Nintendo Trademarks “Fire Emblem”, New Game Coming?


Nintendo has registered two trademarks in Japan today for the words “Fire Emblem” and “EMBLEM“. Interestingly, this shouldn’t been seen as a simple renewal, as the trademarks weren’t about to expire anytime soon. The trademarks were filed by Intelligent Systems, the critically acclaimed developer behind the Fire Emblem franchise. We have no idea what the trademarks are for, but hopefully they are a sign that a new Fire Emblem game is starting development.

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    1. Yeah I could see that. Ninty has definitely seemed to grasp the whole ‘you need major IPs on your new console’ thing, finally.

    2. I’d like to see Fire Emblem on the Wii U but in a different genre outside of strategy so maybe like a hack slash or RPG. As for art style I would love to see the whole game look like the anime cutscenes from awakening.

      1. How about a Fire Emblem fighting game like how Persona series had Persona 4 Arena?

        1. If Intelligent Systems joined up with Arc System Works to do that, I would fangasm so loud.

    1. Indeed it is…

      I’m betting it’s a remake of an older game but ofcourse it could be a entirely new game for the 3DS…

      Highly doubtful it’s for the Wii U considering they already have that crossover game ready to be released in the near future…

  1. It starts, wait it started november 2011 witn the launch of those two marvels, mario kart 7 and Super mario 3D land.

  2. Coooool, WiiU Fire Emblem would be great. I’d like to see the game fully adopt the anime style from Awakening in the gameplay too

    1. Yeah, I think it’s the VC Fire Emblem. Can the team work on SMTxFE at once? If not, then definitely, this is a VC title. Nothing to get excited about.

      However, if this is a new Fire Emblem for the Wii U, then it’s a dream come true.

  3. I want a x betwin advance wars and valkiria chronicle’s … this will be the shit.

  4. They’re probably just talking about Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem.
    Fire Emblem Awakening barely came out a year ago, so unless it’s a remake (of either FE4 or FE5) I doubt it’s anything else than the crossover.

  5. fuck yes. fe for wiiu. I can see it now. they can make the game bigger than fe radiant dawn.

    1. How do you mean bigger? You don’t mean length, do you? Because Radiant Dawn was a pretty long game.

  6. maybe it’s a re-release of the GBA one to Wii U’s Virtual Console. Hope it’s a new game though!

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