Nintendo Announce Black 3DS XL Model For North America

black 3ds xlNintendo has announced the all new black 3DS XL system scheduled to coincide with the launch of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for North America. Previously spotted in a North American advert for the latest Mario and Luigi RPG title, the black 3DS XL is no longer just part of a commercial, it’s available to purchase. Let us know if you’ll be purchasing the all black version when it’s released August 11 in the comments below. Here’s the official press release:

The Nintendo 3DS XL system is about to get a little more formal. On Aug. 11, Nintendo is releasing a black version of the Nintendo 3DS XL hand-held system, joining the currently available range of colors: blue, red and pink.

 The system is launching on the same day as Nintendo 3DS game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, so fans that pick up a new black system or already own a Nintendo 3DS can also play the exciting new entry in the much-loved Mario & Luigi role-playing series. Aug. 11 will be a classy day to become a new Nintendo 3DS owner. Just make sure there is room in your tuxedo pocket or fancy purse!


    1. I don’t mind the black, but if there going to do colours they mine ss well give more variety. The only problem with that is picking which ones to put in stock.

    2. The black 3DS XL version always sells that most, cause you can carry it on a train and not feel cheesy if you are a man. Then comes the pearl white. Next it will be the Emerald green Zelda 3DS XL in December or November. Patience young nintendo gamers. Iwata has got this :).

      1. Black should have been a launch color. What was the strategy holding out black?

        Nintendo is great and making the right decisions MONTHS to years after the fact…

    1. If you had a wider viewpoint of what makes a good game, maybe you wouldn’t be here complaining.
      The system has good games. They’re just not to your taste.

              1. Nah I don’t think he is stuiped. I myself doesn’t really like the Wii U as much either.

                I am not a fan of Pikmin series. I am tired of old 2D Mario games. But luckily I be getting Sonic, Mario, (maybe Mario Kart) for my Wii U in the future. Right now my Wii U is also collecting dust until I feel like playing Megaman X again.

                1. There’s a difference between not liking the games it has, and saying it has none period.
                  Saying it has no appealing games period, as a blanket statement for all gamers, is stupidity at it’s finest.

    2. 1) Super Mario-Luigi ( DLC ) bros
      2) Mass effect 3
      3) Need for speed most wanted GPGPU PC mechanics U edition.
      4) Shin’ Nen’s 1080P/720P 45/60 FPS nano assault Neo
      5) Little inferno
      6) 1080P ( for you graphics noobs and none game understanding enthusiasts ) monster hunter 3 Ultimate. With more replay value and RPG elements and action than anything out in the last one year on all systems iOS inclusive.
      7) Earth bound
      8) Trine 2 directors cut, running on one of the WiiU’s cores, a game thats a little too resources heavy the ps3 and xbox360 failed to run it.
      9) The Cave, as it says ‘THE CAVE’ lol
      10) Resident evil revelations
      11) Lego city undercover
      12) Assasins creed 3
      13) Sonic Racers
      14) injustice DC comic fighters
      15) FIFA 13 ( gees )
      16) COD black ops II ( best controller edition )

          1. I am not quite sure what you are getting at. If you talk about the launch of the PS3? Yea good thing I didn’t get a PS3 back then. I got my Nintendo Wii and I got my PS3 like a year or two later just for Resident Evil and Sonic series. (Sonic 2006 is lame.)

        1. They key to my list is the diversity and quantity. See how I ended with etc? To show Icezeama that he is trolling. You even picked out earth bound for yourself. Imagine the other games I didn’t list, mix that up with the lineup of remaining 2013 games and you are set :).

          1. Well I just saying some people like me already own a PS3 or Xbox 360 before the Wii U. We already got Batman AC, Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil Revelations for Nintendo 3DS, Trine 2 for PC, Little Inferno for PC and etc.

            I don’t want to buy the same game again unless it is $10 or 5$. If it is more then I will not buy it unless it have some extra features. That is what I trying to say here.

          2. Just wait until fall this year and all next year. That’s when the Wii U will excel, but as of now there’s not much to say.

    3. This comment of yours is not only tiresome, but juvenile as well. If your Wii U is gathering dust, that’s your fault. There are more than enough games to play currently, with many more on the way! I suggest that if you are dissatisfied with your Wii U, then SELL it! Some lucky gamer will be more than happy to get it.

    1. If you just bought it, you can refund it back and shell another $20-30 on this new model. :) I thought this wasn’t gonna happen so I bought the original in black. Damn Nintendo. But then again, I bought and tried the XL before and felt it was not only too big sorta, but the material itself attracts smudges even worse that I can’t clean off compare to 3DS’s glossy body, the screen’s resolution should’ve been increased higher due to still looking streched/pixelated, the XL missed the opportunity to add a second analog stick in favor of more battery life which still sucks and the speakers volume output is more quieter than 3DS’s.

            1. Really? I am pretty sure guys will go on the internet and found someone is beautiful or pretty and post “your hot” on the forums all the time.

              This is also one of the reasons why some females pretend to be males on the net and games. Some reasons males have a stereotype for females that they are either suck at games or going on to pick up guys. I don’t think guys realize there are so many female gamers out there especially for MMO games.

              1. It goes both ways the majority of female gamers are the casual Cod bitchy attention types, the real female gamers are usually the ones telling them to shut the hell up.

    1. I was thinking of buying (not trading in my old one) new XL black 3DS as a replacement for my old black 3DS since my right shoulder button start to stop working a couple of time.

      I am afraid of replacing my old one since I want transfer save data and etc. (Just say my Wii U can’t read my old Wii data and that mean no more SSBB, MK Wii, Animal Crossing, etc save data anymore but I got all my VC games. -_- )

      1. Buying would probably be a better choice than trading in. Did you also have a warranty for your original 3ds?

        1. It is over a year so it will be a no. I got it around in launch month or a month after the launch in North America.

            1. You can buy extended warranty from Club Nintendo? Are you in North America or somewhere else?

              1. No register the product(3Ds in this case) at the website, they’ll ask for the code in the back of your 3ds, after that you get free extended warranty for 90 days. Not sure if it’s still available, but you can try.

                1. Me too except I am not waiting for Pikmin 3 though. I play the original Pikmin and I didn’t really like it at all. Good thing I have the save data for Super Smash Bros Melee for a trophy. :P

          1. I have to have my 3DS screen repaired every few months… A FREE repair by Nintendo, as it’s a design flaw that plagues those of us that carry their DS Everywhere.

            fortunately, it resets your warranty

            1. Wait, they repair that problem for free? DANG IT! I’ve had to put up with those freaking scratches since launch, if I knew I could send it in I would have never had to deal with them (or my R button that I had to fix a while back). But finally the US has an XL color I actually like, I might end up upgrading and giving my old 3DS to a friend.

      2. The first wiiu a bout from a terrible gamestop actually blew a fuse in 4 hours… So i took it back the same day and got my money back.But i bout 5 digital games and Batman AC,my batman AC was stuck in the old wiiu so all i have is the case, and i lost the five digital games i couldn’t even finish downloading, that’s well over $300 in games gone.
        I bout my new wiiu at the usual gamestop i go to after that -_-

        1. That is lame. I hope you got Batman AC again. That game is really good and I have it for PS3. Too bad you can’t transfer data between two Wii U since you wouldn’t have this problem in the first place. At least Nintendo 3DS have it but I still don’t trust it.

          1. I didn’t pick up an extra copy lol.
            Around that time the old video editor i used was bugging me so i bout sony vegas pro for $600.

    2. It’s about fucking time they released a black version. I’m doing the same. Trading/ upgrading my smaller black version to the BLK XL.


    3. I wish they would have released the black 3DS XL version at launch.I got the blue version..-.

      1. Lol, i was holding on, the othere XLs looked tempting. But i knew they had to release a black version.

    4. You and I both. No way in hell I was gonna switch from my sexy black unit to some red or blue matte finish. Black looks perfect though.

    5. I don’t know if its too late for me to do the same since I bought mines months ago and have several games digitally downloaded. ^^;

  1. In a space of less than 2 weeks Nintendo are going to make money with 4 products people wanted and some that we didn’t expect.

    1) Pikmin 3
    2) Mario and Luigi in dream Luigi RPG
    3) Black 3DS XL
    4) Advertising a game and a system without advertising the system directly.
    5) Selling more WiiUs with Pikmin 3

  2. Nope, I want that mint white one or the gold pokemon one. Will wait until the day I die, haha

  3. I would really like them to announce the Pokemon X and Y themed 3DS XL for N/A… I already have a Black 3DS :/ 💋

    1. I’m sure they have something big planned for PKMN X/Y Global launch. :) PKMN themed 3DS seems likely. They’ve done custom 3DS models for most of their big 3DS games so far so PKMN X/Y won’t be a missed opportunity to attract more system sales. :)

  4. I prefer my Pikachu-yellow 3DS XL.
    In my opinion, black looks bad on both the regular 3DS and the XL.

  5. Black. One of Nintendo’s favorite colors. (- _ -)

    I want a GREEN, BLUE or RED Wii U. But all we currently have is……yep. Black and White.
    (- _ -)

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