Zelda Wind Waker HD Launches October 4th In Europe (Video Footage)

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD which is a reinvented HD version of the Nintendo GameCube classic features several adjustments that enhance the overall play experience, such as faster sailing. The game launches in Europe on 4th October. Nintendo of America has yet to reveal a date for the game, other than saying it’s due out in October.


  1. Looks like they replaced the triforce charts with the actual shards? O_o that’s gonna make the whole 3184 rupee grind redundant :/

      1. Please understand, it was necessary and part of the experiment to create the new Zelda game.

  2. Weird how Europe is getting more and earlier launch dates in their Directs. I’m really looking forward to playing this game for the first time.

    1. yeah, that started happening since like late 2011 for a lot of Nintendo’s games. I don’t really remember but I think there might have been a reason when they started doing it.

  3. If we use cell shading, people won’t notice we are struggling with HD. :D

    It’s been 12 years. Time for another play through. Please enjoy your first gamecube Virtual console game.

    1. Can you please understand me that you are not funny. You just suck at joking, leave it to professionals. Why the fuck you make jokes on internet anyway? Is it because you dont need to show your ugly face that makes people sick, huh?

      1. Once? Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Windwaker HD…3 games in a row. Everywhere should just get global releases like Pokemon X/Y.

  4. Mr Please Understand,Pikmin 3 says Hello.

    guys plz tell me,does this game really look great,was it made from ground up on Wii u,or is it just the same Gamecube game,with just a upscaled resolution and a filter to give it that shiney glossy effect,it still has the same bad jaggy edges as the original GC version,I doubt I will be getting this game.

  5. anytime in the first half of october for NA is fine by me.

    People still do the ‘first’ thing? grow the F up.

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