about video games. Now every article’s thread begins with 20 comments about first, being mad, and dick.

    1. Well technically Rock is Purple, but it has a new use due to a new feature. Whites are semi-replaced with winged, being they can just fly over things to get the objects from Point A to Point B faster, however, I am sure the no longer do massive damage upon consumption, nor can they find deeply buried treasures.

        1. White ones are faster, resistant to poison and can find dig up buried treasure (which this game probably don’t have).
          Purple ones are heavier, slower and can carry things 10 times a pikmin size, as well as have a chance of immobilizing the enemy when thrown at them.



    1. White and Purple are back. I played Pikmin 3 at the Wii U tour and I can confim that White Pikmin and Purple Pikmin are back.

  1. Nintendo Land was the only Pikmin-related thing I ever really liked, so I for one am sticking with what I got.

    1. Nintendoland Pikmin is NOTHING compared to the real deal. Sure it was fun and all, but Pikmin 3 will whoop it’s ass, hun!! 💋

    1. LisaScott, I totally agree! <3 The Winged Pikmin are my new favs!!! They are sooo totally cute! Love their yittle blue eyes 😝💋

    2. Lisa, really, how can u be so cute, I guess the only thing cuter than you that I’ve seen are penguins , that are adorable ;)

        1. Lisa, I know it has been a long time lol, but do you still come here now and then? I mean, still use the WordPress?

  2. King Of Nintendo Fanboys

    WHAT!?!? Nintendo removed the Purple and white Pikmin from this game? NOOOOOOO!!!!! I LOVED THEM! I even have the adorable plush toys of them. I thought there was going to be 7 Pikmin types in this game. But now it’s just 5 again. In reality, why would there suddenly be no more poison on the earth (for the need of Poison Pikmin)? And battling with the purple sumo-like Pikmin was SO satisfying. I’m confident that Pikmin 3 will be AMAZING. But I’m sure going to miss my old buddies.

        1. Hmmm…

          Maybe these 5 Pikmin types are available of the main story whilist the other two (white &purple) are not, but instead they are available of the mission mode.



        1. How is this game homosexual? Because the pikmin are “cute”? Have you even played this game? No logic in your comment.

          1. Homosexuals are wrongly stereotyped to be “cute” and “feminine” when in fact, a LOT of homosexuals are big men who work out and are a part of motorcycle gangs and stuff. T.V and Hollywood wrongly portrays gay males all too often. The prissy, girly gay guys are in the minority compared to the tough gay guys. 💋

        2. Why call a videogame “anything” that has to do with human sexuality? It makes not a single bit of sense. 💋

    1. If you’re getting impatient, I would recommend either of the first two Pikmin games while you wait. They’re awesome!

    2. Oh boy, I really hope you like this game. My brother and I didn’t really like Pikmin at all. It is just a warning.

  3. so i decided to get an actual account cuz all of u are 2 stoopid to know what anon looks liek. anyway… pokmin will fukin fail, jus look at teh sails of teh wii u, they should just put it on ps4

      1. u dont understand. the wii u pro controller = dualshock 4. meaning pikmin 3 can be plalyed on ps4, meaning pikmin shuld be on ps4, better game, better sales. nuff said

      1. No offence or anything but i bet you think you’re really kawaiii with that japanese name and gravatar. YOU ARE NOT KAWAII

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  5. I hate to tell you guys that Pikmin 3 will not be a console seller. Its probably sell some consoles but if Nintendo want to be serious about getting more sales then they should release more Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. I rather have Metroid, F-Zero, and Star Fox but the previous sales say otherwise. I am very curious with Zelda WW releases.

    1. More?? pokemon x and y, SSB, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Mario3D, Zelda WW, and you want more? if anything that will prove over-saturation and will only add more fuel as to why people shouldn’t get the system because that’s all they can do. They need games like Pikmin and F-zero they are pulling out the big guns early purely to sell their consoles and if this doesn’t work then I don’t believe more of the same will.

      1. I forgot about SSB but my point is that Wii U need popular franchises such as SSB, Mario (including spin-off), Zelda, and Pokemon. Yes there are Pokemon X and Y but those are coming out for Nintendo 3DS. Sales of Pokemon X and Y does not increase the sale of Wii U consoles.

        What I am saying that if we got Mario Kart 8, SSB, Super Mario 3D World, and new Zelda (Wii U) then Wii U sales should be increase a lot. I am not sure about Zelda WW will increase the sale or not.

        I am not saying we should have more and I am saying that if Nintendo release the big titles then the Wii U console sales go up. Sadly I don’t think Pikmin 3 is a big title.

        1. Will maybe Nintendo wants to see what Pikmin can do by itself to help the Wii U. If they market the game right it could boost sells.

          1. Ahh you do have a very good point. If I am a head of the company and very curious how well the game stack up to other games then I would do the same thing. That is very interesting point. Give yourself and everybody else a cookies. You guys deserves it. :D

          2. I think Nintendo is just happy to finally be able to sell the stinkin game! It’s only been in development for 50000 years! It’s about time it’s released lol! 💋

  6. Flying Pikmin look like they’ll be OP, honestly, They’ll probably be the weakest to make up for the flight, but still.

    1. I seriously doubt flying Pikmin will be over powered. There are a million possibilities that could prevent the flying Pikmin from making the game too easy… Like, making some fruit treasure only accessable underwater, flying enemies that kill pink pikmin, electrical nets that are placed in high places to shock flying pikmin, items that are too heavy for pink pikmin to carry so you must find a way up to it with purple pikmin, etc, etc. I don’t think Pink Pikmin will be able to access every and all fruit so you can beat the game in an hour. 💋

  7. I hope this one is easy! I couldn’t even finish the first one! It was way too hard for me! PS. I’m 14 so yeah.

    1. Miyamoto wanted to make Pikmin 3 harder like the 1st one because some people complained Pikmin 2 was too easy. Sorry :P 💋

        1. If you never played Pikmin, trust me it’s worth buying. I like this game more than Banjo-kazooie (á rehashed super Mario 64 game but because it’s by Rareware it’s ok) You never know what the hell to expect when playing Pikmin.

          1. Banjo-Kazooie can stand against Super Mario 64. Some consider it even better. It’s not just some “rehash”. But pikmin is probably one of my favorite strategy games, and yes some strategy is needed. If you wing it, your pikmin will suffer.

      1. Purple Pikmin made the game easy. But it wasn’t too easy because you need at least 100 purple ants to beat the game. The more you used them, the more at risk you were to not reaching 100.

    2. That’s because every game that lacks blood and guns and killing other humans ain’t always a kiddy game. You have to strategize your plans. How long it will take to knock down a wall or kill an enemy before the end of the day. Now we have to play for food.

      1. That’s one of the things that made Pikmin so enjoyable to me! The planning out and strategizing!

    1. If I remember it correctly, this music is from one of the Special World Stages in Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS.If not the 1st world the 2nd?I reckon this is from the special world after you save Luigi and unlock him to be playable( pardon the spoiler ).

      1. No I found it! It’s from Special World 8! But thanks for making me look through all the Special Worlds music so I could find it!

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