Nintendo of America has announced that if you add funds to your Nintendo eShop account using a credit card or Nintendo pre-paid card by July 28th you will receive a promotional code. If you add $50-$99.99 you will receive a promotional code for $5, and if you add $100 or more you will receive a promotional code for $10. You will then get an email with your promotional code on August 2nd – just in time for the Pikmin 3 release on August 4th.

Thanks, Sheldon



  1. Why is Nintendo wanting people to go on eshop ignoring that it is very little ram in it in the first place? Its not like it has 100 gb or something.


  2. So, I stick 100 bucks on my eshop account, get 10 bucks back, and then I buy Pikmin 3 on the eshop and get another 6 bucks back through the Deluxe Digital Promotion. That isn’t too bad, but I’m sure the company is saving plenty more money with it’s digital sales.

    Really though, this offer when combined with the DDP is fairly nice, almost like 20% off all eshop software. Almost.


    • If you’re planning on Pikmin and 101 around the same time, And you don’t want to fuck around looking for online sales, it’s reasonable.


  3. $100 is a lot, but heck, I know I’ll be getting Cloudberry Kingdom and Ducktales, and that’ll eat up a third of it just this next month alone.


  4. It would be much easier for me go through with this if I was able to spread all that cash across both my 3DS and Wii U. Also if I wasn’t saving my money for retail games.


    • Yeah I know
      Nano assault neo
      Trine 2
      Mighty switch force: hyper drive edition
      All I need is bit trip presents runner 2
      And maybe cloudberry kingdom


  5. So, it’s an additional 10% off your eShoo purchases (“additional” if you own the deluxe.)

    See. I can do math you sly Marketing fuckers. But “Save 10%” didn’t sound as good, eh?


  6. Thanks for the heads up, I only use the eshop for games not available retail, but it doesn’t take long to spend 100 bucks on VC and indie titles.


  7. Well that isnt worth it. Thought it was add ANY amount like a $20 e-shop card and get $10. No way will I ever have more then $40 in my 3DS e-shop, and never will I have more then $60 in my Wii U e-shop.


  8. Meh. The idea is great, but the amount seems a little low for what they’re asking. Would probably be a better deal if their eshop had a lot more exclusives and/or vc, which is sorely lacking at the moment


  9. It said specifically in the email to keep this deal quite Sheldon. Damn you and your secret breaking. You don’t deserve deals like these!!


  10. so if i have $70 just sitting there in the eshop right now waiting to be spent on pikmin 3 does that mean i get the credit too?? or just if i add another $50? i don’t know….


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