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Nintendo Reveals How Consumers In North America Can Purchase Pikmin 3 Early

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that consumers in North America will be able to experience Pikmin 3 early at select video game retailers. On July 20th and 21st, you’ll be able to go hands-on with with the Wii U game at over 250 GameStop and EB Games locations across the U.S. and Canada. Also, if you pre-order the downloadable version of the game at any GameStop store on either of those two days, Nintendo will allow you to download the full game on August 3rd – a day before Pikmin 3 is released in North America. Watch the above video for more information.

78 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals How Consumers In North America Can Purchase Pikmin 3 Early”

        1. Famitsu’s reviews aren’t always as reliable as you would think. Still, I couldn’t give a monkey’s either way as I have Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 on pre-order.

          In case anyone in the UK is interested, these are the cheapest places to do it right now.

          I have used them before and they are very good, cheaper than most sites, and offer very good reward point discounts.

          1. I think Famitsu is a great review source. Their opinion is blatently different to the west , but they put out some awesome scores.

  1. I don’t know whose gonna care about 1 day early when this game has pretty much been delayed for 5 months already

    1. this is actually good, considering the servers Nintendo has, and the DL speeds people have, a day early means, you could possibly play the game a few hours earlier.

      Plus who the hell like waiting at launch day for the game to download while everyone and their grandmother is playing it?

  2. Once Nintendo starts significantly lowering the price on download versions, then I’ll start buying them. Until then, physical copies only. Getting the game a day earlier is not enough of an incentive. It’s obvious why they’re pushing for digital sales over physical: less production costs and less potential profit lost to the used game market, but I’d much rather have the physical copy and the ability to sell it.

    1. Like nintendo actually looses money to the used games.

      Will be downloading, discs always run in the disc drive

    2. How is the situation concerning 3DS games?…

      As far as I know, the digital copies are a bit somewhat cheaper than the retail copies where I live…

  3. Mr M.C. ClapYoHands

    you’ll still be able to play the retail version sooner because of how long it takes to download

    1. It’s bot going to take 24 hours to download. I got NSMBU on my Wii U and it only took like 45 mins. 💋

  4. Am I the only person who thinks Reggie looks like hes had a stroke(side note)
    A whole day earlier? Thats garbage. Ive already preordered mine. I cant wait for my physical copy. I think they are doing consumers a disservice by only bringing the demos to gamestop. Is this their way of sidestepping actual marketing,commercials? They would reach a wider audience by making some halfway decent adds.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend retail…unless you live in america. Here, the retail version of Luigi U is $60, which is absolutely ridiculous. the europe price also isnt that great. The levels are fun, but are ALOT shorter, i got through the game very quickly, finishing a world only takes about 15/25 minutes as you have 100 seconds to complete a level. Downloadable is also convenient because you have both of them on the same disc, which is a nice touch. But, again, if you live in america and dont own Mario U, Go for retail. Otherwise, i would advise getting it earlier and cheaper.

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  6. This game is going to make me buy a Wii U NOW, instead of waiting for another color. That’s what I predict. This is a system seller.

  7. A whopping one day early. Wow.
    I still prefer disc over digital download… it’s the same price and you get an actual product. What Nintendo can do to encourage digital purchases is link them by account and not by system. If I buy a song on iTunes I can use it on all of my future computer purchases whereas in the Nintendo model I would have to re-buy my music every time I switch computers.

  8. Unless I DO give in and buy a console after Pikmin 3 releases, I’ll still be waiting a LONG time before I can play it. I’m holding out for a new color Wii U, and/or a Wii U/Pikmin 3 bundle set. But I’m not buying a Pikmin 3 bundle set if the game is pre-installed. ONLY if it’s a physical copy of the game (complete in original case).

  9. Why not them have the demos there for longer in as most stores as possible? Wtf they must be happy with wii u sales.

      1. holy crap you’re right Oo

        didn’t even know that

        but still… NoE almost never starts events like this.. why no such cooperations with big retailers over here? NoA seems to be much more commited

  10. I’m hearing how Europeans and Americans are going to buy this game, keep me posted on all Pikmin 3 sales besides just Japan. Preordered it so Im out of luck. But I prefer the physical copy anyway.

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  12. While I can understand why some people would want to download the digital version with it being less shelf clutter and you get the game instantly without leaving the house, I am an old school gamer and as such I like old school things like actual hard copies. It makes it feel like my money is going towards something more real rather than a downloaded file. That being said, I’ve had my preorder for the physical copy for quite a few months now…..this is giving me an idea for my next post…

  13. Enough with these games and just let us buy the games! All these tricks and “special” offers do nothing but annoy me. Take the time spent conjuring up stuff like that and put it towards the game and making it available to all consumers at the same time!

    1. why is everybody so crazy about the physical copy? the re-sale value? or you just like to have “things”? because i for one am sick of dedicating shelf space to video games. i would never download something i would ever re-sell, and most nintendo games are keepers. also won’t download anything that doesn’t have a demo if it’s not 1st party. and i’m download only for the convenience of having all my titles at my fingertips and less clutter. so amazing spiderman, get your butt on the wii U e-shop!!

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