Soul Calibur II HD Online Announced, But Not For A Nintendo Console


Namco Bandai Games has revealed it’s making a high-definition version of Soul Calibur II. Soul Calibur II HD Online is in development and is scheduled to arrive in the fall on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Although the original Soul Calibur II was released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2003, and despite the fact that The Legend of Zelda‘s Link was a playable character in the Nintendo port of the game, Namco Bandai Games hasn’t announced Soul Calibur II HD Online for a Nintendo console.


    1. You won’t be seeing any games being released for the Wii U before Nintendo increases its playerbase number. I’m not surprised if this doesn’t come really. One would think that Nintendo would learn with their 3DS that a console launch must be good with great first-party games, even they admitted they learned with it, but:

      “Nope, let’s launch the Wii U in 2012 and only bring the good games on 2014. We had time to get a great playerbase for the Wii U before Sony and Microsoft launch their PS4 and Xbox One, but guess what? Nahh, let’s kill the hype for our console by delaying launches and only getting old ports from 3rd parties and almost no exclusives that are good”.

      Sigh, Nintendo better get their shit together if they wanna compete this generation. Gladly I only buy their consoles for 1st-party titles and I am more than happy to just play Mario, Zelda, Smash, DK, Pikimin, Metroid and etc. So this doesn’t affect me at all.

      1. I agree that I’m really in it for the 1st party games as well, but it’s still nice to see some third party support as well. I agree that Nintendo dropped the ball with the Wii U game timing, but every company makes mistakes. I’m sure that they’ve been learning from this and they’ll definitely turn it around

            1. Especially when people have been developing in HD for years. Nintendo could’ve easily looked at the staff sizes vs rate of completion. Also, didn’t Iwata say some time ago that Nintendo had him working on projects 17 years in the future? If they couldn’t anticipate the level of development required(when they could just look at other companies…), then how can they trust those future plans?

          1. I just meant that their timing for their big releases after the Wii U wasn’t great. It would have been good to have at least one more big title near the Wii U’s release or maybe they should have not released the Wii U so soon. Either way, all of the money that the 3DS has been making lately should help to override most of the money that the Wii U has lost. Then the Wii U’s sales should start picking up. (They already have thanks to Pikmin 3)

      2. Well even when Gamecube was doing horribly SoulCalibur 2 still outsold the PS2 version despite the incredibly low install base. The power of Link is indeed strong. I don’t think porting this old game would actually cost them anything to do especially since it’s a downloadable title that will most like be around $15-$20.

      3. What a load of junk. Just give us a Wii U version of Soul Calibur II HD regardless. Nintendo needs games badly. Why won’t third parties (except EA) care?!

        If they refuse to listen to the fans, I’ll go down to a local game shop and pick up an old copy of the GameCube version of SC2 and you Namco won’t be seeing my money. Bottom line!

        While you’re at it, please sign and share this petition:

        1. third parties care about money, not nintendo’s wellbeing.

          and why should 3rd party devs care when all nintendo themselves did was nsmbu+nintendoland all year long..

          1. They should care. We’ll buy their games on the Wii U if they stop being lazy, making up excuses and give the struggling console a chance.

      1. He was definitely the best exclusive character out of the three systems for me. Didn’t care too much for Heihachi or Spawn. I got the GC version for Link.

          1. Only the Gamecube version had Link.

            Pretty bond idle of Namco to not do a Wiiu version if you ask me… Lazy idiots. It WOULD sell decently on Wiiu , at least enough to justify a port.

            1. I know right. I would’ve loved to play this game on Wii U (when I get one). They have to announce this game for Wii U D:

              Like you said I should be easy to port.

            2. Well, most Japanese developers are nervous about releasing any games on Wii U and the other upcoming consoles, due to their small user bases. I don’t think Wii U owners should take it too personally.

      2. Heihachi was too out of place – he didn’t have any weapon! He simply sucked in my oppinion. Spawn was okay, he’s cool, but still, can’t beat Link.

    1. I guess the re-release won’t have Link unless Namco is planning something else for Nintendo consoles which is a possibility since their developing the next smash.

      1. They should also add spawn and heihachi for that petition to make it the complete edition of all systems otherwise it’s useless.

  1. This game is great without Link, but so many people bought it because Link was in it, myself included. Bad business decision on their part.

    1. Same here. And it served as a gateway into more 3D fighting games like Tekken and DOA for me. SC2 is one of the best of the series, so along with Link, they’d be introducing newcomers to their greatest entry. Link had some real power in getting new people into the franchise because of his inclusion and this will be some big money lost for Namco here.

    2. Can you blame namco though? When Soul calibur 2 was on the GameCube, the GameCube was already selling a shit ton of other games that made it a popular console. But now the Wii U isn’t even coming close to the sales of the game cube making it a bad business choice to release this on the Wii U.

      I wouldn’t know much about link since I got the ps2 version but god I love soul calibur

  2. couldn’t give a fuck if I tried. why do devs think they can bring back old games and add online to them and people are going to go bat shits over them. watch nintendo bring back ssbm with online after the ssbu and ssb3d come out. I hope not of course.

    1. Because they were fun back then, they’re still fun now so adding online would make it better.

    2. I actually would love if they made an HD Melee online with better options then brawl. That is of course assuming that the new one doesn’t impress me so much that I no longer need to go back to Melee. Brawl is great but Melee is better and far more balanced and takes more skill in my opinion.

      1. Tell me about it , when I was playing melee I was dominating the whole thing , now with brawl even the weakest of my friends sometimes beat me

    3. Your example is HORRID! If SSBM came out with online it would sell like crazy! People still love Melee to this day! an updated version with online ranking, etc would be incredible! I’d buy it! 💋

    1. Obviously not. Can’t have Link on a non-Nintendo system. They only showed Heihachi so far, which was the PS2 version’s exclusive character. No Spawn either.

  3. I knew this 48 hours ago and almost every comment on every other webpage says “I’m not buying it because it doesn’t have Link!” It is too bad they aren’t making a Nintendo version for Wii U, the BEST version. 💋

        1. I’m not too concerned if SC II doesn’t come out for the Wii U ’cause I still have my Gamecube, my Wavebird, and my copy of SC II with Link…plus I really didn’t see a comparison to the Gamecube version in this clip, ’cause it looked WAY better than the other versions!

  4. So something that was released yesterday makes the news that isn’t really nintendo news yet my splinter cell blacklist new trailer doesn’t make it on.

  5. What is this, now I can’t even play my GCN SC2 without getting pissed. So tired of developers skipping Wii U. They’re gonna piss off so many Nintendo fans that they’ll doom whatever they put on the console a year from now when they see PS4/XBone aren’t blowing it out of the water like everyone apparently thinks will happen. Pathetic.

    1. Seriously how much resources coud it take to port it to Wii U when they’re already doing the other two consoles. How can they NOT make money off of Link? Which version sold the best back in Gen 4 I wonder.
      Y’know I bought SC2 and F-Zero GX at the same time as a teenager cuz they were released on the same day. Good times is an understatement.

      1. Honestly, it costs barely anything.
        But in the same sense that it’s a lazy port of an old game, they have a lazy mentality.

        1. Agreed. If you look at the trailer, the comparison shots between SD and HD are barely even noticeably different. It’s kind of ridiculous.

  6. I never had a GameCube, but I would definitely buy this for Wii U if it had Link and if it does come. (Please Namco!)

  7. Know what I think?
    I think we should allow them to skip making the Wii U version.
    The Gamecube version was the best selling version.
    Without it, we can sit back and let them see the sales for this HD remaster fall entirely short of expectations on the other two consoles, when nothing new aside from graphics are added.
    Maybe it’ll serve as a wake-up slap to the producers that we need new games and that the Wii U shouldn’t be ignored out-of-hand for stupid reasons.

  8. A THIRD PARTY GAME NOT COMING TO THE WII U? Well isn’t that something that’s NEVER happened before!

      1. From playing too many fighters, it always felt like what the xbox is to gaming. That unnecessary game or console that is over hyped. Same way I feel about Mario party, COD and Gears of war.

    1. Soul Calibur is an amazing game series. The characters are SOOO much better than most fighting games. They are all so unique: Ivy, Viola, Lizardman, Nightmare, etc. Plus SC has THE BEST character customization of any videogame ever created. 💋

  9. Pikachu Pika Pika Pi ⚡
    (I hope this comes to the Wii u I whooped ass with link in the original ⚢ )

  10. This was the only Soul Calibur I’ve ever played and I have fond memories of it. You’d think after developing Smash Bros. Namco would bring it.

    But maybe they aren’t because Nintendo doesn’t want to give them Link (which would defeat the purpose of porting it to a system with a tiny install base that only likes the game BECAUSE of Link).

  11. This really is stupid. The game has already been proven to sell on a Nintendo console, just put Link in it again. Maybe even add Ganondorf to spice things up even further. Even stupider when you see that the GameCube version was the best selling one out of the three, probably because of Link.

  12. I honestly find this amusing. The fact that Link’s unique appearance in the game apparently was driving the sales. What would possess you to do this?

  13. I think it would be much wiser to wait to release this on the Wii U, maybe until after December or until mid 2014 when a ton of consoles will have sold due to the big titles coming out at those times.

  14. Soul Calibur 2 actually sold the most on Gamecube!! Therefore, Namco decided to release Soul Calibur 3 exclusively on PS2 and rerelease HD ports of Soul Calibur 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3. True story. Nintendo, damned if you do (sell), damned if you don’t (sell).

    1. Nah, do you think they seriously looked at the Gamecube seeing that it sold the most SC2 and decide to make SC3 a PS2 exclusive? No, it’s just Sony having some contracts under the curtains, it’s the most reasonable explanation.

      Seriously, Nintendo doesn’t ever come to a dev and try to get exclusive deals (just rarely), they think that devs will spontaneously develop for them when their competition is just around the corner throwing money left and right…

  15. gamecube version

    best graphics-best cameo role-best controller

    its clearly a last gen thing wiiu isnt being hated here ,im sure we could get a wiiu version

    1080p and dualscreen and remote play

  16. Someone log onto Kickstarter, Change. Org or some other petition site, this injustice must be confronted. One does not simply play Soul Calibur II and not play as Link.

  17. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Link being in the game yet. It’s a stretch, but when Namco developers were asked by IGN about the possibility of Link making a return in a Wii U version, the developers said that they cannot comment on that topic. That means it’s still possible. It’s only out of the question if they flat out say he won’t be in the game. But that’s not what they said, they said they cannot comment. That usually means that a decision on that topic has yet to be made. It’s actually possible that they are in talks with Nintendo about getting Link back in the game, and just cannot say anything about it until Nintendo either says yes or no. Unlikely, yes. Impossible, no. Don’t get your hopes too high, but I wouldn’t completely rule Link out just yet. We don’t know anything about it yet.

    1. I think the issue might be that this would be Link’s first HD game, which is something Nintendo wasn’t planning just yet. It’ll be interesting to see.

  18. And another bit of non-Nintendo news. The fact that Soul Calibur was relevant to Nintendo back in the day doesn’t change the fact that it’s not now. The Wii U isn’t the damn Gamecube. In fact, the most important thing we got out of this news was that Soul Calibur wasn’t coming to the Wii U. Why don’t you name another thing completely unrelated and talk about how THAT too isn’t coming to the Wii U?

    1. It would only be the same if we spoke of another game that was on a Nintendo console and is being remade, but not for another Nintendo console. These thing matter more.

  19. Oh look, another shaft by a third party. It’s not like Pikmin means much or anything, right?

  20. No more rehashes please. What the Wii U needs are new games, not rehashes, not upgraded graphics and not ports of old games.

  21. Wrong, the Wii U needs anything that is good. SC 2 is still considered the best in the series by many. It is worth a remake and worth being on Wii U.

  22. The reason Soul Calibur 2 HD is not coming out for the Wii U is because it is not coming out for Xbox One or PS4. Think about it. The reason Ultra Street Fighter 4 is not coming out for Wii U is because it is also not coming out for Xbox One or PS4.

  23. Screw you Namco. Seriously, screw you.

    If it wasn’t for Smash 4, I’d totally hate you guys.

  24. call me crazy but I would think they would in fact put it on the wiiu because Nintendo gave them such a big privilege to develop ssb4 Nintendo showed them some love so they should do the same back but that’s just my thoughts I guess :/

  25. LOL! Why am I not surprised? I hope Nintendo can work their magic and start making more Wii U consoles sell, so that companies can stop overlooking the Wii U ports/versions of games.

  26. I bet Namco Bandai will tell the world that its also gonna be release on Wii U close to its date, kinda like they did with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and it was better the the PS3 and 360 version.

  27. Is it just me or are the other ones here starting to think that Namco bandai even though they are workin on ssmb are full of idiots !? They dont know how to make tales game on wiiu because of touchscreen and now this!? Sure its all about money but this dont cost them almost nothing. Most of their games on 3DS are lame as hell like that tekken which name i dont even remember because it was so lame. I loved first soulcalibur on Dreamcast and 5 on ps3 so this is lame that this isnt comin to Wii U. Seriously the fact that they are workin on SSMB is only good thing about that company atm. Heck one of those Namco Bandai guys trash talked Vita by sayin no one has it which was very unprofessional imo. Maybe they think that way about Wii u too who knows?

  28. If there is anything wrong with the new Smash Brothers game, we will know who the responsible ones are…

    High Command should not let these Third Class Empires work on their sacred games…

  29. Then why are you reporting on this?!
    Hey mnn! I heard halo 5 isn’t coming to a Nintendo platform. Maybe you should make a post about it. I think it’s an outrage.

  30. Not yet! Anyway I have this game already! SO tried of old games moving to HD and people making a big deal about it! Its not a new game, it came out for the gamecube, I still play it, love the graphics, and who cares! Thank You!

  31. I havent played soul calibur is this i had the one on gamecube. I just even ask me brother to help me get another copy (GC version). Now they are releasing a Soul Calibur 2 version without Nintendo in it ……what a shame!!!

  32. Most people say here that a game did not sell on the Wi U because it was released on a different platform months ago (arkham city, need for speed, etc.) Now here comes a very old game in which graphics will just be upgraded and online component added and we are complaining that its not coming to Wii U? If it was ported and Link would not be there, would you still buy it? Wouldn’t it be better if they made a NEW sequel altogether?

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