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The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle Releasing This Year?


Apparently, according to inventory system at a “major U.S. retailer,” this year Nintendo will release a Wii U bundled with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Another rumor suggests that Nintendo 3DS hand-held consoles bundled with Pokémon X or Pokémon Y will be unleashed this year. While Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, the publisher’s previously announced that the aforementioned games will launch in October – so the supposed bundles are also likely to be released within that month.



  1. I’d buy it. Nintendo Land is only when you’re with friends, when you’re drunk, or a combo of both. I’d buy a Sonic Lost World or Super Mario 3D World bundle though.


  2. That means people will buy the bundle, trade in zelda when theyre done, wind waker receives price drop, i get it cheaper :)


    1. Seeing as Nintendo insist that they will not dropping the price any time soon, i reckon it would be wise for them to create a few different bundles with a free game in time for xmas to compete with the new Xbox and PS.

      It would be logical for them to release the following bundles around oct/nov time:

      Bundle with NSMBU
      Bundle with Pikmin 3
      Bundle with Wind Waker HD

      * Premium pack would come with one of these games + Nintendoland etc.

      They could do bundles with Tropical Freeze and 3D World also but it’s unlikely they’d want to do that seeing as those games will easily sell at full retail price.

      It’s a bit of a hit to their profits but at this point I think they need to make sure they capture as many buyers as possible before people pick up one of the other consoles and this would make the Wii U a much more attractive proposition.

      Just a thought…


      1. Personally I feel that they should have done the NSMBU bundle at launch just like they did in the old days…

        I hope that a Pikmin 3 bundle is in the works with a nice nature oriented look on the Wii U instead of boring 1 themed colours…

        The Wind Waker HD Bundle should have some soundtrack or artbook included as it is an old game…

        But other than that, I have still not seen any indication of improved marketing for Europe other than the UK…


      2. The marketing in the UK has been applauding so far :( no one I know even knows what a Wii U is (I’m not joking!). Nintendo Europe need to step up their game in the run up to xmas!


      3. Indeed, High Command better increase their efforts in Europe and lower the prices by atleast 50 euros…

        Here in Sweden it costs about 375 euros, that’s a bit expensive…

        Are the people you know gamers aswell?…


      4. A few are.. To be fair im a bit older than most Nintendo gamers (im 32). Most of my friends are just into playing fifa or cod on their xbox’s. I cant stand those games but each to their own.

        it seems in the uk that unless you take an active interest in Nintendo you’d have no idea theyd released a new home console – which almost a year after release is pretty shocking.


      5. To be honest, I think there are more 25+ year olds in our Empire than there are in the other 2…

        Who plays CoD and Fifa the most?…

        Basically most under 20…

        Here in Sweden the majority are into FPS games or gun games of some sort almost all the time…

        As soon as you mention that you like Nintendo they lose interest of talking to you, they are that childish…

        It is pretty rare to find someone who likes Nintendo and when I do they say about the same thing I say, that it feels as if we are a minority in these countries…

        How anyone can even consider buying the Xbox One is beyond me, I don’t care if they “retreated” about all this DRM nonsense, they could still do it in secret…


      6. Agreed, I definitely feel like I’m in a minority as a older Nintendo fan in the UK – I don’t really talk to any of my friends about Nintendo which is why I often read/contribute to this site (although the abundance of trolling recently has made me consider stopping reading it at all!).

        I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing Nintendo tho, I tried switching to Sony a while back – bought a PSP about 7 years ago but got bored quickly and sold it for a DS.. Nintendo’s games are King which is why all this power/graphics bullshit doesn’t mean a thing at the end of the day.

        Agreed about the XBox One, I guess people get invested in the exclusives (Halo etc.) but if I was gonna go Sony or Microsoft right now PS4 would easily win out – it has so much more going for it and a fair bit cheaper, however I’m happy with my Wii U so it’s irrelevant for me anyway.


      7. I don’t mind people who acts like something else (Like me) aslong as they stay on topic or can make decent arguments atleast once a thread…

        But I’m pretty tired of all these spammers and “genitalia” posts…

        I’ve only tried the Xbox once in my life, I got so bored…

        I’ve played PS1, PS2 and PS3 a few times, it was okay but nothing that makes me want to buy them…

        I will never stop playing Nintendo until our Empire falls one day, whenever that is…


      8. I can see why some people like to play devils advocate or bait others a little on forums but I’m utterly sick of having to scroll through hundreds of irrelevant, off-topic posts (written by people who are so unbelievably stupid they probably have issues dressing themselves in the morning) before I get to the posts from people who genuinely have something to say about what has been reported on the site.

        This site should really return to an account based commenting system, it’s just painful to read at times :(


      9. Indeed, specially when they spam Centipedes or other “Copy and Paste” articles that takes 4 billion years to go through…


      10. People are simply lame, only do whatever everyone else’s doing. They wanna belong somewhere yada yada. Kinda how many young people only drink because “ooh, it’s a social thing”. You can play Call of doodies with your friends or you can play Zelda, alone. Which do you think most people will do? Yeah…


      11. Indeed, that’s why I rejected all friends I had, I cannot stand social slaves and mainstream garbage as I’m not a drone of any kind…


      12. I guess I should considering they shut down Club Nintendo aswell if I’m not mistaken…


    1. I like this idea a lot! Number 1 – I have never sold off a Zelda game. That’s an archive game. 2- I hate gamestop because they are xbox snobs in my city, so…. no money for them.

      Now lets say this Zelda Windwaker HD was pre loaded on a black Wii U with a Hyrule crest on it would totally make me purchase a new console.

      On a third note…. I would love to us an Oculus Rift with a Wii U.

      When will you give me VR HD gaming? I would also get down with head mounted AR setup.


  3. Eh a bundle of a hd remake…seems safe.Id rather them bundle Pikmin..But what Id really like seeing are limited edition wiiu green console bundled with luigi u..Or a red console with pikmin.That would pop! and It would make me want to pop on a new system..And what about a luigi themed xl? Thats what I really need…Fuck a pikachu


      1. Its not the year of Luigi anywhere.Its nintendos weak attempt at marketing.Its a smokescreen and Im a pessimist.But I practice in the long lost art of connecting the dots.And I see things for what they are


  4. This could be a good Dave for the WiiU if the price is done right and maybe a little extra? Like a soundtrack? That would be nice.

    If $320-$340 that’s reasonable for me if it came with a limited edition wind waker WiiU with game and soundtrack.


    1. Could you imagine opening that up on Xmas morning at age 38…..Jackpot!
      That would never come true…As an adult, I (I meant They) purchase items and enjoy then that day….


  5. Rumor also has it that the Pokemon bundles are going to be… guess it… red and blue! Thanks, Nintendo of America! Those are our favorite colors!

    Idiots. Truly… idiots.


      1. Anything. We already have red and blue as color options, and you and I both know that people are far from happy with those choices. There’s actually a myriad of colors on the box art of both versions.

        Of course, no one can say for sure that the red and blue coming on these consoles will be the same as the ones that are already on the market, but I sure as heck wouldn’t be surprised if they were. It’s the kind of decision I have come to expect from NoA.


      1. You completely missed the point. When did anybody ever say or even imply you have to buy the bundle to get the game? Good lord, some people…

        The appeal of these bundles is that they usually come with a limited edition console.


    1. Do you have a source for that? I’ll be so mad if it turns out to be true. I’m not buying a 3DS XL until a decent color comes out.


      1. I know your pain. I wanted a black version but received the blue one as a gift. I love it even more now that I have a black aluminum cover. It has saved my XL many times already.


  6. Here’s a good bundle idea

    Mario 3D World WiiU Bundle
    -Limited Edition Holiday WiiU(with Cat paws all over the WiiU and colored Red,Pink,Green and Blue) same with the Pad
    -The Game
    -Pair of Cat ears because fuck it
    All in $349.99


      1. Don’t worry comrade, I would not allow my precious Kitty be delivered through a box…

        I would demand that these humans deliver it as if it was a guardian of the underworld as they were back in the Ancient Nintendominated Egypt…

        I want my cat now!


    1. Aside from 1st party games being bundled I think Nintendo should also consider selling more limited timed 3rd party games bundles like Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Watch_Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed 4, Wonderful 101, Batman Arkham Origins, etc. to show other 3rd party developers that their serious about them wanting more support and wanting to help make their games sell on their platform


  7. loz WW the gimmicked version. fuck that, can you even use the pro controller???? also why the fuck would they remaster a game that looks just as good as it did 10 years ago???!!!!


    1. You can see a difference…

      The only thing that would bother me is if it goes by full retail price…

      I should not cost more than 40 euros in my opinion…


      1. it should cost only 40$ and seriously….. they better support the pro controller!!!! the games they should have made in hd are OOT and MM because they need it. that would have wii u,s flying off shelves more than a non aging zelda game. nintendo just seems to be so stupid of lately…..


      2. Considering Nintendo had some problems with HD development in the early days of the Wii U I think it was a wise decision not to make a HD version of MM right now as I do not want it to be less than it can be because it is my favourite Zelda game ever…

        I like OoT but there have been atleast 6 re-releases of that game so MM should be the one to get a HD treatment some day in the future when they have 0 problems with making games on the Wii U…

        I think it’s likely that it will support the Pro-controller…


      3. zelda MM is awesome, thats all i can even say about that game. there is nothing like it and i think that game has the most dread in any video game. so much dread, its everywhere. this is exactly why i think the new zeldas are meh now, ever since TP they feel dull, lame and uninspired. just want them to have a big change like MM did and also WW. not like SS, linear no good side quests or side levels or anything. same goes for TP. the thing that nintendo has to do is not force gimmicks on people, like they did with the wii.


      4. Although I liked SS because of the a bit harder challenge it offered enemy wise and some Bosses I agree when it comes to the overall Zelda experience, it was too linear and felt a bit empty compared to OoT and MM…

        I hope that the new Zelda is way bigger and more challenging in every way possible…

        The bosses of MM are the best of any 3D Zelda because they offered a real challenge the first time you played the game unlike OoT and TP that had pathetically easy bosses, specially OoT…

        If the new Zelda is going to use the Wii Remote Plus again, let’s hope that it is done flawless this time with no recallibration required as it was a bit annoying to be honest although not as much as people make it to be…

        If it’s going to use the Gamepad in new ways then I hope it is done pretty flawless aswell…


      5. yeah…… still think they always should give the option to use pro controller, i think every game should give you the option. the next zelda im meh about because of the last few installments but i have hope. xenoblade chronicles is the game that was big last generation for nintendo. just incredible. im glad i tried it. its like i played to vc titles right after SS just you know to try some classic rpgs becore xenoblade.

        the two of them were secret of mana….. which is one of the best games i have ever played hands down ( mana 2 though destroyed everything that made the original great though….. evermore is better than mana 2) and then chrono trigger, which is another great game, way better than SS.

        couldnt believe it how much those games from the snes could be way better than the supposably big game for the wii.


      6. I think that specially multiplayer games made by our Empire should have the option of using different controlls just like Pikmin 3 does and now CoD Ghosts…

        Single Player I can live with just the controller they think is best aslong as it is done properly…

        Well although that may be true for some, I think that if High Command never changed the formula of playing games then people in general would be pretty bored with consoles today as online mutliplayer increases more and more each year and adds alot of replay value…

        So in other words consoles would probably not exist in a significant amount today other than Nintendo because of their exclusive games…

        However I am hoping that the games like Mario Kart 8, Smash Brothers 4 and the new Zelda to name a few will take us to the feeling we got from the ancient times like NES, SNES and N64…


      7. Well said…so basicly everything in a nutshell, “I’m bored, do something new”. Oh and I think you said this too, if I may add, that the reason why they make “remakes” is to test them out on the consumers of its fans so that way, they know they did it right and can continue with the newer project. I just felt like telling that or if you did, thought it should been rephrased for people who don’t understand too well. Am I correct Nintendo Commander?


      8. Absolutely, you are correct Mr.Snowman…

        As High Commander Aunoma stated those weeks ago I felt compelled to point it out…

        So as WWHD is indeed one Wii U testing title, it should cost atleast 30% cheaper than a full retail price…


      9. I “think” this is all smoke and mirrors. Come on now, like Nintendo really had problems making games for a console they’ve already released….or they have found themselves once again bellied up to the poker table playing the big boy game of $$$. You don’t think they are about to go all in the first year. They used that time to leak some console out, update systems and iron out issues. Then, when the race starts we’ve aready got the triple red shells and start shooting those off.
        Now they still haven’t pushed all their chips in quite yet. Next year we get Mario Kart, Mario Universe, Zelda U HD and many other top quality games. I have no idea what 2015 will be like for Nintendo while they prepare for the All In hand of poker in 2016!!! Nintendo will release GANTZ! Advanced Gaming Entertainment. Pushing the Game “AGE” beyond.

        Just wait for the nanites….


      10. Well most of these games like Pikmin 2 started even before the Wii U was established in a physical form so it can be true that they relly did have transition problems to HD in some aspects…

        But if High Command makes the same excuse next year then I will not believe it…


      11. While I agree a remake shouldn’t be retail price, the reason they charged that because to a ton of people it would seem like a new game to the kids who werent around during the game cube and people who didn’t have or skipped over the game cube, I probably won’t get it at launch, but since I didn’t have much game cube games, ill eventually get it.


      12. Well aslong as it sells I’m happy…

        I will get it eventually too but I want to play new games first…


      13. “Absolutely, you are correct Mr.Snowman…

        As High Commander Aunoma stated those weeks ago I felt compelled to point it out…

        So as WWHD is indeed one Wii U testing title, it should cost atleast 30% cheaper than a full retail price…”

        Yeah, yeah, or so we hope. Knowing nintendo, it might be 10 to 20 dollars cheaper than it’s Game Cube counterpart back then…but Nintendo surprises me at times on its retails. “Nintendo always has tricks up their sleeves”.


  8. A zelda home console, sounds intreging, if i recall that have not done Zelda themed home consoles, or any except for the one 3ds but otherwise thats it, perhaps gold, triforce paterns, or colourd like the Hyrule sheild


  9. I’d say a red wii u with NSMBU and SM3DW would be a safe one.
    Though a Black one with wind waker HD and a download code for NL would also rock.
    If Nintendos not gonna drop the price of the wii u basic or deluxe, then they have to throw in a game or a wii remote+nunchuck or pro controller into both. And don’t have that game be Nintendo land. Its best as a download thing.


      1. I always though that including a wii mote and the pro controller was a better idea than a game itself.


  10. If this is true, I’m going to faint. If the Wii U is green (or has special Zelda designs on it), I’m going to fall into a coma of nerdy bliss.


      1. Considering he is selling his nuts because he himself does not find them worthy at all then I would say no…


  11. It’s a remake, but it will help the Wii U. We need them Zeldas. I need them. I’ll be buying this game day one! ( Hopefully pre ordering, may get the game a day early. )


  12. This is fantastic news, if true; I’ve been waiting for WW HD’s release in order to buy a Wii U! Now I won’t have to spend an extra $60 after buying a Deluxe Wii U with Nintendo Land bundled!


    1. If you buy a deluxe Wii U with pre-download game then you get deluxe promotion points depending on the pre-download game. The ZombiU bundle came with Controller Pro, ZombiU game, and Nintendo Land (digital) gave me 599 points which is $5 eShop.

      So pre-download games have some perks or cons. Mostly cons but some perks included as well.


  13. I just hope that if a Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle set IS made, that it has a different color of console other than boring black or white. AND, I hope the game is a complete physical copy and not some idiotic pre-installed version. That would ruin the entire thing.


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