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Hideki Kamiya Thinks The Wonderful 101 Doesn’t Need DLC


Hideki Kamiya has revealed that he doesn’t think The Wonderful 101 needs downloadable content. Kamiya, who serves as the director of the upcoming Wii U-exclusive, has told his Twitter followers that developer Platinum Games made sure to pack The Wonderful 101 with content, so that DLC won’t be necessary. The Wonderful 101 will be released at both retail and the Nintendo eShop in Europe on August 23rd and in North America on September 15th.

147 thoughts on “Hideki Kamiya Thinks The Wonderful 101 Doesn’t Need DLC”

          1. No no, The Frog is cute. The frog was telling the troll above it that his “first” comment was getting old.

      1. That makes no sense. In todays Ecomony…which is not great, why would people shell out more money for DLC? Unless its all FREE DLC.

  1. I don’t mind DLC, as long at it isn’t a load of shit. Borderlands, Fallout, even New Super Mario Bros have good DLC. Any Capcom or EA game has shit DLC.

    1. Yea I agree that Borderlands 2 got stuiped. I love Borderlands 2 but I not desprate to buy all the add-on. I haven’t even buy a single one of them even know I want the character add-on soon.

      In my opinion I don’t think New Super Mario Bros 2 have a good add-on. You only get three levels per pack and some of the levels in the pack are reused. I always thought Fire Emblem add-on is a bit steep but I always have it when I start a new game so that give it some values.

      Now you meant it and I haven’t think of single good DLC or Add-on except for Animal Crossing City Folk, Samurai Warriors Chronicle and Dynasty Warrior 6 Empire but they are all free. I only think of Batman Arkham City have some good paid one and I still think the prices is steep.

          1. Don’t worry I know what you mean. ;) And I haven’t touch New Super Luigi U yet and I assume it is a good example. I take your words for it.

            1. His point is that long term relationship don’t work well. Beside I know a lot of female pretend to be male to enjoy games online since some reasons majority of males are pervert or immature around females.

              1. And I have a lot of male friends who pretend to be female to get away from the constant competitive nature, anger, not to mention the perks like getting free stuff, handouts everywhere, easy grouping, and so much more.
                The moral of the story is that your female friends are crybabies who spazz out everytime someone mentions sex appeal.
                Oh and you too.

  2. Well that’s actually good to hear since it makes it sound like the game is complete and they actually took their time on it. I do however wish they did add DLC missions because Kamiya said the game was short :(

    1. Kamiya won’t add DLC simply to make the game longer. He said up above that eveything they wanted in the game is “in the game.” So adding DLC is unnecessary… DLC is needed to complete the game and well.. this game is already complete. 💋

  3. Okay this isn’t related but all Smash Bros articles right now are old so I’d just like to point something out.

    There was a 2 out of 3 rumor, where a guy on twitter asked Sakurai “Include Geno, Isaac from Golden Sun, and Mega Man” and Sakurai responded “2 out of 3”

    Although this rumor was proven false, guess what? Mega Man was revealed to be playable in the new games.

    Probably a coincidence, but who knows? Maybe Sakurai saw it and is also planning one of the other 2 characters

      1. I’d like to see him. He’d be unique, with finger bullets, rocket arms, and magic. Final Smash = Star gun or Geno Flash

          1. Doesn’t Namco have cooler characters than Pacman?
            I grew up with Pacman but I can’t see him in the game. But I could be wrong.

            1. Smash Brothers is a collection of the most famous Nintendo characters ever…

              And if guest characters are invited they should obviously be characters representing that company…

              And no one is more known to the world than Pacman from the Namconians…

          2. do you think anus, er, i mean Anubis will be the top GUY at the local bath house.
            wink, wink.
            sony wins.

          3. Namco said they wont push for any of their characters in Smash Bros, they are simply doing the Story Mode. So a Namco Character might be a boss in Story Mode, but none will be playable. Though if they were allowed one, in my honest opinion theres only 1 logical choice. Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia.

    1. I hope the Sony drones want have to let me repeat myself. But if I have to I have to. GTA, True crime, Watch Dogs, Lego City the God Father…. same rehashed shit different name.

        1. Only explanation I got is that this game is very similar to Assassin’s Creed games. Another than that I have no idea.

            1. Yea which is no problem for me or other companies. I found that the HUD or menu are quite similar but I am not complaining since I still thought it was cool.

      1. Dude I brought up one and here because I don’t know when the next Smash post would be. Calm your tits

      1. As much as I love the Paper Mario games (the first two especially) and the Mario & Luigi series, I want a real sequel to Super Mario RPG. I loved that game so much and would stay up as long as I could to get to the next boss.

  4. Aww if this is a short game I really hope he will reconsider. Anyways really looking forward to this game. Can’t remember the last time I played a new IP since ZombiU.

  5. all games need dlc. w/o dlc companies will fail, jus look at thq. due to inflation games should be more expnesive, but theyre the same. we need dlc to keep afloat

    1. Ignoring that 3DS games lack DLC and it’s a float. Also ignoring that both Ps3 and 360 are outselling the Wii U. I know you can’t think all Sony and Xbox games are DLC.

      1. sony and xbox games have more dlc, and theyre outselling wii u cuz wii u suks. 3ds is only selling cuz its the only decent handheld on the market

    2. THQ did not “fail” because of not having DLC… it failed because it didn’t make enough money on it’s games. There are plenty of companies that make money off their games WITHOUT the use of DLC. Nintedo is a great example of this. 💋

        1. Games are expensive to develope. Once they are completed it costs “nothing” to print out copies of the game onto disks. They can sell those game disks for $60 a pop! Once they sell enough, they make their money back. Inflation doesn’t mean games need DLC to make money If anything it just means companies have to sell more to start making a profit, but it is not impossible by any means. 💋

          1. u dont understand. back in the genisis days games were 50-60 bucks a pop. now there the same price meaning companies are losing way moar money, the only way to stay afloat is dlc

            1. You know that it still takes resources and money to make dlc. Unless of course you ship the unfinshed game and then charge extra for the content. I guess it has worked so far huh? Since all of you want it to be so

    3. THQ failed cause they had no great games. The WWE games were their best and those were decent not great. Saints Row was junk. Terrible Devs fall, good ones remain. Its just that simple.

  6. excuses. there’s always a reason to add dlc. a game like this definitely seems like it could use dlc to keep all the crazy action exciting for weeks after the game is beaten.

    1. I’m sorry are you a developer? Do you really know whats good for a game your not involved with? Nope. You forgot about Multiplayer. We dont know if its Online Co-op or Online Multiplayer though.

    1. Oh my gosh! Majora’s Mask is very worthy! I want my DLC for Majora’s Mask! Dang it Nintendo! You are a fail! A FAILURE! ;P

  7. No game should need dlc. DLC should just be used to expand the experience not to have the complete experience.

  8. If its a very good game .. and if the story got a good ending … no need of DLC … just make a Wonderfull 101-2

        1. No, Nicki Minaj is super awesome! She’s a bitch, she’s sassy and she has crazy lyrics! She has all the makings of a true pop idol! 💋

          1. All pop idols die out later on, and become irrelevant to music history. Plus not big into most modern music i like orchestra, the beatles, acdc, and some ozzy

            1. I love pop music and electrical and stuff like that… not a big fan or “old stuff” cuz it is old and Ive heard it before. I want to listen to something new. I have a new fav song every week! Like last week it was “The Way” by Ariana Grande and this week it is “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus!! 💋

          2. I can’ t stand Nicki. She is a rehashed Lil Kim and Lisa Lopez. Nothing innovative about her. Be because it’s not Nintendo the bitch can get away from rehashing.

              1. Rehashing your comments over and over again huh? Can’t u come with something new? It gets sorta a boring you chasing my comments and posting the same thing over and over again. As if I give a rats ass what you think of me. Personally when a Nintendo hater goes from criticizing Wii U to now me, I’m satisfied because I proved a point

  9. Hehe true. Personally I don’t care for dlc. If I have to buy it to get the whole game then yeah, I’d be pissed.

  10. X, Bayonetta, and this game are day 1 purchases for me. These developers are bringing true experiences to the wii not half-assed ports and they deserve to get some attention for it .

    1. Is Bayonetta rehashed? Accordiing to Wii u haters rehashing is bad on Nintendo consoles and yet that same rehashing is innovative on Sony consoles. That’s why Sony drones want Nintendo’s rehashes to go 3rd party.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      If Mario is a communist then I can’t even begin to say how much communists the republicans are in the US then…

      1. The U.S. Republican party is the opposite of communism (not that communism is necessarily a bad form of government). Your lacking political knowledge does not surprise me, human.

    1. What about Fallout and Elder Scrolls?
      Or the Mass Effect 2 DLC’s chapters?

      They’re worth if it if they have the effort put in to add something new, not something cut out.

      1. King Of Nintendo Fanboys

        Everyone on here should be Nintendo fanboys. If you’re not, why are you even here?

        1. Oh and sorry to burst your bubble. Only a small, vocal minority of people on this site are Nintendo fanboys.

    2. No game NEEDS DLC. But some can benifit from it. Fighting games like Smash Bros with new characters and stages would be welcome. But DLC should have a price depending on its size. Small DLC thats 500MB or less should be $2.50. DLC thats between 500MB – 1GB should be $5.00.

  11. Well that’s how you make a game.
    You make it without the intention to make DLC, but leave it possible if you want to later, or if consumer interest or demand is high

    1. Nintendo Commander

      If they come up with ideas after it’s released then I want them either to save them for a potential green light sequel or DLC if no sequel is planned…

    2. It’s a difficult one.. The full game should be there and the DLC , if any , should come a few months later.

  12. A few things;

    1. DLC is designed to complete a game. Bethesda for example sells game of the year editions of their games with all DLC packs included as the most complete version of the game, with the entire story complete, and personally i dont mind this, as long as the DLC is worth the price tag.

    2. The wonderful 101, whilst sounding as if it wont need it, would be a game i would love to see get a few DLC packs with extra levels here and there. Not for the purpose of adding more to the story, but to add a little for those who bought the game and wish to continue playing, as a sort of thanks to the fans from the devs.

    3. I dont care if they add a few dollars to the tag for extra content, in fact, bring it on. i remember the snes days of buying $100 games that would last and last, and a recreation of this is very welcome in my books. I’d much rather that than buy DLC packs, and just play the game in one piece, instead of in bites.

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