The Year Of Luigi Soundtrack Announced For Club Nintendo Japan


With 2013 being The Year of Luigi, Nintendo has revealed that Club Nintendo of Japan is offering a limited edition soundtrack CD dedicated to Mario’s green-garbed brother as a reward. The Year of Luigi Sound Selection CD can be redeemed from the loyalty program for 400 Club Nintendo points, but members who register either Luigi’s Mansion 2, New Super Luigi U or Mario & Luigi RPG4 Dream Adventure can grab the CD for just 200 Club Nintendo points. The commemorative CD is compiled of 30 tracks, featuring numerous songs from the following games:

  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball
  • Mario Tennis GC
  • Super Paper Mario
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Mario Strikers Charged
  • Mario & Luigi RPG4 Dream Adventure
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2


    1. Same here. I wish that NoA had that sort of reward. Video game soundtracks doesn’t sell except in Japan, it seems. And then, after, they ask themselves why people pirate the CD. Of course, I’m going to DL it since there’s no way for me to get that legitimately.

    2. We could be getting this also just give it sometime.My guess is most likely we will get this also. It’s not like they would have to do much other then change the box and disc to engrish.They own all that music too so there’s no cost for that ether.It’s a very cheap reward to give out compared to most of their other rewards.

  1. I’m mad when are we suppose to get our elite status reward it’s getting me so inpatient to know What it is come on Nintendo.

  2. What the hell?

    I honestly don’t even see a reason to belong to NA’s Club Nintendo at this point. We get colored styluses and wallpapers, and Japan gets really great stuff like this.

    1. Remember The stuff is FREE. You winey little bitch!Plus you forgot about the free games that change every month.What has Sony and Microsoft given you FREE ever?………..Nothing!I’m so sick of people like you who are never happy with what they are given even when 100% it’s FREE. Even the shipping is FREE.WTF is wrong with you?

      1. Well at the very least, I’m glad I got you so angry. Probably just took a whole year off of your pathetic life. Hahahah.

        Doesn’t change facts, however. I don’t care what Sony or Microsoft are doing. Most of Nintendo’s sales come from North America. It’s ridiculous that we would get the short end of the stick on the loyalty program. Hold that, bitch. And stay mad. What’s left of your hairline will be gone soon at this rate.

  3. I’m seriously sick of NA’s CN. They have the crappiest rewards ever, and half of them are unavailable. Now talking about the Platinum and Gold rewards, they had a whole year to have everything ready for when it was time to announce the rewards. Whoever runs NA’s CN, I HATE YOU.

    1. Wow you gonna cry about it now? Is Nintendo not sending you the FREE stuff they are nice enough to give you in the first place as fast as you would like?It’s idiot’s like you that will end up leading to the end of this fun FREE thing Nintendo is nice enough to provide us with for FREE!And when that day comes don’t bother blaming Nintendo.You can only blame your self’s.

  4. The Japanese Club Nintendo always get’s the good stuff, and the Elite Rewards are taking too long this year. I hope we get something good this year, the first was the best imo (even though I wasn’t a member yet) and the second was good too. The ones after weren’t as good, but atleast we’re getting free stuff.

    1. Your opinion and mine are the same.We can always hope for more but at the end of the day this stuff is pretty nice for FREE. Nintendon’t have to do this for us at all. Infact I’m sure it cost’s them a Buttlode of money to run and I would think it is quite a headache for them overall.I just does not seem like most of the others here get that at all.

  5. Why doesn’t CN of America get stuff like this? Plus, to top it off, they STILL haven’t released the Elite Status rewards! If it’s taking this long, it better be good. (Watch it be Club Nintendo napkins)

  6. Yea it’s free but is it the kind of stuff fans really want?And im talking about all regions/countries (except for Japan of course ) they get all the good stuff but we rarely get anything it’s not fair yea we get something on CN once or twice but not as cool as them.

  7. It’s just music. I don’t know why people think this is the “good stuff.” 💋

    1. Shame on you Mammajynx. Most video gamers love every aspect of a video game. INCLUDING the music. Heck, I used to record my own CD soundtracks to games, until I got burned out because it was so time consuming. The best ones I ever recorded was for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That game took 6 CD’s to record all of the music.

  8. The Japan Club Nintendo always gets the cool music CD’s. I don’t know why the US Club Nintendo never does? Back when Nintendo Power magazine had those seasonal Power Supplies catalogs, I always ordered the CD Soundtracks whenever there was one available. So, I don’t know why Nintendo doesn’t still make them in North America?

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