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Hino Wants To Make More Professor Layton Games


Level-5 president Akihiro Hino announced at the Japan Expo that he is extremely keen to make a brand new Professor Layton game. Hino says that he was pleased with the last adventure that starred Layton and doesn’t want to see an end to the popular franchise. He concluded that if it is possible for him to create a new game, then he wants it to feature new and exciting challenges for the players.

28 thoughts on “Hino Wants To Make More Professor Layton Games”

  1. I hope that level 5 kills this annoying ip and keeps makin those amazing rpgs like dq9,Ni no kuni etc. Seriously who plays this shit !?

  2. We’re gonna have Professor Luke and Cyborg Layton set in the future on the Wii U aren’t we

    1. What do you do in these games Mrs.Jynx?…

      I’ve only heard about them and seen a couple of images but that’s it…

      1. It’s a good game. I only have played the miracle mask and I liked it. It’s a puzzle adventure game split across various chapters. You as a player can explore areas and converse with characters to help you solve the mysteries. You need to call your intellect and dig deep to unravel the mysteries plaguing the city. I think you’ll like it Nintendo Commander.

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