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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team TV Commercial

Nintendo has uploaded the new Mario & Luigi: Dream Team TV commercial onto its YouTube channel. In the commercial, which you can watch above, an all-black Nintendo 3DS XL is shown, further suggesting the color will be released in North America to coincide with the release of the new Mario & Luigi game, which launches on August 11th. If the all-black Nintendo 3DS XL is released stateside, will you be picking one up? Or are you hoping the Luigi-themed hand-held console arrives?



  1. It will be hard for me not to get the all black 3DS XL. Finally!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now…


      1. Here’s what I want you to do. Go directly to his house, knock on the door, wait till he/she opens it, look him/her straight in the eyes.. And kick their ASS.


      2. Pika Pi Pikachu Pika ⚡
        (T-T Sadly I did, but I won’t worry about it I’ll just get a new one ⚡ )


      3. Well if it was a girl you should obviously be more respectful.. But that’s like what 200 bucks down the drain XD I’d be at the very least pissed, and make my friend feel bad, unless there one of my closest a friends.


      4. Pika Pi Pikachu Pi ⚡
        (He’s a close friend and we talked about it, so now he’s slowly paying me the money back ⚡ )


      5. He’s a close friend yet you kicked his ass? I mean let be serious here, it’s a game system, not a car lol.


      1. Pi Pikachu Pika Pi Pika ⚡
        (I wonder how much one is on eBay. I might get it from there if it doesn’t cost too much ⚡ )


  2. Anyone notice that this is COPYING INCEPTION? Fucking idiots. Nintendo copies so much. Luigi sleeping is copying Super Mario Bros 2, and Inception copied Super Mario Bros 2 and now this is copying INCEPTION. Why can’t people come up with original ideas? My Nintendo News is copying other blogs that talk about Nintendo, and I’m copying other people that troll. NOTHING IS ORIGINAL. FUCK ALL OF YOU.


    1. While americans copies japanese movies and remakes shows from other countries all the time…

      Godzilla, Pacific Rim, The Matrix, Kung Fu Panda etc etc, get over yourself…


      1. What the deal with all the hate towards Americans lately. What did we do. We’re just trying to keep our heads above water over here. Cut us a little slack man/woman/robot thing.


      2. I’m against all Americans that likes to wage wars against other nations, Americans who wants to control their own people and the world with their pathetic surveillance programs and spies, Americans who meddles with affairs that does not in any way include them, Americans that think they are the number one nation and people on this doomed planet, Americans that still believes that gays are the worst, abortion is murder, god is everything, Americans that think they are flawless and so on…

        But if you are not any of these Americans then I have nothing against you…

        And no Americans are not the only ones that bother me to death…


      3. And to add, this is why I don’t like the Microsoft Realm either because they are just like the ones I listed…

        And the Xbots are just ignorant…


      4. You sound like moron. Guaranteed you’re going to die 10 years early because of all of the hate you have in your heart, but it will be no great loss to anybody.


      5. Well atleast it’s just a movie where the focus is on entertainment which is exactly what I want…

        I’m also looking forward to the new Godzilla movie…


  3. I’ve been wanting that Luigi-themed 3DS since it was announced for Japan. I’ve even thought about importing it, but it’s just not practical. I think if that limited edition model was going to be released in the West, it would have been announced by now since Dream Team is due just next month in NA. Is it only the Year of Luigi in Japan or what?

    With that said, I guess I’ll just go with black. But then again, I’m fairly certain we’ll be getting the Pokemon X and Y limited edition model in the west, and there’s also a chance we could see a Zelda-themed bundle announced on the eve of A Link Between Worlds’ release.

    In the end, however, all of the consoles are going to do the same thing regardless of what color/what animation they have on them. It’s worth mentioning that the limited edition models have amazing resale value, but I’m not really looking to buy a console just to sell it. Still, it’s nice to have console you enjoy looking at.

    Grrrr, gimme that Luigi-themed 3DS, Nintendo!


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