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Miyamoto Talks Pikmin 3 And Why It Was Brought To Wii U


Shigeru Miyamoto has explained to 4Gamer exactly why the long-awaited Pikmin 3 was brought to Wii U rather than the original Wii. Miyamoto explains that it was a managerial issue, but the team at Nintendo thought the game would benefit from the innovative second screen, which is the Wii U GamePad. Miyamoto told the publication that in order to show everything while moving in the game with the advanced processing actually needed for it, the Wii U was the perfect choice.

“When it came to Pikmin 2, I heard a lot of complaints with the first game that had to be fixed. However, if you fix every single issue that the audience is dissatisfied with, then what makes the game interesting (in the first place)? That is the unresolved question. Therefore, I reflected on the aspect of multiple endings that were originally in Pikmin 1, and with the thought of creating it properly again I made Pikmin 3.”

“I’ll say with a little reservation that it was “management.” When creating a fun game like Pikmin, the mechanics should be done efficiently. In order to accomplish this, it wouldn’t be good if nothing is running properly and simultaneously, including all the off-screen parts.”

“But in Pikmin 3 it is, quite honestly, running many things at the same time. If you look at the entire map on the Gamepad, you can see it’s all running properly. In other words, in order to show everything while moving in the game with the advanced processing actually needed for it, the Wii U was the perfect choice.”

74 thoughts on “Miyamoto Talks Pikmin 3 And Why It Was Brought To Wii U”

    1. Uhh hello! I wud b ok if myamoto jus releesed pikmin 3 on ps3 with vita remote play suport becuase it wil b prety with hd grafics and ps3 has moore suport then wii u does becuase wii u is failing and it cant b saved becuase it doesnt have suport or games. or 3ds i think he shud of made it 4 3ds because i love it!!

      1. Dude. None of Nintendo’s games will ever come to PS3. Nintendo’s not going third-party and the only reason why the Wii U is failing is because it needs software.

          1. I can’t wait for X and Y. Comes out around my birthday, second year for Pokemon to do that. Future Happy Birthday to me!

      2. I DIDNT SEE PS4 beating wiiu @ e3 graphicaloy mario kart 8 and xeno UTTRLY DESTROYED PS4

        and vita is no gamepad ABD IS A SEPERATE SYSTEM IDIOT




        1. They forget that the WiiU is a native 1080P, 60fps built machine. It is so easy to develop for and port to ( Crytek on porting Crysis 3 ) but it’s too new for sketchy and shody developers. What we ask for is not for all to be in 1080P 60fps, but for the best use of its resources and the graphical fidelity. Built games with xenoblades vastness at 720P with 60fps. Aonuma and Shigeru now have a machine to let their minds create marvels of living entertainment of the joyous kind.

          1. Maybe some are still trying to figure out how to make great use of the console while the rest are just ignorant and hates our Empire…

      3. Uhh hello! that would b a turribl idea becuz myamoto does not want teh game on teh BS3

      1. One of them has the game X being released to our enjoyment and ending the menial third party atrocities like Crysis 3.

    1. Our dearest Nintendo Commander. The Nintendo forces as we speak are playing Pikmin 3 in glorious content heavy, surroundings beautiful, 1080P/720P glorious environment hevay support. This game is a great masterpiece 92.5, which 93 % given by famitsu. The most reliable critics todate.

      1. “Our dearest Nintendo Commander”
        Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha, are you high or something like one of those guys you know who like their commanders !? Hahahahahaha

      1. Well I too have been waitinf ever since Pikmin 2 but my statement was more about the official state considering Pikmin 3 was “announced” in 2009 if memory serves me right…

  1. Was this a statement that even had to be made? It’s really kind of a no-brainier why it was moved over to the superior console. As for the person that said it should be made for ps3 or vita….ummm, were you just introduced to videogames yesterday? If you knew anything about the videogame industry you’d see the folly in your statement…

  2. This game is a masterpiece. I have Pikmin 1 and 2. You savour every strategy and Pikmin lost, with heart ache and better gaming poise. Watching the interaction with the surroundings is a blast beyond belief, even my sony friends aldarazz and jelly bean will agree, Pikmin is a gaming masterpiece. Where Shigeru drew from the fundamentals of gaming, entertainment and fulfilment, then made a living canvas.

    1. Bought Pikmin2 and it reminded why I play games in the 1st place: because it communicates, it asks you to respond, to react. Nintendo are fucking genius.

        1. Desi to you I say real recognize real. 2 is a work of art, like British comedies leading up to in script not year ( early 90s last year of greatness ) my hero’s 4th season. Game on fellow Gamer.

          1. As an artist I search for games that inspire me. And only Nintendo has done that to me. Surely there are good games on other platforms but there can be only one at home. Pitty we’re not getting sports games as I’m a massive fan

    1. for website hits, they make more money the more people see the page, that simple, just use add block that way your screen wont be infested with adds which sometimes can be borderline malware, LOL

  3. There is no such thing as JRPG or WRPG, there is only RPG. They came up with the nomencleture in order to disguise atrocities like Fable 2 and 3, and final fantasy crystal chronicles for the Wii.

    1. that has as much to do with pikmin as peanutbutterjelly sandwhiches and chewed up pieces of gum in hot fudge sundays

  4. 3 partys in real time whole world map real time

    thats some A.I going on right there 100 pikmin thats the tri core expresso being used for that multi-tasking and A.I…

  5. I don’t know why people act like the Wii U is this mysterious thing and like it’s impossible to develop for. It’s literally just a home console version of the DS.

    1. Just in some ways but in others the Wii U can offer more things…

      But barely anyone can figure out what to do with it because they concentrate on their precious graphics first than new gameplay…

  6. If only the graphics look as great as the picture above. Oh wait, Wii U is too weak to handle something like that. Miyamoto should ditch Nintendo and join Sony, his creativity is being limited by shitendo.

    1. Did you see what Shigeru Miyamoto did with Pikmin 1 on the GNC? Or how he saved the video game industry in 1984 with super Mario bros and Zelda and UNO.

    2. 3DS has moved more Animal crossing new leaf games, than the three best selling games on the PSVita combined. It did not even have that Miyamoto touch. Nintendo home console season has returned :). Smile and embrace gaming my friend don’t fret.

    3. Hey ness before you get on Wii U’s graphics, figure out why PS4’s software graphics is not smoking out PS3’s with 8 cores. Yes if Sony wantsall the power, then I’m going to question why the PS4’s graphics ain’t smoking Ps3’s. Now tell me why Knack’s gameplay graphics ain’t holding up to an 8 core console! After all Wonderful 101 and Pilmin 3’s graphics look either in par or better than Knack’s! Why is that?

    4. You sound like the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe how stupid people can be! Sony isn’t even creative. They make new IPs with gameplay we already played before. I’m not saying those IPs are bad though. And how is his creativity being limited when Nintendo is the most creative out of the three? You make no sense at all. I mean Miyamoto is the guy who made Mario! That’s right Mario!

      1. The ps4 can very well do those graphics. You just can’t admit it cause it will displease your 3rd world empire, be gone! Peasant!

          1. Duurrhhhh I’m ness I love graphics so much I buy consoles instead of a PC I’m such a social reject I don’t have nothing better to do than to come to a Nintendo site and glamorize the ps4 and proclaim our shitty knack game to look better than wonderfull 101 id love to blow Kaz cliffy b and Kevin butler at the same time

        1. Will it better be able to handle graphics like that. It has 8 cores. Though I am disappointed in many of those 5 PS 4 exclusives including in Knack which didn’t look better than Wonderful 101. Yet im not seeing this graphical leap from PS3 to PS4? If im buying a PS4, it’s going be because of graphics. My Wii U is for gameplay. But if Im want to see graphics on a console, then no 8 core hardware better not show me some shit barely better or on par with Wii U. After all according to Ness PS4 will be better because its more powerful. But where’s the fucking power shown on TV you sonydrones keep bragging about?

    1. No, this is good. The more press, the more statements, the BETTER! Nintendo needs to advertise until they can’t advertise’ no more! 💋

    2. Yet ignoring that Wii U’s hardware and software marketing needs to be advertised. So peoe will know and will buy it.

  7. I for one am glad it is on Wii U! It will end the software drought, Pikmin 3 will look better in HD than if it were on the Wii. I think having the gamepad makes all the difference. I love the thing! I can’t imagine gaming any other way now that I am so used to it. 💋

  8. This is also the reason why they will most likely never bring a regular Pikmin game to their handhelds. They need the extra horsepower for the small details.

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