Shantae Dated For European Virtual Console


WayFoward and Nintendo UK have announced on Facebook that the iconic Gameboy Colour game Shantae will be arriving on the European 3DS Virtual Console on July 18th. WayForward’s Matt Bozon recently said that the well regarded game would be coming on exactly the same day on the North American 3DS Virtual Console. Will you be purchasing Shantae next week?


    1. Uhh hello! my god! shantay is jus 2 prety i can not handel it! Mother wil get upset if i bye this game. their is just 2 much sex and sexie fun that mother wil b afrade of I, the ben sanders wil get al hormonal from this game :/

  1. Seriously though why doesn’t the Shantae news get a lot of comments like other articles do

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