Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Demo Hits Wii U eShop In Japan


SEGA today released a demo for Yakuza 1 & 2 HD on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U in Japan. The demo contains the opening segments to the first two Yakuza games and is free to download. The full game launches in Japan on August 8th, which will mark the first time a Yakuza game is released on a non-Sony console. You can watch a promo video for the compilation here.


  1. Hey wait, this has probably already been released but what was that sega “spectrum” thing everyone was hyped about. I don’t think I’ve heard anything about it.

    1. That was just something that everyone got hyped about thinking that Sega will release a new console.

      1. Its funny that people really think that Sega will release new console. It would be awesome if they did it, but seriously they are in very deep relationship with Nintendo right now so it wouldnt make any sense to do it. But yeah i would buy a new Sega console over Sony/microshit system. Some kind of an digital system like steam would be possible, i believe but i dont see that happenin. Best thing would be if they would become 2nd party to Nintendo sometime in future after they have bought Atlus (if that rumour about N buying atlus is true). Anyway i hope Nintendo publishes this game here in west if Sega dont have any plans.

        1. I forgot to say that never trust some freaky guy who calls himself as MrSega he has stalked Sega patents for like 8 years atleast and predicted new Sega console, everytime he has been wrong. I remember when he said that Sega orbi is new console, turns out it was some Virtual Zoo amusement park which they are workin with BBC earth lol.

    1. They still haven’t localized Yakuza 5, 1 & 2 HD for the PS3, and PSO 2; I don’t see them bringing this to the states if those aren’t… That is unless Nintendo does the localization.

        1. Well I do live in the states though so you are right. Well normally I wouldn’t care for this type of game but since Wii U is lacking in games this summer I would like to have something different to play besides Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and all the launch titles I bought. At least there’s Earthbound with Pikmin 3 and Splinter Cell Blacklist arriving in August.

    1. it’s not exclusive, it was also released for the PS3 a year ago.
      But yeah, this is the first time a non-Sony console is getting a Yakuza game

    2. The HD edition is Japan exclusive, but not exclusive to the Wii U. The PS3 version was released a while back.

      That said, if you are still interested in 1 & 2 HD and they never localize it, you could always go for the non-HD PS2 versions that were localized. lol

  2. what makes me sad is that not even the PS3 version was released worldwide
    so releasing the Wii U version worldwide would be even harder

    1. Same thought I had. The only way I see this Wii U version coming to the West before the PS3 version of 1 & 2 HD or even Yakuza 5, is if Nintendo publishes it.

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