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UK Retailer Asda No Longer Stocking Wii U

wii_U_whiteUK retailer Asda has dropped the Wii U from its 500 plus stores across the UK. The Walmart owned supermarket is no longer stocking the Wii U SKUs, games and accessories throughout its stores – though a few remain online – according to CVG. It has also been reported that Asda did not stock the recently launched Wii U title Pikmin 3, which is currently sitting pretty at number two in the UK all-formats chart. The news comes just after the retailer slashed its Wii U basic and premium prices down to £149.99 and £199.99. An Asda representative confirmed the following to CVG, leaving the issue rather open-ended:

“Asda continues to offer customers a selection of Wii U games and accessories through Asda Direct, but these ranges are currently not on offer in Asda shops.”

Nintendo is aware of Asda dropping its home console but issued an official statement saying they would not comment on the situation, and simply stressed that software sells hardware.

“Nintendo UK does not comment on specific business practices with individual retailers. However, as we have seen with Nintendo 3DS, software sells hardware, and with titles such as Wonderful 101, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World already announced for this year as well as the recently released Pikmin 3 and New Super Luigi U having reached number 2 and number 6 in this week’s chart respectively, we are looking forward to the year ahead on Wii U.”


Asda has also issued the following statement to CVG, which you can read below. Asda’s online website – at the time of writing – does not currently seem to be selling the Nintendo 3DS either, which is exceptionally unusual given it’s the best-selling hardware in the UK.

“Asda will stock [Wii U] games on a title by title merit basis as they come along through Asda Direct. We will continue to support Nintendo as a format holder partner.”

203 thoughts on “UK Retailer Asda No Longer Stocking Wii U”

      1. Hahahaha ohh how cute. Please make more undermining statements about my life(Something you know nothing about) people who make remarks like you give me character ideas LOL.

    1. I would just like to say this- ASDA is a low-mid quality food store and they are nothing in terms of games. Almost every ASDA has a TINY section for games like a metre or 2 wide with all platforms sharing the same space.

      I bet they don’t even make up like 2% of the UK game sales. There is an ASDA/Wallmart crossover in Manchester and that does have a bigger game section but even that one is small.

      Oh and the ASDA near me has NEVER stocked Wiiu goods so far , just Wii , DS , 3DS , PS3 , 360 and that’s it. :)

      All in all, this will not affect Wiiu sales much at all in the UK and I bet you £100 they start selling them again around the time all the good games are coming out, just watch.

      1. Thanks for clarifying this one point. Do that before the nincompoops on neogaf spin this to their future agony lol.

      2. To put ASDA in perspective once more, I refuse to shop there LOL! Sainsbury’s , Marks and Spencers and Tesco for me :)

      3. Why didn’t you write this article? I felt if what you wrote was added to this article it would’ve made more sense….

        1. lol :) . But honestly , I would love to see if ASDA’s contribution to UK game sales was above 2%… I doubt it.

          1. asda is the second biggest super market in the u.k. so if wii u didn’t sell well even on the biggest supermarket, what more could you expect. stores in the united states are also making wii u shelf space significantly smaller to make bigger space for other consoles.

            1. Not for long old chap. Soon demand for Wiiu will go much bigger and they (ASDA and the rest) will backtrack.

              I guarantee it. Either that or they risk looking like tards.

        1. It sells boring food and even they’re exspensive range of foods tastes mediocre. It’s where poor families go to stock up on everything.

      4. I bought my PS3 from ASDA.

        Just saying.

        They’re primarily a food store yeah, but they have a large enough electronics department. Large enough to have midnight launches for games.

        1. I’ve never heard of midnight launches at ASDA! Maybe ASDA Wallmart is big enough, all the other ones suck balls near me.

        2. seriously this is bad news for nintendo,asda have a good game department,i allways get my midnight releases there,also by them doing this,other retailers may follow,i think they are fed up with nintendo.

          6months after launch abd still hardly any third party support compared to playstation and xbox,also hardly any worthwhile first party system sellers, which are mainstream titles.

          And why for the love of god is nintendo just not bothering to advertise wiiu? i have seen a total of 3 adverts of wiiu in over 6months, that is disgusting! retailers are probably fed up!

          I dont understand it,when wii was out,u couldnt watch tv for 10 minutes without seeing a wii advert, EVERBODY KNEW WHAT WII WAS! NOBODY knows what wii-u is! this is solely nintendo’s fault! just what are they thinking? yes i know they didnt have allot of games ready,and so may be didnt want to push the system, but its too bad, in that case they shoulnt have released so early! WAKE UP NINTENDO!! asda is a big supermarket chain in uk, them not selling wiiu in store is worrying,as other stores may follow them!

      5. no, actually, asda is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the u.k. asda is what waltmart and target are to the united states. they sell a large amount of everything. the fact that asda stopped selling wii u is a very big deal. it’s rubbish sure, but according to asda’s response to a british video game newspaper, asda dropped the wii u from the stores because “the console continues to sell at a very sluggish pace” and based on market research, not even nintendo’s holiday games are garnering much excitement. in other words, perhaps people stopped caring about wii u altogether, and getting their attention in the wake of so many other entertainment options will be extremely difficult.

        1. Which is a pathetic and absurd analysis . Pikmin 3 is at No.2 in the UK charts. They don’t even sell 3DS’s or some stupid shit right ? assholes. Nuff said.

          The head is probably an immature Nintendo hater LMAO!

        2. thankyou anonymous, u r right, that nintedward guy was talking shit, and as usual doing damage controll, nintendo is in serious trouble, if they lose the support of uk retailers, they will have a real hard time!

        3. Yeah, Nintendo’s Pikmin 3 debuted at Number 2, and thats not there biggest franchise. Zelda, Wii Fit U, Mario and Sonic, Sonic Lost World, Wii Party U, Super Mario 3D World are all bigger franchises that Pikmin 3

      6. that, and only 100, or so asda’s even stocked the wii u. they aren’t really removing them as just not re-stocking them, because they sold out. they are still selling them online, and can be picked up in stores, so it is really a stupid non-news story.

  1. was totally predictable that MNnews won’t mentiont aht they don’t sell the 3ds online. No wonder everyone is avoiding this site like the plague nowadays, Trolling and troll articels to gain views. Fu**ers

  2. Pikmin 3 selling great and started the WiiU upward swing. Then a retailer makes a bone head move of stopping of sales of a console. They sound like they are owned by an American firm SMH. LOL bone head move of the year.

    1. Did you really have to bash America? Why does everyone do that now-a-days? Is everyone really that jealous of the greatest country in the world??? 💋

        1. You can name all the flaws you want about the America, but it is no secret it is the best place to live. Nothing can be perfect… I remember my teachers telling me, when I was younger, how blessed and lucky we all were to be growing up in the best country ever created. 💋

            1. Okay, that’s good for you. If you think the U.S is bad then you won’t be happier anywhere else, because this is the best you can get. 💋

              1. I did not said it is bad but is not anymore the beacon of hope it was once was. Racism has turned even worst even if you where born in there. The only way you could live there with out fear is if you fit the describtion of being white blonde and have blue eye’s.

                1. Yes, The U.S is not what it used to be… but it is still the best. Just as America is getting worse so is every other country in the world. 💋

                  1. The sad thing is that is have fallen from that status because of our politicians not an outside thing.

                1. It is not bad here to let you know but believe it or not Canada and America is almost the same except for policies.

            1. So they bash America, because we are the best? So it all comes back to jealousy and the idea that you have to “hate those on top.” 💋

          1. Disagreed. America is certainly not the best place to live when you generalize it into one big thing… Sure , some parts of America are really nice like where my Uncle lives in Florida! but on the whole , it’s crime ridden, has rubbish everywhere is run by idiots and has really unhealthy food.

            Now yes , it has the best theme parks , the best films and stuff like that! but to say its the best place to live in the world is wrong.

            Try somewhere like Sweden where they recycle 98% of their waste, and poverty and crime is almost none existent, everyone has nice jobs and stuff.

            I’d like to say the UK is great, but it’s basically just like America with a few differences here and there.

            1. When you say America is crime ridden and trashed you are describing every other country in the world. There isn’t such thing as a “perfect country” where the politicians actually do what’s best for the people and everything is fine and dandly. All I am saying is America is the “best of the worst” if you know what I mean. The whole friggen world is corrupt! 💋

            2. Sorry to burst your bubble my friend but the Sweden you know is dissapearing…

              Crime has never been so high in all my life, every day someine has been murdered, every week or so an armed robbery…

              This is what happens when the conservatives who loves the US so much are in power…

              They want to turn Sweden to a new USA which has already begun…

              Same grading system which is just stupid to have on this country, tries to promote the “everybody for themselves” agenda and son on while the Nazis gain more voice…

              If they win next year’s election, I’ll move to Antarctica…

          2. Nintendo Police Officer

            America is a racist society. All minorities would strongly disagree with this country being the best. Personally I think Japan is the best.

            1. They don’t like immigrants and barely accepts anyone into their country…

              And those that are accepted are still regarded as immigrants, even if they are born there…

              They are not the best either as they are uber nationalists…

          1. Not by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t this whole thing should go any further.

            After all this is a gaming site, not a political site.

      1. The last sentence is exactly why many are against them, because you all think it is the greatest…

        Highest Crimerate
        Over 35 million homeless or poor beneath minimum living level
        World Police Agenda
        Doesn’t give a damn about laws
        Racism even though USA is a country combined by immigrants
        Only country to ever bomb others with a nuclear bomb

        And so on…

        Yes it is very great at being evil…

          1. Keep in mind that I’m against everyone who follows these agendas, if not then I have nothing against them officially…

            And yes I have many examples aswell about other countries…

        1. You talk about all the awful things in America yet everywhere else in the world is WORSE! Plus every other country relies on America. If anything bad happens to us it affects the rest of the world. 💋

            1. It’s kinda true… If America vanished off the face of the Earth the Economy would obliterate, Jerusalem would DIE and many other terrorist threats that WE keep at bay would break out and pretty mich destroy this planet. In all actuallity the world needs America. 💋

              1. Jerusalem was there before, and Jerusalem shall exist after. How did my point escalate into a political sociology class. I meant firms like EA. Let’s keep it gaming guys.

                1. Jerusalem is litterally on the brink of being destroyed. The only thing protecting the small country is the United States!!! It’s only been all over the news for the past months! 💋

                  1. Jerusalem shouldn’t get special treatment. Just give it back to the Muslims who had it in the first place. Problem solved.

            1. Why do you think America is looking
              into drilling in Alaska? So we don’t have to rely on the crummy Middle East and the goddamn assholes a.k.a OPEC. 💋

              1. wow crummy middle east. if all americans are assholes like you then I bet its the worst place to live in. you probably don’t travel a lot and your fucking close minded . America country of racism my cousins keep getting stopped by the cops there because they are arab. Im sorry if im gonna offend any Americans but fuck you and your government you have one of the worst goverments in the world. you have no say in whats the best country in the world you disrespectful son of a bitch.

          1. No, and if things are worse in other countries like the middle-east is because the US makes it worse, very often…

            The Iraqi war is the most obvious example, the US had no rights going in there…

            If Japan did not attack Pearl Harbour I’m absolutely sure that they would not give a damn about going to Europe and help their allies other than the material support…

            The US is doing nothing for the environment either…

            They hate homosexuals so much that during 2003-2006 they sent many criminals to the wars that had been sentenced to life for murder or mass murder instead of hard serving patriotic gay americans….

            They just legalized gays to serve in the army as late as 2011, what a complete shame it is for the “greatest country in the world” when even the so called “terrorist” countries like latin american ones allowed gays to serve even before 2000…

            Fortunately as China rises and the US even borrowed money from them to create the Afghanian war I’m pretty certain that more countries will stop relying on the US…

            But I’m guessing they would rather blow up the Earth than losing control, specially if the Republicans are in power…

            1. I agree that American probably won’t do a single thing about the two World Wars if Germany haven’t attack the shipment between Europe and America in the first World War as well you said about Pearl Harbour. But don’t forget that the Allies wouldn’t won weren’t it for the American. Europe was in low morales until American came and Russian defected.

              I don’t think Japanese are with Russian and Germany at all. Japanese are invading to expand their territory.

            2. America is more opened to Gays than most other countries. Russia has BANNED gays. Very soon, Gay people will have their rights in America. Once the old farts leave office and we get some younger minds into office. Also, China is great right now, but they are on the verge of colapse. Plus, China RELYS on the U.S. Imagine if we stopped buying Chinese products… Chine would lose ALL it’s money. 💋

            1. At least you love your country like I like mine. :) A lot of them don’t. :( Maybe we can be patriot buddy? :P

          2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            You’re stupid. Sorry, but it’s true. Let me guess, the only country you’ve ever been to is the United States of America? Canada, Singapore, China, Belgium, France, Japan, South Korea. The list can go on.

            Every country has problems, but saying everywhere in the ENTIRE PLANET is worse than the US is the most ignorant garbage I’ve ever heard.

            P.S. I’m an American who lives in the United States of America who’s been to numerous countries in both the western and eastern hemispheres.

            1. How your visit to Canada? I just love Canadian’s story for visiting America and American’s story for visiting Canada. They just realize that we are basically the same people. XD

              1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                Exactly. Most of the population of Canada lives within, I believe, a mile of the border to the U.S. You can’t tell Americans and Canadians apart, skin-wise, and it’s a similar culture. And Canada is GORGEOUS!

          3. Nintendo Police Officer

            Just ask African Americans how they really truly feel about America. Ask muslim Americans the same question. The facts are a certain segment of America dispise anyone who isn’t white. America is full of racism and thrived on using the sweat and blood of hard working african slaves. The trayvon martin case is just another reminder of the failures of America

        2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          “Doesn’t give a damn about laws” That’s subjective.
          “Republicans” Way to hate on certain people with certain political views. Lots of you say, “How dare you treat gays differently!!!” and yet turn around and hate on republicans. Just because they have a different political view doesn’t make them monsters. Learn to look from everyone else’s point of view.
          “Xbox” Dude, enough with the fanboyism. The 360 was a pretty good console and sold a lot. Was it the worst? That’s up to OPINION.
          “Racism even though USA is a country combined by immigrants” That’s saying the US is the only one who’s racist. It’s true that it was made up by immigrants, but don’t assume everyone in USA is racist and no one else is.
          “Only country to ever bomb others with a nuclear bomb” I don’t even need to reply to this. The stupidity is obvious.

          1. We were talking about the US only so yes thsnis just about them…

            And no I don’t think they are the only racist country as every single country is but as the US is a country made up by different people the racsism there is just stupid…

            And unlike Republicans, those groups they hate did nothing to offend them in the first place, they started their crusade against gays for example so yes they are evil and I’m excluding the few republicans who do not…

            When they do not even live up to their own constitution and proceeds by taking away freedom and rights from even their own people then yes they are monsters as many if them are racists aswell…

            And the last point, if you think that they dropped the bombs only to end the war then you are utterly mistaken…

      2. You might want to look up Cold Wars or post-Cold War era to see why the America gotten so much hatred lately. I agree that American help the Allies big time in the first two World Wars but some things aren’t exactly black and white.

        Many have argued that World War 2 started because of World War’s Treaty of Versailles.

            1. You mean the Britain Prime Minister? I could see it is his fault but he is the one foresee the war was coming though.

              Many argue it is the France at it fault since France made Germany look like a main player. (After all Germany did invade France first.) And made Germany economics hit the lowest point based on the Treaty of Versailles.

              But again I didn’t live back then and all I read was European, Canadian, and American’s history books. The history stories are the similar except for who the one really cause the war.

              1. I mean the first world war was not Germany’s fault but have to do with some exports routes that belong to Britain’s being to high in tax for other country’s to use the after that became the political drama that actually had very little do with the war declaration.

                  1. We also learned about that too which is called the “Black Hand” in our history books. But some say it is the Russian’s fault since they are the one bringing the troops to the borders therefore frighten Germans into attacking France. Germany is between France and Russia. Other say it is German’s fault for starting the war.

                    To be honest I think the way World War 1 started is a bit silly and it is almost seem like nobody at its fault. Just some misunderstanding in my opinion.

                1. I can’t even read the comments anymore lol!!! Everyone is commenting like
                  mad right now! hahaha! 💋

                    1. Could we just stop with the political comments now please? I swear whenever comments like these get started it just starts up a whole bunch of controversy. I live in America, so what? If people are worried about crime here, STAY OUT OF IT. Don’t start shit that will get you killed, or don’t tell sketchy people about your belongings. Everyplace in the world has its own piece of crazy, but all you can do is stay out of it. There’s no such thing as perfection and if there was perfection in this world I would see it as a bunch of people with brainwashing helmets and lasers rising up against government saying “there gonna make the Word Perfect” killing anyone who isn’t. Atleast that’s how I read books about perfect colonies, they end up killing to make it perfect. GAAHH NOW IM RAMBLING.

                      1. Yeah this is my least favorite thing about this comment section. Let’s all just shut the hell up and stick to gaming

                      2. Sorry, Voice of Reason and I having a friendly talk about history. So let talk about new games coming out shall we? =D

                    2. Let’s all sum up by blaming most of the world’s problems on Nazis/Fanatic Conservatives, Communists/Fanatic Lefties and Religious Nuts…

                      I hope you’re right about the “old farts” exchange with younger minds…

                      If I see solid change not only in the US but other similar countries then I will probably begin to decrease my “hostile” status towards them all…

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            I actually wrote an essay on the Treaty of Versailles’ role in WWII for English. WWII had many factors, but the Treaty was a major one indeed.

        1. America! Fuck Yeah!

          It’s kinda spiraling down the crapper, and when we fall, we will fall hard, we have a few years left!!

        2. No, it’s because you think that, that we all hate you. America is the Christian equivalent of the Middle East, there is no true freedom in America and you’re mostly arrogant, self-serving uneducated assholes.

      1. Pikmin 3 is in 2 place outselling multiplayer multiconsole games in the UK, the oh! Asda decides to not restock when the business of a product is on the upswing hahahahaha.

        1. I was extremely surprised Pikmin 3 outsold The Last Of Us. Just show a unique game beats a story filled one. (Though the Last Of Us is an AMAZING game, love its story.)

          1. I find funny that people said that pikmin droped from first to third in Japan sales but the last of us in Japan was in first then it droped from the the top 5 the next week even though the install base of the ps3 is 9× higher than the wiiu there.

    2. They didn’t see the Japanese charts last week and this week, that the WiiU is selling like hotcakes and it’s games. More companies for us to laugh at this December when they all scramble to acquire more WiiUs LOL.

      1. I look around many western news sites about games, the Nintendo news always comes like 1-2 weeks after it was actual news…

        I’m sure that in 2 weeks time they will regret this statement…

        I can’t wait to see the charts for the american sales of Pikmin 3…

        It’s almost garantued that it will succed and end up atleast top 5…

    3. “However, as we have seen with Nintendo 3DS, software sells hardware,”

      That’s not the main lesson I took from what happened with the 3DS. The main lesson was “handhelds must cost way less than home consoles”. The price cut did it, not the software alone.

      I have the Wii U and while it is not a handheld, surely, it clearly ISN’T on par with what the next-gen consoles will be able to do. It is on par, maybe slightly better, than the PS3 and the Xbox 360. So if Nintendo wants it to succeed it can’t sell a Wii U SKU for only US$ 50 less than the PS4. There’s no way around these two facts. It doesn’t need to be more potent, the console is fine as it is, but it won’t sell at this price no matter how many games Nintendo brings out.

      1. Pikmin 3 is sitting at number 2 on the all format charts in the UK after 3 days of sales. Pikmin 3 is not even Mario or Donkey Kong Country. It is selling consoles as we speak, just enjoy the games that move the WiiU or, like a lot of drones that dropped of mynintendonews you will be sour through the rest of this year lol. WiiU rising :).

      2. How you feal to repeat the stupid lies that retarded people has been vomiting around the internet and been confirmed false?

      3. The WiiU’s 3 cores are larger than and dynamically more efficient than the PS4’s 8 cores on a one to one core ratio. In facts the WiiU’s custom built one core is superior to the PS4’s two cores. Granted the PS4 has more internal Ram, the WiiU has a churning circuit system that handles unnecessary mechanics and electronics tasks independently. Such as the dynamic sound is a separate but connected high omph stereo emmitter. Now also drawing your attention to the GPGPU, that even the PS4 and xboxone have emulated. CPU-GPGPU on the WiiU’s tiny marvel tech board is so intertwined and infused that the 7 member team at Shin’ Nen made a 1080P/720P 60fps Nano assault Neo that uses only one of the WiiU’s three multi-threaded CPU cores.

          1. As much as I would like that to happen, great commander, I do forebode Sony to become the winner of this war… But Microsoft will more than likely be the first one to fall.

            1. Well unlike the PS2 and Gamecube era I believe ore Empire and the Sonyans will be pretty much close to eachother this time around…

              But aslong as the Xbots fall I don’t care who wins this war to be honest…

              But obviously I hope Nintendo does…

    4. Wow. Burning their bridges before the push that will make or break the Wii U is pretty fucking stupid. I’d understand if they’d done it before E3, or after the push if it doesn’t go that well, but right now is just ridiculius

    5. Could it be that asda is about to close his shops? Cause I understand the wiiu part but not the 3ds.

    6. Well, this makes zero difference because it’s not like the Wii U was selling hahaha no but seriously this is BS.

    7. Just keep in mind, everyone who challenges Nintendo, either ends up like a Third Class Empire or goes bankrupt…

      Choose your destiny…

    8. Can someone link me to a website more on facts related on Nintendo news? Because I feel this one has become BS…

        1. wiiudaily Sucks, late new doom and gloom writers, they had an articule of how pikmin 3 was a dissapointment on sales

          1. That’s because John Kinsely wrote it. He’s sorta bias.

            There’s an amazing writer Ashley King she’s the main reason why I comment there.

    9. 3DS is probably aimed at a different market, they cant guarantee that the people who bought a 3DS is also going to buy a Wii U

    10. this is just the first. many more will stop selling the babyu, i mean, wiiu.
      you can not beleive me though, untill it happens, then your all on the ps4 and xboxone sites claiming your lifelong fans and how much you HATE the wiiu.
      it will happen and you will do what i said, its true. lol.

        1. shut the fuck up, you will be the first to jump ship. lol.
          oh and all your posts are just outright retarded, always acting like you know something and that your an authority of such, your nothing but a crybaby bitch that simply cannot handle the truth.

            1. proven wrong about what?
              the wii u is a dead duck, this is just the first retailer to stop stocking the shitty peice of crap, many more will follow, your spike you enjoyed with pikmin 3 will end thisweek to, it all ready has, but i am proven wrong?
              your weak. lol.

                1. lol, that is the funniest statement ever. give the retard a prize, oh wait, nintendo did, its called the wiiu, not. lol.

                    1. I kinda took that to far when i said we won the console war, The PS4 is still a massive threat to Nintendo, the Xbox however…

                      1. Well both Wii U and PS4 are special in their own special way. Xbox One however; you just might as well get a VCR.

                        P.S I wasn’t talking about you :)

                  1. still grasping at the shortest straw, lol.
                    its ok, we know you both are crying on the inside over the wasted allowance money you got sitting in front of you called the wasteu, or the wiiu. lol.

                  2. Such a futile attempt…

                    You can’t compete to the likes of Aeolus, Jellybean or the lost CPU Soldier Bill…

                    Get out while you still can…

                    1. Haven’t you noticed those guys are not on this site anymore because we’re succeeding. Say what you want about Wii U sales. They are still better than the sales of Xbox and PS3 in their first year.

              1. You just proved yourself wrong again. Spike, the WiiU was number one in Home consoles two weeks running in Japan. Pikmin 3 is number 3 behind two 3DS games. Now it’s number 2 in all format chats in the UK. Hello it is out selling multiplats and 3DS heavy weights in the UK after 3 days of sale. You need therapy LOL.

                1. game, you should just call yourself retarded little boy. becuase all your posts are just repeats like the nintendo lineup. lol.
                  try some new material you stand up comic.

                  1. Wow your still going? What a fucking loser ass troll. I’ve never seen so many attempts to try and make yourself right. Get back under the fucking bridge troll, the piles of shit you keep misses you.

                  2. Your a fucking idiot. You fail to look at his facts, you fail to bring up facts of your own, you fail to bring any arguable statement, and In turn bring up a not well thought out rebuttal. Your such a fail lord it’s not even funny. (Actually its a bit funny. Hilarious even.)

                    1. i dont fail, wiiu fails, lol.
                      and kirby kid, get off my tread, loser, your attempts to sound cool are fail.

                      1. loosers, all worked up cause you cant handle the truth, THE WII U IS DYING, fast, get over it and stop looking like turds defending that crap, that is why loosers like you have to change your names and go to real blogs to say how much you cannot wait for the ps4 or xboxone.
                        thanks for all feeding me, im full.

                      2. I don’t need to attempt to sound cool to be cool. If anyone’s calling me cool its you. Who said I was trying to be cool anyways? Haha your tread? That’s such a faggot thing to say XD. Man you do make me laugh you really do. Get back into your nonexistent console war that you continue to live in. Man I just LOVE to see you struggle with a good comeback. It shows how much you care about me to think. Feeding you?.. Um wow someone really needs to go to an insane asylum. Nothing you say can affect me, you know nothing about me. Each time you put a stupid unintelligent remark, I’ll be there to make you cry behind your computer monitor you sad, sad troll.

                      3. sure effected you enough to keep responding fool. i keep scoring points, you keep loosing by responding, see how it works, looser.

        1. i usually flush shit down the shitter. now i know where it ends up, here and its called KirbyKid.
          how do you like that for usual?

    11. I don’t know how they can justify not carrying the 3DS.
      With the sales it gets, unless they just don’t get many Nintendo gamers at their store, it doesn’t make sense….

      1. The news have been spined. I though asda was a electronics store but is a food store. Next week people will post that Nintendo is doom cause macdonalds don’t sell wiius or 3ds.

    12. Wow Nintendo. You really couldn’t of fucked this up even more unless you dropped all your current good morality.

        1. No, they’re fucked up because they just are. They messed up the launch games, the price, the power, the marketing, everything.

          1. The only thing they screw was the game and the advertising also is not just Nintendo foult on the games part but also of third party’s.

          2. The launch games were half the fault of third parties that couldn’t even port their own shit properly, though.
            The price is just fine, as well. The marketing and power could have been better, and they should have had some killer first-party games out at launch to make up for the usual shit efforts of third parties, but that’s just about it.

      1. In the US, practically none of our grocers carry electronics, except Super Walmarts and the like.

      1. Why come comment on a nintendo dedicated site, has the revelation of the xboxNone’s titanic voyage finally reached xbox dedicated sites? LOL. I really appreciate Sony drones, cause at the least they have a system with first party proven titles.

    13. I’m pretty sure this has more to do with ASDA probably wanting more revenue per unit sold, which NOE declined. Why else would they drop the 3ds?

      1. Is not only that othernone dedicated stores are doing the same with all the sistem is not just a wiiu thing.

    14. They might be doing the same with other consoles. Des Asda even sell the Ouya? Are they even taking PS4/XBone pre-orders?

      1. Well, it looks like they are selling PS4 and XBone, but it is for a pre-order voucher. It has not been updated. The pages will most likely be taken down soon and the pre-orders cancelled. Ouya is not being sold.

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    16. Wellp, I hate Asda now. I make a point of making retching noises every time I walk past their Xbox displays.

    17. i went into a Walmart here and went to have a look at shelf of Nintendo titles, the shelf was empty, and guess what a found piled in a bin, Wii U and Wii games. Hmm…Wii U on it’s way out? I also noticed no Wii U consoles in the display.

    18. Nintendo makes crappy systems glad retailers are refusing to sell garbage. Hopefully Nintendo will learn to make a real next generation console and not a console that reminds me of the 80s.

    19. Once again, the Wii U is selling worse than the Wii, but better than the PS3 at this point in time post launch and is therefore a failure. Welcome to the Internet :D where bullshit is king.

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