Black Nintendo 3DS XL Appears In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Commercial


IGN has spotted an all-black Nintendo 3DS XL in a commercial for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team in North America. The above screenshot was taken from the aforementioned commercial, which is currently airing on the American cable television network Cartoon Network. Because this is the second hint we’ve received so far, it seems plausible this color will come to North America within the next couple of weeks – leading up to the launch of the new Mario & Luigi game on August 11th –  but Nintendo has yet to comment on the subject.


  1. RIP my hopes of a Luigi-themed 3DS.

    Ah well, this definitely beats blue, pink and red. Now is it going to be this or wait for the inevitable Pokemon X/Y or Zelda-themed limited edition 3DS.

      1. Japan is getting all of the good Year of Luigi stuff. The soundtrack and the 3DS are both so cool. I’d really like to import it, but in the end it’s just too costly to justify. It’s a shame Nintendo region-locks their consoles.

        1. Besides, for some unknown reason, Nintendo isn’t as quite popular over in their home turf as much as Sony is today unless Nintendo’s AAA game lands. Microsoft + Japan = You can forget about it (DOA)

    1. I have never, ever heard of a transparent 3DS before. But a transparent Wii U I have seen it.

  2. Hmmm…it seems it might be bundled with the game. Good news for me on that fact. I recently lost my aqua blue normal, abbasitor (is that how you spell it?) program themed, 3ds. Been wanting to switch to an XL for my family to play it since they have a hard time seeing the screen which I find impossible.

  3. So this shoots the chance of the Luigi 3DS in the face. :( Damn. Though still cool to have an all black XL. Now just for the all white one.

  4. in europe there is already the 3ds xl black came with monster hunter tri ultimate and since then (april) he is standalone avaiable too.

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